Saturday, January 29, 2011

When Mubarak Exits

Even if Hosni Mubarak somehow manages to withstand this current crisis, his tenure as Egypt's leader will likely end soon due to age and infirmity, and there is little chance his handpicked successor and son will be tolerated as leader by the now explosive Egyptian street. The question remains what will fill the power void after Mubarak leaves. I believe the Muslim Brotherhood, a fundamentalist Sunni organization that spawned al-Qaeda, is in the best position to take over power and also maintain that anyone that claims power will do so by claiming Israel is the scapegoat for Egypt's many problems and abrogate the Camp David Accords; thereby resuming a state of hostility with Israel. No matter how odious Mubarak's rule has been, it has engendered a degree of stability that will vanish on his departure. But like all other things in life, at some point Hosni Mubarak will no longer be there.

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