Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not So Perfect

I watched US Senator-elect Scott Brown's interview with (interrogation by) Barbara Walters and was a bit disappointed to find a RINO (Republican in name only) in GOP clothing. Senator McCain of Arizona is far to the right of Brown on abortion where the young Northeasterner enunciated (heretofore unknown by me) support for a woman's right to choose (read as commit foeticide). The nation's conservatives have embraced Brown, not so much for what he stands for- many did not even know the particulars, but for the simple reason that his victory would destroy the super-majority of the Democrat party in the US Senate. A vote for Brown which I adamantly supported was not a vote for Brown in and of itself but a vote against the advancement of the Obama agenda. My support for Senator Brown was contingent on his opposition to Obama and not so much an endorsement of Brown as an individual.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where Populism Flourished

President Barack Hussein Obama was in Huey Long mode for parts of the State of the Union address. Obama has always been at war with what had been defined as success in America from his college days, but carefully concealed this with the aid of his handmaiden media except for the Joe the plumber moment when the Marxist inside slipped out. Redistributionists help themselves and their cronies- any assistance to the less fortunate is political calculation aimed at self-serving advancement or purely incidental. "Two chickens in every pot" often meant that the politician promoting that message sold the pot, taxed it, and then left the citizen with hungry family with one wing from the two chickens, but had quite a meal for himself and his cadre of corrupt backers. Populism in Louisiana was routinely accompanied by bribes, kickbacks, and assorted (sordid) malfeasance. And now we have an old time Daley machine flunky and his Rahm it through cabal made good (oh so good, from the Chicago cronyism perspective), promising a jihad against major banks and insurers to further pretend Robin Hood aims of taking from the rich but only to give to themselves.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Osama the Environmentalist

Al-Jazeera has aired an audiotape, purported to be the voice of Osama bin Laden, blaming the United States for global warming and calling for a boycott on the purchase of American made goods and the use of the US dollar- this coming from a man who gladly took credit for destroying lower Manhattan which seemed to have an environmental impact all its own. Talk about strange bedfellows, one wonders if bin Laden will next join the Sierra Club. So, Al Gore has successfully duped the most notorious terrorist who ever lived with the warming myth. Perhaps with such an ability to persuade, the former Vice President, who once claimed to have invented the Internet, can also have bin Laden surrender himself and cease all that green damage caused by the war.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What We Learned

Those witnessing the State of the Union address found the Teleprompter-in-Chief remains glib when reading from a prepared script. We have one of the greatest pitchmen since Billy Mays selling us what we already have, are perfectly capable of earning for ourselves (like college education), or simply do not need and all of course paid for with our own money or from borrowing largely from Red China, leveraged against our grandchildren in what Senator McCain aptly pointed out is "generational theft". With much of America realizing that Barack Hussein Obama is way out of his league (which more appropriately would be in an ivory tower classroom where he may pollute a few minds but can do little damage), he is no longer an agent of change but a rambling radical with traditionalists seeing the need for a change of agent and just counting the days to the next election to start throwing the bums out. A strong stomach was required to watch all the way through with the horrific visage of old stone face Nancy Pelosi and bobblehead Biden behind the President. The low lives continue to play the class envy game, promising to give the highlife to the shiftless with redistributionist schemes. The populist propagandist continued to demagogue banks and financial institutions which were put in peril in the first place by government pressure against "redlining" which forced the banks to give away 4.3 trillion dollars (a figure cited by Mark Levin on his excellent radio show) in loans that would never be repaid and started the economic crisis (not irresponsible actions by banks and insurers but coercive government policy). Nikita Khrushchev must be dancing with the devil right now as he sees his nemesis destroying herself from within as a US President offers America Marx instead of Madison. The President threatened to dilute citizenship and sovereignty with immigration reform (read amnesty for illegals) to inflame patriots even more. The President declared that he is still determined to joust against non-existent global warming at the expense of our productivity and prosperity. And to cap the speech, Obama spoke of "shared values" while pledging to repeal "don't ask, don't tell". If enacted, the plan to promote homosexuals serving openly in the military will only further sap good order, discipline, and morale. For most Americans, I do not think homosexual perversion would constitute a shared value. So with the naive blunderer in office still pushing health care rationing, bound to hasten the demise of many, and still hoping to sock it to the rich with un-American limits on compensation, the speech was boilerplate liberal, offering death and taxes while besmirching traditional morality and brushing off concerns about granting Constitutional rights to foreign terrorists while casting abundant and largely unmerited blame on the previous administration who after all suffered under machinations of Democrats in Congress wrecking our fiscal house and kept the homeland safe after the Clinton administration had left the door open to the September 11, 2001 carnage. There was even sanctimonious mention that the US no longer tortures which we never did but the techniques we did employ such as waterboarding may be sorely missed with the next successful mass casualty attack. I hope the holier than thou, narrow-shouldered boy President remembers that he is not running against "blame everything on Bush" in 2012.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oregon Commits Suicide

The state of Oregon passed a ballot initiative aimed at taxing the wealthy and businesses. As there are no domestic pass laws, requirements for permission to travel between states from government, and Oregon offers nothing unique for entrepreneurs, it is easy to see that capital flight will soon take place and that the rich will leave in droves. As those with resources are the only ones capable of creating private sector jobs in great numbers, Oregon has further crippled the state's flagging economy. The only way this tax can not bite is if all the other states raised similar taxes the same amount, leaving capital no place to flee or in repressive regimes, where internal passports are required to travel from one place to another. The class envy socialists who occupy Oregon's voter rolls have damaged their own state in their jihad against the successful.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Convention Center Debacle

Nashville, Tennessee has invited fiscal disaster upon her property owners by approving plans for a six hundred million dollar convention center, supposed to be financed through revenue from tourists. Without burdening the reader with the low ball aspect of the projected cost of the convention center and the inevitable add-ons that will include a hotel and without having to harp on or even mention the obvious potential for graft, bribery, kickbacks, and outright theft in such a massive project, a local news story last night showed what a cash catastrophe the city of Nashville is already in, even before ground is broken on the convention project. The Public Works Department of Metro Nashville government has already exhausted its $140,000 budget for the demolition of private property that has become abandoned, is in such disrepair that the property has become a public nuisance, perhaps an attractive nuisance and danger to children, or even a crack house. The city must have a fantastic (in the sense that it is a fantasy that hospitality taxes will fully cover the costs) convention center constructed, yet lacks the funds to knock down eyesores? City leadership is self-serving and irresponsible, answering only to the vested interest elite and large number of public sector workers who know all growth of government only feathers their own nests- the rest of the public be damned. We can not fund a pittance for quality of life issues in neighborhoods, but we can have a glorious monument to slow convention business in the midst of the nation's recession (if not depression).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nation of Victims

The first State of the Union speech since the Obama ascendancy is expected to tout how serious the renewed push will be to create jobs and Obama's plans to boost the US "middle class". Not that more than a trillion dollars in bailouts and stimulus was exactly nothing, but now Obama is going to get serious. Obama's strategy is one of triangulation, pitting one group against another to battle for the beneficence of government largess. Obama has presided over such a decline that he seems to have schemed to deliberately cast members of the productive middle class into dole dwellers of the dependency class. Obama offers more programs to ensnare with "aid". With Obama's previous efforts to help failing miserably, in fact, having the contrary effect of harming the economy, only a fool would assume that the new plan would have a better outcome for the citizenry. Americans are being asked to pay for programs they neither need nor want. Much of the growth of government has been at the expense of the national debt with Obama's destructive assistance being paid for by Red Chinese or increasingly worth-less dollars being printed by the Treasury. Ultimately, Obama wants the formerly productive pushed down- not lifted up and is using the last little bit of America's productivity to pay for help we did not request and never needed until socialism ruined the economy. Barack Hussein Obama wants the backbone of America, workers who earned our national prosperity, to eagerly accept the status of victimhood and wait for their government checks. The salt of America with the strength, stubbornness, and determination that made us do not want to hear that our checks are in the mail from the procurer-in-chief. We just want him to keep his stinking, filthy hands out of our wallets and pocketbooks.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Much Delusion

A voice purporting to be that of Osama bin Laden took credit for the attempted bombing over Detroit as his warped gift to punctuate our Christmas season. Whether the mentality is Wahhab-inspired or from Iranian Shia fanatics, I am continually amazed that any person could be so deluded as to think the path to paradise is paved with dead innocents. Whether a Nigerian man-child with trouble relating to women really expects seventy-two virgins to be delivered if he manages to die in his cause or a Sunni woman (or Shia for that matter) sees her only path from the wretched existence of day to day life behind a veil is to strap on a suicide bomb belt and go out with a bang, it is truly sad that any religion could be manipulated to countenance such thought much less such acts. But then, where honor killing prevails and women are still chatteled, one may see a quick escape as preferable to years of painful submission or death at the hands of one's own family. There was a different kind of delusion on display on the Sunday policy wonk shows with Robert Gibbs out hawking that the Massachusetts loss was not a rejection of Obama but another reflection of the voter discontent that brought Obama to power. This of course was mere posturing- a snow job sales pitch that Gibbs does not believe. No rational politician could think losing the "Kennedy seat" in the most liberal state was anything but a rejection of Obamaism and all that it entails. Let us hope that Gibbs is not in such a fog but was being cynical for the few true acolytes that might still buy pure nonsense.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Plague State

First fire, now flood, every month the formerly Golden State seems beset with some new pestilence. California is led by a nominal Republican, in fact the king of the RINOs, who made a cursory effort to restore fiscal sanity and then capitulated to unions and leftist legislators to agree with the socialist premise that ultimately government is responsible for providing everything to everyone (which is not surprising, considering the Governator, son of a Nazi, married into the Kennedy family). So this state which gave us Reagan, now gives the world a seemingly endless stream of pornography. This home of flourishing fields and groves of citrus, fruit of the vine, and plenitude abounding, ended up housing bathhouses that fomented the rapid spread of AIDS and now starves her own fields to save tiny insectoid fish. Perhaps if California returned to some of her founding virtues, the state could avoid the ultimate Sodom-style reckoning. California, after all, has earthquakes too.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Enfant Terrible

Barack Hussein Obama is the incorrigible child who becomes upset playing with his cousins (with the "Scott Brown Senate seat" defeat) and decides to even the score by burning down his uncle's house (with his declared war on banks). In his course of action, Obama follows the guidance of a vindictive grandfather (in this case, Paul Volcker who has told sonny-boy Barry to never let anyone think they have put one over on you and Grandpa Paul is up to his old tricks where he is trying to finish off the country, as he started to do during his tenure as Federal Reserve Chair under Jimmy Carter- where he tried to bring down the house by giving us twenty percent interest rates to enforce his vision of an American austerity plan a la failing Third World economies). So with Obama suffering a setback, he lashes out on another front, ignoring Cabinet-level economic advisers to follow a man who would not fight inflation in the late 1970s by telling Carter's Treasury to stop printing fiat currency (so much worth-less money) but opted to gladly strangle the public with punitive interest rates to fight inflation. In his ire, Obama who had backed banks and gladly accepted the campaign contributions of the bankers who have no doubt had lapses in judgement, not exercised fiduciary responsibility, and even gambled with depositors' money while rewarding themselves and their close circle bonuses of astounding magnitude, is cutting off his nose to spite his face. By attacking financial institutions now (against the advice of his own Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and head of his own National Economic Council Larry Summers), Obama only kills more jobs and further forestalls any hope of economic recovery. So the inner Marxist and demagogue in Obama comes out because voters in Massachusetts woke up. If the game is not played Obama's way and that is to let the spoilt child win, Obama will take his ball and go home. Make no mistake though, this is no schoolboy tantrum, Obama is a socialist committed to destroying the capitalist system we have known.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

America Becoming Aware

When serving in the Congress, Barack Hussein Obama was credited with the most liberal voting record among active United States Senators. Obama may have been the furthest left ever to serve in that august body, but this record was carefully concealed or at best glossed over by the dinosaur media. I certainly do not fault the public for their lack of knowledge of Obama's radical or even Marxist leanings and associations. Until the Joe the plumber remarks, the media was actively complicit in hiding Obama's redistributionist and central planning tendencies. Now, the public has seen Obama in action with his henchman Harry Reid and pretty woman Nancy Pelosi doing his bidding, and much of the citizenry does not like it. They see Obama and his fellow travelers as precisely what they are and are willing to fill the breach to stop the United States from going socialist. God bless America.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Democracy Is Restored

Our Founding Fathers carefully crafted a balance of power to prevent the monopoly of authority from which they had just broken away. They envisaged the rise of a potential dictator and found bicameral rule with separation between an executive and this two-body legislature balanced by the courts as the best way to prevent an American despotism which would be further checked by a system of federalism with much authority vested in the states and rights reserved for the individual. Prior to last night's electoral earthquake, Democrats had garnered enough force to do exactly what our founders had warned us against. With last night's victory, Scott Brown began restoring a balance of power that hopefully will thwart some of the more odious leftward shift that Obama was attempting in our center-right nation. The title of this post was suggested by my father who spent last night rejoicing that the America worth dying for will still be saved. Some sensible Democrats in Congress may see the writing on the wall and be able to say that "I have no tin ear and always listen to the voice of my voters. I hear you and will follow your will and now oppose Obama's health care". Perhaps Ben Nelson will be craven enough in political self-preservation to try this. It would be good for the country if he did.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Seismic Shift

Sound thinking Americans owe a great debt of gratitude tonight to the decent people of Massachusetts who have spared the country from Obamaism. Scott Brown has prevailed over an Obama rubber stamp. I will coin a new moniker for the soon to be ex-President Obama- "One-term Wonder". Please God- let it be so.

Storm the Citadel

Today is the day I wish I could vote in Massachusetts. This is the moment the Massachusetts men (and women) can strike a blow for liberty- a new July Fourth or Bastille Day where tyrants will tremble. D-Day for the salvation of the America we have known (and we love) is upon us. To my friends and family in pilgrim country, go out and vote Scott Brown. Few times in a generation can such a small individual act mean so much. Massachusetts has the rare opportunity, the privilege of saving the United States of America.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Grand Impediment

Certain nations, notably Venezuela and China, pretend to be responsible members of the family of nations by rushing aid to disaster-plagued countries such as Haiti. This is of course not a demonstration of compassion but a public relations show. How could tyrannies that have no humanitarian impulse for their own people possibly be concerned with the welfare of foreigners? Venezuela is subjected to rolling blackouts and those who oppose the Chavez regime do so at their peril, taking their lives into their own hands. As for the great menace China, vast swathes of the country outside of the cities are still on a subsistence level similar to pre-quake Haiti. China is a buttress to the fanatical ruler of North Korea and that benighted place's only friend and sponsor state as the North slowly starves her own people to death. China brutally suppresses dissent and has even used hackers to entrap online domestic critics of the government. China engages in widespread spying including industrial espionage and considers the world's democracies as markets for goods produced by slave or near-slave labor, competitors to be dumped on and overwhelmed, and targets for even countenancing a free Taiwan, but not and never friends. Any outreach to Haiti or Africa has a purely self-interested motive. If China was anything but a threat to world peace and stability, the Red Chinese government would take its boot off the throats of the Uyghurs and Tibet and would not block the sanctions that might spare World War III starting over China's client state Iran developing nuclear weapons.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Castigating Pat Robertson

The Reverend Pat Robertson was widely pilloried after some intemperate (and Ill-considered) remarks he made about the tragedy in Haiti. As it happens, I am a regular 700 Club viewer and I watched Robertson's statement as it happened and know Dr. Robertson to be fully convicted in Biblical belief that includes curses to the eighth generation. Many of those criticizing Robertson are themselves essentially unbelievers or what the Muslims would term apostate. Beyond the gotcha aspect of the media coverage, the saddest aspect is the portrayal of an addled or even senile misanthrope who somehow wished Haitians harm. Nothing could be further from the truth. Reverend Robertson has been on the ground in desperate places, extending a helping hand where most of his critics would not even dare visit, since he entered the ministry. Over and over, his organization and Pat personally has entered disaster areas with supplies that brought relief to thousands (if not more). So for gadflies to pile on and attack a venerable, charitable, and valuable asset to America seems wholly unworthy. Even Mike Savage, who as I recall was kicked of an NBC tele-talk network for some harsh statements aimed at homosexuals, joined the anti-Robertson harangue on his radio show. Dr. Robertson will continue to spread the Gospel and deliver aid to those in the greatest need, and I say let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Save Michael Behenna

An American hero, an elite soldier, a volunteer, and patriot has been imprisoned not by terrorist captors but by the very government that had sent Michael Behenna into battle. His crime? The young officer shot an al Qaeda member with the blood of Americans on his hands as the terrorist rushed him, yet for defending himself, Michael is confined with common murderers. This story first came to my attention on Michael Savage's website and was further elucidated by a link on Savage to Phil Brennan's excellent piece on this American travesty. If justice still means anything in this country, the twenty year sentence Behenna is facing must be reversed and this officer who willingly risked his life on our behalf should be fully exonerated. Please send a letter of support to Michael Behenna #87503, 1300 N. Warehouse Road, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2304 and if you are able contribute to his defense fund, through the link on

Friday, January 15, 2010

Topple Their Icons

The left has used revision and deconstruction, crafted largely of distortions and outright lies, to overturn the proud patrimony, the noble heritage, and natural love of country that enabled the United States to realize her greatness. Now is the time to use our greatest weapon- the truth- to counter the rapid radicalization that Obamaism is wreaking on our country and bring down the idols the leftists want us to bow down to, our opportunity to chase the moneychangers from the temple and save the Republic. The first needle to burst their bubble would be to liberate the so-called "Kennedy seat" from the grips of Massachusetts' Marxists who would not call themselves Red but act like it while using the appellation "Democrats". Teddy Kennedy conducted his life as an unrepentant sinner and should not be held up as a saint. Let those who still have values or even common sense that values the preservation of personal liberty in Massachusetts have their Lexington and Concord at the polls. Smash the tarnished icon at whose feet fools still worship and prove there is no "Kennedy legacy seat" in the US Senate. Free America- vote Scott Brown.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Rights Untrammeled

Compelling Americans to purchase health insurance can be found no where in the United States Constitution. Having the National Guard essentially federalized by executive order of President Barack Hussein Obama is also extra-Constitutional and seems a tactic more appropriate for a leader of the low caliber of a Hugo Chavez, running a Latin tyranny than an elected US President. With each overreach of government, our liberty is fading- it is in fact being deliberately eroded by those Constitutionally empowered to safeguard those very freedoms they are squeezing from us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti's Massive Devastation

Already the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, beset by prevalent HIV, and just emerging from generations of corrupt governance, Haiti has been struck with an earthquake of Biblical proportions. This was a nation that before the quake had most citizens existing on a subsistence level. Now, for many Haitians, the resources are no longer there to do even that. Pray for Haiti and provide whatever you can to legitimate charities to fill the glaring need.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No More Concessions

Israel has been backed into a corner, not by her enemies, but by Israel's supposed best friend. US "peace envoy" George Mitchell has threatened that the US with withdraw loan guarantees if the Israelis do not dance to Obama's tune and end the "settlement enterprise". This threat comes in the wake of negotiations with the Islamist terrorist group Hamas to ransom an abducted Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. Any reward to Hamas strengthens that group that rejects the very existence of Israel and by strengthening Hamas' bloody hand, Israel helps the irredentist Palestinian factions cut the seemingly more moderate Abbas' throat. Israel must caution allies that she will not commit national suicide and restore deterrence to the Iran, Syria, terrorist equation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nashville's Latest Folly

As we were enjoying our Southern version of icecapades with six water mains bursting on our main drag and major tourist destination, our city government was about to have the first public meeting on a proposed convention center that the city's vested interest elite are trying to ram down the public's collective throat. With such glaring needs in infrastructure as century old pipes exploding all over the city in a sustained but not particularly extreme cold snap and potholes appearing on every mile of road surface, you would think city leaders would have higher priorities than a convention center that will see sporadic use. With poor public education and high dropout rates, this ego stroke and money pit can wait. Nashville can sadly not compete in amenities or attractions with other convention host cities. We do not have Las Vegas-style casinos, glitz, or shows, or perfect weather like San Diego and those cities with so much more to offer tourists and conventioneers are suffering, nor do we have Orlando-style family venues without so much as a local theme park, but our political class assures us the new convention center will cost us nothing with hotel revenue drawn from our visitors footing the entire bill. What if gasoline prices continue to soar or our recession deepens and Nashville visitors dry up even more; then the general fund drawn mostly from those who pay property tax in Davidson County will be left with the burden of the six hundred million dollars for the venue (a low ball figure- exclusive of an adjoining hotel that will likely put the expense that Metro citizens are ultimately responsible for at over one billion dollars). The elites will have the feather in their caps of the new project complete with the possibility of kickbacks, cost overruns, and graft that a project of such a massive scope invariably engenders and once again, the average working man will receive no benefit but be left holding the bag.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Know the Difference

The Obama administration has great difficulty in differentiating between success and failure on a wide range of issues. This lack of discernment comes up about every time an employment figure comes out- the new number surprises (and generally not one of those pleasant surprises either- as was the case this week with the anticipated success of job gains turning into the failure of 85,000 jobs lost). On life and death matters this administration is equally befuddled with conflicting statements emerging from the President himself starting with the Christmas day attack being an isolated incident to grudgingly and slowly with modified statement after statement two weeks later admitting that it had been an al Qaeda orchestrated plot, to a hapless Homeland Security Secretary who initially heralded that every thing had worked as it should in what was a total and abysmal security failure. Even this morning, George Stephanopoulos was serving as an apologist for Leon Panetta who stated in a Washington Post piece Saturday that the CIA was "not lax" in permitting a massacre that killed seven of his personnel in Afghanistan. If this is not abject failure, what would be? So does Panetta construe this disaster as success? Stephanopoulos said any firings in the wake of this tragedy would damage Agency morale. Is the CIA not already demoralized with potential prosecutions rising against agents for their conduct that was endorsed by the last Bush administration by Attorney General Holder and company (with the blessing no doubt of Obama himself)? How can the rank and file of the CIA have any confidence in Leon Panetta who has never served previously as an intelligence professional and who has not vigorously defended his agency from criticism and even prosecution by other parts of the Obama administration and who has not acquitted himself well in daily leadership with the professionals there? Unfortunately, there are no "Wild Bill" Donovans or Bill Caseys or Jim Angletons on the horizon to fill the breach and assume leadership, and even if there were, Obama would never hire such iron-spined, calculating patriots.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Green Job Fantasy

Yesterday, President Barack Hussein Obama came out with a tax credit scheme to incentivize "green jobs", thus battling global warming and solving the unemployment crisis (but only in his mind and the minds of his most loyal acolytes). Here we have a fiction offered to cure the greatest jobs crisis since the Great Depression with a solution being offered for global warming- a problem that does not even exist as the nation is gripped by one of the longest and hardest, most widespread cold snaps America has ever suffered. We are being led by a doctrinaire President who is completely inflexible and unable and unwilling to challenge his own assumptions. So, Obama is determined to fight the chimera of man-caused global warming with whole cloth jobs that will never be created and real Americans who seek jobs and a nation whose past prosperity was built on smokestack industries will find no relief.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Narrowing the Focus

The President seemed sufficiently aroused in his homeland defense speech yesterday to start to take al Qaeda seriously. There can be no doubt that these Wahhab-inspired would-be mass murderers are determined to inflict damage on the infidel and this must motivate our security services and animate serious action to declaw the next attack attempt. This renewed rhetoric of calling a war "a war" is great as far as it goes, but it may be missing the forest for the trees. These Sunni jihadists may not pose as great a threat as the Shia madmen who have been dispatched from Iran to cause us trouble since the Lebanon bombings when Ronald Reagan was President. Iran has made trouble for the US in Iraq, has made common cause even with some Sunni terrorists operating against us in Afghanistan, and is gearing up with a nuclear program that could precipitate World War III. Sadly, Obama is waking to only a portion of the threat and still not taking the totality of expansionist political Islam- world jihad, seriously. So with tunnel vision about a brush fire, the Obama administration is letting the barn burn.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Privy Council

Earlier US Presidents have enjoyed the advice of "wise men"- a kitchen cabinet who help craft an agenda or shape legislation that will be pondered by the public and deliberated by the Congress. In the past, they have served without official position and without portfolio (or in World War II, as dollar a year men), but in earlier circumstances, they always served for the good of the nation. One would expect in an administration that promised transparency, in fact, that promised to be the most open in history that any process as important as health care would be open to public scrutiny, input, and redress on aspects that the majority in what is (or used to be anyway) our representative republic vigorously disagree with and deserve to have their voices heard but in the event, are shut out and ordered to stand down. We have even lost our right to view the process- we are silenced at this most consequential time for our future welfare and autonomy of our own bodies. There is a "hell care" plan afoot where the people are being spared the process of making sausage, in this case, a blood sausage, where citizens provide all the blood, and our new cabal of elite rulers in our petty tyranny enjoy eating all the sausage in legislation that they are specifically exempting themselves and their own families from- plotting behind closed doors against the people they claim (but only pretend) to represent. The health care consideration which is so crucial to all our lives and affects the freedom of our physical bodies themselves should be, as was promised during the Obama Presidential campaign, broadcast on C-Span with galleries filled with concerned citizens (from every side of the issue), but instead, we have closed, secret proceeding being orchestrated by Nevada's soon to be voted out Senator Harry Reid and Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. This scheme is being hashed out behind closed doors by an anti-democratic cabal. If the plotters were proud of what they were doing, they would not be skulking in a sub rosa effort to put one over on us but out in the sunshine for us to share their brilliance and cheer, but they are hiding in the privy and soon it will be time to do what comes so naturally in the privy- flush. Flush all these conspirators against our interests and our sacred liberty out that are standing for reelection in this year of quiet revolution- 2010.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weakness and Avarice

When Michael Steele was running for the US Senate in Maryland, I supported him vigorously over ultra-liberal Ben Cardin who sadly, ultimately won the seat for the Democrat Party. "Once a loser", may have crossed some GOP minds but that did not stop the moribund party from naming Steele the national party chair. His performance in the position has been abysmal, reflecting to the right what Obama has reflected to the leftist kooks who comprise the non-homosexual, non-minority part of his base. Steele, who should be out freely and as often as possible, promoting the interests of the party, has been enriching himself with speaking and appearance fees. Today was the last straw for me. Rather than saying with vigor and conviction, that the Republicans will retake Congress in the coming 2010 elections and then doing everything to make it so, Steele said he doubts the GOP can take back Congress in this cycle. He is not even certain that the GOP is ready to lead. Goodbye Mr. Chairman- it is long past time that the GOP found an optimist and a winner to fill that position.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

World Stands Silent

"Never again" echoed around the globe as revelations about the Holocaust galvanized public opinion among the decent after World War II. The idea that a Shoah could never be perpetrated against the Jewish people again gained prominence. For many years, this apparent determination seemed a noble sentiment, but it is evident now that many seemingly well-meaning people only paid lip service to it. Iran is devoting vast national resources to a nuclear program. Iran is led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a circle of clerics who embrace the idea of precipitating world chaos to cause the return of the Mehdi- an End Time notion. Ahmadinejad has publicly declared his intention to wipe Israel off the map. But even Israel's traditional strong ally the United States has in this time of crisis that called for action, only equivocated. Even now, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the US may still "talk" with Iran and that sanctions against Iran must not harm the Iranian people. What type of sanctions that would harm the Iranian regime and delay or prevent their acquisition of nuclear arms would not have the collateral effect of injuring some innocent Iranians? This is nonsense on the part of the West that will prompt non-action. It would be hard enough to convince Iran's erstwhile backers from China and Russia to go along with any sanctions regime in the United Nations, but the fantasy that the Iranian regime could be destabilized and overthrown without a grinding punitive regimen being imposed on Iran simply can not happen. White South Africans were hurt plenty as incidentally were blacks who were supposed to be the ones helped with the imposition of sanctions that eventually brought down Apartheid. No progress will be made on averting a nuclear confrontation between Iran and Israel, if the world does not take "never again" seriously and engage in a concerted effort to thwart Iran.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Enjoy Global Warming

I was ready to go out in my swim trunks with one of those cool adult beverages with a tiny umbrella in it, looking forward to what Al Gore had assured us was the coming global warming. Expecting tropical breezes, was I ever disappointed to find I had to use chemical de-icer and scrape the ice from my car. When I made it to the swimming hole (not too far from Al Gore's behemoth energy guzzling Nashville mansion), I was horrified to find it frozen over. So, where is all this rise in temperature with the continental US blanketed in snow and ice and Florida's valuable citrus and berry crops threatened? As for me, I am going to create as much of a carbon footprint as I possibly can to try and warm things up around here.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moran's Utter Nonsense

Terry Moran, one of the Obama flacks, nominally employed by ABC News, tried to put the onus on Republicans on Good Morning America today, trying to gain cheap political points from the attempted Christmas terrorist outrage. Moran contended the GOP is committing an original sin by politicizing a national security issue. What a convenient memory this so-called journalist has as I recall Democrats making similar assertions about the last President George Bush in his conduct of the war on terror. Democrat Senator Harry Reid declared "the war was lost" and Massachusetts Democrat Senator Kerry claimed our forces were "terrorizing women and children in the dark of night". Republicans have not opened a breech on something formerly sacred; the Democrats started to gin up defense of the homeland as a campaign issue within days of September 11, 2001. For Terry Moran to claim with pretentious sanctimony that somehow the GOP is perverting the notion that politics end at the water's edge is preposterous. That quaint and jejune concept had been erased by Democrats by the middle of October 2001. The Republicans have faced unwarranted venom from the Michael Moores, the James Carvilles, the Huffington posers, and the Daily Kosers of the world on an almost daily basis ever since without being able to tell where the Democrats end and the dinosaur media hacks begin. By pointing out the odious security failures of the Obama administration, the GOP does not seek to lure votes but to save innocent American lives.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Napolitano Must Go

There is talk that in the wake of the security failures that led to the Christmas bombing on the Amsterdam to Detroit flight that heads will roll. First and foremost amongst those who should be terminated is the woeful Janet Napolitano. This is not merely a matter of atmospherics or appearance for the Homeland Security Secretary- the stakes are simply too high in human lives to tolerate such incompetence at such a high level. Napolitano definitively proclaimed that the Christmas terror event was "an isolated incident" and suggested that the perpetrator was a lone terrorist engaged in more or less spontaneous jihad, but this was no self-starter but a trained and deployed soldier of the al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen. He was exactly opposite of what Napolitano so confidently declared he was. The Secretary already permitted her agency to be politicized with conservative Obama opponents being deemed dangerous and worthy of special scrutiny. Napolitano is a political hack well over her head where mortal danger is concerned.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fear New Year

The talk so bold from the national scold/ Who we were told/ Would lead us to Utopia/ Millions out of work- so many foreclosed and out in the cold/ But he is immune, aloof, and ever haughty/ If Obama was Republican, the caustic press would call him "President Dispossession"/ But spinning to further Obama's success is the dinosaur media's obsession/ He is casting US down a socialist hole/ Trying to force the rest of us on the dole/ Rendering dislocation and more recession/ Perhaps accompanied by oppression and maybe a brand new Great Depression/ But it is not too late to resist/ A patriot can still raise a fist/ Against the young usurper who after all, said himself "Get in their faces"/ He will not put us through our paces/ Or like we are incorrigible children, put us in our places/ This faux "Great Unifier" who divides the races/ Throughout history in this world, free men have known how to handle such rotten cases.