Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Acts of God

Hurricanes are not "man-caused disasters". Katrina was not the fault of George W. Bush and Sandy was not brought on by Barack Hussein Obama. Our sports utility vehicles and industrial emissions do not make storms any worse. It is a folly of hubris to think we are so powerful. As individuals and collectively as the human race, people are not powerful enough to control the weather. If we were that able to affect earth's atmosphere, then why is there no perfect climate Camelot? Why has there never been a place free from extremes of heat and cold, drought or flood, hurricanes, or other destructive weather? We would like to think we are in control but if we turn on every electric light and run every appliance in all our houses simultaneously, we still can not make a cold day outside one degree warmer.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

East Coast Tsunami

Though certainly not "technically" a tsunami (no earthquake triggered a tidal surge), I fear the damage from Sandy will prove to be the costliest storm in US history. The scope of the destruction can not yet be evaluated. The repercussions of Sandy are not yet knowable because the storm is ongoing- with disruptions just now reaching the Great Lakes. When finally tallied, the deaths will sadly but surely exceed fifty and the cost in lost commerce and repairs will be more than one hundred billion dollars.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Plenty of Worry

The nation awaits a massive East Coast storm with great trepidation and (hopefully) sufficient preparation. Then there is the deep concern about an event with a more long-term consequence- America's national election. Neither Hurricane Sandy nor the coming vote are entirely predictable. There could be devastation from wind and water but that can be repaired. The wrong result in the election may prove irreparable for the United States as she was founded.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rise for America

Mitt Romney is not a natural inheritor of the legacy of Ronald Reagan but Romney has the opportunity to grow into that role. Romney is certainly more fiscally responsible than Barack Hussein Obama (but so was Bill Clinton). Where Romney will shine should he win election is rebuilding our national defense as Reagan did after Jimmy Carter gutted it (as Obama also has already done and will only worsen when he permits the coming sequester), to restore our might and our prestige as a nation. Romney is no Goldwater happy warrior for conservative causes but he is certainly not going to try to reverse America's founding ethos. Consider this my endorsement: I exercised my privilege to early vote last week and cast my vote for Mitt Romney.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Most Overvalued Company

With Steve Jobs' passing, I fear Apple suffered the death of innovation. What made Apple so special and worthy of such a high stock price was not merely innovative technology but revolutionary thinking. A spate of Apple products have just been released and the reviews have been somewhat underwhelming. Will Apple be reinvigorated any time soon and if so by whom and with what breathtaking product?

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Border War

Over the past few days, more than eighty(80) rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza into Israel. The Jewish State responded with surgical airstrikes against those firing by the IAF and an IDF officer was critically injured in a bombing by the Gaza border fence. These attacks on America's closest Mideast ally are not isolated incidents but part of larger campaigns by 1.)jihadists bent on creating a universal caliphate and in so doing, ridding the world of the Zionist entity and 2.)forces acting on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This harassment of Israel is a harbinger of coming attacks not limited to Gaza but launched by Hezbollah in Lebanon as part of the broader war Iran is determined to initiate to "wipe the Zionist entity off the map". What starts as a skirmish now may soon envelop all of us in a global conflict, a real Third World War between the West and her ideals of enlightenment and individual liberty and those who revile freedom and seek to impose submission.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Administration Toppling Scandals

If "Fast and Furious" had occurred during a Republican's Presidency, it would have engulfed the GOP President and a relentless main stream media would have brought that Republican President down. This "gun-walking" program was meant to cause such a carnage in Mexico that Americans would abandon our own Second Amendment to stop the slaughter in our Southern neighbor. This was one scandalous assault on our God-given freedom. Another assault, this time on the freedom of speech enshrined in our First Amendment, has just been perpetrated. The September 11 massacre of American government personnel in Libya was from the beginning known as a terrorist attack by those in high government circles with a public claim of responsibility by an al-Qaeda linked group two hours into the attack while the massacre continued for another five hours. Not only did the Obama administration not intervene to try to save the endangered Americans, they asked the Libyan host government that had already abdicated their duty to protect our diplomats for "permission" for overflights. Then to compound their negligence, Obama representatives from our UN Ambassador Susan Rice to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney used the deaths of four Americans as a justification to chop at our right to speak- lying by declaring that an obscure anti-Mohammad movie had sparked the Benghazi outrage- which the Obama administration knew from the start had been a planned terrorist atrocity. Those who would allow blood to be shed in an effort not to protect but to diminish our sacred liberty do not deserve to remain in office.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Real Uniter

For good or ill, Mitt Romney is no partisan ideologue. In fact, I would argue he is somewhere between a Rockefeller Republican and a meddlesome progressive, who did after all give us Obama Care before Obama did with Romney Care in Massachusetts. Speaking of Massachusetts, Romney repeatedly reached across the aisle to work with Democrats there in what is after all a state with a clear Democrat majority. Be that as it may, the Obama campaign and their dinosaur media surrogates would have you believe that Romney is more stridently to the right than Reagan was. To wit- I say "hokum".

Very Familiar Territory

Commentators have long remarked the similarity between the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter and the failing Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. There are of course some major differences between the zeitgeist of 1980 and that of 2012 (i.e. no Soviet Union, no twenty percent interest rates- thank God on both counts), but a decrepit economy under each mis-leader and now the remarkable similarity between the fall of the US Tehran embassy and the tragedy of the slaughter of four US government personnel, including of course, of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens (incidentally, the first American Ambassador to be murdered since Adolph Dubs was killed during the Carter administration in 1979 in Afghanistan). Weakness in the US Presidency invites attack and unfortunately Carter and Obama manifest a lack of strength to those who would hurt Americans at home and abroad.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lost Their Trust

Most voters are highly skeptical of the dinosaur media. Those on the left disdain FOX News while those more clearheaded voters see through liberal bent of the three old-line network news divisions along with CNN and complete Obama mouthpiece MSNBC. Few think the main stream press is objective in regards to the Mitt Romney-Barack Hussein Obama race, but rather are acting as partisans of Obama's campaign, so it is no surprise to the discerning that the dinosaur networks and cable outlets called last night's debate "a victory for Obama". Of course, as a conservative who never pretends objectivity, I found Obama last night glib, obnoxious, and untruthful.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Counter Puncher

Barack Hussein Obama has once again demonstrated in tonight's just concluded debate that he is a "counter puncher". What Obama said tonight is counter to the truth, counter to logic, and ultimately counter to what it takes to protect the United States, our allies, and freedom in this world. Some see the world as it is, and ask why. Some see the world as they want it to be and one of those is the absurd fantasist Barack Hussein Obama. Remember though that the dinosaur press are going to continue to do everything that they are able to convince voters that Barack Obama is a Second Coming-style savior so above your mundane concerns as a citizen that you must vote for him even though you lack the capacity to understand just how great he is.

Life After Politics

For either Mitt Romney or Barack Hussein Obama, the coming Presidential election will likely mark the end of political campaigns. If Obama is not reelected, he will likely be compensated more for his speeches than any speaker in history. Obama will be a welcome presence at universities the world over, where his brand of Leftism will be in accord with what universities are already teaching. Obama may be appointed US Supreme Court justice the next time a Democrat is elected President. After the Presidency, Obama will be just fine. In the event of a defeat, Romney will have a much less clear future. Mitt is not currently an office holder, and should he lose, I can not foresee how he could ever run for office again. Romney is financially secure (so money will never be a problem) but the damage that will be done to his "brand" will be immeasurable, should he not emerge victorious. I always thought (hoped) the GOP would have selected a movement conservative like Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum to carry the November election, but instead, the Republican nominee is a midway Massachusetts moderate, who must win to have a future as a Republican leader.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Rubber Match

The final Presidential debate should be no contest because it is on foreign policy. Barack Hussein Obama has so thoroughly bungled US policy in the Middle East that the area is now a tinderbox ready to ignite. Obama has facilitated the replacement of a reliable US ally Mubarak in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has sat by idly while Iran has sharpened her nuclear claw that is aimed at Israel's throat. Obama has allowed Red China to threaten neighbors over uninhabited islands and the sea lanes and natural resources around them. Obama has not curtailed the threats of North Korea. Obama pretends al-Qaeda has been vanquished because he did what any American President would do, that is take out Osama bin Laden, but obviously, in light of the Benghazi massacre of US personnel this year on September 11, al-Qaeda is still a menace to Americans in the region Obama's mishandling has destabilized the most.

Obama Appeasing Iran

Barack Hussein Obama wants to have one on one talks with the mullahocracy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as if they are America's equals. The Iranians position on their nuclear program is set in stone. There is no incentive that will persuade them not to continue their nuke project, which is called an "energy program" by Iranian leaders but clearly has the goal of producing weapons. The talks proposed by the Obama administration are a pre-election ploy that will not convince Iran to abandon their determination to develop atomic bombs to use against Israel.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Spreading Stain

Violence that started with the so-called Arab Spring has now fully engulfed Syria and become sectarian in nature with the Assad clan and their Alawite brethren now aligned with the Shia of Syria and now backed to the hilt by Shia Iran and aided by both Iranian and Hezbollah thugs. The trouble now seems to be seeping into Lebanon, a nation that such a short time ago was riven by her own civil war. A bombing on Friday in Beirut killed eight including a Lebanese general who had been an open critic of Syria's dictator and was probably orchestrated by if not actually perpetrated by confederates of the Syrian despot Assad. The Arab Spring made an already dangerous region even more unstable.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Press That Destroys

The dinosaur media is against energy independence for the United States. Vapid actors go out to fight the hydraulic fracturing used to obtain domestic energy. They would rather be utterly dependent on foreign entities who do not have America's best interests at heart. Now Matt Damon will try to shape our energy policy with an anti-fracking movie. Whether they realize it or not, those Americans who attack offshore drilling, coal mining, and fracking are serving as agents for Saudi billionaires who pay America back by sponsoring jihad against the West.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Dangerous City

I am saddened to hear of another murder in Nashville- this one on the street right across from a police headquarters in downtown Nashville. This city's progressive mayor devotes ample resources to making Nashville "green", including spending millions on nominal bicycle lanes in front of and near my home (I say nominal because only the most intrepid cyclists will ride in lanes where automobiles right beside them routinely speed well over fifty miles per hour in our already dangerous for bikers 45 MPH zone). We have ample resources for Mayor Karl Dean's flight of environmental fancy on pedal power but no where near enough to hire a sufficient number of police to protect one of our major tourist hot spots within eye shot of our professional football stadium or even for traffic enforcement to make it safe for Harding Pike dwellers to exit their own driveways without making pulling your vehicle out a take your life in your own hands adventure.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Difficult Proposition

Barack Hussein Obama had a tough chore in last night's debate in spite of the fact that the audience and moderator were a deck stacked against Romney. Sure the seventy-two cents for every dollar men earn woman was "undecided" going in and had a great chance before the candidate forum of voting for Mitt. The walking leftist cliches hurling bad ideas for their man Barry to knock out of the park right in his wheelhouse and meant to show what a rabid right-winger the GOP has running had not the least hint of bias. You see though what Obama was trying is iffy if not impossible. On the one hand, our current President was making noises that extol the virtue of capitalism all while stoking the bitter fire of resentment known as "class envy". One candidate on the stage at Hofstra really embraces what has traditionally been known as the "American Way" and as his rhetoric again proved last night, it is not the President.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Appeasing North Korea

North Korea believes it is an appropriate demarche to make demands of the United States in "secret talks" according to an article by Josh Rogin appearing in Foreign Policy at It is amazing that a nation that can not even feed its own people has been allowed to engage in nuclear blackmail by the Obama administration and treated as an equal by unctuous American negotiators. North Korea remains a starving basket case Stalinist police state that should not be coddled but dictated to by the civilized nations of the world.

Monday, October 15, 2012

An American Obsession

We Americans have focused on political debate since Abe Lincoln vied with Stephen Douglas. Nixon and Kennedy produced an epic with their televised contest. Mitt Romney seems to have moved more voters than any candidate in recent history with his domination of Barack Obama in the last Presidential debate. It is not always sterling oration that wins a Presidency though. Many thought Stevenson a more compelling speaker than Ike, but look who won that election. No matter how much preparation Obama puts in for the coming debate, he has only taking out Osama bin Laden as a feather in his cap, with no way to defend the rest of his record.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Devotion to Mohammad

It is immensely sad that those who consider themselves most pure in their worship of Allah are the most misogynistic people in the world. A girl who only wanted to learn and have other girls have access to school was shot in the head in Pakistan by a nihilistic terrorist who thought he was doing his religious duty. Miraculously, Malala Yousufzai has so far survived her terrible wounding but she is not out of danger, both from her injuries and from the Taliban who say they are still committed to killing her. This attack is no rarity with Muslim women and girls routinely dying in so-called "honor killings". Even the most fundamentalist Christian or Jew does not think it is a religious obligation to kill young females to honor God. If Yousufzai recovers enough to survive, she should be given refuge in the West and treated as the heroine that she is.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

All Kidding Aside

Deep inside the bowels of fortress Obama, Barry surrogates are being sent out to attempt to convince voters the Mitt Romney is possessed of an "extreme right wing agenda". This notion is laughable. Romney won the governorship of Massachusetts, arguably America's most liberal state. Do you think Boston voters would have cast their lot with a hard rightist? Mitt even said in the last few days that he would not support any legislation restricting abortion to the Des Moines Register:"There's no legislation with regards to abortion that I'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda". Yet Obama flacks keep characterizing their opponent as a conservative creature. Obama is a real radical by track record, by association with Bill Ayers, the sixties terrorist, black liberation preacher Jeremiah Wright, the leader of the church that Obama attended for twenty years, and by Obama's relationship with Rashid Khalidi which would explain Obama's hostility toward the leader of America's most reliable Mideast ally's leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Romney has never been a strident conservative and is more Rockefeller than Reagan but Obama is a genuine Leftist.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Other Shoe

Contemptuous and petty, with no way to defend the Obama record and nothing beyond the rhetoric of class envy to offer for the future but an unbridled determination to help Barack Hussein Obama hold power- this sums up the Biden debate performance last night. Substantive ideas, energy, a vision for the future- is what Paul Ryan displayed. Were minds changed by the contest? Possibly, a very few, because as I said yesterday, the vast majority of voters decide based on the top of the ticket and not who will become Vice President. In any event, I see no way having a bright, well-prepared Ryan best a stale, smirking curmudgeon will hurt Mitt Romney's surging momentum.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Number Two Spot

Tonight we will see who looks best representing America at state funerals and little else. Who votes for the second man on the ticket? The same people who pay to attend NBA games to watch the towel managers work. I love Sarah Palin's politics but I did not vote for a Vice President; instead, I voted for John McCain. Who wins a window dressing debate is determinate of nothing.

Biden Stands Up

US Vice President Joe Biden will have the chance tonight to reclaim some momentum for the Barack Hussein Obama reelection campaign. Often the former Delaware Senator has been afflicted with foot in mouth disease to accompany his diagnosis of sparking class envy and big government liberalism. It will be interesting to watch a bumbling statist try to defend Obama administration Leftism. Joe Biden's opponent is no lightweight. Paul Ryan is on the leading edge of the conservative reformers who are trying to save our nation. If I were to handicap the debate, I say the debate moderator, Martha Raddatz, a dinosaur media Democrat flack, will do all she can to keep Biden's head above water, but that will not be the deciding factor, as our current Vice President is trying to sell old stale ideas that have only made America worst since the days of FDR.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Solid South

Who could have ever predicted that a Massachusetts midway moderate would win the Presidential vote of the southern states? It is only a testament to how far left Barack Hussein Obama actually is that Mitt Romney looks conservative in comparison. Even "swing state" Florida seems solidly for Romney after the Obama debate disaster. There is still the Ryan-Biden debate upcoming and another Presidential square off but unless Romney utterly collapses, I see him winning every state from Texas up to and including Virginia.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Iran's Real Intention

To those who say the Islamic Republic of Iran has "peaceful" purposes for her nuclear project, I say listen to Iran's leaders who openly declare "the Zionist entity will be wiped from the map". To those who say Iran may be bargained with as North Korea has been to keep them contained, I remind you North Korea is not led by End Time zealots who believe it is a religious duty to spark world chaos to summon the Twelfth Imam from his hiding place deep in a water well. I also contend that no offer of reduced sanctions or increased aid to Iran will dissuade them from their "sacred duty". Only one option will thwart Iran from a nuclear attack on the Jewish State: Preemption.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pity for Venezuela

Hugo Chavez has "won" yet another election in his quest to be leader for life of Venezuela. This country so rich in natural resources remains burdened with poverty after more than a decade of redistributionist misrule. Venezuela is one of the murder hot spots of the world. Press which has opposed Chavez has been intimidated, prosecuted, often silenced, yet some would contend that though the voice of the opposition has been squelched, this was somehow a "free election". Be that as it may, remember Stalin's admonition that "it is only who counts the votes that counts". It is a shame that Venezuela has been deprived of freedom and prosperity by their clownish despot.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Slam Machine

The Obama campaign has no lengthy record of accomplishment to tout, no substantive vision to improve the lives of average Americans, and no retort to the Romney-Ryan plan to put the United States back on the path to prosperity, so they are left to try to slime Romney with half-truths and outright lies. If the GOP were anywhere near as vicious as the Democrat Party, the US House of Representatives would be called back into special session to investigate the stunning turn-around in the unemployment numbers. Remember after all, Democrats actually thought there was fire behind the fabricated smoke of allegations that the first President George Bush flew an SR-71 to Paris to make sure the Iranians held onto their US hostages until Ronald Reagan was called to this nation's highest office. Republican Congressmen just will not demand hearings into suspicious numbers that help Barack Hussein Obama because the GOP plays nice with people who lambaste them with a constant refrain that amounts to Republicans hate children and old people.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

All Hail Obama

Watching the dinosaur media root for Barack Hussein Obama is really hilarious. On ABC News Saturday morning folly, one of these ring-kissing flacks called people skeptical of the suddenly rosy jobless numbers "job nutters" and "jobbers" surely to conflate them with so-called "birthers". The old line press are falling all over themselves to praise and congratulate our super arrogant Marxist neophyte for fixing our economy. Once again, I ask you gentle reader: Does the nation seem cured of all economic woes to you?

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Numbers Game

Miraculously, Barack Hussein Obama has brought unemployment below the eight percent figure. I say miraculously because I see no way the Obama administration figure adds up. This new 7.8 percent number should be dismissed as a bit of creative electioneering at a time Obama really needs it after his debacle of a debate performance. Do you feel a giant economic rebound in your life? Do you like paying in the neighborhood of $3.70 a gallon for gasoline (or more)? Have your food costs suddenly dropped? Are you planning on big Christmas spending? I see no evidence of recovery in the economy but plenty of signs that we either never left the Obama recession or are well into the dreaded double dip. What America needs is not manipulated jobless numbers but the job creation that a President Mitt Romney will deliver.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Tipping Point

Even the dinosaur press had to concede that Mitt Romney outperformed Barack Hussein Obama in last night's debate. Main stream media flacks who would normally be cheering Obama's mastery were saying that the President was "lackluster". The most telling aspect for me was that Romney showed the human face of conservatism. Mitt proved he was no Simon Legree parody who is thoughtless to the welfare of the poor and disabled as movement conservatives are so often characterized. Romney will return dynamism to the engine of prosperity with more people employed and paying into the system while Obama's proposed tax increases would surely stifle all prospects of recovery. Romney has the vision America needs to turn the corner while Obama would simply dig the US into an ever-greater hole. Let us hope Romney and Ryan keep up the great work.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Really Debatable

Are you better off than you were four years ago? Unless you happen to be a crony of Obama or a member of a protected union, chances are you are not. As an ordinary American, your prosperity is under assault. Your food costs more, your gasoline costs more, and if you are fortunate enough to have kept your job, your income is less. You are less free in America than ever before with the Obama administration ready to take over the Internet in an "emergency" they have empowered themselves to declare and with even the ultra leftist American Civil Liberties Union declaring US citizens are under more surveillance than ever before. Even college students who are receiving the ever greater beneficence of government are actually falling behind still further as tuition costs grow faster than the scholarships and grants do, leaving graduates with higher school debt than ever before. Our medical autonomy is going as Obama Care will dictate what we must weigh, whether we are permitted to consume tobacco, and if we may even drink soda. Soon too care rationing will be the cause of death for many, no matter what their death certificates have written on them. If you happen to be better off than you were four years back, you are "connected" or a very lucky individual indeed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For Border Security

Tragically, another border agent has been murdered while trying to keep us safe along our Southern border. A boundary so porous that even our law enforcement there is in grave danger represents a threat to all of America. I do not know if Romney will secure America's border with Mexico, but it is all too clear that Barack Hussein Obama has not. Sadly, as in Libya, our current President has failed in his duty of national security once again.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Real Hope

A candidate won the US Presidency in 2008 with an offer of ersatz hope and brought real change, almost entirely for the worse. You can not consider a record number of Americans on Food Stamps an achievement. A growing dependency state is a tragedy and unsustainable to boot. Few dole dwellers are fulfilling their highest expectation when they go begging Uncle Sam. The GOP wants to offer them a hand up so they no longer need the handout. Barack Obama is happy to give a man a fish while Mitt Romney wants to teach that man to fish so that he may eat for a lifetime. There is only so much a nation is able to produce and the productive classes will rise up and shout "no more" if they are made to work ever harder so that other able-bodied may mooch.

An Unforgivable Lapse

Just as not taking security seriously enough allowed the Libya slaughter on September 11, the Obama administration did not do what was necessary to secure the computer network of the United States that controls our nuclear arsenal. The stunning story is reported by Bill Gertz in The Washington Free Beacon in a story titled "White House Hack Attack". That our defenses are so lax should be a scandal. Read the Gertz report that should terrify here:

The Expectation Game

In the coming days, the Presidential debates and debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will take place. Much too much weight is being placed on these contests. I do not think based on his performance in the GOP debates in this election cycle and even back to the 2008 campaign where Romney lost the GOP Presidential nomination to John McCain that the former Massachusetts Governor is any great debater. Nor do I believe Obama speaks beautifully off the cuff, but Obama does deliver prepared text with tremendous eloquence and conviction. Both Presidential campaigns are trying to tamp down expectations about their respective candidate's performance in the upcoming forum. I for one will not be swayed in the least by any of what is said because the issue is larger than Obama looking good and Romney appearing stiff or even flustered Wednesday night. Barack Hussein Obama is taking the United States away from her founding ethos. Obama is systematically dismantling the elements of our nation that keep America safe and prosperous. Mitt Romney will not drown the US in debt in transforming us into a dependency state, will never disassemble America's national defense, will not try to take our guns, and will not raise taxes in the teeth of our persistent recession. As for the Vice Presidential gab fest, I think Biden may look stale, lacking Ryan's vitality, but once again, even if Ryan was the one spouting nonsense, the voters would still have the duty come November of saving the country from Obamaism.