Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Palin Party

That Sarah Palin and attorney/talk-show host Mark Levin would be able to start a viable third party is doubtful. Their "Freedom Party" would be burdened by the charge that Palin by abdicating the governorship of Alaska in the middle of her term gave up the responsibilities of office to pursue the trappings of celebrity. In any event, I rate Palin's Presidential prospects, without the GOP behind her, at slim to none.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Republican Roadblock

The GOP as a national party is not blocking Barack Hussein Obama from implementing his fundamental transformation of America. Establishment Republicans are however doing all they can to crush the TEA Party wing of the party. They view real conservatives as dangerous and divisive insurgents and are devoting the energy they should be using to halt progressive radicals from seizing the country to making sure the right has no power or even a substantive voice in the Party of Lincoln (and Reagan). The only change the Republican leadership oppose is loss of their own perks and prerogatives of office as they embrace a big, intrusive government agenda and resist their Constitution-respecting constituents.

Friday, June 28, 2013

No Insouciant Bumbler

Early in Barack Hussein Obama's first term as President I contended that he was making numerous blunders. Obama was, but they were not mistakes caused by deviating from the course that he wanted to take the country. Obama was simply moving too fast in some instances, and this overreach made it seem to some that Obama would not achieve his objectives. The President has taken a center-right country to the left faster than his opponents could have imagined because the national Republican Party is weak-willed, not organized to resist Obama, and filled with Republicans in name only in positions of leadership. Instead of being a stumbling block to the radical transformation of America, the GOP has been a doormat.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beggars the Imagination

I was dismayed to hear a report on the BBC yesterday morning on Barack Hussein Obama's visit to Senegal. It seems US aid, that is our tax-confiscated money, is paying for a "Koranic" school in that former French colony. Obama fought and stopped DC parents from paying for a better education than they could obtain in failing Washington public schools with vouchers. Obama stands against charter schools in the United States having a Christian ethos, but is perfectly OK with American taxpayers paying for instruction in Islam abroad. Does separation of church (or mosque) and state now end at the water's edge?

Banned by Brits

I was outraged in 2011 and wrote to protest when conservative talk show host Michael Savage was denied entry into Britain, where he is still persona non grata. I am stunned now that Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer, both who have dared to speak truth to the threat of Islamism, have now also been excluded entry to the United Kingdom. Amazingly, England allows radical Muslims demanding sharia for all into their country, and even welcomes them further by allowing them on their welfare rolls, but will not permit noted conservatives to pay their own way into the country. I am sorry that formerly great Britain is now so afraid of radical Muslims that she tries to silence those warning of the impending danger of jihad facing the West.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Defeated and Broken

Barack Hussein Obama intends to use executive power to regulate so-called greenhouse gases in a war on global warming which itself is a hoax that has enriched those pushing the notion in the billions of dollars and is actually an assault on America's prospereity, our economic strength that has flowed from our ability to harness abundant cheap energy that has always been largely carbon-based (oil and coal). Just as the US GDP is revised down, Obama uses the powers of the executive branch to throw cold water on the engine of our economnic dynamism before it has the chance to really heat up. Then there is Obama's rush to fold in Afghanistan to the Taliban, who shielded Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda allowing them to plan the September 11, 2001 attack and who continued to protect bin Laden after that heinous sneak attack. Our troops have died in the thousands to defeat these Taliban who are the most atavistic, xenophobic, and misogynistic terrorists at work in the world today. Instead of destroying these throwback thugs, Obama believes we have something to negotiate with them. Obama is now further gutting the army by dismatling a dozen combat brigades (out of forty-five) and cutting the number of active duty soldiers to 490,000 from the current level of 570,000. The United States is not yet defenseless but we are far less safe than we were at the end of the George W. Bush administration, and on a trajectory not only to lose our status as the world's last superpower but to cease being even a First World economic and military polity.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No Oversight Whatsoever

Another story ferreted out by Terence Jeffrey has emerged on CNS News that should be a red flag that illegal alien amnesty under another name can not be allowed to become law. This time Jeffrey reports more than seven million American tax dollars were sent to 2706 border breakers using a single account and details appear here: The US can not control the (at least) eleven million invaders already here now. When amnesty is shoved down the throats of the resistant citizenry, will Federal authorities be more able to cope with the swarm? Do you think our craven selling us out already political class and their elite backers will say the border is now closed after the coming amnesty or do you think Democrats in power will use tear jerking words about "family unification" to allow twenty to forty more million future lifetime Democrat voters across our border into the United States?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Well Managed Program

More of your Federal tax dollars are being sent down this hole in Atlanta according to this excellent article by Terence P. Jeffrey as it appears on CNS News: Yes that is more than forty million of our dollars burnt in the abyss.

Volcano of Outrage

By going along with an illegal alien amnesty, the Republican Party will not somehow endear itself to the Hispanic community and will not suddenly win the Hispanic vote or even make much headway among US voters with roots in Latin America. What the GOP will do is alienate their conservative base and bring us that much closer to the creation of a third truly conservative national political party.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

South Carolina's Horror

How can levelheaded, patriotic voters in South Carolina keep sending Lindsey Graham to represent them in Washington? Graham is in the Strom Thurmond seat, which should be one of the most conservative in the US Senate. In spite of his Republican label, Graham takes positions the same as or even to the left of those Democrat Fritz Hollings did in his service to the state of South Carolina as Senator. Graham's full throated support for illegal alien amnesty cloaked in other terms should solidify his reputation as one of the worst politicians in American history, but sadly my own Senators from Tennessee, who pretend to be conservative, Republicans Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker (who is also pandering to illegals) are not far behind in betraying the interests of the vast majority of their constituents.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Controversy and Mystery

TWA Flight 800 was brought down in 1996 with all souls on board, more than two hundred people lost. I recall the events and claims that witnesses reported a missile streaking toward the doomed aircraft. Now after the Federal government long since declared the cause of the crash was a fuel tank explosion, some of those who initially investigated the catastrophe have participated in a documentary that casts doubt on the government's conclusion of an accidental event and brings the theory of a ground to air missile taking the plane down back to life. I would not dismiss the documentary out of hand and would hope for further exploration of the event by honest researchers.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The New Rules

The New Black Panther Party can menace whites trying to vote at a Philadelphia polling station without fear of Federal prosecution. A leftist activist can bug Mitch McConnell's office and be granted the status of "journalist" with the Constitutional protections of the First Amendment suddenly conferred (that eavesdropping is not all that much different after all according to the Obama apologists from what CBS News Sixty Minutes does), but real investigative citizen journalist James O'Keefe finds himself prosecuted and FOX News James Rosen has himself and even his parents' communications intercepted, Sharyl Attkinson of the same CBS News is gaslighted, and even the venerable and some would say left-leaning Associated Press, the world's leading news gathering organization, is subject to the Federal government stealthily listening in on communication with sources trying to remain confidential. So, all is fair if you are working on behalf of Team Obama and/or advancing radicalism, and all is off limits if you try to stand up against overreach by political progressives.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A New Conflict

Mohamed Morsi, the Islamist dictator of Egypt, might just start a war with Ethiopia to distract from his misrule and the economic collapse over which he is presiding. The pretext Egypt will use for the coming conflict will be Ethiopia diverting some of the Nile's waters. Ethiopia has suffered from persistent drought and famine and would be well within her national rights to manage water resources with more productive use of the Nile. Egypt would use action on this front by Addis Ababa as a casus belli and Morsi realizes the ensuing conflict would be winnable as opposed to the war with Israel that Morsi really in his heart of hearts itches to start but will not at this point because he knows Egypt would lose.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Illegal Alien Gateway

I am convinced that the immigration bill will pass the Senate, but am not sure how my RINO US Senators, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker will vote. I am sure my Congressman Jim Cooper, a Democrat, will side with the border breakers. It is pointless to call any of these legislators because no matter the volume of citizen complaints, they will not alter their votes. The only recourse for patriotic Tennesseans should our Senators betray us is to remember their votes and punish them the next time they are on a ballot.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Talking to Taliban

The United States has nothing to discuss with the Taliban. The ethos of civilization and that of the Taliban are incompatable. The US and more broadly, the West embody freedom. The Taliban despise freedom and demand submission under sharia. The Taliban are among the most misogynistic forces the world has known. They do not believe in the notion of equality for women or even allowing the distaff sex an education equal to that of boys. In fact, girls have been murdered for the "crime" of attending school. There can never be a peace reached or even a temporary ceasefire with those who would kill us for our tolerance and refusal to submit to them and their poisonous philosophy.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Forcing Israel's Hand

Israel is already the bugbear to most of the world. The beleaguered Jewish State will soon be even more anathema as she is forced to launch a preemptive strike on Iran with its new, supposedly moderate president. Israel will soon be embroiled in a shooting war with Iran, Syria, and at least Iran's proxy terror army in Lebanon, Hezbollah, if not also at war with the whole Lebanese nation, and almost certainly with Palestinians and even Israeli Arabs. The world will not blame bloodthirsty Islamic absolutists and the vicious Assad regime that has shown itself as brutal as any on earth but the Jews who seek to avoid being wiped out by a first strike with the Islamic Republic's shiny new nukes. No other nation or multilateral force will confront the Mad Mullahs, only the IDF as the Jews will take all the blame as being the aggressor state, even from Obama.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just Some Speculation

Would it be a surprise to learn that in spite of Barack Hussein Obama's assurances that Iran would not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapons capacity that because of the diffuse nature of Iran's atomic program (literally spread through hundreds of sites, with significant production centers in Bushehr and Fordow, a heavy water facility being built in Arak, dozens of smaller facilities scattered through the country, and with research centers in densely populated Tehran) that no plan has been successfully war-gamed and signed off on by Obama's national security team to actually eliminate that nuclear threat because of concerns about collateral damage with huge civilian casualties among Iranians and the certainty of a massive release of radiation into the atmosphere? Despite American promises to Israel and the world, no plan exists to declaw Iran but there is a US plan that has at least been successfully war-gamed to destroy Israel's presumed nuclear capacity by obliterating the Jewish State's nuclear facilities that are concentrated in Dimona with cruise missile strikes.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Way of Detroit

To the surprise of almost nobody, the crumbling city of Detroit has defaulted. This collapse is what happens when money taxpayers do not have is squandered on things the citizenry does not need. The only difference between Detroit and Obama's overspending at the Federal level is that the Michigan municipality can not print fiat currency.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Iranian Elections

Regardless of the outcome of the Iranian vote, little is likely to change in regard to the Islamic Republic being a menace to stability and peace. It was not Ahmadinejad making the decisions or pulling the strings but the fudamentalist Shia End Time mullahs behind him pulling his strings. Little Mahmoud was simply the ugly face of the uglier fanatics who put him in the office of Iran's Presidency. Whoever replaces Ahmadinejad, Iran's nuclear aims will continue apace.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watching America Implode

Gather round and marvel as the United States as she was founded disintergrates. Reward border crashers and ramp up the Balkanization of America as the Republican Party consigns itself to go the way of the Whigs (or perhaps ironically the "Know Nothing Party"- not because they oppose immigration as that accursed party did but because they are opening the Southern border and initiating millions of voters who will always and only vote Democrat). Drive up unemployment and push down wages as the incoming horde depresses what laborers are paid and undercuts already struggling youth hiring as teens are crowded out of formerly entry level positions by Hispanic newcomers. Push the soaring costs of Obama Care (the Affordable Care Act) into the stratosphere and assure interminable waits in every emergency room as millions of foreigners crowd us out of medical treatment we and not they are paying for, and finally abandon any semblance of an education system as every other pupil in public schools will not be there to learn mathematics, science, or history (which will all become incidental) but will be there to tax the system with incredible new demands for English as a second language. If you wanted to crush our nation as a free market Constitutional Republic, nothing will do that better on top of socialized medicine than amnesty for break-ins.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eleven Million Illegals

Do you believe the people listening to our phone calls and reading our emails are providing us with an honest number when they claim there are 11 million "undocumented" aliens in the United States? That is a low ball estimate if not an outright lie meant to make the coming open-border amnesty that the Congress and Barack Hussein Obama are going to foist on the citizenry more palatable. Just like the unemployment numbers, the progressives ruling us are giving us a spoon full of sugar with manipulated statistics to help the poison go down.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boehner No Leader

With John Boehner being the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and the public face of the Republican Party, it is little wonder that the GOP keeps losing. I watched his uninspired and mealymouthed answers about the IRS abuse on his Good Morning America interview and fear if he continues to lead, the Republicans will not hold the House in the 2014 mid-term elections. I am not sure his heart is in the right place on the issues and know that even if he stands as a conservative, he can not make the case for GOP victory.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Is Trust Justified?

I had confidence that George W. Bush would not use intelligence the Federal government garnered for crass political motives but still had reservations about authorities invading my/our privacy routinely. Now, I am far less confident, in fact I am quite concerned that America's spy agencies might not be protecting average citizens, but collecting information that may be turned against us. I am not suggesting that Barack Hussein Obama and his minions are "disappearing" opponents the way Latin American dictators did, but I would suggest that we have plenty of cause for worry.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Terrorists Knew

On FOX News this morning, a government whistle-blower pointed out that Muslim terrorists knew that electronic transmissions were being intercepted. It was only the American public that was being kept in the dark. Just what were authorities after in casting such a wide net?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Worse Than Carter

Jimmy Carter presided over an economy afflicted with malaise and facilitated the rise of End Time Shia extremism by allowing the Shah of Iran to be deposed. Barack Hussein Obama took Carter's lessons to heart with the determination to do even more damage to the world and has made the American economy, the engine that brought dynamism to the globe, moribund with taxes, regulation, and saddled Americans with the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obama Care) that very few want and that the nation can not afford. Obama blessed the Arab Spring that has unleashed chaos in the Middle East, and brought further instability to that tinderbox by pushing for reliable US ally Hosni Mubarak to leave power in Egypt. Instead of having to simply tamp down the Iranian menace as the mullahs gear up to use nuclear bombs in the Middle East, Obama's encouragement of throwing off the yoke of Arab dictators has brought anarchy to the Middle East.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Surveillance State

I had always assumed that the US government had the capacity to listen in (or look at) electronic communication that would be considered by most to be private, that would include phone calls, emails, video chats, in fact, all Internet transmissions, and felt that scrutiny would only amp up after the horror of September 11, 2001. I have mixed feelings about the interception by the government of so much intrusive information. A government representative said a terror attack had been prevented because of the program but how much of our civil liberty was compromised to thwart one attack?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Angry French Socialist

France is being led into the ground by Francois Hollande and the chip on the shoulder radical cadre he has brought into power. Hollande has already chased her wealthiest citizens away with punitively high taxes. Now he is picking a trade war with China over solar panels while trying to force his French rules on the US technology companies that have brought the Information Technology revolution to the world. France is even demanding action by the international community against the Assad government in Syria which the French military is in no way prepared to make alone. Ultimately, by trying to play the international Hercules, Hollande will only reveal how tiny and impotent his France is.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Assad Cancer

Violence emanating from Bashar Assad's quest to hold onto power in Syria will surely spark conflict in Lebanon. The government of France, joining that of Britain, now insist that Assad used Sarin gas against his own people. A wider conflict caused by Assad's intransigence could engulf the whole Middle East with Sunnis resisting Assad fighting Shia supporting the brutal regime. The rise in sectarian violence in Syria's neighbor Iraq can at least partially be traced to Assad's effort to retain power. If Assad left power, a wider war could be avoided, but he will not and the region will therefore explode.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Relentless Barrage

Guns are under assault. They are demonized constantly by the main stream media. Guns now potentially face even more regulation from the Federal government as Barack Hussein Obama intends to sign the United States onto the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty aimed at worldwide curbs on small arms. This while American children routinely face suspension from school for anything that resembles a firearm in their possession including their own little fingers and toaster pastry. Inch long plastic rifle mockups and NERF guns firing harmless soft projectiles and in no way resembling real firearms now merit banishment from school. A gun has never in human history risen from a gun safe, loaded itself, and shot anyone and a toy gun menaces even less. Common sense is dead and buried in America's grave.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Path to Ruination

Imagine an agency of government so powerful that they can pry into the financial dealings of every American. A body that turns due process rights on their head by not having to prove you guilty but where you have to prove your innocence. Then grant this agency power over your health care. Now also imagine that this organization possessed of so much power has a demonstrated pattern of engaging in political vendettas. You need not imagine any of it because all aspects are now being conducted by and/or within the legal authority of America's Internal Revenue Service and are absolutely destructive of our Constitutional Republic as conceived by the Founding Fathers.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

America Keep Out

The United States should not place our forces in peril in Syria. We have seen some of our potential "allies" there align themselves with al-Qaeda and the most nihilistic elements of Sunni Islam including the notorious heart-eating cannibal commander. Is this a cause worth US blood being shed? I still support non-lethal aid to those resisting Assad and even air support with drones or missile strikes that do not place American personnel at risk, but there is no way I want Syria turned into the next Benghazi.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turkey's Islamist Dictator

Recep Tayyip Erdogan complained bitterly when IDF members were attacked on a ship sent with his blessing to break the Gaza blockade that Israel has been forced to impose for her self-defense and had no choice but to killed armed Turkish terror-supporters who were attacking them as they boarded on rope lines. Erdogan was then spouting off as champion of human rights and freedom. Ask the citizens of Turkey who had gathered for peaceful protests how Erdogan really regards human rights after the Turkish government unleashed massive violence against dissenters. Maybe the so-called Arab Spring will become a Turkish Summer of liberty.