Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanks Chris Christie

Barack Hussein Obama appears to have secured reelection in no small part thanks to the warm post-Sandy embrace of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie. Christie delivered the keynote speech ostensibly in support of Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention, I say ostensibly because the speech at the time seemed more a glowing endorsement of Christie by Christie than praise for the Presidential nominee Romney. This Jabba the Hut-like New Jersey Governor did much to return a perception of bipartisanship to a President who has governed as the most hyper-partisan leader under which America has ever suffered. Christie made Obama palatable to undecided moderates and independents just before they entered the voting booth. For Christie's last second boost to a flagging Obama that was just enough to put him over the top, thank you for sealing the fate of what had been the greatest country the earth had ever known.

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