Friday, December 31, 2010

Target Rich Environment

The coming year will surely bring much to chronicle, to dissect, and perhaps to lampoon. On the serious side, America remains locked in a war with jihadists worldwide with much of the fighting taking place (of course) in Afghanistan under the most restrictive rules of engagement US forces have ever been forced to fight under with the conflict drifting into Pakistan quite a bit and marked by an ever increasing number of missile strikes emanating from America's remote drone aircraft. Will 2011 see more conventional US involvement in the failing Pakistan state with open use of American boots on the ground beyond the twilight war in which the CIA and US special forces are already deeply involved? Will chaos in and terror issuing forth from Yemen or Somalia force American military incursions into either of these failed (in the case of Somalia) or failing states? Will North Korea become so cavalier in their aggression that they force the hand of South Korea and will China use the ensuing chaos to make their move on Taiwan? Will Iran instigate enough trouble in the Gaza Strip and or Lebanon to spark a regional war with Israel that could avalanche into World War III? Will Shia Iran achieve status as a state armed with a nuclear arsenal and blackmail the Sunni states of the Middle East into submission and even attempt to extort Europe? Will Barack Hussein Obama continue his twin policies of blame America first with his genuflecting to autocrats and apologizing for our defense of liberty in the world which Obama evidently considers colonialism and imperialism and blame Israel always which has been his dangerous and provocative course so far in office as he continues to reward extremism, intransigence, and ultimately the jihadist terror that America should be doing everything to fight? Will the US State Department (as rumors assert) really seek to facilitate the payment of a ransom to Somali pirates who have seized the crew of twenty-six Bangladeshi sailors from a US flagged vessel? If so, this would go hand in hand with President Obama's seeming mania for unilateral nuclear disarmament as was recently evidenced in the new Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty which cedes America's advantage in strategic nukes with Russia clearly winning in the exchange by being granted veto of US missile defense while retaining a huge numerical edge in tactical (battlefield) nuclear weapons. Oh how my nation has changed from "billions for defense but not one cent tribute" as marked America's early determination to defeat the (Muslim) Barbary pirates to Obama's seeming ethos of "not one cent for defense, but billions in tribute". Will 2011 see this formerly mighty Republic, the storehouse of the world's liberty, continue to crumble as we relinquish our individual liberty (as in the TSA airport serial molestation) and are spent into oblivion by an insouciant egoist?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

America's Unholy Triumvirate

In spite of some fleeting good news with unemployment slightly less grim, common sense conservatives in the United States will continue to face the onslaught of socialism unleashed, emanating from President Barack Hussein Obama, pushed through America's Senate which will still be led by "Light-Brain" Harry Reid and under the thrall of Democrats with the only defense by the GOP there being the filibuster, and with every Democrat overreach by the rule by regulation executive branch and grow the government and Federal intrusiveness initiative pushed through the Senate by Reid bolstered by the third leg of the stool Constitutionalists must overcome- our judiciary with our courts infested by judicial activists who insist our rules as codified in our founding document are but suggestions of a "living, breathing document"- forever transmutable to conform to current norms, a sort of ever-permeable flavor of the day. All three co-equal branches meant to balance in preservation of liberty and respect for individual rights are at war against our foundational notion of freedom. GOP gains in the US House as well as at the state level have sparked some small confidence and forced Obama's hand in extending the Bush era tax cuts renewing economic growth somewhat, but have no doubt that the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our Federal government remain captive to the fiat of radicals. These leftists who will still rule over us in 2011 will continue to enjoy active cover from the dinosaur media and the university elite. None of these adverse facts have been altered in the slightest by Republicans gaining control in a a single chamber of the US Congress. How the GOP newbies address the challenges of all this amassed opposition will soon become apparent and will be telling. Will the new Republican Representatives buckle at the first main stream media onslaught accusing them of starving children or depriving old folks of their cost of living increases from Social Security? Will Congressmen who pretended an affinity for the Tea Party turn out to be less than golden and emerge as Scott Brown did in the United States Senate as nothing more than a Republican in name only (RINO)? These sub rosa liberals are just as dangerous to the Republic as the more openly socialist Democrats and surely there are at least a few in the US House of Representative's ranks (as Louisiana's so-called Republican Joseph Cao showed himself to be in the departing Congress by voting with the Democrats to advance Obamaism). America and the world can not afford to have conservatives capitulate in the coming Congress. The new GOP House majority must resist the Democrat triumvirate to stave off a new tyranny in America.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

King Solomon's Mines

Even after discovering enormous resources, King Solomon reputed to be wise, managed with ambitious building projects to spend beyond his nation's means, and Barack Hussein Obama is no King Solomon. Our 111th Congress has earned a dubious distinction, spending more than any previous Congress, in fact more than the first one hundred Congresses combined. It is surprising that smoke from the Treasury Department's overheated presses can not be seen wafting over the Potomac. This sort of squandering of tax revenue that citizens have sweat blood to earn before the government comes to confiscate it, invites inflation and not simply the ordinary kind but perhaps hyperinflation as was seen in the Wiemar Republic and more recently in Zimbabwe. At the least, this uncontrolled zest for growing government is summoning a collapse similar to the one we are currently witnessing in Greece, but unlike Greece, the whole rest of the world is not big enough to bail the United States out. The globe does not possess sufficient resources to keep up with what Obama and the lunatic Democratic Congress have been spending and it is highly doubtful while on his Hawaii vacation at our expense that the President will stumble on a vast trove of platinum or gold- in this day and age, there are no more undiscovered Solomon's Mines.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obama Praises Vick

President Barack Hussein Obama lavished praise on Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving dog-murdering quarterback Michael Vick "a second chance". Supposedly the Presidential telephone call to the football club magnate was prompted not so much by any of Vick's accomplishments on the gridiron but more out of Obama's concern that young black men who have been incarcerated are sufficiently rehabilitated when they leave prison or jail that they deserve access to the job market. This is such a noble notion, so commendable that I believe the President should replace his retinue of highly vetted Secret Service agents in his protective detail with ex-convicts to demonstrate to the public just how trustworthy these reformed criminals are and how it is safe for all of us to trust our lives to them. I hear Obama talking the talk, but somehow, when it comes time to walk the walk, I would wager that President Obama would not want thugs like Vick anywhere near himself or his family. So like so many of the President's pronouncements, I hear this Obama commendation of employer Lurie as hollow words that Obama himself would never follow in matters with real world consequences such as the safety of his daughters or Michelle.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Is Recovery Likely?

Is the prospect of a vibrant economic resurgence in the cards for America in 2011? Is a boom just around the corner? I would contend that despite the GOP capturing the United States House of Representatives, the prevailing ethos of the United States government remains essentially redistribution so long as Barack Hussein Obama is in the Oval Office and particularly with Democrats retaining control of America's upper legislative chamber- the Senate. I do not mean to portend doom for our nation, but the best Constitutional conservatives, liberty lovers, and those who actually respect the God-given natural rights of man can expect is gridlock. As long as an opponent of natural law rules over us and is bent on creating a climate of social justice, the most that can be gained (I fear) is stasis. And will holding the line be enough- will that be sufficient to avert global depression, particularly if more economies of the so-called PIIIGS collapse. Greece has already collapsed, Ireland is flailing; tiny Iceland was the first domino- fortunately being so insignificant that little damage redounded when Bjorkland fell during the last President Bush's tenure, but Portugal, Italy, and Spain are still trapped in "debt threat"- a term I believe I have just coined and a route Barack Hussein Obama inexplicably is leading the US down. The real question in the coming year will be whether the US House will stand firm in thwarting the socialist agenda pushed by President Obama and the Senate Democrats or whether they capitulate to the cloying dinosaur press, union activists, and their own Republican in name only contingent that holds so much sway in the Senate? Only time will tell but loud voices of tea party discontent can only help build Republican backbone.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Year Winds Down

We are about to witness the departure of the most intrusive, anti-Constitutional United States Congress ever (and from a liberty loving prospective- none too soon). Our medical autonomy has now been captured by Barack Hussein Obama and the cadre of nameless and faceless bureaucrats that he will install as Obama also expands and broadens the powers of the Internal Revenue Service to enforce Obama care. A December 25 Robert Pear article in The New York Times chronicles the existence of "end of life" counseling that suggests the the Sarah Palin christened "death panels" will indeed be part of the Obama health scheme. Reform of the financial system did little to bolster confidence in the markets but much to give the executive branch of the Federal government more arbitrary power. The Federal Communication Commission just arrogated authority unto itself over the Internet that seemed to be working just fine without interference from the Obama regime. On the domestic front, government at all levels has never held more sway over the common citizen who without access to redress because of our activist courts has never enjoyed less recourse (and because of complicity of traditional civil rights organizations and the docility of America's dinosaur media standing with team Obama, the individual has no vocal advocate in his defense). 2010 should be marked with the grim acknowledgement that freedom is fading and in the nation that has enshrined individual rights and been the guardian of liberty for the rest of the globe, an essentially un-American tyranny is on the rise.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mailing It In

The publisher of this blog is at least partially taking the day off from the vicissitudes of politics and weighty issues and will instead be celebrating Christmas the way our frequently vacationing President, Barack Hussein Obama, (who is now on a jaunt to his reputed boyhood home of Hawaii) has been governing the United States. After the passing of our beloved dog Lily, who was in so many ways the heart of our household, one week ago last midnight, the Despot has decided to let his alter ego "the brokenhearted blogger" scratch out a thought for the day. It took him all night and copious research. Here it is: "If you remain chaste, it is unlikely you will be chased very much!"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hinges of Hades

The Ivory Coast could well be slipping into a period of Rwanda-style internecine strife or Congo-like prolonged bloodshed. The United Nations is far from calming the situation but in fact unwittingly fanning the flames of an easily avoidable conflict. On the same African continent in Zimbabwe, election after election is stolen and the UN does nothing. In Venezuela, rigged outcomes prevail in Chavez-orchestrated faux plebiscites. Even contemporaneous with the voting in Ivory Coast, the dictator of Belarus staged a phony vote to keep himself in power. What is so exceptional about Laurent Gbagbo that the United Nations and the United States demand that he be deposed from his tinhorn perch? Why are the multilateralist busybodies trying to impose Alassane Ouattara who is a Muslim whose campaign made some populist mutterings and seemed inclined to some "social justice redistribution" over the existing dictator who happens to be Catholic and whose allies control most of the guns? If Gbagbo was left unmolested, protests would likely settle down within days and with little loss of life but by pushing the matter, the United Nations seems to be out to inadvertently start a bloody civil war, with fighting taking shape on ethnic, tribal, and religious lines (along of course, with freelance rogues jumping in to contest over the wealth of natural resources). The situation eerily evokes the Balkans where hasty decisions by Germany and the Vatican to recognize the independence of Croatia sparked spiraling violence that led to Europe's worst combat since cessation of hostilities at the end of World War II. The United Nations should have left well enough alone with Gbagbo in charge of the Ivory Coast- their interference invites another slaughter in Africa.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Declaration of Dependence

Barack Hussein Obama has attempted to create a culture of dependency, sapping initiative and forcing people who formerly contributed to society to become involuntary dole dwellers. That is what unemployment hovering around a double figure percentage means- forcing those who have been self-supporting through their adult lives to become wards of the state when what they seek is not government beneficence but steady work. Nothing Barack Hussein Obama has put in motion has enhanced the job prospects of millions of unemployed Americans. Maintaining the Bush tax rates helps in some measure but that tax structure was to the last President Bush's credit and in no way should any accolade redound to Obama who spoke for nearly two years about ending the tax breaks for "millionaires and billionaires" (deliberately conflating the two to exacerbate class envy when there is indeed an enormous difference between a family farm owner or small businesswoman and Warren Buffett or Bill Gates). A new year is coming, a new day is dawning as Republicans may exert more sway with their newly gained control of the United States House of Representatives, but I am far less than sanguine as Democrats with their socialist impulse are still in charge of both the US Senate and (obviously) the White House. Any jobs-boosting measure by the House will likely be diluted or added to beyond all recognition with budget busters by the Democrats in the upper chamber and their Republican in name only colleagues who remain, and Barack Hussein Obama will still have the power of veto over any legislation that promotes free markets or a real return to our capitalist ethos. So I look to the next two years to create more acrimony than progress and more tyranny with rule by regulatory regime as we have just seen implemented in the government power grab of the Federal Communications Commission with the very non-neutral and highly partisan push for "net neutrality". All in all, what is emerging should give me plenty to write about (or at least quietly ponder locked behind the fence of my reeducation camp).

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gospel of Diplomacy

A type of worship exists at the United States Department of State. This is exaltation to negotiation which justifies the existence of and funding for America's diplomatic corps. I will now commit a heresy against this church by declaring that this mania for talk and obsession with compromise is what birthed the coming START regime which will manifestly compromise our defense against missiles which will now be subject to Russia's veto. Russia plays realpolitik and has Russia's, not US interests at heart. I am sickened, absolutely disgusted that both my US Senators embodying the Tennessee delegation Lamar Alexander and perhaps more shockingly, the more discernibly conservative Bob Corker went along. This agreement is beyond useless- with over 1200 ICBMs (inter-continental ballistic missiles) each, either Russia or America can destroy the human population of the earth several times over. We are no safer on that account. Russia has a tremendous advantage in battlefield (tactical) nuclear weapons that Barack Hussein Obama did not seek to include in this agreement and has not the slightest intention to counter, and most dangerous of all from the US perspective, is relinquishing our absolute right (and moral obligation) to deploy missile defense (such as anti-missile missiles) to protect our Western European allies should they be subjected to Iranian nuclear blackmail or even a loose nuke acquired by a terrorist topping a stolen Scud. I do not care that every living US Secretary of State endorsed this foolhardy enterprise- they are members of a church that must continue to justify budgets to perpetuate themselves as the fail over and over again to protect Americans as can be seen in all the custodial interference cases where an American child is taken by one parent to some hellhole abroad and the Department of State can do absolutely nothing about it. Ambassadors and State Department personnel forget who they represent and when they return to Foggy Bottom, they are not telling how they championed American interests or advanced initiatives favorable to the US but rather come back lobbying for whatever country to which they had been dispatched. In British foreign service, this is termed "going native" while at the Department of State it has become standard practice. Always remember that the Cold War was continually perpetuated by the sad sisters at State and was won (thankfully) by the right side (the US and our free allies) not by any diplomatic foray but by the Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative (often belittled as star wars) that threatened to spend the bad old Soviets beyond their means and render their aggressive missile arsenal useless. Our Department of State is a temple to the false god von Mitternich, deliberately forgetting that every velvet glove must be filled with an iron fist.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just Stop START

When the first Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) was signed, the United States and the free nations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were at crossed sabers with the Soviet-dominated slave states of the Warsaw Pact. As the new START is deliberated in the United States Senate no such tension prevails, the Soviet Union is but a memory and many stalwarts from the old Warsaw Pact (Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic states, etc.) now sit with rather than against the United States- indeed making meaningful contribution to NATO. The new START is an outdated and useless effort from a bygone era where two superpowers jousted for control of the globe. There is no prospect whatsoever that Russia as it exists today and the United States will fight each other. The real menace today comes from outlier countries North Korea and Iran and their atomic weapons ambition (which highlights the need for a viable missile defense) or a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of a terrorist entity like al-Qaeda. All this recently negotiated mess of START does is prevent America from developing and deploying a robust missile defense for the homeland and for our allies. That and the fact that verification procedures are less binding on Russia make entering the treaty a strategic danger and an impediment to US national defense that responsible Senators must block. There is no political motive in thwarting yet another Obama agenda item that if adopted actually weakens the nation because if passed the arms limitation treaty is beyond the merely symbolic, the new START actually endangers the country and our allies.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Defund the Effort

No successor Congress in the United States is bound by the actions of a previous Congress. Just as Barack Hussein Obama's precipitous pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp remains unfulfilled because the US House and Senate would not appropriate the money to implement Obama's foolish promise, so too can "Don't ask- don't tell" be maintained by the incoming Republican majority in America's House of Representatives by refusing to pay for the implementation of any new policy. This is precisely the sort of gymnastics Democrats have pulled before on matters of national security such as trying to tie President Reagan's hands on aiding the anti-Communists in Nicaragua with the Boland Amendment. The new Congress coming in after January 4 can simply cut all funds for integrating open homosexuals into the ranks to preserve the good order and discipline of the United States military.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Maudlin Moment

Last evening, my father and I went down to our daylight basement to an area seldom traversed in our old home. The lack of foot traffic has kept the pile in this portion of the house more or less pristine. When I moved a table to allow dear old dad entry to the office, he pointed out a surprise. "Look," said my father, "Lily left paw prints on the floor". Indeed, I saw she had- Lily left her mark, those paw prints on our carpet, in our home, across our lives, and deep in our hearts. 

Gay Versus Civil

This morning I was catching the headlines on CBS before rapidly switching to substantive content on FOX News Sunday, when I heard Charles Osgood talk of "civil rights" leaders applauding the overturn of the "don't ask- don't tell" law by the US Senate. Traditional civil rights leaders have done exactly the opposite- they have in fact opposed the "gay rights" agenda as homosexual activists have deliberately conflated the two. Race is an immutable, God-given characteristic while homosexuality is the perversion you choose to perform on your partner. In Washington, DC, black pastors have stood just as forthrightly against homosexual marriage as they have for legitimate civil rights. It is the supreme insult to try and tie a sexual preference which is a desire for a physical act that need not be acted on with the color of one's skin. Will rapists be extended the "human right" of sexual imposition on those weaker than themselves? Will child molesters be given legal protections as NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association) has long advocated? To see someone as sanctimonious as US Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) wax moral about a sexual immorality should be absolutely appalling. Our leftist politicians are trying to supplant our Biblical morality with their libertine permissiveness and grab a "thank you" for it. The chaplains of the United States military will now have to censor the Lord's holy ordinance for the sake of political correctness. I would also hate to have to take the risk of a foxhole transfusion with an individual much more likely from his own behavior to carry hepatitis or HIV. Leave it to our leftist overlords to take a disgusting, disease-ridden lifestyle and call it a moral good that deserves special protection under law. The morally bankrupt are now cashing our checks.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Leaving Round Midnight

Gentle reader- please allow me to deviate from the daily economic and geopolitical course today to describe a grand companion and wonderful friend of the canine variety who passed from this mortal coil on my bed at midnight. Lily- the heart of our household has left us after a valiant struggle- showing her determination and preternatural vitality in a battle against liver cancer that her vets thought would claim her a month ago- not even showing any signs of illness until Wednesday night. Lily never allowed even a single cow to be rustled on her watch (though we actually have no cattle). While her fearsome visage protected us, we held off every grizzly attack (of course, any bear within a hundred miles is confined in a zoo). Lily brought humor, light, and life into our home and she is already sorely missed. Please permit this further departure from the normal discourse to continue with a heart-felt (and heartbroken poem): "Lily's Song"                                                                                        Lily's Song                                                                                                        Heaven- heaven knows that I love you                                                                                                      Heaven- heaven knows that I need you                                                                                                     Heaven knows I need you so                                                                                                                        Heaven- heaven knows that I want you                                                                                                    Heaven- heaven knows that I'll miss you                                                                                                  Heaven- heaven knows I don't want you to go 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Budget Breaker Busted

In a rare moment of clarity, the United States Congress has rejected the one trillion, two hundred billion dollar omnibus spending bill that has now been withdrawn by Harry Reid, who had previously seemingly never met a spending bill that he did not like. Reid likely still enjoys free spending with our money but saw the writing on the wall that the public simply would not now accept such insanely enormous numbers. If the bill had held under the magic trillion dollar mark, the bill would almost certainly have passed, then the additional three hundred billion more dollars could still have been stealthily squandered by attaching that spending to subsequent bills, but the incoming GOP majority in the US House would hopefully have rejected that tack. When the new Congress is finally sworn in, perhaps there will be an end to some of the spending shenanigans that have drowned America in a sea of red ink.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

America Run Ragged

A compromise has passed in regard to extending the Bush tax cuts in the United States Senate, but it seems it is this nation's very foundation that has been compromised. Our original ethos has been attacked, our most deeply held values assailed (as in the mockery that is homosexual marriage and the attempt to foist gays serving openly on the US military), and we are being drowned in fiat currency that other nations may become loathe to accept. "Full faith and credit" used to carry weight but look at who is in the Oval Office and see how much faith you would place in Barack Hussein Obama. Would you want this neophyte representing you in a civil action? Would you trust him to run your bank? Would you want to buy a used car from someone reeking of insouciance? I do not think I would.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Congressional Overkill

The United States House of Representative and Senate are aptly demonstrating why so many members lost their reelection bids and are soon to be departing. The Congress has taken a common sense extension of the Bush era tax cuts and turned into a pork-laden monstrosity, bloated with earmarks and committing America to more spending beyond the nation's means. A concept that stands on its own merit- not raising taxes in the teeth of a recession has been manipulated to fund pet projects and grow government beyond all sane proportion. I initially favored advancing a compromise with Obama, but that was before the bill was stuffed with extraneous and expensive (in fact cost prohibitive) nonsense. The bill may yet pass, but if it does Republicans who go along with it will have done a great disservice to the American people and will have betrayed their most loyal voters.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Paralyzes Nashville

My hometown of Nashville, Tennessee had some accumulating snow over the weekend- by no means a North-country style blizzard but a mere two or three inches that ground Music City to a halt. Freezing precipitation in the forecast is good news for our grocery stores as they sell every jug of milk and loaf of bread (indeed most comestible items disappear although I have never witnessed a run on Brussels sprouts). My own parents who live less than a half mile away from a Harris Teeter brought in enough to feed twenty-five people as the flakes started to fly (thankfully omitting Brussels sprouts) but buying copious amounts of much else. What are a pair of senior citizens going to do with five gallons of dairy before it expires? Bathe in it- I suppose as it hovers around ten degrees Fahrenheit outside in the fifty-nine degree house that dear old pater is too cheap to warm comfortably. Another group that is overjoyed when Nashville has frozen precip is our wrecker service- with every tow truck being brought into rescue stranded motorists and assuring the tow drivers a vastly more prosperous Christmas (for them and their families). This driving into the ditch trend is caused by the unique mindsets of two types of driver: grannies (not sex specific or really so much age-related as there are young timid drivers as well) who slow to ten miles an hour in places where the posted speed limit is forty and the second group- the cowboys (once again not gender specific) who may make some small concession to the forming road ice and slow from sixty to a mere forty-five in the forty mph zone before spinning out of control or brushing one of the granny drivers off the pavement. You just have to love the winter in places this far South where a minor snowfall becomes a prolonged siege. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Redeeming Family Honor

Mark Madoff offed himself by way of hanging. This may have been in part some form of atonement for the sins of his father. Of course the notoriety, the pressure, and a looming civil suit may have factored into Madoff's suicide. Other cultures have even more perverse ways of preserving so-called family honor. The honor killings (almost exclusively) of females in the Middle East spring rapidly to mind and these horrific misogynistic offences even prevail far from Arab nations in homes where a strict interpretation of Islam is practiced as far away as England and as far afield as the US state of Texas where a Muslim cab driver murdered his own two daughters for becoming too Westernized. In any event, no honor is restored, no cleansing of family name accrues; only more lives are lost. There is no redemption in hanging by a dog leash and absolutely no honor in honor killing.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Noble Notions

My family watched The Chronicles of Narnia last night having seen the competing Jimmy Stewart holiday movie forty or so times. One aspect of the movie (and the C.S. Lewis book on which it was based) is the glorification of combat. From the age of the Crusades, mortal engagement for the greater glory of God was elevated, with knights with grand heraldry and shining panoply being portrayed heroically. Not withstanding that after the initial success of the First Crusade because of the sort of surprise aspect of it- that the Muslims won all the rest with some like the infamous Children's Crusade not even making it off the continent of Europe  (not to mention the utter brutality that these knights of Christendom exhibited toward Muslims and Jews including defenseless women and children). Paeans to the good fight by James Fenimore Cooper spawned Mark Twain's derision with the Missourian, who had seen death in battle, figuratively eviscerating such high-minded characterizations of organized murder. One group in particular still venerates death and killing as the highest honor and that is the jihadist with martyrdom as that which is to be sought- a high religious aspiration. While we were watching the fiction of Narnia in the comfort of snowy middle America, some poor deluded practitioner of the religion of peace was meeting his maker detonating himself as a suicide bomb across the water in heretofore peaceful idyllic winter wonderland Sweden. Sane people must always and forever abandon the idea of glorious sacrifice, while dying for one's country may sometimes be necessary and courage in defending liberty should always be recognized, the loss of life should never be cast in a shiny wrapper.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Troubling Nation

Venezuela under the misrule of Hugo Chavez finds herself both troubled and increasingly a thorn in the side of the United States. Hugo Chavez who evidently possesses Stalinist aspirations has made himself essentially ruler for life in rigged election after election deemed clean by useless international monitors including former US President Jimmy Carter. Chavez has nationalized many industries, and despite having vast oil reserves among the nationalized resources, most Venezuelans continue to live in poverty. The murder rate is astoundingly high, rivaling Mexico as this hemisphere's murder capital. Good government and honest policing are nonexistent. And now according to recent reports, Venezuela will host Iranian ground to ground missiles capable of hitting the United States. America should not allow this, insisting that the Monroe Doctrine be enforced against Iranian interference in Latin America. The US still has the power to blunt Iran's overtures in the Americas, but Barack Husein Obama will never use it- making it a fait accompli that Chavez will increase his power and that the dangerous influence of Iran will only grow.

Friday, December 10, 2010

London Punks' Pique

Riots ravaged London with Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, actually having his vehicle attacked, and he and his bride being under physical threat from a mob evocative of the one that stormed the Bastille awhile back across the Channel. These street thugs were not starving subjects rebelling against the hanging of one of their own for poaching a royal hart. These were college youth angry at having to pay for a greater portion of the education that they are receiving. This anarchy rocking England to her core is emanating from privileged young people utterly spoiled by their own overweening sense of entitlement. Can you fathom how powerful the United Kingdom would be today if this kind of zeal was exhibited after the 7/7 outrage with equal numbers of patriotic youth rushing to recruiting offices to join Her Majesty's Forces? This fervor properly directed could strengthen Britain but as it is being exhibited now may be that nation's undoing. 

"Just One Puff"

I will preface these thoughts by saying I do not smoke; I can not stand exposure to cigarette smoking, and that close relations have suffered and even died from the prolonged use of tobacco. The Surgeon General of the United States now contends that smoking even one cigarette increases one's chance of dying. Balderdash, bovine scatology, and utter nonsense- these substances are no doubt hazardous but exaggerating their danger beyond all proportion just makes the anti-smoking crusader that much less credible. If they were indeed such deadly instruments, ban them outright immediately. Do not pussyfoot with restrictions on where they can be smoked and high taxes; a complete prohibition is the only tack logically in order if they are such poison- except of course that tobacco could not conceivably be as toxic as it is now portrayed or just about all of us would already be dead. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hemisphere's Saddest Country

The Western hemisphere has been blessed almost exclusively with nations enjoying relative peace and prosperity- the glaring exception being of course Haiti. Beset for generations with leaders who were kleptocrats, incompetent, or both, Haiti has just gone though an election, conducted in the midst of a cholera outbreak, blamed on United Nation personnel ostensibly there to help after an earthquake caused the most fatalities in this half of the globe in the modern era. After surviving the ravages of the Duvalier family with both Papa and Baby Doc notably vicious and corrupt, the country had the misfortune of turning to a defrocked priest who now preached the gospel of Karl Marx to run it. He was replaced by a routinely incompetent bureaucrat who left the administration of Haiti to the United Nations as violence was beginning to fill the power vacuum. Now a runoff election excluding a widely popular candidate will take place to see who has the onerous burden of filling the leadership void and trying to drag that bedraggled nation from the gates of hell. Unfortunately no matter who leads, Haiti will certainly remain an aid-dependent basket case ward of the more developed states.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Demagogue Versus Democrats

President Barack Hussein Obama, a constant practitioner of divide and conquer domestically, now faces resistance from his own hard Left base in attempting to extend many of the last President Bush's tax cuts and modify the reborn inheritance tax from 55% on the first dollar after $1,000,000 inherited to 35% after the first $5,000,000 per spouse. There is no death tax this year prompting many affluent elders to try to shuffle off this mortal coil before the end of December. What is amazing to witness is the ire of House and Senate Democrats against successful Americans. These Democrat power elite did not reserve their wrath for the mad ayatollahs of Iran- they hardly mention them or for the Stalinist aggressors of North Korea, Congressional Dems show no particular concern for them, but let a job creator keep some of what he has earned, and the Democrats in Washington explode. Let the wealthy keep what they have sweat blood to acquire, permit their children to maintain family businesses that they have operated for generations- no way, the Democrats want a death tax to kick in that will force the family to liquidate to pay the tax burden, putting that many more Americans out of work as Mom and Pop shops sell out and family farms shut down to pay the tax man. The Democrats in D.C. are not alarmed by real existential enemies of America, but see the backbone of American job creation as the one true enemy. Our socialist overlords are opponents today of everything that gave the USA her greatness.  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama Gives In

Has Barack Hussein Obama seen the light and turned away from wild-eyed radicalism and finally gotten down to the serious business of governance? Did his compromise on extending the Bush-era tax rates signal that Obama is willing to make the concessions necessary to save the country? Or did Obama merely acquiesce because he knew how badly he was going to lose? The Bill Ayers wing of the Democratic Party, the proverbial bomb throwing socialists are up in arms- saying their President "caved" to the Republicans. This is the group so bound in class envy that they allow atmospherics to overwhelm reality. The Leftists comprising the heart of the Democrats in the Congress are so bent on class warfare that they refuse to address the seemingly intractable real world problems and denounce the President of their own party when he makes some small steps that are right for the nation. Did the GOP win in the bargain? Did Barack Hussein Obama's power base suffer a defeat? Who cares so long as what they did will ultimately be of benefit to the US economy? 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Permanent Employment Crisis

Ben Bernanke appeared on Sixty Minutes last night and just as when his predecessor Alan Greenspan spoke, the world listened. Bernanke was less than sanguine that America's employment situation would improve any time soon. Clearly, the Federal Reserve Chairman remains much more concerned with what happens to his friends on Wall Street than with the day to day struggle on Main Street. And this is the problem for all the jiggering with monetary policy by the Fed and the bailouts and stimulus squandering by the Congress and the executive branch. Every day citizens have nothing to show, have gained nothing by in large after trillions (an enormous and heretofore almost inconceivable sum) have been spent. Jobless Americans in the millions have become a constant. And as long as the public accepts mendacity and mediocrity from the political class and the so-called elites, near ten percent unemployment (with joblessness counting those who are underemployed and those who have given up looking actually much higher) is bound to continue. We need more than the sunny optimism that Ronald Reagan was noted for, but the last great President was no Pollyanna but a steady-handed leader who had a concrete plan to restart the Carter-stalled US economic engine. Any prescription for growing the US out of recession should now involve a lower not higher capital gains tax and lower marginal tax rates or some incarnation of the "fair" or flat tax at a rate not exceeding the low twenty percents at the highest. So long as a committed redistributionist remains at the White House, these growth measures will never happen. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

America's Reluctant Warrior

Being slow to anger is an admirable characteristic that the United States has consistently demonstrated since Woodrow Wilson was so hesitant to enter the First World War. Once roused though the angry giant of America demonstrated a ferocity and commitment unprecedented in the history of nations and people at war until Harry Truman fought for stasis rather than victory in the Korean Conflict and LBJ refused to do all that was necessary to win in Vietnam leaving Nixon with peace with honor and "Vietnamization" with the public already too polarized to seek a clear win. So it may be a Democrat trait since the end of World War II not to fully invest in the notion of victory because that of course means the very politically incorrect initiation of total war. Barack Hussein Obama is aptly illustrating lack of will in Afghanistan where he landed on a previously secret mission to bolster troop morale but did not even bother to meet his allied Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai while on the ground there. Casualty figures in that conflict have skyrocketed for American forces there and it was announced that more US troops have died there in 2010 than in the entire time the last President Bush had conducted the fighting there from 2001 through 2008. This tragedy is so lamentable because it was so easily avoidable. It should have been easily predictable that US forces would sustain huge losses when mission tempo was increased under the most restrictive rules of engagement Americans have ever been forced to fight under (I in fact said it was bound to happen on this Despot forum). Placing large numbers of troops in harm's way and then binding their hands guarantees losses. The kind of restraint Obama has forced on our combat forces is not laudable. Seventeen thousand more Americans being sent over there without easing the rules of engagement are just that much more cannon fodder (or more literally IED-fodder). I have a few suggestions to win in Afghanistan that will not be implement by President Obama because victory is not his declared objective- withdrawal is with "Afghanization" replacing "Vietnamization" as the Pentagon buzzword. To win, America has to be ruthless. If someone is caught placing or detonating a charge, he should not be read his rights and arrested, he should be seen as an illegal combatant operating out of mufti and summarily executed. If a US soldier or Marine is killed, the area should be demolished after a seventy-two hour notice to evacuate has been issued. If a suicide bomber strikes, his family home should be bulldozed and his loved ones dispossessed. In areas of concentrated or heavy resistance, artillery and air power should be brought in and overwhelming force must be used. If these tactics are employed, Afghanistan is still winnable for America, and not using them amounts to negligent homicide against our own forces.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Such Sorry Spectacle

The Democrats in the United States House of Representatives (many sitting as lame ducks soon to be replaced) demeaned the institution of the Congress by giving an ovation to disgraced tax cheat Charles Rangel as he was censured for activity that could  lead lesser lights like us- we mere citizen-tax payers to a cell in a Federal prison. This is the second similar instance of collective shame in my mind for this august body's Democrat members- evocative for me at least of the applause they and their staffers offered to Gerry Studds when he "came out" as a "proud" homosexual after he was caught engaged in sexual relations with an underage male page. What is there to cheer about criminal conduct in elected office unless those doing the cheering are thick as thieves? 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Congressional Truth Teller

An honest US Representative may be seen as a rarity. A frank Congressman may be as scarce as a unicorn. John Boehner no doubt yesterday told it like it is as regards the cheap political games and public relations machinations of the Democrats in regard to allowing taxes to rise across the board. Boehner summed it up succinctly, marvelously- "chicken crap"- he called it and after writing several million words and with determined consideration, I could not have said it any better myself, particularly in light of the disappointing unemployment figures which showed only thirty-nine thousand new jobs, far less than the number necessary to draw us out of our seemingly endless job crisis or signal an end to the morass of recession. Economic uncertainty feeds instability and prevents private sector business from taking its traditional role to guide the nation back onto the path to prosperity. Since when did raising any one's taxes in the teeth of a recession sound like a good idea?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Penury of Reason

Our Founding Fathers would look upon the docile sheep of this country today with utter and absolute contempt. They would never believe that Americans would line up to be manhandled by government flunkies  (the TSA) and worse, would allow handicapped with prosthetics, their own wives, and their children to be molested. The generation that wrested this nation from England in blood and fire could never contemplate how a minuscule handful of atheists could succeed in having religious symbols, prayer in school, and public worship banished from the public square particularly around the coming Christmas holiday. The idea of homosexuals flaunting perversion openly and in "pride parades" would having provoked revulsion and outrage back when America had saner generations, and they surely would never have understood how homosexuals would be permitted in the military. What is there to celebrate about a lifestyle that is so filthy and promiscuous that it spreads HIV and hepatitis among those who practice it? Earlier citizens went armed knowing that the unarmed were automatically subjects and would never have accepted gun control measures that hearten criminals and make the law-abiding less safe. Back when sanity prevailed, Americans would never have tolerated zero tolerance in schools where a seven year old sketching a weapon or a high school girl taking a Midol would result in detention, suspension, and even being sent to an alternative school. Nor would Americans in days of past glory have countenanced a public education system so thoroughly dominated by so-called educator unions. Any museum featuring Christ being soaked in urine or covered with ants would have been burned to the ground in days when men were men. The notion of race extortion would never have been accepted and a shakedown like Pigford II would surely have been blocked. Giving restitution of more than a billion dollars to more than eighty thousand alleged black farmers when the actual number of black farmers peaked at below thirty-five thousand defies logic and squanders more money that the Federal government simply does not have. Our late great patriots would never have countenanced being robbed and demeaned by government- that is why they staged their Revolution!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Government Is Watching"

ABC's Good Morning America happily chirped that "government is watching" today in regard to the cancellation of an expensive program that the United States Department of Transportation was launching to change signs with street names from all capital letters to first letter capitalized and the rest in small letters. The Federal scheme had also involved changing the height of letters from four to six inches but the ABC report did not mention that. Many wholeheartedly agree that "government is watching" and increasing its intrusiveness every day and those with any sense are none too happy about that. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is about to be given broad new sweeping powers with the coming passage of the Food Safety Act which will inevitably raise food costs as producers compliance costs rise and will put smaller producers who can neither absorb nor pass on the increased cost out of business. You need not be paranoid to be concerned with government overreach in everything from expanding FDA powers to the coming "net neutrality regulations". I am in no way sanguine about government's helpful hand in our health care either. "We are from the government and are here to help" may become the most feared words to hear as bureaucrats come to complicate our lives.