Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just Some Speculation

Would it be a surprise to learn that in spite of Barack Hussein Obama's assurances that Iran would not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapons capacity that because of the diffuse nature of Iran's atomic program (literally spread through hundreds of sites, with significant production centers in Bushehr and Fordow, a heavy water facility being built in Arak, dozens of smaller facilities scattered through the country, and with research centers in densely populated Tehran) that no plan has been successfully war-gamed and signed off on by Obama's national security team to actually eliminate that nuclear threat because of concerns about collateral damage with huge civilian casualties among Iranians and the certainty of a massive release of radiation into the atmosphere? Despite American promises to Israel and the world, no plan exists to declaw Iran but there is a US plan that has at least been successfully war-gamed to destroy Israel's presumed nuclear capacity by obliterating the Jewish State's nuclear facilities that are concentrated in Dimona with cruise missile strikes.

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