Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No Oversight Whatsoever

Another story ferreted out by Terence Jeffrey has emerged on CNS News that should be a red flag that illegal alien amnesty under another name can not be allowed to become law. This time Jeffrey reports more than seven million American tax dollars were sent to 2706 border breakers using a single account and details appear here: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/irs-sent-7319518-refunds-one-bank-account-used-2706-aliens. The US can not control the (at least) eleven million invaders already here now. When amnesty is shoved down the throats of the resistant citizenry, will Federal authorities be more able to cope with the swarm? Do you think our craven selling us out already political class and their elite backers will say the border is now closed after the coming amnesty or do you think Democrats in power will use tear jerking words about "family unification" to allow twenty to forty more million future lifetime Democrat voters across our border into the United States?

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