Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Incredible Assertion

When is a fine not a fine? According to US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, when it is a tax. How can a person be taxed for inactivity? You can be fined for doing nothing. For instance, if I did not go purchase current tags for my vehicle, the authorities rightly could fine me, but that would clearly be a penalty for my inaction (failure to keep my car tags up to date) and would be a fine and not a tax. Robert's ruling turns plain language (you know, that which is subject to construction) on its head. This is pure and simple, fine and dandy, not a fine but a tax that will burden the middle class as the wealthy can well afford the new Obama Care taxes and the poor will receive subsidies to pay for theirs.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The New Justice

The Founding Fathers of the United States conceived of our Constitution to limit the power of the national (Federal) government and give all but the few enumerated powers reserved to central government to each of the several states, except for those individual God-given rights enshrined by the first ten Amendments known collectively as the Bill of Rights. The authority of the Federal government was supposed to be modest and forever restrained by the Constitution. Yesterday, the very values of our nation's foundation were torn away at their core. The power of government to interfere in our lives is no longer limited. Our Federal masters now have unlimited coercive control over our very mortality. There are sixties and seventies radicals who used to rail against "the man" who just authored legislation to broaden the scope of what "the man" can do to us and our families in an unprecedented and unbelievable way.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Catastrophic Court

The worst case scenario, the national tragedy, just befell us today as the Supreme Court gave its imprimatur to the theft of freedom. The killing kind of care that robs both life and liberty has won the A-ok of none other than the Chief Justice of the United States, the heretofore thought to be a respecter of the US Constitution, John Roberts. A one vote margin imposes what I believe is irrevocable tyranny on America. If Obama maintains the Presidency, that despotism is a certainty, with young illegal aliens being given routine preventive care at our expense while elderly lifelong American citizens who have done nothing but contribute will be sacrificed to the care rationing of Ezekiel Emanuel's Complete Lives System because as everyone acknowledges, resources are finite and so-called "end of life" care is really expensive. I fear that even if Mitt Romney defeats Obama, he will only tweak Obamacare at the margins (which could as a cost-saving measure, lead to more rationing even faster) as Romney was the author of the nation's first state insurance mandate in Massachusetts that is disturbingly similar in concept, scope, and application to what Obama is implementing. Romney also may want the power that Obamacare or a slightly modified version thereof will imbue upon him. Either way, I am terrified that the death panels (that Sarah Palin was mocked for warning us about) are on the way to shorten all our lives.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What a Comparison

Orrin Hatch should feel proud. The semi-conservative Utah US Senator survived a challenge within his Republican Party, just as corrupt-ocrat Congressman Charles Rangel held the Democrat nomination to vie for (and inevitably retain in a uniformly Democrat district) his US House seat from New York. These two politicians have been mentioned in the same breath and together on the news feed crawl. Rangel has been censured by his own colleagues for his ethical and even legal lapses. Hatch is honorable but occasionally has crossed the aisle and voted more moderately than the most strident conservatives. What a symmetry though- the crooked candidate and the compromise candidate- about all they have in common is that they are ossified fossils who because of age are a bit out of touch. Both Hatch and Rangel should have been retired by their constituents.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Selling the Dream

Has a "workers' paradise" ever existed that was actually not a nightmare graveyard of murder and oppression? Where have Utopian ideas been successfully implemented? What is our glorious leader trying to sell us this time around, when almost every American family is worse off than they were when Barack Hussein Obama came into office? Is Obama honest with the American people about himself, his agenda, the type of country he aspires to create, what he has done so far in his term of office, or what he intends to do for (to) us if he retains the Presidency for four more years? Not everything Barry declares is an outright falsehood. There is a thread of truth in the fabric of lies that he and his propagandists, including those in the dinosaur media, keep churning out in their effort to keep Obamaism alive. The use of a kernel of fact in a mass of fiction has been seen before in efforts that have succeeded in keeping a public duped. The populace of North Korea has been habituated to remain absolutely gullible in the thrall of their cult of personality leader, but of course, the most notorious "Big Liar" was Adolf Hitler with his mesmerized masses in Germany. Let us pray Americans are not ready to be fooled again.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Simpler Answer

I listened to Glenn Beck interview David Horowitz this morning and was amazed by the brilliant Mr. Horowitz's grasp and breadth of knowledge about every permutation and incarnation of arcane leftist foundations which are chronicled in Mr. Horowitz's new book. I am sure the tome is scholarly and impeccably documented but also irrelevant to the task at hand which is defeating Obama and those who would impose Obamaism on the United States in the November elections and elections thereafter. You need no particular esoteric knowledge to convey the idea that higher taxes and increased regulation strangle growth, hiring, and the prospect for economic recovery in America. These are propositions that are easy to communicate and require no special knowledge of any cabal, and these conservative ideas win elections every time they are expressed with conviction. More than that, low taxes and deregulation save the economies where they are implemented.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egypt Goes Dark

It is now official: Egypt has selected atavists to lead her back into the Dark Ages. A woman has already been murdered in Alexandria by her fundamentalist husband for having the temerity to not vote herself the subjugation of chattel that living under Sharia inevitably means. She will not be the last casualty of the reign of misogyny. Pity the educated, the artistic, the Christians, the homosexuals, and most of all, the women and girls of Egypt.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Never Again"- Really?

After the Shoah, the Holocaust became known to the world, and much of the world but most especially the Jewish people said no such genocidal carnage of any group but most particularly the Jews would ever be permitted in the future. Now, the Islamic Republic of Iran races to build a nuclear weapon to finish Hitler's grand design, that being the obliteration of the Jewish people. A destabilized Syria is on the brink of an utter chaos where either Assad in an attempt to hold on to power or Islamists that replace him may unleash hell on Israel. Egypt may well fall under the thrall of the Muslim Brotherhood, another organization dedicated to ending the Jewish State. Rockets are again raining down on Israel from Gaza and terror has emerged against Israel from the Sinai which Egypt is responsible for keeping under control. All the while, Israel sits idle as the storm of jihad gathers with the Israeli leaders more concerned with evicting Jews from the territory of their national religious patrimony than protecting them from utter destruction.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dances with Dunces

What should be a national disgrace transpired when gay activists who gathered at the White House besmirched the dead by flipping off the official portrait of Ronald Wilson Reagan. Reagan was without doubt the greatest President of my lifetime and in my opinion of all time and as a former Hollywood actor, had numerous gay friends and associates. At this perversion fest, the homosexual celebrants evidently danced to Streisand songs that the US Marine band was ordered to play. The entire event is a desecration of the People's House. If the Obamas are so smitten with those who have no problem speaking ill of the dead, instead of sullying the White House, perhaps they should have had their little soiree in a gay bar. For those who wish visual evidence of this shameful behavior, their antics may be seen here:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Tad Pricey

A while back on this forum, I stated that US government promotion of "green jobs" was a fantasy that would lead to fiscal catastrophe, just as it has in now teetering on national bankruptcy Spain. These numbers from a Michael W. Chapman and Fred Lucas article on CNS News bear out the point. According to this article, the environmentally-friendly positions, nine hundred and ten (910) in all, cost nine billion dollars ($9 billion), meaning each job cost the taxpayer a mere nine million, eight hundred thousand US dollars ($9.8 million). That is quite a bit of green to throw around, and I wonder how much of it went to Obama cronies?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recall Karl Dean

In a time of shrinking incomes and diminished home values, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean(cum dictator with his rubber stamp Metro Council) has seen fit to raise our property taxes 13%. We will suffer so the favored few, billionaires like Bud Adams with his bilk the public coffers football team, those hockey multimillionaires, and the Democrat union cadres can have their lifestyles enhanced and even receive pay raises while those not on the public sector payroll or gravy train, now will have even less.

Beware the Soda

While marijuana legalization is being widely promoted, as innocuous a substance as cola is being tamped down as a health hazard too dangerous for we mere plebes. We are now considered too dumb by our political masters to make our own decisions and regulate our consumption. Some of us must be pretty slow though, because Mike Bloomberg did garner enough votes to become mayor of New York- pity.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gospel of Gunfire

From Bosnia, where Muslims attacked Orthodox Serbs, to Kosovo where it is no longer safe to be a Christian, to Turkey where the staff of a Christian publishing house was slaughtered, to Iran where a pastor is under a death sentence for being apostate, to Nigeria where the blood of believers now flows in the street, to Egypt where an ancient Christian community is now threatened, martyrdom is taking place with an alarming frequency not seen since the gory days of Rome. In every one of these instances, Islamists simply refuse to let neighbors live in peace. The blood of martyrs may well be the seed of the church, but when murder and dhimmitude evoke silence from those with the power to stop them, the Lord must surely weep.

Journalistic World Aghast

The dinosaur press is outraged- a real reporter actually had the temerity to ask Barack Hussein Obama a question. Such bad form, our main stream media masters will not tolerate such impudence again.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nigeria Almost Unnoticed

The dinosaur media has diligently ignored the ongoing slaughter of Christians in Nigeria. Islamist terrorists have murdered around six hundred innocents, mostly those in or around churches so far this year, but the only reportage I have seen of these massacres has been on The 700 Club's CBN news briefs. These murderers are trying to ethnically cleanse a region of Nigeria to create yet another Islamic state, on the way to turning over the whole country and in fact, the entire continent of Africa. The grim reality that the main stream media refuses to report is Boko Haram would like to create a world Islamic Caliphate, just as al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood do.

Egypt Slides Backwards

Egypt took a big step back towards the seventh century by voting in a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to take the country back into the submission of Sharia. Mubarak was no great democrat but at least he was a reliable friend of America, protected Egypt's Christian minority from utter destruction, and kept the peace with Israel. The "new" Egypt will turn away from peace, eschew US allegiance and turn her pious eyes to her new ally, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and most likely, make it impossible for one of the world's oldest Christian communities to even survive.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Observation on Golf

Watching the greatest golfers in the world struggle mightily at the US Open, it would seem golf was a game designed by sadists for masochists. Who knew that a sport so relaxing for the casual duffer could be so frustrating to the best professionals?

No Father Today

This is my first Father's Day without since my Dad was taken from us in such an odious and depraved way. I can no longer ask my Father for his always sage advice. I can not speak to him in confidence or go to him for comfort and today, I miss him just as I have every other day since January 29.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

United No Longer

If a nation basically has a homogeneous language, this serves as a unifying element. Commerce and communication are diminished and costs are increased when government prints "official documents" in multiple languages. To see many official forms in Nashville printed in Spanish is curious but in Kurdish and Somali is down right disturbing. To hear La Raza activists suggest parts of America should be returned to Mexico is stomach-churning. To witness illegal aliens being given lower tuition rates in colleges, formerly reserved for in-state students may spark outrage.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Willingly Relinquishing Sovereignty

A country that opens her borders and diminishes the value of citizenship for her own native people will soon find she is no longer a nation. Barack Hussein Obama has issued a sort of amnesty by fiat, at least for younger illegals, that incentivizes more border breaking, invites Balkanization, and mocks both the US Constitution with its separation of powers and delegation of law-making authority to Congress and even eats away at America's nationhood itself.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Doing Just Fine

Barack Hussein Obama earned more scorn and made what should have been a remark that put paid to his chance of a second term if we had an honest main stream media, when Barry said, the "private sector was doing fine" in the midst of our economic cataclysm.If Obama believes what he said, he really does not understand that onerous regulation stifles business, higher taxes naturally thwart hiring, and uncertainty (as his doctrinaire partisanship that broaches no compromise with the GOP that controls the US House of Representatives) scuttles growth. If Obama thinks America is fine economically, he should have his head examined. If Obama uttered this falsehood for effect, he needs to have his motives questioned, but mostly, B.O. has to ask himself if on the pocketbook issues most folks vote on, anyone agrees things are "fine".

Obama Melts Down

Watching Barack Hussein Obama, one can not help but sense the desperation. Obama has no good news to sell, so he is left only with the option of blaming the last President Bush for all his own failings. Some voters are no doubt either invincibly partisan or incredibly gullible, but I doubt there are enough of them to gain Obama reelection. Most Americans now agree the change was for the worst and no longer vest any hope in Barry.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For Power's Sake

The slaughter of Syrian people continues unabated with the usual suspects Russia and China preventing the world as represented by the United Nations from launching a concerted effort to protect innocent life. It is not that these two permanent members of the UN Security Council have ideological similarities with the Assad regime per se. Russia and China have quite disparate objectives from the nominally Ba'athist Syrian ruler but what all three regimes have in common is a lust for absolute rule which gladly countenances gross tyranny.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Justice in Australia

Some years back, a perplexing death took place Down Under where a mother claimed a dingo had murdered her baby. Just because a claim seems implausible does not mean the supposed event did not happen. Domestic dogs have sadly occasionally killed infants, so why would it not be possible that a wild member of the canine species could do the same? Finally, more than thirty years after the child's death, a coroner's inquest has concluded that indeed, a dingo did take the life of the nine week old. As they said more than a century back, just because one had not seen "the elephant" does not mean the massive pachyderm did not exist.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cure for Hemorrhage

Francois Hollande and Barack Hussein Obama each believe that the cure for a patient who is bleeding to death is a few more cuts. When a nation has spent herself into debt, the way out is never more spending. The Greeks have learned that hard lesson, Spain is learning, but France has failed the common sense test, and if the United States does not replace Obama in November, America too will flunk the most basic test of economics, but one with the gravest consequences for the globe.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Old Queen

This post does not concern the recently celebrated Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain but a far less renowned semi-celebrity of a most perverse fashion that the CBS Sunday morning snooze decided today to give some wildly unmerited airtime during a time when families could well be watching to promote his new book with its salacious claims that just about everyone in Hollywood's glory days used his services as a procurer and according to him, even J. Edgar Hoover availed himself. Who cares about an aged male prostitute with his "fairy tales"? Does CBS have editors or do they simply have no shame?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Farce of Conscience

Seeing the unmitigated carnage in Syria led me to wonder if those who butcher women, children, and even infants are part of the same humanity. Witnessing babies who have been murdered, not from a bomb dropped from a plane or something as indiscriminate as an artillery round, but up close and personal, one naturally thinks only an animal could have done this. These are real crimes against the notion of civilization as no civilized human being could countenance such savagery. May justice be swift for the bestial killers, even if that means yet another US intervention.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Storehouse of Memory

Our precious resource is dying off before we may tap the wisdom and expertise that could turn around the terminal decline to which our nation is willingly subjecting herself. That treasure trove are those old enough to remember the Great Depression and understand how to survive it. They recall World War II and can tell us what it takes to win global conflicts against implacable foes. They comprehend the gravity of what we face and if we would only value them sufficiently, they could help us through our current economic crisis and even guide us to triumph in the war against Islamist extremism.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The "Assad" Test

When Bashar Assad came to power, there was an illusory expectation that because portions of his education were in the West and because of an appearance of modernity that Syria would rise out of the benighted despotism of his late father, the bloody-handed dictator Hafez Assad. The late Assad had notoriously massacred dissidents in the thousands. In the event, Assad the Younger is proving to be every bit as brutal as Hafez was. Transition of power in Arab states all too often, including in recent times, takes on horrific hues. The change is never from one grey man to another as we routinely see in our developed democracies. Never is it a smooth ride from a Anthony Eden to a Harold Macmillan but at the least, a palace intrigue and all the more likely, a bloodbath. The Arab people want and deserve better but Arab Spring turns to winter with the slightest breeze. No great gust is necessary in areas where there is no developed tradition of representative government and where people almost invariably subordinate the universal principles of human rights to Koranic edicts of submission.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Empty Trough

The hogs feasted on their own over-generous portions becoming enormous and resisting all control. They took from my feed and from your provision too (and not humble amounts either but enough that we grew thin as they fattened themselves at our expense). Finally farmer Walker stood up to these ravening pigs. Other brave farmers were heartened by Walker's dauntless courage and decided to address porcine problems of their own. Let us hope ole Mitt has some Scott Walker in him.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wisconsin Bellwether

If Scott Walker, the Republican champion of fiscal sanity who is currently Governor, is defeated in tonight's Wisconsin election, it should hearten Barack Hussein Obama and his campaign team immeasurably (though it would by no means prove Obama is a lock for reelection because Wisconsin has always been among the most "progressive" American states). Conversely, if Walker survives the well-funded Democrat and union effort to remove him from office using the recall process, the Romney campaign should have increased optimism that they will triumph nationally in November. Once again, Walker holding the governorship in the Wisconsin election will not mean a certain victory for Mitt Romney in the general election but it will certainly provide a tailwind to propel GOP forces and add to their momentum.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Verge of Collapse

The world's economy can only sustain so much, and overspending America has become part of the problem rather than what it was as late as the George W. Bush administration when the US remained the bedrock of stability propping up the rest of the globe. There is no saving Greece or Spain and more dominoes may well tumble soon and in an unpredictable way. America no longer possesses the resources to bail out any nation including sadly herself. In previous decades, you could never go wrong being long on America, now if it were possible, I would short the whole world as decline becomes terminal.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Sad Reality

Barack Hussein Obama has spent more than the last five US Presidents put together and that included three two term leaders (George W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and Ronald Wilson Reagan), the first President Bush and Jimmy Carter who certainly was not shy about spending. Obama has not even completed his first and hopefully only term, yet he has squandered our national future. The fact is borrowing from China, monetizing the debt, and printing increasingly worth less fiat currency solves nothing. At least, Mitt Romney, if elected, will curb the out of control spending of the Federal government.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Poland Was Poleaxed

During the Second World War, the Free Poles and the Polish Resistance sacrificed much to regain liberty and autonomy, only to be betrayed by the West and sold into the (Stalinist) Soviet sphere. Poland did more than other captive countries to reassert human freedom, with the cost being measured in many thousands of lives (with the obvious caveat that more deaths occurred in the compressed time span of Prague Spring in the Czech Revolt of 1968 and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 in failed efforts to shake off the Communist yoke than in Poland's eventual triumph with the rise of the successful Solidarity Movement in the 1980s that helped break the back of the Soviet Empire). The Polish nation has stood with America as a staunch defender of Western values not only in Afghanistan but even in unpopular involvements like Iraq. To show America's gratitude and his own depth of thought, Barack Hussein Obama slandered Poland and slurred liberty-loving Poles by declaring "Polish death camps" in a ceremony meant to honor Jan Karski that also had deliberately excluded champion of freedom Lech Walesa for supposedly being "too political". Was Walesa excessively political when he helped bring down the Iron Curtain? Poland has every right to be sensitive and to worry that America might not stand by security commitments, particularly after Obama once again sold out the Polish people by backing away from missile defense in a way that threatened Poland and emboldened Russia to return to her expansionist aspiration. The US can count on Poland as a reliable ally. The question is: Can Poland count on the USA so long as Obama is our leader?

Friday, June 1, 2012

On National Collapse

There is no salvaging Greece as part of the Euro and Spain may have inflicted enough damage on her own economy that she is a lost cause as well. This is the reality of the coming economic depression that has not been caused by bankers or even speculators, but by policy makers in government who attempted to create a cradle to grave socialist Utopia. Greece is not too big to fail but is too large to bail out and Spain is an even larger economy that has simply spent beyond the point of being recoverable. If socialism did not work in relatively small economies like Greece and Spain, how could it ever work in the United States of America?