Friday, July 31, 2015

Baby Chop Shop

The true face of butchery has been revealed by the Planned Parenthood videos. This is not medicine but repulsive bestiality. Our Congress must de-fund these murderers of innocents. In fact, these abortionists should be in the penitentiary. This spree killing rises to the level of Auschwitz. This is infanticide at its worst and needs to be eradicated.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Mystery Solved

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared more than a year ago, seemingly without a trace. A flap from a Boeing 777 was just recovered on the beach of Reunion Island. Unless some other, heretofore unknown Triple 7 is missing or one landed after a flap fell off, it is safe to conclude the recovered piece is a part of Flight 370. Like Amelia Earhart and Judge Crater, the remains of the passengers and crew of the jet may never be found. Sometimes, the sea gives up the dead. This tragedy may not be one of those times.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Disproportionate Sentence

Jonathan Pollard may be nearing parole. The Israeli spy had to endure a much longer sentence than spies captured from other "friendly" nations. I always thought that Pollard's primary motivation for espionage was to try to protect the Jewish State after the United States dramatically reduced Israel's access to formerly shared intelligence data. The US cut off the spigot to Israel because the Jewish State used intelligence data that America provided in the preemptive strike against Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor in Osirak. Israel removed an existential threat to itself and to the other nations of the region. Can you imagine what would have happened if Saddam had a few nukes when Iraq captured Kuwait? Israel stopping Saddam's nuclear ambition enhanced peace and stability. The US should not have cut off access to satellite imagery and electronic intercepts because that actually put Israel at great (if not existential) risk. Pollard was also blamed for actions committed by Aldrich Ames, who was spying for the Russians. All in all, I would say Pollard has served his time and should already have been released.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Reckless Liar

Barack Hussein Obama said, he "has Israel's back". If Obama is a friend to the Jewish State, I would hate to see an enemy. Obama pretends that his enmity is reserved for Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama is in fact more broadly hostile. Obama is against anyone who would try to maintain a defensible Jewish State. Obama does not merely want the Jews back inside the 1967 suicide boundaries. The US President wants the Jews contained within the 1948 partition lines. On top of this Obama wants so-called Palestinian refugees to be permitted a "right of return" which will consign the Jewish State to oblivion as masses of Arabs with no connection to the Holy Land would swamp Israel, causing the Jews to either lose the democratic character of their state or simply allowing the new Islamic majority to vote Jews (and, by the way, Christians) into dhimmitude. Obama has consistently claimed to be a friend to the Jews and protector of Israel, but his actions do not match those claims. By selling out America's best (only real ally) in the Middle East Israel, including by his rapprochement with the mad mullahs of Tehran, Obama has lit the fuse for World War III.

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Feckless Liar

I agree with Ted Cruz. Mitch McConnell is indeed a liar. Beyond that, McConnell is ineffective at thwarting Obama. Has Obamacare been reversed? How much has actually changed in the US Senate since McConnell replaced Democrat Harry Reid? Kentucky had a chance to unseat McConnell but failed to elect the excellent Matt Bevin in the Republican primary. McConnell is no more than a progressive tool of the establishment.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just a Guess

My prediction is that the Iran Deal will be universally opposed by Congressional Republicans. In both the House and Senate, the GOP will stand against appeasement. Some Democrats will oppose Obama and Kerry as well, just not enough to muster a veto-proof majority. Obama will prevail once again, to the detriment of world peace and US security. If it were not for the insane Corker bill, the preexisting Senate rules could have been used to block this fiasco. Before my Tennessee Senator had his bright idea, it would have taken two-thirds of the Senate to approve the Iran Treaty, but now it takes two-thirds to block it because Corker set up the trap of a Presidential (Obama) veto. The establishment GOP is not the gang that can not shoot straight, they are a band of morons who manage to blow their own toes off with the first shot. They have once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and in so doing, not only handed Obama what will soon be seen as a Pyrrhic victory but given the mad mullahs of Iran a dream win.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Save the Whales

A killer whale beached someplace and dozens of people rushed to keep it wet and cool until high tide came in to allow it to swim back to the open ocean. I wonder how many of these nature lovers have lent a hand to the persecuted Christians of the Middle East. Do you think many of the orca rescuers have raised a finger to help the Yazidis being enslaved or slaughtered by the Islamic State? I wonder how many of the animal rights advocates have demanded an end to genital mutilation of women in the Muslim world? Do you think many of the folks launching campaigns for animal rights are equally adamant in their defense of human rights? The creatures the Lord gave us dominion over are important but not as important as the welfare and freedom of the human race.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Save the Humans

There has been another mass shooting in a so-called "gun-free zone". This time a movie theater was targeted in Louisiana. The enlightened minds of the Left are already demanding more restrictions of our Second Amendment. These massacres do not demonstrate that more gun control is needed. They simply show that a sign barring guns will never stop someone who is determined to murder. If gun bans are the answer, why do the politicians and celebrities pushing the anti-gun agenda almost invariably have armed bodyguards of their own?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Last Hurrah

We will soon determine whether the Obama regime means the end of Democrat power or the end of the nation as she was conceived. America was founded to be a light unto the nations. Obama has turned off that light. Obama has decided that instead of leading the world as President of the last superpower, he would "lead from behind". He has, and that has destabilized the Middle East and the world. Has that hashtag "bring back our girls" liberated the captives from Boko Haram? Has Obama making nice with Iran turned the Islamic Republic into a benign neighbor to the nations that surround Iran or a friend to the US? Did pulling American forces out of Iraq pacify it or turn it into a haven for terror? Did Obama hold onto to America's red lines in Syria or allow hell to be unleashed there? Is Libya more or less stable than it was before Obama orchestrated the downfall of Gaddafi? Was the new caliphate of the Islamic State a threat under George W Bush or was its creation conducted entirely on Obama's watch? Obama has done much to diminish America. If his successor is Hillary or any other Democrat, America will be finished.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

They Shot Back

Apparently, the sailor murdered and one marine killed fired back at the Chattanooga jihadist with personal weapons that they were not supposed to have on base. I have only seen one report about this, but if true, it demonstrates that not all members of the military are willing to be sitting ducks. The report said that it was uncertain whether the uniformed personnel hit the terrorist. In any event, it shows some initiative on the part of our forces who would not comply with an idiotic order to make them defenseless. If you are entrusted with the nation's security, surely you must be trustworthy enough to protect yourself and your comrades or at least have access to the tools to try. The "gun-free zone" signs were obviously no deterrent to the murderer.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seeking a Motive

Some respected (not by me) pundits are scratching their heads over the Chattanooga murder spree. They can not figure out why a smart young man would carry out the massacre. They are searching for any number of reasons. These talking heads are deliberately overlooking the obvious motivation. The murderer did not attack a movie theater. The shooter did not go after a black church (or a white church for that matter). The killer struck at America's armed forces in an obvious act of jihad. Was the shooter depressed? Was he on drugs or alcohol? Who cares? He is now being lauded as a "martyr" by Muslim fanatics online from all over the world. The murderer killed four unarmed marines and a sailor as an act of religious devotion. Some folks pray to their Lord, some monsters kill for theirs.

Monday, July 20, 2015

An American Boy

The Chattanooga murderer was as American as falafel. Andrea Mitchell tried to conjure the idea that the killer (who I will never glorify by mentioning his name) was a gun-loving small-town Southerner. Not many rednecks had their Palestinian families banished from Kuwait after Hussein's Iraqi forces were evicted by Bush the Elder. Not many Bocephus fans ever had their Dad on the terrorist watch list. Very few Tennesseans visit their uncle in Jordan to be immersed in tales of Palestinian victim-hood and glorious jihad. Not many Skynyrd or CDB listeners spice their days with trips to the local mosque. You know there are hundreds of thousands of young country boys with access to guns and the knowledge to use them who would never dream of shooting up American military installations.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Iran Deal

Nazi Germany did monumental damage without ever developing a nuclear bomb. Do you think that Iran might be a destructive force even without nukes? Has Tehran backed international terror since the fall of the Shah? Will Iran continue to fund terror and continue to deploy Shia jihadists in Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen even after this nuclear agreement? Do you trust the mad mullahs to keep their end of the bargain? Do you understand why areas where Iran is most likely to conceal ongoing work on atomic weapons were specifically excluded from the agreement and are not subject to search? Do you realize the deal allows Iran to delay the inspections for twenty-four days? You do know that even if Iran cheats massively and openly that Russia and China and even Western countries making profits from dealing with Iran will never permit sanctions to be reimposed. You will find that far from guaranteeing peace, the Iran deal will force Israel to preempt Tehran's nuclear strike and likely trigger World War III.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Tennessee Terrorist

Another of the wounded has died in Chattanooga, this time a Navy man. The bloody-minded terrorist had an open field as he knew the places he was attacking are Federally-mandated gun-free zones. How can government trust men to protect the nation but not trust them to defend themselves? I was always gung ho for military service and tried to join the US Naval Reserve after September 11,2001. I would now do everything possible to dissuade my child from entering the US military should the situation that exists now prevail when the child is of an age to join. Allow our forces the right to carry and issue a sidearm to at least one airman, sailor, soldier, coast guardsman, or marine at every shift at every duty station in the world. Allow our already rigorously trained military personnel to carry their personal sidearms at their duty stations. The Chattanooga jihadist would likely have been shot down before killing five men if those now dead men had guns to shoot back.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Thoughts on Chattanooga

A murderer clearly motivated by religious fanaticism slaughtered US Marines who were inexplicably not allowed to carry arms on their military stations. A gap of seven minutes elapsed between a shooting attack on a recruiting station, where one man was wounded, and the navy base where all the fatalities occurred. I wonder if any warning or alert was issued to potential targets after the first attack. If so, would the Marines not have had warning to either lock down their post or arm themselves? Every military installation or recruiting center should have an officer of the day, a non-com, or an enlisted man (or woman) equipped with a loaded sidearm. Other military personnel should have the option of carry an issued firearm or their personal weapon. By giving them that choice, they would at least have the chance to defend themselves when (not "if" because it is bound to happen again at some point) the next attack occurs. We give our military the responsibility of defending our nation. We have an obligation to give members of our military the chance to defend themselves.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Middle East

With the world acquiescing to Iran, do you think Saudi Arabia might just want to obtain a nuclear arsenal of their own? Do you think that the Sunni Arab states who fought Israel might now rally to Israel to face the common threat of Shia Iran? Do you think seeing Iran triumph in negotiations with the world makes Iranian ally Assad more or less likely to quit his power in Syria? Do you believe Israel will just accept that Iran will launch a first strike nuclear attack on Tel Aviv? Do you agree that Iran will use their previously frozen funds when released to them to further develop missiles and atomic weapons and sponsor even more terror? Do you think Iran wants peace or regional, if not world, domination?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Possible Ramifications

The Iran deal is going to lead to war. The only question now is when? Will Israel strike now before Iran can harden targets? Will Israel wait and hope that a new US President in 2016 reverses course and rids the world of the mad mullah menace? Will Iran unleash the nuclear weapons designed to "wipe Israel off the map" before someone takes action to preempt that attack? I do not know, but I do know that because of the toothless deal by the spineless West, war is now inevitable.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Catastrophic Error

An agreement has just been reached with the lying murderers who run the Islamic Republic of Iran that will give the mad mullahs an easier pathway to the nuclear weapons they covet. This deal represents APPEASEMENT writ large for all the world to see. Hitler has just been given the Sudetenland wrapped up in a bow, but this capitulation is actually worse because people of today know what happened to Europe and the world because of Chamberlain's weakness and are moving forward anyway to give in to Tehran. Did Iran suddenly have free and fair elections to remove the End Timer nutcases that oppress the freedom-seeking majority? Did Iran stop hanging homosexuals and religious minorities in public squares or is Iran still not one of the worst human rights offenders on a par only with North Korea in its scope of vast abuse? Did Iran give up its pretend space program which all the world knows is really a masked ballistic missile program designed to provide launch capacity against Israel, Europe, and America when the mullahs have their nukes? Did Iran suddenly stop sponsoring terror or are they more blatant than ever with their backing the Houthis in Yemen along with Hezbollah worldwide? Iran is already a regional menace without a nuclear weapons capacity. Permit Iran to have A-bombs and you will make the Islamic Republic the Middle East's leading power, subject the rest of the world to nuclear extortion, and ensure the destruction of the Jewish State.

Monday, July 13, 2015

How Civilization Ends

There is one group that is apparently overtaking the Middle East who are throwbacks to the time of Muhammad. They are called the Islamic State (IS) and are in the process of reestablishing a caliphate. They gladly kill those who do not strictly adhere to their atavistic beliefs. The Islamic State is composed of Sunni fanatics. They are opposed by Shiite Muslims, who are in many instances just as fanatical as IS, but their fanaticism is directed at causing the End Times for humanity to bring the Twelfth Imam from his place of hiding in a well in modern day Iran, where he has hidden for more than a thousand years. The West is under threat from both jihadi groups but Westerners would mostly rather watch TV and surf the Internet than actually try to stop those who intend to kill them. The West has never been so decadent and weak. We have hundreds of millions of people who can tell you all about he/she Jenner but who have no idea what the caliphate is or that Iran is months away from attempting to unleash nuclear weapons on Israel. The West fritters away its energy blessing homosexual marriage, which can never naturally produce a next generation, and opens borders to hordes who may want to destroy it or at the very least, want to suck off the welfare teat funded by taxpayers. The masses in the West are content with their bread and circus and hypnotized by vulgarity on open display while in the Middle East, forces are rising that will kill them or turn them into dhimmi.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

To Praise Hillary

I have never seen a candidate for public office in the United States be so able to dominate the news cycle without any achievements to speak of and without having to answer any probing questions as Ms. Clinton is. While Hillary may not be beloved by the voting public, the mainstream media certainly loves and protects her. The partisan press even let Hillary campaign operatives literally lasso them. She leads these pitiful flacks around by the short hairs, but they do not even have the sense to complain about it. Hillary is as much of a liar as her husband but she is not as artful in her perpetual deceit as Bill is. Will Hillary ever be put on the spot by a reporter about the Benghazi massacre? I doubt it. If she had an "R" after her name, do you think the press would be as malleable as they are with her? Do you think any GOP contenders will receive the same kid glove treatment and lack of scrutiny Clinton enjoys?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

To Criticize Hillary

In the past, I had written editorials that appeared in the Jerusalem Post. I attempted to publish commentary critical of our former Secretary of State only to find that not only was it not published, but that I have been blocked from ever commenting on JPost again. I am flabbergasted that saying Hillary would, if elected, be "a fair-weather friend" to the Jewish State resulted in me being blocked and banned. I imagine the Post is banning a lot of readers from participating in online dialogue, if all it takes is negative comment about that lying harridan to get you banned. Any Jew who votes for Hillary Clinton is endorsing a policy of continued US pressure on Israel to the detriment of the Jewish State, but to the delight of the Palestinians. I guess we know who those who control the editorial policy of the Jerusalem Post want to see as the next resident of the White House.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Trump Speaks Up

Very few people know much about Donald Trump's policy positions. Trump's supporters do not love him because he is a supply-sider. Trump boosters do seem to be aware that he is against illegal immigration. If they are listening closely, they have heard that the Donald supports the right to keep and bear arms. I think what attracts people to Trump is his brashness. They like him because he does not back down to the Democrat-partisan hacks that comprise the main stream media. Trump speaks his mind and is not being "handled" by campaign consultants to tell him what to say to be the most inclusive or least offensive. Donald Trump tells potential voters exactly what he thinks on controversial issues. I like Trump's candor, which unfortunately, few others in the public eye seem to possess.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Quiet Trump Down

The chairman of the Republican National Committee called Donald Trump yesterday. Reince Priebus supposedly read Trump the riot act and demanded that the Donald "tone it down". Priebus told the Donald that he was alienating Hispanic voters and turning them against the GOP. I do not think Trump will listen. Trump is making headway in the polls with his bold stance on illegal aliens. Trump is sticking to his guns because he is successfully differentiating himself from other candidates. Trump is not the type of man to be cowed into silence. Trump will keep speaking up because he is winning.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trump No Parrot

Donald Trump has declared that he is no "Perot". Trump is no "parrot" either. He is saying what no other candidate would. Trump does not care if his words offend certain people. He does not need their contributions for his campaign. Trump is the only person running who can bear the expense of seeking the Presidency without turning to anyone else. I do not envision voting for Trump, but I do like the fact that he is never concerned with political correctness.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Level Playing Field

I am for the free market. I am against crony capitalism. I am not a corporatist. The United States is not a free market anymore because it is not a fair market. Set-asides and rent-seeking are the order of the day in America. Almost every major project is either funded by government, has a portion funded by government, or has concessions granted by government that grant lower taxes, waive impact fees others would have to pay, or provide an effective monopoly status before a company or corporation spends a cent for anything other than lobbying and the slanted feasibility studies that tout how great the project will be and how government should support it with money confiscated from taxpayers. I oppose subsidies for billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hold Those Responsible

The many Greeks who derived no benefit from the economic and fiscal policy that felled Greece should not have to pay for the few that did benefit. The world rails against collective punishment yet wants to impose collective punishment on Greece. If you want to make Greece suffer, why not take from the few Greek elites who gained even through austerity? They can easily afford a Cyprus-style "haircut". Do not take it out on the common folk. International creditors can bleed the poor Greeks dry, and it still will not come close to covering Greek debt.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Peace Crime

If the creditors of Greece allow Greeks to starve, they will have committed what amounts to a war crime in peacetime. Without a shot being fired, creditors, especially German, may be responsible for Greek deaths. Relentless austerity kills. Have successive governments in Greece been responsible economically and fiscally? Of course not, but that does not mean the Greek people should suffer for the sins of the few. I do not think Greece will have a large enough impact to bring down the world economy. I also do not want to see Greeks who had no hand in making the decisions of government suffer. I do not care whether the Greeks vote "yes" or "no" today, but only hope that either way, no one dies from want in Greece and no Greeks who trusted banks with their money have their deposits stolen to placate rapacious international bankers.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

On Being Humans

We are all fallible. Each of us has feet of clay. I have made my share of mistakes. I hope that I am judged by the totality of my actions and not just the many errors that I have made (and will continue to make). I just try to be a better person today than I was yesterday. I believe the Lord forgives much. I pray those who I have offended forgive as well.

Friday, July 3, 2015

On Humans Being

I can not imagine how I could be a member of the same species as Islamic State (IS) terrorists. They may look like human beings, but that similarity in appearance is where comparison ends. In this enlightened (or perhaps not so enlightened) day and age, how can children be crucified to death for breaking the Ramadan fast? Who could chop of the arms of a grieving mother reaching for her murdered babies? IS thugs can and did and filmed the sadistic spectacle to upload to the World Wide Web. This display is cruelty for cruelty's sake, not religious devotion. Where are the armies of the West hunting down these barbarians? Where are Western leaders marshaling the forces of good to smash this evil. The spineless Western leaders are not even using their bully pulpits to warn their citizenry that this atavism must be fought? Obama and Cameron are bloodless, soulless empty suits who sanitize the horrors inflicted by IS because they lack the will to do what it takes to defeat this mad Wahhabi jihad.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Donald Trump's Mirror

I do not plan on voting for Donald Trump in the Republican primary. Trump seems to be very full of himself. Trump is fearless in what he says, which I like. It has been reported that Trump has given donations throughout his life to Democrat politicians, which makes me doubt that he is particularly conservative. Of course, if Trump somehow secured the GOP nomination, I would vote for him over the hideous Hillary. I think Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, or Scott Walker are better choices than Trump for the GOP Presidential nomination. It is wrong that Trump is being dropped by Macy's for speaking his mind about immigration.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Murderous Freak Show

The Islamic State (IS) has reportedly attracted more than forty million adherents. These religiously-inspired fanatics have conducted the most disgusting public relations campaign in the history of the world. These thugs love to disseminate videos of themselves slaughtering people in increasingly barbaric ways. First, they strangle a woman in a public square in Syria and film the throttling to broadcast it all over the internet. Then, they have a father insist on and participate in the stoning murder of his allegedly promiscuous daughter to be computer-cast all over the globe. After that, the IS thugs look for more and more original ways to kill and video the results to the world. The jihadists managed to capture a hapless Jordanian F-16 pilot and roasted him alive in a cage. The slick video producers of the terror state have just decided to continue a fire and water Koranic theme by drowning a group of captive men, once again on camera. These repulsive videos attract a crowd of bloodthirsty deviants to their atavistic cause. Those who want to take the world back to the seventh century have no problem using the latest technology to murder and then to broadcast those horrific acts.