Sunday, November 25, 2012

With Growing Revulsion

I am old enough to remember when Billy Crystal on the ABC entertainment program Soap in the late 1970s helped homosexuals go mainstream. Seemingly insignificant events in popular culture often turn out to have enormous impact. When the BBC is not covering up the long-term grotesque pattern of sexual abuse of one their (now late) stars or falsely accusing a prominent member of the House of Lords of pedophilia, they are trying to chop away at the sanctity of human life with, of all things, a comedy about assisted suicide. Here is the story of how the BBC seeks to advance the culture of death: Beware gentle reader because the right to die all too soon becomes the civic duty and patriotic obligation to save your government dwindling socialized medicine resources if you are aged and have already had your day in the sun or chronically ill and costly.

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