Friday, August 31, 2012

A Winning Strategy

While I am an unapologetic social conservative, I agree that the formula to defeat Barack Hussein Obama does not involve an emphasis on abortion but a focus on jobs and the economy. If Todd Akin had not uttered the now infamous "legitimate rape" comment, then social issues could be highlighted more, but now, reiterating Obama's shortcomings in domestic policy and heralding the Romney-Ryan path to recovery should be enough to prevail.

A Real Surprise

I must admit that I did not guess that Clint Eastwood would be the mystery speaker at the GOP convention. I am not someone who venerates celebrity by any means but am glad that Clint will vote for Mitt.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan Really Resonates

Paul Ryan spoke. The Wisconsin Republican rallied the base, but he did so much more. Ryan proved that he will not be a walking punchline like the gaffe-prone Joe Biden, but that he is a policy heavyweight, capable of taking the reigns of the Presidency in the eventuality of tragedy overtaking Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan in his convention speech demonstrated that he will contribute to turning the nation around in meaningful ways from his first day as Vice President. The only problem with such a wonderful performance by the Number Two on the ticket is that Ryan has set the bar so high for his Number One, so Mitt Romney better have the speech of his life ready for tonight.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Genuine Optimistic Patriotism

The Grand Old Party knocked one out of the park yesterday with the inspiring nominating convention in Tampa. Along with the obligatory and proper concern expressed for those in the path of Hurricane Isaac, Republican speaker after speaker did not merely highlight the dismal failure that is Barack Hussein Obama but more importantly, how America can rise back. The formula that was articulated may be summed up as "less government will mean more prosperity". The GOP celebrated America's greatness and did not apologize for American exceptionalism. Ronald Reagan may have passed on but his legacy is alive and well in the Republican Party and the next President of the United States Mitt Romney.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Plain Wrong

The GOP is going to honor Texas US Representative and Presidential aspirant Ron Paul at their convention. They should not. Ron Paul is a blame America first, Israel-bashing Jew baiter. If that does not disqualify the cantankerous libertarian who is retiring from Congress, then his remarks saying if he ran things, the September 11 attack would not have happened, should strip him of any tribute. Paul is saying Osama bin Laden had ample justification to assail America. This train of thought is much worse than "legitimate rape" for it blames the victim, the USA, for three thousand deaths and by implication, for all the deaths in the war that has followed. Al Qaeda is a nihilistic Wahhabi menace that despises our very freedoms and would have murdered Americans whether or not our troops were in Saudi Arabia and even if we had no ties to the Jewish State. Just look at the Madrid bombing. Was the Spanish military present on the ground in the Arabian Peninsula? Could anyone say Spain has been particularly friendly with Israel? No, Dr. Paul, in effect you just said a woman was raped because of her provocative dress with your contention that if you had been in charge, the would have been no 9/11.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Whale Watching Woes

While Norwegians and Japanese kill whales like there is no tomorrow and the US government does nothing to stop the horror, an American woman may go to prison for feeding whales. According to CBN, Nancy Black, who researches these gigantic mammals and operates tours that educate the public about whales, could face as much as twenty (20) years in prison because she encouraged the whales to approach her boat by securing part of the whales' own kill to the hull. Were the whales harmed by her action? No whales were injured by Nancy Black, no other animals were hurt by Black as the whales were eating an animal they had already killed, and only a power mad administration would try to make a criminal case out of her action. I witnessed a similar over-zealousness with regard to manatees, as state and Federal authorities are determined to impose their will over our own citizens while letting foreigners (far beyond the marine mammal issue) rape the natural world.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

To Run From

Barack Hussein Obama and his cadres in the dinosaur press are trying to eviscerate Mitt Romney for remarks he did not make, that Romney does not believe, and which the former Governor immediately repudiated. Obama must destroy the way people perceive Romney because Obama has a dismal record of his own that he can not run for reelection on but must run away from to garner the votes of the ignorant and the gullible. Before his ascension to the Presidency, Barack was a blank slate, an empty canvas as Rush Limbaugh has so aptly pointed out, on whom the American people could project their wishes, hopes, and dreams. Obama now has proven himself in office to be a radical whose only affinity for the free market is of the crony capitalist Solyndra variety. Obama has not fulfilled his promise to bring unemployment under eight percent and he has not shown how his "laser focus" on jobs will improve the situation if he wins a second term. Obama has cut the legs out from the middle class, is chipping away at the rich, and will finish off the economy if he has four more years to turn the United States even more socialist.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blood and Iron

Before Prussia set off what would become the aggressive expansionism of Germany, Otto von Bismarck gave his famous "blood and iron" speech. There are disturbingly similar notions expressed in notions of convert by the sword Islamism. When Iranian leaders talk of wiping Israel from the map, they really mean it. When jihadists declare their desire to reclaim Spain, they are not kidding. When in many places in the Islamic world, Draconian punishments are imposed for supposed apostasy or blasphemy that mean a painful death for the accused and in a culture so misogynistic that women may be stoned for adultery, blood threats must be taken ever so seriously, for when a jihadist says, he "loves death more than the infidel loves life", he is declaring his intention, even at the cost of his own life, to kill you.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Seconds to Midnight

The Joint Chiefs Chairman of the United States, America's highest ranking military officer, Martin Dempsey declared Israel could "delay but not destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities". General Dempsey does not appreciate the lengths to which the Jewish State could go to remove an existential threat. Defense experts are contemplating what the Israeli effort to preempt Iran will look like. Will Israel use her IAF to launch an Osirak-style one-off bombing run as the Jewish State did in 1981 to declaw Saddam Hussein, who at the time, was trying to take Iraq nuclear? No, Israel will not attempt this, because a strike fighter bombing will not sufficiently damage Iran's well diffused, concealed, and fortified nuclear program to thwart it in such a bombing. So, how about an Osirak-type bombing combined with a naval attack by conventionally-tipped cruise missiles? Unfortunately, this kind of campaign could not work either. So how about this combined assault with the insertion on the ground of commandos from the IDF? There is not a chance of the insertion of ground forces in sufficient numbers to succeed in thwarting Iran from making her nukes because the Islamic Republic is a highly militarized, heavily armed nation of more than eighty million people and even the whole mobilized Israel Defense Forces would be committing suicide by entering Iran. Unlike the United States which could massively damage Iran's nuclear facilities with conventional bunker buster type munitions delivered by a heavy B-52 Stratofortress or B-1 bomber, Israel has no aircraft designed to deliver a massive conventional bomb. Israel could rig up some sort of massive conventional explosive and mount it on an easily targeted, slow and bulky, C-130 Hercules aircraft that Israel possesses or even mount such a charge on a converted large civilian 747-type transport, but in all likelihood, these planes would be shot down by Iran before they could deliver their destructive payload. In the Bible, the Pharaoh condemns his own first-born males by ordering the murder of the first-born Jews. Iran wants her nuclear weapons and the only way I can foresee Israel stopping the Islamic Republic from killing millions of Jews will be to launch nuclear-tipped cruise missiles from Dolphin-class submarines that will, contrary to what General Martin Dempsey claims, actually stop Iran.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Breaking the Mold

Paul Ryan is an unequivocal conservative. Ryan is not the typical politician looking for weasel words and wiggle room to conceal where he stands. Ryan was not for it before he was against it. How good would Ryan look at the top of the ticket?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Face of Conservatism?

The dinosaur media has flattered Missouri Republican US Representative Todd Akin by portraying him as the paradigm of the Grand Old Party. One misogynistic statement by an obscure Republican Congressman is now being used to paint all Republicans as anti-woman. Then there is even more formerly unknown Kansas Republican US House member Kevin Yoder who more than a year ago took a naked swim in the Sea of Galilee being used to portray the GOP as a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites. The two bumbling fools no more represent conservatism or the American Republican Party than Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd's "waitress sandwich" meant the Democrat Party condoned rape.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gauging Israel's Intentions

What Israel does next will depend entirely on the level of threat that the Jewish State perceives from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Israel's rational calculation now must involve self-preservation in the face of an existential threat, that being the prospect of a nuclear attack by Iran. Iran is not masking her desire to eradicate the "Zionist Entity". Ahmadinejad is serious and so are the murderous mullahs that stand behind him. Iran is not deliberating whether to do an underground or atmospheric test of its first nuke. Iran is deciding whether a missile or manned aircraft has the better prospect of launching the weapon that obliterates Tel Aviv. Iran's fanatical leaders are willing to suffer millions in losses to wipe Israel off the map; so Netanyahu must be prepared to thwart a nuclear-armed Iran. Obama will not intervene on Israel's behalf but is standing in the way of an Israeli preemptive strike. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem today.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Plate Full

Should Mitt Romney win, he will face all the challenges Ronald Reagan did when he saved the country from Jimmy Carter, plus Romney will have the added responsibility of ridding the United States of Obamacare. Romney must loose the chains of regulation strangling business and stifling growth, keeping America in recession. Mitt must contain entitlement spending and tamp down the budget that Obama has permitted to explode. Romney must tackle the Federal deficit and the national debt and return rights and responsibilities to the states. Romney must push the idea of individual responsibility and rid the United States of Obama's warped concept of "collective salvation". Like Reagan, Romney will face the menace of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but unlike the 1980s, while the US faces no Hostage Crisis, Romney will have to confront the threat of aggressive jihad that has now permeated the entire Middle East and threatens areas as far afield as India, the Philippines, Thailand, Russia and former Soviet Republics, and as was seen on September 11, 2001 and July 7, 2005, Western capitals. Romney, again like Reagan after Carter, will have to rebuild America's national defense after Obama reduced spending only in the Defense Department while puffing entitlements to never before reached levels of spending. Much work needs to be done to restore our prosperity and national strength, and Romney is the candidate who can start the process of reversing the Obama decline of these United States.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reason for Regret

If you voted for Barack Hussein Obama, the redistributionist "Joe the Plumber" moment should have let you know the precise direction that Obama intended to take the country. If you bought the Nobel hype about Obama being the "peace President", do not look at the casualty lists that are at their highest level ever in Afghanistan, or for that matter, the inevitable war about to start with Israel trying to save herself from Iran.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our American Premise

The guiding impetus for generations of immigrants to America was not the great "giveaway state" but the prospect of greater freedom and with that, economic opportunity. Irish and Italians, Germans and Russians, those who fled other Old World tyrannies, and even the Chinese who helped construct our Western railways did not come here to partake of some generous government dole, but to earn their way and create better prospects for their children. The promise of the new country was not to be guaranteed success but not to be denied the chance to work for it. We have a choice in November between Romney who venerates our founding ethos and Obama who is determined to supplant the vision of our forefathers with the socialism so many more recent arrivals in the United States came here to escape. Ask a Venezuelan who has come here if he sees a bit of Hugo Chavez in Obama? Ask an American from the former Eastern Bloc if she wants more dole or more liberty? Ask a small business owner if he wants to be guaranteed a perpetual place in the middle class by our Federal masters if that assurance comes with the string attached that the government will never let him earn wealth. If you are content with a modicum of mediocrity as the highest personal and national aspiration, by all means, vote for Barack Hussein Obama, but if you believe you can still rise in America, vote Mitt Romney.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Realistic Fear

Eternal optimists are bound to be perpetually disappointed. Pessimists know what they have to look forward to or more appropriately, what they must fear could be coming next. If Barack Hussein Obama gains a second term, he will have the chance to turn the United States Supreme Court even more radical after already packing the lower Federal courts with anti-Constitutional judicial activists during this (his current) term. If this proves to be his first and only term, the damage Obama will have done with these lifetime court appointments will linger, but if he wins term two, our God-given freedoms like the right to keep and bear arms as codified in the Second Amendment will all too soon be a thing of the past.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romney Ryan Rejuvenation

If the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket wins, America will return to her winning ways. Reborn prosperity will be unleashed as the fetters of Obamaism are removed from America's economy. This Romney triumph is my hope, my fervent prayer for my nation. If, on the other hand, Obama wins a second term and retains the US Presidency, this is literally as good as it gets. More than eight percent unemployment, a victory over the Taliban squandered by Obama's strategy in Afghanistan, Iran arming up with A-bombs, these are among Barack Hussein Obama's failures that will linger over four more years, leaving patriots with little more than tears.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Enormous Difference

Do most Americans want a handout from Federal masters? Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden will gladly feed that need. They would love to have you rely on Washington for your livelihood and comfort. Those who would addict the citizenry to the dole want to see you helpless without them, that is to really require Federal entitlements for your very survival. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan believe in limited government. They want to provide dole dwellers with the tools to become self-sufficient if at all possible. That is why unlike Obama, the GOP ticket would maintain welfare to work programs instead of simply mailing out more checks. Republicans believe in the safety net for Americans in distress but want to maintain a hand up approach rather than trap generations in a cycle of dependency.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Dull Moment

What other than his gaffes has Joe Biden been known for since he became Vice President? A poll of the obviously uninformed rated Biden as the better choice than Paul Ryan, a numbers cruncher and policy wonk on budgetary measures as brilliant as has ever served. Joe Biden has pushed one major idea in the last decade and that was to divide Iraq into cantons according to the model of Switzerland to facilitate the withdraw of US troops back when George W. Bush was President. The then Delaware Senator Biden was wrong about that. American forces were able to pull out while Iraq remained unified. Biden was wrong about and opposed the US troop surge that stabilized Iraq enough that US troops could leave, and Biden has been wrong about Federal spending and bailouts stimulating recovery and has looked like a joke during his tenure as Vice President. No one votes for the bottom of the ticket but just as Romney is manifestly more capable than Obama, Ryan trumps Biden in spades.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Agreeing with Obama

I have reached a day I never thought I would. I actually find myself in accord about something with Barack Hussein Obama. Our President is on the mark when he says this coming election will be an "ideological" battle. The ground contested will involve what type of country America is going to be: The dependency state Obama is creating or the nation the United States was conceived to be with the engine of economic prosperity unleashed by the Romney-Ryan plan for lower taxes and decreased government regulation. The choice could not be more stark, a failing European-style socialist central planning entity marked by crony capitalism and catering to unions or a free enterprise economy where the rising tide will raise all boats. The last time such a clear contrast emerged in a Presidential election, Ronald Reagan trounced Jimmy Carter. Let us hope such good fortune lifts the USA again this November.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Victory Ticket

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do not want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare but make the needed reforms in these Federal entitlements to preserve them and to reduce the hemorrhage of Federal spending enough to save our economy. It is Barack Hussein Obama who seeks to burn down our fiscal village to save it by means of breathtaking Keynesian spending and nationalization of industry (as in the automotive takeover of GM and Chrysler to protect the UAW, soon to be extended according to Obama's own words to "other" industries). The Republican team will right our fiscal house while Team Obama by overspending (expenditures unprecedented in any nation anywhere in human history) will make it impossible to reverse what is rapidly becoming America's terminal decline.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan Really Rises

The day has come. Mitt Romney has selected his running mate. Hopefully, Paul Ryan will soon be the Vice President of these United States. Ryan is ready. He is an intellectual heavyweight able to present the case for conservatism. Ryan is also unafraid to highlight Barack Hussein Obama's many shortcomings. There is no perfect ticket, but Romney-Ryan may prove to be a very powerful one.

Sparking God's Wrath

Much of the United States ravaged by drought, the nation's corn crop failing, a hurricane season predicted to be heavier than usual- could the Lord be showing disfavor because since Roe v. Wade, fifty million legal abortions have sullied America? Are our proud and profligate ways earning us more punishment from on High? Will the perversion of the institution of marriage somehow gain Divine Mercy? Those who seek His clemency must be sincere in turning from sin. Those who destroy the sanctity of marriage and even the very sanctity of life itself are unrepentantly wallowing in transgression and should expect the reward they have summoned.

Friday, August 10, 2012

How Close Iran?

The world is now concerned that the Islamic Republic of Iran is closer to obtaining nuclear weapons than previously thought. America under Barack Hussein Obama supposedly remains committed to preventing the Mullah state from gaining atomic weaponry. The words from Washington seem right but to many in Iran's presumed primary and initial target Israel, they increasingly sound only like hollow rhetoric. It will after all likely be Tel Aviv experiencing the first nuclear attack since Nagasaki, so Israel will be forced on her own to attempt a preemptive strike aimed at Tehran's nuclear development. The Israeli effort at self-preservation will be met by international condemnation, probable sanctions, and if Obama is still the US President when the Jewish state strikes, even ostracism and punishment by the United States. If he is reelected, Barack Hussein Obama will allow Iran to go nuclear despite protestations now to the contrary, and make Israel a pariah should she try to preempt the very end of her existence as a Jewish state.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Emperor Penguin

Penguins, by necessity, tend to be self-sufficient animals. One band of the birds abandoned any attempt to support themselves, begging other penguins for their hard-earned catch and even stealing the fish if the harder working penguins turned even momentarily. The leader of the less industrious brood always strutted about with his chest out, seeming to take credit for an effort that was not his and evading all blame when times were bad by directing scorn to penguins who led other groups or even the predecessor who had led his own band, who had some of the same characteristics but was no where near as bad. If the emperor penguin creating such dependency had a human name, it might be "Barry".

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Up for Sale

It is a shame that so many citizens are willing to sell their votes to those who would pad the dole the most for them. Those who would proverbially prostitute themselves for a larger welfare check or one more government goody will, if they reach critical mass, be the undoing of our republic.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Absolving the Criminal

When socioeconomic factors are blamed for criminal offenses, the point is sorely missed. Poverty does not cause crime, but areas blighted by frequent felonies are soon bound to become impoverished as respectable residents flee and businesses close in droves. Perpetrators of mass murder like the Batman madman and the Sikh sicko are not held to account for their own actions when the firearm is blamed. A gun is an inanimate object that without a human there to load and aim it is no more threatening than a frying pan. It is time to assign the guilt to the guilty and stop blaming everyone and everything else. Society did not fail those who offend. It is the offender who has failed society. Bleeding hearts are too timid to demand the appropriate pound of flesh and instead want to coddle evil people while stealing the ability of innocent people to protect themselves and their families by stripping the right to keep and bear arms.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Moron Goes Berserk

A weak-minded hater slaughtered innocents in Wisconsin yesterday. Blame the now-deceased shooter, not the gun, not the ammunition, not liberals, not conservatives, but only the lunatic himself. I stand with the Sikh community in mourning their loss. The murderer was a senseless gutless coward.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Real Joke

Light-brain Harry Reid says he heard that Mitt Romney did not pay income tax for ten years. I heard that a decade ago Senator Reid took tea with aliens in Area 57. I would say these two assertions are equally authoritatively sourced. I heard mine at the stockyard from a bull and a little birdie may have whispered in the Nevada ne'er-do-well's left ear. Let us see how many votes are swayed by this creative speculation.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Not Jesse Owens

Olympic athletes of days gone by crushed the Nazi-propagated myth of Aryan supremacy, and in a later era, Olympic competitors from the West showed the way of life of the then extant Soviet Bloc was far from supreme. One must wonder today with highly paid professionals sapping any real spirit of amateurism from many of these Games sports, if the Olympic movement has devolved into spectacle without substance and money making idea without ideal. In any event, memories of heroes of yesteryear are supplanted by advertising campaigns right to the Wheaties boxes of the gold medalists of more recent Games.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Left of Left

The dinosaur media and Obama campaign continue to contend that Barack Hussein Obama is a moderate. If Obama is so centrist, why did the budget that the President sent to the Congress fail ninety-seven to zero (97 against and zero for) in the Harry Reid-led, Democrat-controlled United States Senate? The answer is an obvious one, and that is that Obama is not left of the American political center but left of the political Left.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Moment's Notice

Today's Drudge Report features a photo of Barack Hussein Obama holding a baseball bat while speaking on the phone with Turkey's leader, presumably about the situation in Syria. I guess our President misplaced his scimitar before the picture was snapped. I also read on a Drudge link about a mass stabbing in China that killed eight. I guess it is only a matter of time before internationalist gun banners like George Soros crawl out of the woodwork to demand a ban on knives. I hope that anti-knife mania never actually happens because I find it impossible to cut my steak with a fork.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Those Government Boys

In bad old days of yore in certain parts of Asia, the emperor was considered a living god and for a commoner to look upon him meant death. This Draconian punishment was imposed to preserve the myth of divinity of these supposed physical incarnations of god on earth because if ordinary folk saw their rulers they would realize just like Dorothy viewing the Wizard of Oz, that they were looking upon a puny man as ordinary as any other person. So what gentle reader you ask has this to do with the price of ethanol or freedom in America for that matter. I shall explain and all will become clear. Soon our government masters may deem we may not even observe a manatee in the wild because having a mere human look at the manatee bothers the huge grazer. Of course if you are of one of the priestly caste of naturalists, biologists, environmentalists, or park rangers, your sacred gaze does not bother the frail and fragile three thousand pound manatee, and if you are of the last category, park ranger, you may bellow and blow a whistle all day ten feet from the giant mammal and it never disturbs Ms. Manatee or nature's harmony and balance. Let us say yesterday that a man and a woman in middle age walked toward Ponce de Leon Springs after paying a six dollar admission to enter a Florida state park. Let us also posit that the previous day they arrived in the nick of time to take a 10am cruise but missed the departure by moments because the gate attendants who collect the entry fee were having a bull session absolutely having to know that the cruises are scheduled to depart every day at 10 and then again at 1pm. If a touring group pulls up at 9:56, there is obvious urgency to process them at the gate or to be courteous enough to call the cruise operator and ask him to momentarily hold the boat. But you see state employees would not do that because they are deliberately contemptuous of the public they allegedly serve. So the lady collecting the money for what taxes have long since paid for ambles out of the booth at 10:01 with plodding deliberation making certain the visitors miss the real not proverbial boat. But back to ageless Ponce, let us say a few drops of rain are falling and there is distant thunder and the sixteen year old lifeguard orders swimmers out of the pool. The couple are not dressed for swimming, her bedecked in finery and carrying a purse that is easily discernible as not a cheap one and the man in clunky orthopedic thousand dollar shoes. Bright young lifeguard almost blows a gasket whistling and ordering the couple away from the Springs which is the attraction they had just paid six dollars to see. To the workers of government who are making themselves out to be our overlords and masters, start showing some degree of courtesy and common sense because though we do not physically sign your checks, we do pay your salaries.