Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Horse's Mouth

Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs spoke today on Good Morning America to gain favor for his boss for the withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq. Ever ready to claim credit for the accomplishments of others while always shifting blame for Obama's failings, the ineffectually elusive Gibbs sought to deny all laurels to the last Bush Presidency for the troop surge that turned the tide, and instead attributed whatever success we have enjoyed in Iraq to "the Sunni Awakening", thereby diminishing the sacrifice of more than four thousand American lives in the liberation of twenty-five million Iraqis. To have the chutzpah to credit any group beyond the US military for paving the path to victory shows whatever is emanating from Robert Gibbs is not coming from the horse's mouth, but like all else Team Obama creates, coming from the horse's other end.

Just Not Cricket

The sport of cricket is not a mere athletic entertainment but has so embodied fair play that "cricket" became its byword. One would hope that the game followed across the Commonwealth would still be sufficiently revered that the participants at the highest level would be immune from corruption. Sadly that does not seem to be the case as Pakistan, which is beset by Taliban terrorist attacks and fatal unprecedented flooding, now has to contend with match fixing claims and a betting scandal on her national side. If investigation confirms the charges, in addition to whatever criminal sanction is imposed, the guilty must be banned for life and have their names stricken from the record books as if they never existed. That is the appropriate sanction against those who sully a great game.

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Not Now Nadia"

An aged former commissar sits in front of the television in his flat watching a broadcast about his former nemesis-America. His wife comes in to tell him to come have his borscht. "Not now Nadia!" he shouts as he is too engrossed, enjoying the victory of international socialism as he watches the United States crumble as a world power and Leninism imposed for the first time on America's people. "Nadia, it is breathtaking, it is a wonder, Obama is delivering Krushchev's victory and without firing a shot". "Good, now come have your soup," implores a wife put upon for fifty years. "I never realized how weak they were, how pliant, what imbeciles- I thought they valued liberty enough to fight but they were all talk, all bluff, I guess they did not really even help so much in the Great Patriotic War", the staunch old Red marvels. Nadia ends the conversation with her old Russian wisdom, "Husband, they are different people now. They no longer even know how to win their wars."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Broad and Wide

An enormous crowd descended on Washington D.C. at Glenn Beck's urging to restore honor. Estimating the multitudes is an inexact science at best but even the shills and hacks of the dinosaur media put the number of attendees at three hundred thousand (300,000) while others with less of a vested interest in lowering the scale said as many as a million souls gathered. In either case, the magnitude of the event should not be underestimated. The very title of the gathering demonstrates a profound dissatisfaction, that people were animated to journey hundreds or in some cases even thousands of miles out of a sense that our nation's sacred honor is imperilled. The multitude that crowded around Beck and company may have been cheerful but they did not come in good cheer but rather out of a sense of grim purpose, determined to save the United States as we have known and loved her. And there is hope as an election is approaching where we may start to turn or at least stem the tide. The seemingly impossible has already taken place with Scott Brown seizing the "permanently" Democrat Kennedy seat from Massachusetts in the US Senate and fiscal conservative Chris Christie gaining the Governorship in New Jersey. Though perhaps neither Brown or Christie is as down the line rightist as many (including this author) would like, their victories show socialism's rise in the US can be thwarted. And there is excitement all across the nation from Sarah Palin's Alaska to Mark Rubio's Florida, to the Midwestern heartland of Paul Ryan's Wisconsin and Tim Pawlenty's Minnesota, right down to Louisiana now remembering Hurricane Katrina and still recovering from the BP oil disaster but led by GOP rising star Bobby Jindal that the Right is resurgent and well on the way to saving America.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fifteen Minute Salvation

The dinosaur media heralded a golf outing yesterday involving President Barack Hussein Obama and New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg not as a frivolous bit of sport between two overgrown egos but as something more. Before the match, our President and the billionaire mayor conferred on the economic crisis for all of a quarter hour. If that did not elevate the mood of the nation and cause the markets to soar, nothing would. Such brilliant luminaries, whose intellect and force of character are seldom matched and never eclipsed, brightening the sullen firmament and selflessly devoting themselves for fifteen arduous minutes of hard thought shared on healing the vast economic dislocation- I am sure every unemployed American is unspeakably grateful that two so high would stoop to consider the plight of all we lesser lights. How lucky should we consider ourselves to have such unfettered genius toiling on our behalf to illuminate our horizon? The event is reminiscent of the "working groups" President Obama summoned to the White House last year to solve the nation's economic woes by hashing over cures for a day. Either the mandarins then gathered knew how to repair exactly nothing or the Obama administration did not implement their suggestions. Either way we must count ourselves fortunate to be the beneficiaries of such collective wisdom. Could the country have ever survived without the super-elite, super-genius of Team Obama and those who would scheme the new collective with him?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Flee the Imposters

A welcome departure from the pressure cooker that is Washington D.C., a brief respite from the weight of the world, though in truth, like all other modern US Presidents, the world's problems and all of his responsibilities travel with him- Barack Hussein Obama vacations in Martha's Vineyard. It is still wonderful to escape the poseurs, the pretenders, those who come to ingratiate themselves for future benefit, or who arrive with their hand out. And as I have in the past declared, maybe our ruler will adore Massachusetts so much that he can not bear to depart and will do us all the great favor of resigning in favor of an extended stay in the Pilgrim state, but then, that would profit us little as he would only abdicate in favor of Joseph Biden. Let us just hope the usurper keeps his self-serving service, that reign against the interests of the Republic, up at the Inkwell.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Media's Muslim "Mosquerade"

ABC's Good Morning America breathlessly reported the slashing attack against a Muslim taxi driver in New York City as a "hate crime" and tied the attack to the debate over the Ground Zero mosque and even to opposition to the construction of a fifty-two thousand square foot mega-mosque in Murfreesboro here in Middle Tennessee. First, the reportage of the knife attack is a gross rush to judgement with no presumption of innocence being given to the white, Christian alleged attacker who evidently is a twenty-one year old film student recently back from making a documentary while embedded with US troops in Afghanistan. Second, regardless of what happened in this or any other incident, I am opposed to the very notion of hate crimes. Punish an offender for what he did, not for what is in his head or his heart when he did it. It is a vulgar overreach by the media to tie an offense like the Manhattan cutting to Constitutionally-protected dissent against the construction of the Murfreesboro mosque. The Muslim community of Murfreesboro is vastly too small to support such a grandiose project on its own and concerned citizens have every right to wonder where the funding for such an ambitious project is coming from, even if Murfreesboro's politicians, who have green lighted the construction, were not intellectually curious as to whether those providing the resources behind the project might be Saudis spreading the intolerant and violent Wahhab agenda. The Islamic community in Middle Tennessee needs and can support such ambitious construction here the way Murfreesboro's tiny Jewish community would have any use for or be able to build a Taj Mahal on their own- without a huge infusion of capital from some unknown and perhaps malevolent outside source with some ulterior motive far beyond serving local worshippers. And I remember no national network media mentioning two alleged attacks by Muslim cab drivers in Nashville beyond the Drudge Report which picked up the assault which resulted in grave injuries to a non-Muslim passenger several years back after September 11, 2001 when Drudge still had a national Sunday night radio show and no mention whatsoever in the national media when another Muslim cabbie drove a female soldier who was visiting Nashville from nearby Fort Campbell to a secluded location and allegedly raped her. Americans should be suspect of the whole notion of hate crime and be skeptical of any media which attempts to link an isolated incident of violence to a large group of people, whether they be all Muslims being blamed for the crimes of the few or all opponents of the construction of enormous and perhaps deliberately provocatively placed new mosques being connected to a slashing that was committed by an allegedly drunk yob. Let us not forget that this is the same dinosaur media that has been touting the exit of American combat forces from Iraq as a great victory for Obama policy without tying it to the series of newly unleashed attacks there that logic would dictate have occurred now because insurgents were biding their time and keeping their powder dry coordinating the spate of new outrages for the moment the US announced the departure of the final combat troops. Obama's handmaiden press will not make that obvious connection but gladly connects unrelated events to smear the right.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Recycled Politicians

An entertainer Sheryl Crow evidently demands recycled toilet paper be used at her concerts. It seems American voters also voted for retread office seekers yesterday. Kendrick Meek, who never particularly distinguished himself as a US Congressman, won in the Florida US Senate Democrat primary. A repackaged John McCain, going back to his supposed conservative roots, swept to victory in the Arizona GOP contest for Senatorial nominee. Now the question must be asked if this McCain is merely recycled liberal-leaning toilet paper in a nicely wrapped box or someone who recognizes the error in his McCain-Feingold speech limiting ways, his mistaken push for the amnesty by another name comprehensive immigration reform, his misdirected opposition to tax cuts under the last President Bush or if the new product is just as malodorous as the old maverick McCain. The Lord loves a sinner come home but surely disdains a posing prodigal. In too many instances, the voter is burned, going as a bee to pollinate a pretty flower, only to realize too late that he has landed in a Venus Flytrap. Hold these candidates to their word, do not be fodder to the folly of America's destruction.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Nuanced Hate

Feisal Abdul Rauf seems to be more of a bridge burner than a bridge builder. On the day after Rauf announced plans for the Ground Zero Mosque, my nearly ninety year old father said that the proposal was "rubbing salt in the wound", and I believe that most Americans agree with dear old Dad. Now, it emerges that Imam Rauf was spewing anti-American vitriol as far back as 2001 when just after the September 11 attacks, Rauf called America an accessory to the crimes committed against it by al-Qaeda. And this incendiary anti-Americanism was no one-off either. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has uncovered Rauf saying, "the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al-Qaeda" and more accusations of US culpability from recordings of a speech by Rauf at the University of South Australia in 2005. But the dinosaur media with vast resources is not reporting facts that would cast Rauf and his Ground Zero project in a negative light, rather than that NBC Evening News and ABC Nightline covered for him last night. Much in the same manner that old line media consciously advanced Barack Hussein Obama into the White House and continues to assist with the Obama agenda, the main stream press is now deliberately backing the Ground Zero provocation. Why with all the producers and reporters available to them did the network news not find the inflammatory statements by Rauf and why are these networks acting as apologists for Rauf when his anti-US venom is made public by others? Because the networks are fellow travelers with Obama, with Rauf, and with those who do not recognize America's benevolence and our exceptionalism- the dinosaur media, the university elite, and the Muslim agitator all find common cause undermining America as we have known and loved her.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Garbage Police

One of my musings yesterday on this forum dealt with parting with our liberty. In the same vein, I write today of more exchange of freedom for an illusion of security and the broad overreach of government at all levels in the United States. First comes a story of Cleveland, Ohio joining a few cities launching a program to fine people $100 for failing to recycle, thereby creating a revenue stream by installing RFID (radio-frequency identification) in city-supplied, mandatory-use garbage collection bins that will tattle on users who discard waste containing more than ten percent recyclable materials. Of course, residents are assumed to be so honest that they would never put their refuse in a neighbor's can to avoid a fine of their own or just to cause trouble for a neighbor that they do not like or throw away their excess garbage at a commercial bin at a nearby business. Will people now have to lock their garbage down and monitor it with security guards and cameras to avoid trouble with the city government? I would not- the law is so odious to me I would commit an act of civil disobedience and dump my trash on the Mayor's lawn to protest. Next, we hear of open palm pat downs for air travellers in Las Vegas and Boston, yet another intrusion that few seem to be carping about, even though it provides no real enhanced detection and just shows what sheep those who would undergo the procedure have become. In Israel, which is noted for having the best air security, they do not seek to keep nail files or a match off of an airplane. They keep terrorists off planes instead, but that would assume a level of competence the American government lacks from the TSA screeners right up to President Obama. We have a Federal government monitoring the Internet and seeking more access to what American citizens do online without the supervision of the courts and without warrants. US residents have drone aircraft (presumably not armed as they are over Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) watching us in domestic skies. Can you imagine the hue and cry from the so-called civil libertarians and the Left if it was the last President Bush orchestrating this diminution of freedom? Until we have a leader determined to gain victory over Jihad and who loves rather than disdains our natural rights, we will continue giving up privacy and liberty and ultimately be defeated by an enemy that simply has the will to win.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Incredibly Invasive Government

I had lunch with a dear friend Friday and she forwarded a more detailed US Census questionnaire that she is sadly being subjected to- "the American Community Survey". This document goes far beyond the scope of the original Census as Constitutionally constructed by the Founding Fathers. The questions include queries about race and national origin, you know the kind of questions employers are specifically prevented from asking potential workers. Inquiries are made about income, when one rises for work, where and how one is employed, how one travels to work, even questions about disability are present. What does any of this have to do with a Doomsday Book capitation that the US Constitution mandates? This form is as invasive as the Internal Revenue Service and had I received one I would consult an attorney about where I had to comply and what I could not answer within the realm of law.

Reclaim America's Sovereignty

America's porous Southern border is an open invitation to human trafficking, smuggling, crime, and ultimately an open invitation to terrorists. I do not blame the Zetas (Mexican mafia), criminals of any stripe will do all that they are permitted. It is the responsibility and sacred duty of government on each side of the border to contain the criminal element and sadly both Mexico and the United States are content to rely on half-measures rather than end the threat. The Mexican government ranges from weak and ineffectual to utterly corrupt, with a good government, anti-crime mayor recently allegedly gunned down by six of his own dirty police officers. Then there is the Obama administration that has mostly abdicated border security while pushing an amnesty agenda. Certain areas of the American Southwest have become "no go" zones where American citizens are urged not to travel, law enforcement avoids for their own safety, and even ICE (formerly known as border patrol) agents have abandoned. Farms, ranches, and areas of desert exist now in the US where Americans dare not go. If we had a leader in Washington rather than someone who simply wishes to register illegals as his future voters, Mexico would be put on notice to correct the situation forthwith, or the US will for them- creating a security zone, a buffer within Mexico proper of five or more miles patrolled by US forces authorized to use all means necessary to prevent infiltration into the United States. This kind of clear message will of course never be sent by Obama or any other Democrat and I doubt any Republican seeking office would have the courage to actually protect us either.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Strong Arm Israel

Yesterday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced direct talks would start in early September between the Palestinians and Israel. The European Union, the United Nations, Russia, Egypt, and Jordan will participate along, of course, with the United States. In the past, Jews have not exactly had a happy history with these non-US parties. They can not be counted on to serve as honest brokers and are certainly not in Israel's corner in the forthcoming negotiations. Heretofore, America typically had Israel's back in any such international forum at least where the Jewish state's survival was in the balance, but can the Obama administration, which has already reflected unprecedented hostility to Israel, be counted upon to do everything possible to assure that the Jewish state's very existence is not placed at stake? Perhaps, Obama is playing a realpolitik game whereby he sees throwing Israel to the wolves as the only means to appease the Arab states and Muslims worldwide. In any event, Israel should not count on Obama the way the Jewish state could implicitly trust George W. Bush and his administration not to compromise Israel's security. Obama might not see the strategic danger of Israel returning to pre-1967 War suicide borders that rob defensible depth, nor may Obama see the re-division of Jerusalem as a reward for terror, but ultimately the decision rests with Israel's leadership to commit national suicide or not. I am convinced the world intends to make Israel the stumbling block and villain at the September conference and I am less than sanguine that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu will withstand the overwhelming pressure.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Female Conundrum

ABC Good Morning America's crawl today featured a report of a study that concluded "women who drink wine in moderation have an intellectual edge over men". I wonder how much Federal stimulus money was consumed conducting this research? Obviously, the program was originated by wine-drinking women and the men involved were intellectually challenged in the first place. What hogwash- years ago I went on two dates with a thin, statuesque woman my own height (five feet, nine inches) with stunning red hair in a sort of semi-masculine pageboy cut. She had done her undergraduate work at Vassar, then gone on to film school, and had come to Vanderbilt from up East to go to law school. She was also a black belt in karate and a concert musician (if I remember correctly, on the viola). The first date was to a high end Chinese place that served dim sum and used to be near the Vandy law school campus. The second and final date was at a twenty-four hour coffee shop, late at night also just outside the footprint of the Vandy campus. On that second date, we left autobiographical chitchat to talk about politics. Turns out the Vassar gal was a mega-womynist who thought Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the greatest figures in US history and believed it was great that then First Lady Hillary Clinton was authoring a socialized medicine plan in secret at that time. She must have sensed my waning interest after that meeting for she rang me up saying that I lacked the "kind of confidence" she found sexy in a man. No great loss there I thought as I remembered how she sipped her Chablis with her Chinese fare. My next experience was to that point my only unrequited love, an Israeli girl with several master's degrees also from Vanderbilt. Turns out she too was weened on Germaine Greer and supported an obscure feminist political party in Israel. She said my confidence really put her off- that she liked "vulnerable men". I imagine these two wine swilling ladies are now writing grants for research with my Federally-confiscated dollars or directing studies to demonstrate woman's inherent superiority to man.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stop the Rain

No this post does not concern the fine Creedence Clearwater Revival song of a similar name, but is something of an entreaty to the Lord for Nashville and areas across Tennessee which are just recovering from our epic flood of May only to have to worry about another deluge. Perhaps we should be receiving the message from on high that each of us needs to turn from the error of our ways and individually look to Him for our salvation or indeed we may have forty days and forty nights of cleansing. I do not believe in man-caused global warming but I remain unshakable in my faith in God-caused climate change. So I will now echo the sentiments I saw on a signboard worn by a street preacher near the old Ryman some time back- "Repent". Flood or not, seek redemption before it is too late.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Naked Partisan

You have to hand it to the dinosaur media- they consistently outdo themselves in their baldfaced Leftist activism masquerading as journalism. From the local level of mainstream media who seek to parrot their national mainstream media marquee-name betters, the old line press has descended into nothing more than prObama propagandists. The Sunday talking head shows are a grand example with NBC's David Gregory particularly obnoxious in his flackery- consistently putting Republicans on the spot but seldom doing the same to Democrats, allowing Democrats to monopolize time and allowing them to interrupt their GOP counterparts on air, if Gregory himself is not stopping Republicans from articulating a thought or completing a point. But ABC and CBS are little better. By the way, what is that female creature butchering the ABC Sunday show the last few weeks? "Iampoor" or something like that- from Tajikistan I think, may be married to Jamie Rubin (no hint of partisanship there, no more than Stepanopoulos anyway- just more Clinton bloodlines). Where are all the former Bush people anchoring dinosaur media shows? I will tell you- there are not any.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aid or Else

Our Pakistani friends have suffered recently a millennial flood of their own, one which ravaged the already impoverished country, left at least twelve hundred (1200) dead, and a dislocated a stunning number- twenty million (20,000,000). One could say that the flood there is Biblical (or Koranic), perhaps a sign of God's wrath against the country whose own version of the CIA, the ISI created the Taliban, organized al-Qaeda, and contributed more to the world's nuclear proliferation than any other nation through the A.Q. Khan network including helping to initiate the atomic weapons programs in North Korea and Iran (Khan is the scientist who conceived Pakistan's own nuclear weapons program and is considered the father of the "Islamic Bomb"). This country is now imperiled but instead of reaching out the hand for help- threatens. If the world does not fill the void, the Taliban will, we are told, and the man on the street in Pakistan is already disillusioned with the conduct of the civilian government in this crisis, is somewhat grateful to the Pakistani military which has staged several coups over the years to replace flagging civilian authority and has successfully rescued and relocated thousands in the current flooding crisis but once they are saved from immediate danger has little ability to improve conditions for so many flood refugees, and is not impressed by the international assistance that is already arriving including that provided by a thousand helicopter-borne US Marines, which is insufficient according to the locals to meet the dire scope of the flood damage. So instead of pleading for our help, the civilian leaders of Pakistan threaten and extort- come across now or the people will look to the Taliban. A sort of ultimatum is issued, come with your generosity in abundance or the Taliban who seek to wipe out the infidel will have a surge in popularity and membership of their own. They will be the one's bringing bags of rice and saving their coreligionists, earning the eternal gratitude and fealty of those they helped, except for one tiny aspect, the Taliban are in no way equipped or logistically prepared, or even humanitarianly-inclined to reach out with any aid. The Pakistani people are about as hospitable to foreigners as their Saudi Sunni brethren, a society closed and hostile to the other and no amount of the world's help ( including US aid) will change that Wahhab-inspired ethos. With or without outreach from terrorist groups to help the stricken, the Pakistan man on the street will never feel greater loyalty to foreign non-believers than indigenous Muslim brothers. Let the Saudis divert some of the billions they spend in constructing Wahhab fundamentalists mosques the world over including in America to helping those millions made homeless by the Pakistan flood. By demonstrating that they look after their own with their great oil wealth, the Saudis would garner much more favorable feelings in the West than they ever will by building a hundred million ($100,000,000) dollar mosque at New York's Ground Zero.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Been Stoned

The "religion of peace" has claimed yet two more victims today as a couple in Afghanistan was stoned by the Taliban for adultery. The hapless young couple, in this instance reportedly a twenty-eight (28) year old married man and a twenty-two (22) year old woman suffered the ultimate penalty in what may have actually been a miscarriage of Sharia as the married man under Islam is entitled to four (4) wives and could have avoided his bloody fate with an argument that he wished the lover to become his second wife and had every intention of keeping his family together. But those most fervent of Sharia practitioners have never been known to be particularly legalistic in their interpretation of their own religious faith as they also recently executed a visibly pregnant woman by shooting which is forbidden by the Koran until the baby is born, nursed, and weened. But really who is counting anyway- hang a seven (7) year old, blow a pregnant girl's brains out with three shots to the head, bury a man up to his waist so at least he is reprieved if somehow under the barrage of stones small enough to injure but not large enough to kill outright, he is able to dig his way out, but for modesty's sake bury his female partner up to her neck so for her there is no possible salvation- all this done at the end of the holy month of Ramadan to show just how peaceful Islam really is.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So Utterly Predictable

Barack Hussein Obama interjects himself gratuitously into a New York affair and comes out in favor of constructing the Ground Zero mosque. Hussein Obama is hailed by the usual Leftist amen circle of media as principled and courageous for standing for the First Amendment and "religious freedom". It is curious to me that a leader who has backed down and away from all our foundational rights to this point has suddenly become a champion of the Constitution. Until now, Hussein Obama had been de-emphasizing "religious freedom" and supplanting "freedom of worship" in its place- a distinction with a deep difference. In Obama's new Constitutional interpretation, what you do in the freedom of your own church pews is your business but try to take it into the public square or into a public accommodation and the forces of government will stop you, if you are a Christian or Jew but evidently not if you are a supplicant in the faith of Obama's fathers be they Obamas or Soetero- Islam. Then you are given rights well beyond "freedom of worship" up to and including imposing your will on the rest of us. Is it any wonder in an administration that seems to pride itself in thumbing its nose at the will of the majority that the President would stand against the seventy percent of the people who oppose the massacre site mosque?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Presidents Prompt Parody

The United States would never elect a Lothario, a serial adulterer of the first magnitude and a fellow whose proclivities might well include sexual imposition (read as rape) on more than one woman to the highest office. Just could not happen- nor would we send a bumbler to the Oval Office who would call the forces that had just attacked us "the religion of peace", and in a center-right nation such as this, a crypto-Marxist would never gain national office, abetted by a handmaiden press only too willing to obscure his record as one of the most radical Senators ever and cover the holes in his biography by not asking the kind of probing questions that are asked of every candidate for alderman. Never could happen- not in America anyway.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Islam's Spreading Menace

Twin behemoths stood silent sentinel over the signature city with the permanence of a sphinx. There was no hideous tsunami or quake of earth that felled the timeless giants. And now some merry mischief maker Muslims want to construct a mega-mosque where once stood the symbol most identifiable with New York- with America (if only because the World Trade Center dwarfed the Statue of Liberty). There should be little distinction recognized between the World War II era Japanese who fanatically worshipped their Hirohito as the living god and that legal, political, and extra-national philosophy of Islam that is not a religion as we think of religion that should enjoy First Amendment protection but an alien force by its own precepts committed to spreading by the sword. The spread of aggressive political Islam is even visited here to some national controversy with two enormous mosques being granted approval here in middle Tennessee, one in Murfreesboro, a community heretofore mostly noted for being the location of the Middle Tennessee State University campus and the Stones River battlefield from the US Civil War, and the other on the complex of the moribund Hickory Hollow shopping mall. I see no Constitutional obligation to grant favored status to a group bent on destroying America as we have known here and supplanting our laws and founding documents with Sharia. The US Constitution is no suicide pact.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Widening Chasm

New claims for unemployment emerge today and near half a million more Americans find themselves jobless, home foreclosures are up six percent from the same month last year when the housing crisis was thought to be peaking, the revelation emerges that billions of bailout dollars were sent abroad to repay foreign banks at a hundred cents on the dollar while most Americans who sustained loss were not made whole. And Federal spending bleeds into a hemorrhage of freshly printed dollars squandered by our political elite. My father, who remembers the Great Depression from living through it, suggested we are in a hole and that our political class is greasing the sides up (perhaps with light,sweet Gulf of Mexico crude oil) to give us a hand, and I would suggest that their plans instead of handing us a ladder up are merely throwing in a shovel to dig us deeper. President George W. Bush contended with a Democratic Congress his last two years and in working in conjunction with the Democrats gave us bailouts and increased US debt and deficits. They were a problem yet still manageable. What has happened with the Obama growth of government has made the conundrum virtually insoluble. Real solutions to today's dire economic straits do not involve raising taxes or allowing Bush's so-called tax cuts for the wealthy to expire. The end of the crisis will not come when we are taxed more, but when our government spends less.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Obama Slaughters Mustangs

The living embodiment of the American West may be the wild horse, a legacy from the time of the conquistador. These magnificent animals are the freest of the free and have roamed successfully for hundreds of years. They are also a creature that can be captured and domesticated if they are seen as a grazing rival to cattle or sheep. There is no justification to harvest them, cull them for meat to be sold as a Italic"delicacy", primarily to France but also to Korea. The more cooperative of the two thousand targets- the mares and foals (read as baby horses), may be forced into trucks to be shipped to slaughterhouses and butchered. Those juvenile stallions who will not be dying with their families but have the good sense to do what they do best will run only to be shot dead from helicopters. This is not an effort at humane culling, this is plain old horse murder. Can you imagine a wonderful companion like Roy Roger's Trigger adorning some foreign gastronome's plate or Lee's heroic Traveller or Muhammad's Buraq served with garlic and parsley or Bucephalus, the steed on which Alexander the Great conquered the known world served with a side of kimchi? The prospect of the Feds permitting this horse massacre is revolting and repulsive. Can you imagine if George W. Bush was still President, the hue and cry from animal rights activists in particular and leftist in general about such a cruel and unnecessary act? Unfortunately, Obama being from the same political camp will spare him some appropriate calumny from this planned killing. If you oppose it call your Congressman, two Senators, and White House comment line as soon as possible and let them know how repulsive the culling of two thousands horses is- before it is too late.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alert: Be Aware

A serial killer is on a spree that began in Michigan but evidently carried then into Ohio and now Leesburg, Virginia and is stalking black men armed with a hammer and knife. He is described as six feet tall, white and muscular, with light hair and has allegedly already murdered at least five. He is evidently driving a green Chevy Blazer with tan ornamentation. One must wonder if he sees himself as a sort of Charles Manson attempting to provoke a race war or is some kind of psychotic self-appointed race avenger. Be warned that madness stalks the land.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Defending Their Home

The Internet is abuzz with a story about a Tampa area tree trimmer who was stung over five hundred times while attempting surgery on a tree that he knew contained bees, but he did not know that the bees were of the hyper-aggressive Africanized variety. One might say threatening any home or den or lair or hive is inherently fraught with peril and sort of stupid but I must say the Tampa trimmer is far from alone. My dear father, who attended Peabody College, was a licensed private pilot, was handy enough to repair about anything around the house, had served as his own contractor in building a liquor warehouse and an apartment complex that he developed, and ran said warehouse and national liquor importer with his father and brother from 1938 until 1975, was also dumb enough to literally stir up a hornets' nest. When my folks moved into a small gated community in the late eighties, my Dad asked me to knock down a hive of some sort which he assured me was dormant. I jabbed at it with a stick attempting to dislodge it and heard the tell-tale buzz of the angry winged hive dwellers. I told my father that the hive was chock full of something nasty and that he should not "mess with it". Dad had the brilliant idea of waiting until the day of the first light freeze and having a go at the hive with a Louisville Slugger. Bad idea- really dad idea, in spite of the fact that our neighbors were professionals with lawyers, doctors, a locally-famous but unfortunately now deceased anchor man, nurses, but as far as I know no Indian chief, my poor father then age sixty-nine was left to fend for himself with deliberations taking place over whether to drive the two blocks to St. Thomas Hospital or summon an ambulance. In the event, he walked across Post Road to an Eckerd pharmacy and dosed himself up with Benadryl. Miraculously enough that did the trick and we learned a lesson everyone must heed, if you attack any creature's domicile, no matter intellect or size, you may be assured resistance.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

For the Duration

As the slaughter of medical missionaries aptly demonstrated, the world remains a very dangerous place especially under the stewardship of Barack Hussein Obama, who was so regarded as the embodiment of peace and harbinger of dovish times that he has already been awarded the Nobel Prize by Leftist ninnies. Obama's outreach to Muslims has included his "Cairo speech" that could become infamous to lovers of freedom and justice, elevating Muslim self-esteem bizarrely as the primary mission of NASA, and bowing to Saudi Arabia's tyrannical monarch. Obama has also rewarded Islamist terror and betrayed an ally by backing Israel into a corner, all in the hopes of appeasing that which can not be appeased. For outside of the United States where those who oppose Obama are scared for the future of America (with justification), President Barack Hussein Obama is neither feared nor loved. A recent poll conducted of the Muslim/Arab street showed that despite all of Obama's efforts at reconciliation, Obama is held in about as low esteem as the last President Bush was. And President Bush was decisive enough early on after September 11 demonstrating US resolve with the quick taking of Afghanistan and the "Shock and Awe" campaign that led to the fall and eventual execution of Saddam Hussein that our Islamo-fascist enemies had to think twice before they mounted attacks on the homeland or on our people abroad that could lead to their family name being erased from the earth (remember Uday and Qusay Hussein). Few leaders and international villains outside the United States tremble at the notion of offending Barack Obama, from Islamist thugs, to Mexican drug gangs, to the little North Korean mad man whose forces have just seized a South Korean fishing vessel. At least the widely despised last President Bush gave those who would do us harm second thoughts. Sometimes, it is better for a leader to be feared than loved. In the case of Barack Hussein Obama, internationally- he is neither. For as long as Barack Hussein Obama is at the helm, the United States will continue to offend and abandon traditional international allies and attempt to placate sworn enemies.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Worst of Times

On the Saturday Today Show, Amy Robach declared that critics were upset that First Lady Michelle Obama had spent "her money" on a beach trip abroad rather than down to a beach at the oil spill battered Gulf of Mexico. I do not think most people have any particular concern what the President's wife does on her own dime, but many may take umbrage at how lavishly the Obama's are celebrating with our money. These leisure days are not paid for out of the Obama family purse exclusively but almost entirely with funds seized from the taxpayer. The Obama's are partying like it is 1788, on the continent then too, not at the billionaires' Costa del Sol which had not yet been developed then, but at the Court of Louis XVI and his blushing "let them eat cake" Austrian bride. We have great but finite patience in America, charity and forbearance, but do not like being played for fools or suckers. A story ran in Nashville this week which is in perfect concord with our new noblesse oblige of our new "screw you taxpayer" royals. We had a millennial flood here that wrought real devastation. This local TV story chronicled how those homeless in Nashville, including those at "tent city", were being given $1400 each for two months of "expense money" by the Federal government (read as taxpayer). Our Federally-enforced generosity has, I have no doubt, fueled some wonderful crack or crank parties and the Thunderbird fortified wine flowed copiously. And what did these indigent "Nashvillians" have to show to prove they were flood-afflicted. No rent receipts, no proof of paying down a mortgage, no utility receipts- they did not even have to vouch for each other; just make a claim and they are in high cotton. Maybe they were off in Mayfield, Kentucky buying meth during the flood, maybe they had never even been here but jumped on the dog for a $45 bus ride from Cleveland when they heard $700 a month awaited them in sunny Tennessee, but with no way to verify a person was the oxymoron of a "homeless resident", they are just giving our hard earned money away. One more note on this Nashville report: a non-homeless Nashvillian who suffered loss in hard hit Bellevue was asked his opinion of this outreach to the homeless and said he thought it was great that we were helping folks that were hit too, even if they had already been camped in (my word here- idyllic) "tent city". The flood victim in Bellevue is mighty generous with other peoples' money, and I would wager that he does not remit a quarterly check in the thousands of dollars to the IRS but that his only contribution as the Democrats euphemistically call our tax confiscated earnings is withholding. There was a time in America where a camp would spring up to deface a town where the leading citizens with the deputies and the police would rally to burn them out over and over until they got the message that they were not welcome as parasites and could only stay if they found gainful employment and actually contributed something. Now we are far too civilized to countenance that and prefer to send them just enough aid to feed their addictions, cross-addictions, and mental illnesses rather than doing what is necessary to either give them the treatment and skills to succeed in life or re-institutionalize them for their own good (and ours). Is it not wonderful how much Obama and his minions are enjoying squandering our money and more importantly- our liberty?

Evil Marches On

Taliban murderers have slaughtered ten international aid workers, including six Americans, who left the safety and comfort of their homes to try and improve the vision of impoverished Afghans. These angels of mercy were martyred because evidently among their possessions were their Bibles (according to the semi-literate Taliban who generally if they can read at all, cannot recognize a single tome besides the Koran- to the Taliban, a medical book might be misconstrued as Holy Writ). So, these aid workers supposedly carried the "word of God" which is so powerful to the Afghan people who are evidently so loosely tied to their Islamic faith that the mere presence of texts with the real Revealed Word would turn their heads and turn them from their heathen path into insta-Christians. And for this and Taliban-alleged "spying", these hands of help are severed. The hearts and minds campaign in Afghanistan is a joke. The Afghan people will never love us, but rest assured with the vast array of wondrous weapons at our disposal, we can make them fear us sufficiently that like post-Nagasaki Japan, they would not lift a hand against a foreigner for generations. We should make an example of the area where the medical missionaries were massacred, with leaflets (pictorial as there throwbacks do not read by in large in any language) and loudspeakers on aircraft broadcasting the message that all non-combatants must leave within two weeks with whatever their possessions and livestock that they do not want to be obliterated, and in a fortnight, perform a nuclear atmospheric test over the village where the aid workers died. This lesson would be highly instructive to all Afghans and other Islamist militants the world over and would send a clear message to neighboring Iran as well about American resolve. But Barack Hussein Obama would never contemplate such an action that would actually intimidate the enemy enough that we would win the conflict and end the war, instead Obama is content to continue the perpetual bloodbath of our "proportional response" to their terrorist outrages until we are bled pale enough that we abandon our aims and the area having lost the will to thwart the true ugly human face of ultimate evil.

Friday, August 6, 2010

When Lightning Strikes

Here in Nashville, the state capital and a hub of finance, culture, and education, we are experiencing First World adventures in Third World living. Every other thunderstorm we seem to have massive power outages despite a campaign by our electric utility provider, which is not privately held or a traded company, but part of city government itself, to cut down every tree around our above-ground electric lines, including some old growth beauties that had stood for centuries and denuding many areas of much of their legacy of natural beauty, in what was euphemistically called a "trimming program" but in the event has been an arboreal massacre. And to no end- the power outages are as bad as before the trimming program was initiated. The discomfort of four or so hours of no electricity to one's home on a ninety plus degree day is certainly no more than an inconvenience for a healthy adult, but what of an infant, or in the particular case of my family, two cancer survivors, one with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder on almost constant oxygen and the other whose chemotherapy destroyed her ability to cool normally when it blew her thyroid- such a disruption in electricity can be life threatening. Nashville Electric Service, that as the rate payer and as a public utility (the taxpayer as well ) pays its leader about as much as the President of the United States and with one winter outage at our family home lasting more than ten days and blackouts every other time it storms, has a leader Decosta Jenkins whose performance is about on a par with Obama's. When the lights go out in Georgia, it makes for a great song, when they go out in Nashville, it makes for a nightmare for NES customers, a great sales pitch for backup generators, and another lucrative day for NES President and CEO Decosta Jenkins who draws over a quarter of a million dollars every year to not quite succeed at keeping our lights on but regularly raises the electric portion of our utility bills.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Iran's Hitler Plot

Supposedly, an attempt was made to blow up Mahmoud Ahmadinejad out in the provinces of Iran. Ahmadinejad had just prior to the alleged attack predicted that the Zionist entity would try to assassinate him, but he has no special gift of prescience. Israel would be crazy to try and kill the best public relations tool to thwart Iran's aggressive intentions that there is- their bellicose little mad man. Israel knows that unlike Hitler who was the real power in the Fuhrer (leader) state with Germans all personally taking an oath to him that Ahmadinejad is no more than a figurehead to the equally mad mullahs who pull his strings. Ahmadinejad is nothing but a dangerous buffoon working in the fulfillment of the Iranian national objective and is so obnoxious in his belligerence and Holocaust denial that he is Israel's handy foil to rally sanctions and perhaps even military action to stop Iran from gaining nukes.

Go Vote Today

If you reside in Tennessee, hit the ballot box today (presuming you have not voted already). I have endorsed Lonnie Spivak in the Fifth District Republican primary and Zach Wamp for Governor. Lonnie is simply a solid conservative, a family man, and the candidate most knowledgeable on matters Constitutional in the race. According to Steve Gill, Lonnie was vastly more aware (though he is not an attorney) of the US Constitution than the lawyers and others he is running against. Zach Wamp is my choice because he is the only gubernatorial candidate to never vote to raise our taxes. Wamp and Ron Ramsey are both undeniably pro-gun and pro-life, but Ramsey has been more generous with our money than Wamp. A vote for Bill Haslam is no more than a vote for a Democrat in disguise. Keep in mind endorsements are not predictions, and I can only hope my candidates win.

Kenya Imagine That

The far off nation of Kenya wakes today to a new Constitution in no small part due to twenty-three million US dollars spent by the Obama administration to ensure passage. In other times and earlier Presidencies. this type of Italic"assistance" might have been termed as an attempt at adventurism with America interfering in the internal affairs of another nation. But Obama's help passed a new governing document that pushes for land reform (redistribution of wealth- Marxism) and enshrines Sharia law as part of Kenya's covenant between her government and her people (Islamism). Do not expect the anyone to raise too much of a fuss as usually only the angry Left would be squawking about America's imperial or colonialist tendencies. And isn't imposing a bizarre admixture of Islam and Communism on a nation far abroad the best way to allocate $23 million of our finite resources?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Smear the Victims

The work day began like any other at Hartford Distributors, a family-owned beer and wine wholesaler in Connecticut but ended in gunfire, tragedy, and death with the vile media carrying the water for the murderer by advancing the claim of today's ultimate sin- racism. Murder is no longer the worst of crimes but discrimination from the President to what Omar Thorton, the Hartford gunman supposedly faced. If Mr. Thorton indeed faced a racial bias, there existed numerous avenues to pursue to correct the situation. We have a black US Attorney General Eric Holder, who while he will not investigate race intimidation at the polls by the New Black Panther party in Philadelphia in the 2008 election cycle, will aggressively send Office of Civil Rights personnel against any private enterprise alleged to be treating blacks (and presumably other minorities) unfairly. Then there are the local black churches to rally to the cause of an aggrieved black employee, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Reverend Jackson's Rainbow-Push Coalition which surely would have stepped to the defense of any individual who was subjected to real prejudice (and purportedly some who were not but were merely profiting from the race grievance game). Not to mention the local and even national media who would have gladly exposed the powerful acting as if they wore Ku Klux Klan sheets. In this Hartford horror, it is highly unlikely that any racism against Omar Thorton was occurring. He was just a man who was evidently very angry that he had been caught with his hand in the proverbial till- he had been captured on video stealing beer from his employer, and rather than leaving with the grace the Hollander family which owns the business had granted him by not calling the police, Mr. Thorton sought the most primitive and barbaric vengeance.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Good Fight

Yesterday, this column chronicled the Barack Hussein Obama administration's jihad against Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh is by no means the only target of the malicious forces arrayed by the Left. Glenn Beck is also targeted by the cabal (led by George Soros and his almost infinite resources) protecting Obamaism because Glenn is a persuasive voice. His advertisers have been smeared and Glenn himself is personally besmirched for opposing the social justice agenda being foisted in place of religion in all too many churches and temples. Mike Savage has even been put on a list of terrorists and murderers banned from Britain because of his right-wing positions so clearly and logically presented to the US radio audience. In my own small way, I even feel my exclusion from the Google AdSense revenue sharing program was the result of gaining some readership for a conservative viewpoint on this small forum on the web. The American public is aware of the decline that the nation is being forced down by Obama and his minions, including his propagandists in the dinosaur main stream press, and has sought out the alternative voice of truth. No amount of harassment or even censorship can ever silence the voice inside, man's God-given yearning to be free.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Silence the Opposition

Rush Limbaugh is the best known and most effective critic of the Obama administration. Rush is a member of the "loyal opposition"- loyal that is to our nation, her traditions, her founding values- all that Barack Hussein Obama apologizes for abroad and attacks at home. The President of the United States and his chief spokesmouth Robert Gibbs go out of their way to heap undeserved obloquy on a private citizen because his on-air statements about them are true and gaining traction. Imagine a boy from small town Missouri roots becoming the bete noire of the US Presidency, the most powerful entity in the world. Not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the fanatical End Times ruler of Iran who promised to wipe a UN member state off the map and defeat the President's own USA which he consistently terms the "Great Satan" all while trying to produce nuclear weapons. Not the North Korean mad man autocrat who sunk a South Korean vessel without provocation and now threatens nuclear attack, but a radio talk show host who loves the country and speaks of the dangerous direction Obama is taking us. The administration is virtually silent about foreign enemies bent on defeating and destroying the US but will gladly take on great patriots.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sensing the Surge

Tennessee has just experienced the highest number of early votes ever in a primary cycle in a non-presidential election year. This huge turnout is not because people are happy and satisfied with the conduct of incumbents or the direction of the nation. People have thronged to vote out of a sense of frustration and anger. All one needs do is look at the right track-wrong track poll numbers nationally to see the electorate has never been madder (and with good reason). A recent poll showed approval of Congress at an all-time low of eleven percent. The public sees the nation as we have known her slipping away as President Obama destroys hope but keeps his change pledge in altering the United States from a free market capitalist Constitutional republic into a socialist central planning (rule of the mob) democracy. An aroused America will do all it can to prevent Obama from achieving the fundamental transformation of the United States.