Friday, November 30, 2012

Not the Babies

Dear God, what has society descended to with babies now being deliberately killed in Britain? A most sickening practice has now been exposed by Sue Reid and Simon Caldwell of the UK Daily Mail wherein infants are starved and dehydrated to death. This is not eugenics or euthanasia but downright callous murder in the manner of the Nazis of the Third Reich. The most vulnerable and utterly dependent members of our human race are being willfully eradicated. So these are babies flawed from birth- help them survive with the best quality of life possible for them- do not punish their innocence with a miserable and lingering death. Those committing this evil are not doctors and nurses but monsters. Who are they to judge the worth of a child based only on the defects? The happiest person I have encountered was my high school chum's Down Syndrome sister. Read of this outrage here:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Republicans Not Fooled

Any Republican Representative or US Senator who gives in to Barack Hussein Obama and votes for tax rates to be raised on anyone now is not a "fool" as Charles Krauthammer contends, but merely socialist-lite while their enthusiastically tax raising Democrat colleagues are full-on socialists. If GOP members side with those spending the US into oblivion, no one had to trick them to betray their campaign promises and the people who voted them into office and that will be the clearest proof yet that they do not share the values of Ronald Reagan.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Peace Process

No matter the outcome of the Palestinian Authority demarche at the United Nations, the cause of peace in the Middle East is fleeting. The growing instability in Egypt with her new above the law leader Morsi, the chaos in Syria, and Iran nearing completion of nuclear weapon production bode ill for the world. Those who are saying raising the status of "Palestine" will advance the peace process are either deluding themselves or they really hate the concept of Zionism. Hostilities will always be directed against the Jewish State of Israel until Muslims recognize that Jews have a right to live as more than dhimmi.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspiration Not Intoxication

Times are bad for many Americans. The Left and even Libertarians on the right are calling for the legalization of marijuana. What the nation needs is not easier access to intoxicants but a greater call to divine inspiration. Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol and from God, our best hope now is to turn to Him.

Monday, November 26, 2012

War on Wealth

Red China is still officially a Communist country, yet her leadership really tries to foster economic growth by keeping taxes relatively low. Ads have been published in the US for years with tag lines like "secrets the rich don't want you to know". These advertisements were clearly aimed to appeal to idiots. Very few wealthy people hoarded their treasure like the cartoon character Scrooge McDuck. Successful people in general act as wealth creators for others. When a person enjoys greater success, he or she tends to purchase a better vehicle, helping a local automobile dealer, make home improvements, aiding local contractors, purchase more merchandise, boosting local stores, overall spreading the wealth. The leader of the United States believes that rich people amass wealth only for their own benefit and intends to get even with the many successful people who are not his cronies and major contributors. Barack Hussein Obama is not the only world leader who has an ax to grind against his nation's achievers. Francois Hollande, the President of France, is similarly obsessed with punishing French entrepreneurs. It is ironic that those trying to grow businesses in Shanghai pay lower taxes than their counterparts in Paris or Manhattan.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

With Growing Revulsion

I am old enough to remember when Billy Crystal on the ABC entertainment program Soap in the late 1970s helped homosexuals go mainstream. Seemingly insignificant events in popular culture often turn out to have enormous impact. When the BBC is not covering up the long-term grotesque pattern of sexual abuse of one their (now late) stars or falsely accusing a prominent member of the House of Lords of pedophilia, they are trying to chop away at the sanctity of human life with, of all things, a comedy about assisted suicide. Here is the story of how the BBC seeks to advance the culture of death: Beware gentle reader because the right to die all too soon becomes the civic duty and patriotic obligation to save your government dwindling socialized medicine resources if you are aged and have already had your day in the sun or chronically ill and costly.

Menace to Prosperity

The looming tax increase if America tumbles down the fiscal cliff could be enough to trigger an economic depression the likes of which has not been seen since 1929. Raising taxes on those who could create employment at the time job creation is most needed is exactly the wrong course of action, but is precisely what our great class warrior President Barack Hussein Obama wants to do. Sadly but ever so predictably, a growing list of midway moderate Republicans are breaking their "no new taxes" promise to reach across the aisle and seal the fate of our national economy with their gleeful embrace of redistribution of wealth, a concept that has failed to grow prosperity every time it has been implemented in human history.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Community Organized

Where has a control economy ever produced prosperity? Where have central planners helped a citizenry to thrive? The vile purveyors of the myth called "social justice" only guarantee an equality of misery where drones in long ration lines await their tiny portion of the dole. The least efficient way to distribute resources is through our national (Federal) bureaucracy. It deeply saddens me to see many of my countrymen giving up on their own pursuit of success and becoming content to live off their harder working neighbors.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Better than Even

This is the season many retailers big and small have hoped would make their year. Crowds certainly gathered to grab seemingly amazing bargains at Nashville and national stores, but what this augurs for America's economic health can not yet be determined. People are spending now on items they perceive to be good values because (obviously) everyone loves a bargain but seeing long lines of shoppers on Black Friday by no means indicates the US economy is out of the woods. We shall see whose bull is gored in the fiscal cliff negotiations and then know just how much consumer-driven capitalism the Great Leader shall tolerate.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

King of Appeasement

The US is now led by an appeaser in the style of Neville Chamberlain, who has made himself a friend of jihad worldwide by siding first with the supporters of Arab Spring over long-standing American allies like Egypt's Mubarak and by now restraining Israel from dealing decisively with Hamas, all the while permitting Iran to continue their nuclear project and there again staying Israel's hand, and at the same time fleeing the field in Iraq and preparing to do the same by abandoning those who have stood with America in Afghanistan to the Taliban who with his "retreat to defeat" Obama has allowed to become resurgent. Appeasers do not secure "peace in our time" but assure the opposite.

Obama's Shameful Interference

Barack Hussein Obama gave lip service to the idea that Israel had the right to defend herself and then dictated to Israel that they could not launch a "ground" war in Gaza. Obama actually defended Hamas by holding Israel back. Instead of bringing peace to the region, by his interference, Obama has strengthened the hand of the Muslim Brotherhood not only in Egypt but regionally and allowed Hamas to claim victory, thereby guaranteeing wider conflict in the near future.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All the Blame

If Hamas were not operating from mosques, schools, the so-called media center of Gaza and hospitals, do you think Israel would be firing anywhere close to those locations? If Hamas was not hiding behind women and children, do you think the IDF would target these noncombatants? Hamas is deliberately trying to kill as many Israeli civilians as they are able while at the same time, intentionally exposing the civilians of Gaza to unnecessary danger. The full weight of responsibility for all the carnage belongs solely and only to Hamas.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goodbye to Privacy

Would you like the government scrutinizing all the email you send or receive without first having to obtain a warrant? Well the US Senate is considering legislation allowing that right now. Read this hyper-linked article now from CNET's Declan McCullagh: Privacy of communications is an essential component of liberty and the Senate is on the cusp of trying to strip away that freedom.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Walmart Walkout

There are millions of Americans who are out of work today who would love to have a job on Thanksgiving or any other day. With the unemployment crisis that prevails across the United States, I am sure Walmart will have no problem finding replacement workers for any labor activist who participates in a walkout during what will be the busiest period of the year for the corporation.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Susan Rice Disqualified

Susan Rice was not candid about the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi. She can not be trusted to be our Secretary of State because she has already demonstrated how readily she will put politics over truth and worse yet, over the very lives of fellow Americans.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time for Compromise?

GOP Congressional leaders met with Barack Hussein Obama in an attempt to avert having the US fall off the so-called fiscal cliff. The Republicans emerged from the meeting declaring great optimism about "compromise" with the Obama administration. This is not the time for the GOP to abandon smaller government, more personal responsibility principles, but this is precisely what national party leadership, the so-called establishment Republicans are doing. They say elections have consequences, Obama won, and we can not be seen as obstructionists. GOP leadership in Washington do not want to be branded as an obstacle to prosperity and do not want the blame for pushing the nation over the fiscal cliff. Republicans now at the top could not be more wrong. If they cave in and give Obama carte blanche on these budgetary measures as I fear the current Republican leaders will, the time will have come for a real conservative third party to emerge to rescue America.

Friday, November 16, 2012

An Unfortified City

Hamas has forced Israel's hand by firing missiles into the environs of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a densely populated city that lacks the number of shelters and reinforced bombproof rooms that towns closer to Gaza have. The IDF must up its level of aggression to tamp down the fire from Gaza before a mass casualty event befalls the Jewish State, and Israel can not allow normal life in her largest city to be disrupted. Hamas has declared "the gates of hell opened". Hamas has indeed opened this portal on themselves.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gaza Heats Up

After years of unremitting rocket and mortar fire, and after a recent bomb against an IDF patrol, and an anti-tank missile attack against an IDF armored jeep, the IDF finally had to respond with decisive force to protect Israel from terror emanating from the Gaza Strip. Gaza has devolved into a wholly-owned forward bastion of Iran. Israel must pacify Gaza as a million Israelis can no longer live under the threat of incessant bombardment.

UPS Versus Scouts

UPS has decided to punish the Boy Scouts because the Scouts refuse to embrace the homosexual lifestyle. I will no longer do business with UPS because of this. FOX News chronicles the story here: Those who assail morality are bound to lose customers while companies that stand for traditional values will thrive.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not a Chance

Many Obama voters are not aware of the recent fall from grace of Generals David Petraeus and John Allen. Many Obama supporters have no concern about the fate of the four Americans lost in Benghazi. You could ask them about the Libya massacre and from some you would surely hear:"Ben who?"

A Bit Distracted

The Central Intelligence Agency's director David Petraeus recently resigned in the wake of revelations of an extramarital affair with his biographer. Now, the married commander of allied forces in Afghanistan Marine General John Allen has been revealed to be having a long-distance relationship with a physician's wife in Tampa with whom he reportedly exchanged thirty thousand pages of sexually provocative email. Is it any wonder that the war in Afghanistan has not been more successful with senior US leadership apparently preoccupied with chasing skirts (or so receptive to having women chase them)?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dow's Downward Trajectory

What in the Obama plan will stimulate gains in America's stock markets? What will the Secretary of Treasury, be it Tim Geithner or a successor, do to promote economic growth? With interests rates already as low as they can go, what steps will Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve take to keep the United States out of a depression? The only tool left to these "leaders" is additional "quantitative easing" which actually means printing increasingly worthless fiat money. There is only one logical direction for an economy controlled by central planners and it is not up.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Closed Shop Nation

Barack Hussein Obama will reward the support he received from America's labor unions by cracking down on right to work states. Businesses that are already in dire straights from Obama's flood of regulation, the recently engendered expenses of Obama Care, and coming higher taxes will have the added burden of having to contend with collective bargaining, picket lines, and boycotts. No one in his right mind would start a business in this climate and having to contend with thug tactics of unions will push many companies who were already in precarious positions into bankruptcy. In pleasing his union backers, Barack Obama will deliver us a true "closed shop nation".

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Real Journalistic Scum

On this year's Veteran's Day when we should commemorate the service and sacrifice of those who kept us free and pray for those still on the line protecting us, George Stephanopoulos in a story on GMA Sunday about the recently disgraced Petraeus concerning the CIA fight against our Jihadist foe, branded that struggle as being directed against "al-Qaeda officials". Yes, dear little George actually called these bloody-handed murderers "officials". He could not bring himself to utter the word "terrorists" to described nihilistic wanton killers. The election is lost, the dinosaur media is an active Democrat partisan, and George Stephanopoulos is nauseating to have to watch (which is why I never watch a program that he is hosting).

Soul of Indiscretion

How could the head of the Central Intelligence Agency manage to have his extramarital relations ferreted out and paraded before the entire world? Many a bar stool Lothario has successfully concealed an affaire de coeur without having anyone discover the infidelity, but the spy chief of the last superpower exposes his soft underbelly to public derision. If you run an intelligence agency, one would presume avoiding scrutiny would be an absolute requisite.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Useless Lament

All the second guessing surrounding the Romney loss is essentially pointless. The postmortems over the defeat do not somehow kindle victory, nor are they a prescription as to how to reinvigorate the Republican brand. I have been guilty of some Monday morning quarterbacking on this forum but now intend a prospective approach as to what must be done next to preserve what little remains of our founding ethos. We must shore up God-given liberty and our natural rights because we know now we have a leadership in place that plans to encroach and erode the US Constitution.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bit of Hope

In one bright spot after the Presidential election debacle, the GOP now controls more Governorships than ever before. Perhaps these Republicans at the state level can serve as a hedge against Obama's overreach.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Abomination and Crime

By the time the next Presidential term is concluded, more than sixty million babies will have been slaughtered before they have been given the chance to see the light of day. This is the Holocaust ten times over inflicted on those who are absolutely vulnerable and completely innocent. This is a crime that must be fought not just by the Republican Party but by all decent people because abortion on demand is simply evil. The homosexual perversion of the sanctified institution of marriage is an abomination against the revealed word of the Lord (as has been transmitted to all three great monotheistic faiths). A blessed union for the purpose of procreation and raising families is a societal good. Homosexual perversion being given the imprimatur of the state invites the wrath of God against that country that basks in the path of Sodom. No nation can abandon morality and still consider itself consecrated and under the blessings and protection of the God they have chosen to turn away from, and sadly the United States has turned away.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Really Dreadful Prospects

Barack Hussein Obama will not protect Israel. Obama will never take military action to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Barack Obama will try to block Israel in efforts of self-defense including acting to thwart Iran. Barack Obama said in his acceptance speech last night that "a decade of war is over" with more than eighty thousand US troops still engaged on the ground and in danger in Afghanistan. Barack Obama told Russian leadership that he would have more "flexibility" to cut America's missile defense in a moment that he did not realize that his microphone was on back in March of this year, and this reveals that Obama is not serious about maintaining a robust defense for our allies beyond Israel or even the homeland itself. Obama poured fuel on the fire of the Arab Spring by facilitating the fall of America's friend Hosni Mubarak thus unleashing unprecedented instability across the Middle East. Obama does not know how to handle Syria disintegrating or the twin risings of militant Wahhabism which already controlled Saudi Arabia and has now engulfed Egypt with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood now in control of that country and the growing menace of End Time Twelfth Imam Shia lunacy in Iran but now seeping through Shia portions of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon with the Hezbollah terror army growing there and threatening terror at Iran's behest worldwide. Obama has not made the world a safer place and now will place the globe in greater peril for four more years.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Enjoy Systematic Fraud

How do you like illegal aliens, rightfully disenfranchised felons, dead and non-existent people voting? Do you feel good about military voters abroad being denied their voting rights? Do you like the proxy of the mentally-disabled in state facilities and government-funded group homes being votes cast for Barack Hussein Obama? Do you enjoy dole dwellers being legally permitted to steal the sweat of your labor and now being given carte blanche to take even more and ever more from your earnings and from the mouths of your family for voting the "right way" which in this case is voting Democrat Left?

A Sickening Display

The moderate loser Mitt Romney has just given his concession speech and called for Republicans to reach across the aisle. If he had been sincere and strident in defending conservatism instead of mealy-mouthed and weak in his criticism of Obama in the last two debates, maybe we would be calling him "President Romney" after tonight. Instead of fighting for our Founding Ideals and going hard after the worst President America has ever had, after the first debate, Romney took it easy on his opponent, and not wanting to make it look like he was piling on poor put-upon President Obama after Barry's lackluster first debate performance, Romney instead handed victory back to the arrogant Marxist neophyte.

Fear the Future

I had always been an optimist by nature but watching a hospital deliberately kill my Father and hearing that "he was on the cutting edge of Obama Care and he was cut" and then seeing Obama reelected has finished that optimism off. With Obama having no love of Israel and deep antipathy for Netanyahu, I fear for the future of Israel as the Jewish State. I pray for my fading nation America and the rest of the world that Barack Hussein Obama has destabilized.

A Strategic Blunder

I like Paul Ryan. I would rather have voted for him with his unquestionable conservative credentials as President than for moderate Mitt Romney, but if I were Romney I would have wanted Marco Rubio as my Vice Presidential nominee. Rubio, who had won statewide office in Florida as US Senator, would have almost certainly secured Florida (which has more electoral votes after all than Ryan's Wisconsin, which Romney lost in any event with the Wisconsin GOP Congressman as his VP nominee) and would have garnered more Hispanic votes for Romney nationally even though a cynic would say that would have been playing to base elements of identity politics. Ryan's presence on the ticket did not ignite popular enthusiasm like Sarah Palin did four years back and did not even carry Ryan's home state. I do not know if any Vice Presidential pick could have turned the tide after "Super Storm Sandy" boosted Obama's perception as a "caring problem solver", but if truth be known, most of the damage done by the storm is still there and Obama's visit to New Jersey was a photo op that turned out to be the most valuable campaign tool in human history.

Thanks Chris Christie

Barack Hussein Obama appears to have secured reelection in no small part thanks to the warm post-Sandy embrace of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie. Christie delivered the keynote speech ostensibly in support of Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention, I say ostensibly because the speech at the time seemed more a glowing endorsement of Christie by Christie than praise for the Presidential nominee Romney. This Jabba the Hut-like New Jersey Governor did much to return a perception of bipartisanship to a President who has governed as the most hyper-partisan leader under which America has ever suffered. Christie made Obama palatable to undecided moderates and independents just before they entered the voting booth. For Christie's last second boost to a flagging Obama that was just enough to put him over the top, thank you for sealing the fate of what had been the greatest country the earth had ever known.

Turn Out Tuesday

This is the day of decision. If you have not already voted, go out and cast that ballot for Mitt Romney. If it is cold outside, put your jacket on and go vote. If it is raining where you are, grab your umbrella and go vote. If you are in one hundred degree temperatures in the desert, put on those spiffy Bermudas and go vote. If you have to cross a lake of fire to reach the polls, find a NASCAR driver, borrow his fire suit and by all means, go out and vote.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Saving Grace

Tomorrow, America has the opportunity to achieve a bit of redemption as a nation. Tomorrow, the United States can repudiate the national path of socialism. Tomorrow, our country can tell the world that we reject the progressive agenda. Tomorrow, vote straight Republican ticket with Mitt Romney at the top of the victory list.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not An Accident

I see no way that voting machines in six so-called "battleground states" all happen to be switching votes for Mitt Romney to Barack Obama could be a coincidence. If a comparable number of votes for the President were somehow being shifted to the former Massachusetts Governor, then there could be no conspiracy in the works, but when all the change in votes redounds to the advantage of a single candidate, then there has to be something fishy going on, and in this election cycle, all the suspicious dealings happen to hurt the challenger and help the incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Choice to Make

Do you want a leader who stifles business or promotes growth? Do you want a President who demands a robust Defense Department for the United States as Romney will or Obama's continuing path of cuts in our Federal budget coming almost exclusively from the Pentagon? Do you want traditional values embraced or chipped away? If you love America as our Founding Fathers envisioned her- then the choice is clear- vote for Mitt Romney.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Left Us Hanging

Middle Tennessee still waits for our visit of rescue by Barack Hussein Obama after our millennial flood of May 2010. I guess since Tennessee did not and will never vote for Obama, we probably should not hold our breath. If we were a solidly Democrat bastion, I am sure there would have been nothing Obama would not have done for us in our time of need but because we tend to vote conservative down here, we had to do for ourselves.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Murder as Medicine

When an incentive is provided to hospitals for hastening their patients' demise, the medical facility has transformed into an execution chamber. This horror is becoming ever more pervasive in the United Kingdom (though from my own experience with my father being killed in the same manner, I am sadly aware this policy is in no way limited to Great Britain). This excellent John Bingham article from The Telegraph illuminates this grotesque mockery of the proper function of medicine: Read it and weep for the victims of palliative care who else wise would have survived longer and perhaps could have fully recovered if they had not been deliberately starved and dehydrated to death.