Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chavistas on March

It started in its modern incarnation in Cuba when Hugo was still pulling wings off butterflies. The funding came largely from the USSR, but the sentiment that inspired it was homegrown. From Bolivar on Latin America has been a cauldron of revolution. The poison of Marxism spread through the bloodstream. The new revolutions and counter-revolutions varied greatly from the days when combatants went out of their way to minimize carnage among civilians. Che took pride in murdering government teachers and agricultural advisers. Of course, governments and right wing paramilitaries took vengeance when their wives were raped and children murdered by Communist thugs. Abuse and war crimes were rife on both sides, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it surely seemed as if the forces of freedom had triumphed. They had not won as a menace arose in Venezuela to reverse all the progress. Taking ideological inspiration from Lenin, Mao, and Ho, Hugo Chavez burst forth on the scene. He has used oil revenue to spread revolution in a manner the perpetually needy Castro (who actually had plenty while he starved his people as slaves) could only have imagined. Now liberty lovers face a quandary, with a US President in philosophical accord with Latin Marxists. No longer can our Southern neighbors look to the US to inspire or back the reach for liberty-they can only be slapped down if they are willing to suffer peril for freedom's sake.

Friend of Dictators

Barack Obama sat silent during the early hours of brutal suppression of those who did not accept the rigged outcome of Iran's election. To this moment, after a river of blood has darkened Iran's streets, Obama expresses eagerness to dialogue with Ahmadinejad-this after Robert Gibbs congratulated the Iranians after "their exercise in democracy", mostly as a sop and pat on the back to Obama himself for his Cairo speech. In his first meeting with Hugo Chavez, Obama exhibited warmth and accepted a book blaming the US for all of Latin America's ills. Obama is opening the door to improved relations with the Castro brothers and the island they have turned into a prison. Diplomatic outreach toward Assad, who chains Syria and cuts a murderous swath through Lebanon, is being conducted under the false hope Syria can be separated from Iran. All this ingratiating Muslim enemies while placing unprecedented pressure on the beleaguered, democratic Jewish state to make suicidal concessions. Now, Honduras is aflame as her military, courts, and Congress recognized they were about to have a Castro-like president for life and took action to thwart the rise of a dictator. Obama sides with the presumptive tyrant. Obama sides against freedom in a constitutional crisis abroad, perhaps because he wishes himself enduring autocratic power here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Latter Days

Throughout history, one seer or another has proclaimed that doom is nigh. Fortunately, humanity has managed to soldier on through war, plague, famine, flood, and sundry other forms of devastation and destruction. From the warnings of Jeremiah to Nostradamus, prophecy of end times abounds. There is of course, a universal reckoning coming for every individual, but so far as the human race is concerned, through every vicissitude, people manage to muddle on-world war, drought, crash-depressions great and small, man as a species survives them all. Suddenly a force so cataclysmic emerges that if we do not act immediately the damage will be irreversible. Is the new threat pot-bellied dictators in possession of atomic weapons? No, that we can live with, or Islamists trying to awaken the Mahdi down the well with a readiness to shake the earth to do rouse Him? No, Obama is certain that if sufficient accommodation is made, the Jihadist will be placated. Is it some new disease ravaging the land and stalking the swine, both two- and four-legged? No, a vaccine is on the way along with a national care scheme in the US to stick it to us. The danger that has to be mitigated so much that the House of Representatives voted the largest implicit tax increase in history is... man made global warming. Not climate change mind you, but warming after science comes to suggest that for more than a decade without this intervention that the world has actually been cooling. We have plenty of problems on our collective plate, but somehow half a degree rise or fall in temperature over a century with all sorts of factors barely considered, sun and sunspots, precipitation, mass almost unregulated industrial expansion in our competitor nations, particularly China but with India rising, even volcanoes, hardly seem to merit the three thousand dollar a year per family expense that the cap and trade bill will force according to many economists. The dole dwellers who are Obama's natural constituency won't have to worry as the slowly strangled productive will bear the burden for them as we are already carrying their welfare, education, medical care, and unpaid debt, but no matter how much devalued currency Obama prints, that new unnecessary $3000 hidden levy will hurt-but like all else for the bootstraps brigades, this is not the end of the world.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Horizon

Israel's leadership must be waking to the realization that through no fault of their own, their nation is rapidly achieving international pariah status. It must be dawning on Netanyahu, even as negotiation for the release of Gilad Shalit in exchange for over one thousand prisoners including some with "blood on their hands", that the emboldened Hamas is rearmed after the Gaza conflict and has become fully an Iranian proxy. Another attack dog of Iran, Hizballah, is seething in Lebanon that they did not carry the elections and Lebanese authorities recently discovered twenty Katyusha rockets aimed at Israel and prevented their launch. Iran sweeps the streets of protests against the manipulated election there and crushes dissent with violence directed against her own citizens not seen on the world stage since the Myanmar (Burma) crackdown. The Obama administration has removed Israel's umbrella of US protection and is lifting a shovel to bury Israel in a grave of suicide borders with an overtly hostile Palestinian nation being created in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem. Any Israeli concessions now only add fuel to the fire and ironically make war more likely. There is no way for Israel to defuse the tension as Iran devotes huge national resources not in pursuit merely of nuclear energy, but to weaponize as Ahmadinejad overtly declares his intention to "wipe Israel off the map". Even today, the Jerusalem Post reports Syria threatened war to "liberate" Golan. Israel is being placed in an untenable position not so much by the actions of Palestinians, Arabs, or even Iran, but by the backstabbing Obama administration who will do nothing to protect Israel and will condemn or thwart any Israeli actions of self-defense. Is it not ironic that eighty plus percent of American Jews who voted, selected Obama over McCain and helped put an adversary of Israel on the scale of another Jimmy Carter into the Oval Office?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obama's Grand Synergy

The Obama agenda has a momentum unlike any force encountered previously in American politics. What started as a more or less accidental presidency, has developed into an avalanche. Republicans do not have the numbers to block the way. Democrats will not bar the path regardless of the substance of a particular proposal. Would you want to be the Congressman or Senator to cast the deciding vote which sapped the energy away from the Obama blitzkrieg? No so-called blue dog conservative Dem will want to be singled out as the person who prevented Obama from taking us to Utopia, even if that Utopia has all the makings of a workers' paradise. If by some miracle Obama loses on some matter, that initiative will be the one that prevented ultimate success. Just as Bush gave us all our problems and only Obama has all the answers in Obama's patsy media, if BO is blocked on any significant bullet point item, that will be termed the sole rationale for national failure. If only the country went along with Obama on everything, America would be the clockwork perfection we were meant to be, rather than the clockwork orange (thanks Kubrick), we had devolved into prior to the ascension.

The Slow Erosion

Ronald Wilson Reagan broke the air traffic controllers' union after an illegal job action. He stood up to an evil empire and reversed Soviet expansionism and broke their backs with an enterprise known as "star wars". He spent the Red Menace into oblivion with defense expenditures with which their planned economy simply could not keep up. Reagan led the nation back to her conservative roots and we flourished. America enjoyed the longest sustained prosperity in her history with a strong defense abroad, limited government at home, and a repudiation of the hippie counterculture of the late 1960s. If you had been in a coma since 1985 and awoke, you could not recognize or conceive of the America in which you would now find yourself. On the cultural level, in the 1980s, gay marriage was a punchline. Now the joke is on any of us who might have the temerity to preach from Scripture that homosexuality is a sin. Under the hate crime legislation about to pass and be signed into law, those advocating adherence to Biblical morality may find themselves hauled into the dock. A cell may be in the offing and legal expense that will break defendants is a certainty. Reagan wanted the least intrusive federal government possible, even wanting to abolish the Department of Education. Now a President occupies the office who seeks unprecedented expansion of federal power and reach (but fairness dictates that one mention that the last President Bush went a long way towards federalizing education with "no child left behind"). Reagan knew the entrepreneur, the small businessman, the capitalist willing to risk, made America. Obama believes these mercantile traits are greed and wants to punish them. Obama plans to institute card check to revive the American labor movement which will still be something of a feat as Obama's cap and trade and regulatory regime are bound to destroy industry-the natural home of the union. Of course, government and service workers will be brought into line to join Obama's statist closed shop economy (closed in the literal sense with business shutting down and closed in the sense that there will soon be no "right to work" open shop states). Obama is removing the moral hazard that accompanies risk for reward and replacing it with bailouts (down to the individual debtor) and central planning. He has already nationalized more of the economy than all previous US leaders. Obama has raised the national debt by an unimaginable magnitude-Reagan spoke of billions spent on governance-to Obama, Reagan is a piker, we must now all recalibrate into trillions. Obama is even making FDR's New Deal seem like chump change child's play. We have gone from a free nation asserting her primacy to a dependency state awaiting instruction from our cult of personality glorious leader. We went from leading the world as a free people to being utterly dependant on countries that enslave their own people such as the Red Chinese to carry our debt. We are handing over natural rights and promoting perversion as freedom. We have tried to banish God from the public square. Our fall is not inevitable but a generation of slow and steady decline must be reversed with conservatives (as distinguished from Republicans) must regain Congress in the coming election and thwart Obama from utterly destroying the old order which kept us free and made us great.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hit the Exits

Barack Hussein Obama wins again with passage in the US House of Representatives of the job killing, manufacturer crushing, pie in the sky, cap and trade bill. The Obama agenda is a Juggernaut. I have little doubt BO will get his socialized medicine program as well. One of the hidden consequences, not unanticipated as I am telling you about it here and now, will be overturning the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. The groundwork has already been laid with story after story of how American guns are being used to murder to such an extent that they are destabilizing Mexico. Stories are circulating about American guns fueling violence in countries south of Mexico and around the globe. Our insistence on gun rights is endangering the world according to the gun banners and Constitution-gutting American Left. When a national care scheme is brought forth, the tremendous expense of those wounded or left with lifelong disability from gun violence will just be intolerable. Under the new medical reality, guns will simply cost society-the taxpayer-too much and you will find your local police, Obama's brown shirts, or even the military, going over your property with a fine toothed comb and metal detectors. Obama will come for your guns and get them, even if you die to uphold what you thought was your natural right.

Iran Slaughter Central

The massacre of freedom lovers continues in Iran though the coverage of the barbarity has been largely supplanted by news of a deeply troubled singer's passing. Protesters are being beaten, hacked with axes, and shot dead. The theocratic elite and the thugs who keep them in power have gone after the brightest and best in Iran. The young, technologically-savvy, educated, and professional classes, who are exactly the elements Iran needs to take her into the future, are under assault. Persia, a cradle of civilization, one of the great empire-nations, has been brought low by a few hundred clerics who hold sway over the majority of decent Iranians with a cadre of morons with chains, guns, and axes, and disturbingly, enough nuclear experts to make Iran an international menace. A bunch of zealots, backed by brutes, have subdued their own nation too long and can not be allowed to create weapons to make them the hegemon of the Near East.

Obama's Energy Folly

Cap and trade may soon be the law of the land. At a time when the economy is reeling, this scheme may put paid to any chance of sustained recovery and return to prosperity. Industry will find the new regulation so onerous, so burdensome, that they simply close or where possible, move abroad. Anyone hear Ross Perot's "giant sucking sound" of our wounded companies fleeing. The requirements on utilities to produce twenty percent of their power output by 2012 by wind or solar power will be impossible to meet. Ever heard of the doldrums-a nautical term sailors use when craft stagnate when there is no wind-you can not guarantee a turbine spinning to produce electricity-even if all the blowhard politicians exhale at once. With your solar array, are you going to just wish clouds away? Hydroelectric power from water is not considered green enough to be part of this scheme which will make Al Gore even richer, along with a few activists and corporations (including NBC parent company GE) who have tailored the legislation for their benefit at the expense of the rest of us. What about nuclear-even France and Japan, where the only A-bombs were ever dropped, have embraced clean, safe nuclear energy. Only the China Syndrome movie, misplaced fears about an American Chernobyl (US plants have always been designed with safety as the priority rather than the Russian design where it was an afterthought) that would actually kill many people, or hysteria about another Three Mile Island that killed no one, prevent America from implementing a massive program to build nuclear plants that would meet our energy needs cheaply and virtually pollution free while employing thousands. Prepare to pay more on your electric bill each month. Ready yourself for brownouts. Back up your data off site. A new national nightmare of jobs lost, punitive power bills, and suffering with blackouts with food spoilage, data loss, and the quality of life experienced in the third world, will soon fall upon us. Cheap, abundant energy creates prosperity and makes developed countries. Just as Islamists want to return to the seventh century, atavistic environmentalist want to reverse progress and send us back to a primordial paradise populated by plants, not people.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

Obama can honestly say with his health care initiative or his other attempts to control your lives, that he will treat you just like family. He may tax your health care benefit if you don't belong to a union. He may means test your ability to join the new national health program, so that unless you are among the most wealthy, a couple of illnesses could break your family and there you go-now you are indigent and can grab your piece of the dole, you are suddenly now a ward of the state, not just for your medical care but for your next meal. Why "BO" will treat you better than family, you won't have to live in a twelve foot hut like his half brother in Kenya. You will be better looked after than his Aunt Zeituni in Boston who was kept down in the projects while her nephew Barry made millions and while her attorney nephew never bothered to clarify her legal status in the country. Obama does not give a damn about relatively close blood kin. How much do you think these Democrat politicians who are exempting themselves, their families, and their union supporters from the new health care regime care about your future? They don't have any concern beyond wanting to extend their power into every aspect of your lives.  

More Media Malpractice

ABC news devoted itself yesterday to some shameless pimping for Obama's health care plan. The shills at NBC are throwing their weight behind "green" advocacy but fail to inform the public about the billions their parent company GE could make if cap and trade legislation is passed. CBS news is simply unwatchable with adoration abundant for Obama. Only Fox is "fair and balanced" but seems downright rightist in comparison to all the propaganda being spewed by the other networks. Ratings reflect the fact that the public sees these mainstream media organizations as the "little Goebbels" they are, to borrow a turn of phrase from America-hating former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill. The decline in viewership of the three traditional networks will continue until they, like the folding newspapers who are bleeding readership to the point of shutting down or reverting to a limited publishing schedule or a web-only presence, stop working against the interests of the consumers of news. You can offend your customer only so much before they abandon you forever (unless you are a government, in which case you can simply turn your citizens into prisoners-see Iran or North Korea).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Different Political Perspectives

For Mark Sanford, an affair is a career killer. For a Kennedy, it would be a resume enhancer. In France, an affair d'coeur is like breathing. Rare is the (male) politician in Europe that does not have a mistress. Why would we assume politicians would be any less corrupted than anyone else in our decayed society? The Sanford story, with a diappearance at first resembling Judge Crater but now proven to be more like Aimee Semple McPherson, is obscuring consequential issues that have greater impact on our futures than a governor's bedroom antics. I heard Republican US Representative Paul Davis from Wisconsin sum up Obama care better perhaps than anyone else today when he said any public plan by its nature will lead to a single payer socialized medicine system, because private insurers will be competing against "an opposing team who is also the referee". Government will stack the field, making the rules and crushing private insurers. Few are listening to or reporting Davis' salient message, too caught up in the titillation of Sanford to keep their eyes on the ball of blocking socialized medicine. I started to write a column today about bizarre assertions by John Kerry on the PBS News Hour about how prior to the Obama Cairo speech the US had only offered the Muslim world blame and belligerence, notwithstanding that in every US conflict since Panama, America had sought to protect with blood and treasure, not rhetoric which Obama offers, the lives and/or liberation of Muslims-in Somalia, in Bosnia, in Kosovo, with the liberation of Kuwait and protection of Saudi Arabia in the First Gulf War, in freeing Afghanistan from the Taliban and in overturning Saddam's Iraqi dictatorship. Lindsey Graham, the moderate Republican from the adulterer's state of South Carolina on the program made a half-hearted attempt to counter Kerry's baseless, Bush-bashing assertions, but largely failed as he let himself be bullied and cowed by the Massachusetts's Senator and the moderator. There will always be unfaithful husbands and wives; political discord is nothing new, but at least, the GOP can try to be strong in defending its record and stand with whatever principles Republicans have left. Does America deserve two debased political parties? Is this how Rome falls?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Government At Work

Benito Mussolini famously said he would "make the trains run on time". Our glorious Obama with his admixture of neo-fascism and neo-Marxism has made no such promise. In turning over the old order and forging his new Amerika, perhaps Obama's slogan should be, "I will make the trains run on to each other". If you think the D.C. disaster is something, just wait and see what happens when government takes control of your health care.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Prague Spring Redux

Events occur at their own pace and often outpace plans. In 1956, the yearning for freedom infected Hungary, then, after the flame was brutally dimmed, it reappeared in that year of revolution 1968, when youth in the West railed against their own free society confusing license with liberty and war against Communism in Vietnam while Czechoslovakians tried to crawl out of the suppression of their Marxist masters. In both uprisings against the Red tyranny, the US was restrained in backing those who followed our ideas of liberty which inspired their futile risk, and for too many, ultimately, the very sacrifice of their lives. In 1956, Eisenhower was loathe to cause World War III by intervening, or even displaying too much support to the brave boys of Budapest. In 1968, Johnson had a full enough plate in Vietnam and street riots here to expend US blood or treasure on a doomed enterprise. Why did Poland triumph over the Red menace a generation later? Why did the Berlin Wall fall? Liberty may not be man's natural condition but it is surely man's natural yearning. The thugs and tanks of Tiananmen Square did not squash that aspiration in the Chinese heart. President Obama has a moral obligation to stand with freedom seekers against oppressors in Iran and can not fall back to a leftist default position of non-interference simply because America deposed a Soviet sympathizer after World War II and installed a leader more friendly to the West, the Shah, who used his SAVAK to dampen what he saw as Red sympathizers or rising Muslim fanatics. I watched an Iranian girl, sixteen according to reports, named Neda yield her life in pursuit of liberty. I saw the moment of bewilderment in her eyes as she left this mortal coil and entered universal consciousness. While her heart no longer beats in her body, the rhythm of freedom signalled by her martyrdom will continue to pound in the billions of chests of decent people everywhere, those who are free and will not relinquish freedom and those who seek liberty and are willing to shed their blood to gain it, Neda will like Nathan Hale live forever in those who seek the fruits of the tree of liberty.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting His Way

There is some push back over the Obama plan to provide universal care. In fact, some are speculating that there will be enough resistance to thwart it. I am not so sanguine about the prospect for blocking national health. Obama and his minions haven't started the horsetrading yet. Many Democrat fence sitters are just waiting for a little sweetening to take back to their constituents-"well, I may have made your doctor angry, but I delivered you a billion dollar road project and a thousand good jobs, and the doctor will get over it." Moderate or liberal northeastern Republicans like the Maine Senate delegation may be all for some version of the care scheme. Do you think Collins and Snowe are suddenly going to turn conservative? I can't pretend to read the tea leaves, but Obama could still win on socialized medicine, and even if he doesn't, especially if he doesn't, Obama and the Democrats are likely to deliberately exacerbate the decline of health care in the nation as a retaliatory measure. The Democrats and their Republican accomplices will tax your existing employer provided health care as imputed income, as McCain would not rule out during the Presidential campaign which Obama gladly pounced on, saying he would not tax the benefit but now reversing course. The Democrats are set to institute broad care rationing in Medicare and Medicaid no matter the outcome of the universal care debate. They have to as a cost saving measure because of the unprecedented budget deficits. Obama wins the day and institutes some form of socialized medicine, you as a medical care consumer or provider lose (your reimbursement is bound to be cut if you are a doctor, nurse practitioner, administrator of a hospital, etc.). Obama loses and universal care is staved off, you lose, you still face care rationing, Federal appropriation of dollars for medical research is cut, provider reimbursement diminishes, you lose. Get it, either way the national health care debate is resolved, Obama has put us in a box where we all lose.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Liberal Versus Conservative

When I want to expand my mind, I don't smoke a joint, I read a book. When I want news, I go to the Drudge Report, I don't turn on Comedy Central. When I lost a job, I didn't go to a government training center, but to the first place I saw a help wanted sign. I have obligations to meet, and no labor is beneath me. I don't believe in moral relativism, but fervently believe in the Uncaused First Cause. I have given to charity, but would die before I accepted any (this is not a judgement on those who need assistance, but a statement of self-worth solely from my own perspective. Those with physical or mental impairments that preclude productive labor deserve help). I would lay down my life before I give up my liberty. I see America as the greatest nation to ever exist on earth-a divinely-inspired and consecrated enterprise. As a grandchild of Jewish immigrants, I can not conceive of anyone not recognizing the unique liberty, safety, freedom of expression and religion that this country has brought forth for the world. I am eternally grateful that I am here in the USA, the liberator and defender of freedom.

Carte Blanche Presidency

From the days of the Magna Carta, the king was theoretically, at least, under the law. Barack Hussein Obama is subject to the same law regarding the inspector general as his predecessors. The nature of the job of inspector general (IG) is to go where the evidence leads and IGs often end up stepping on the toes of people in power. Obama, as US Senator, even sponsored a measure protecting the independence of IGs by requiring a thirty day wait before an IG could be terminated (for cause). In the recent Walpin case, involving point guard become Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, the Obama administration ignored Obama's own law. This is a President who seeks to widen the scope of regulation more than any previous US leader. Enormous, burdensome regulation of the financial industry is coming-regulation that lets slide the true cause of the fiscal collapse-the anti-"redlining" regulation that forced banks to give loans to those who were utterly unworthy of credit, which sparked the subprime loan crisis and led to the creation of liar loans and exotic derivative trading that fueled the fire of banking and insurance dominoes. Instead of ending the gifts disguised as low income loans, the new regulation proposed by Democrats fosters more of them. Obama wants to regulate industry and energy consumption with cap and trade and CAFE standards which will prevent you from driving the vehicle you want or that your large family may require. Obama wants to rob you of your choice in medical decisions with his national health care scheme which by the very nature of medical records will give the government access to the most intimate aspects of your lives. Obama reaches into every crevice of your life but exempts himself and his own from scrutiny. We have a leader whose missteps are covered up by his handmaiden media. Obama is not subject to law; he is above it, and we are rapidly losing the rights of citizenship and becoming subjects. Unless the public is roused from their slumber, we may have to endure eight more years of Obama (or more-if he ignores or bends the Constitution to his whim), but the damage Obama is doing, will last forever.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cut the Fat

One of the revenue raising ideas circulating in states and in Congress is a tax on non-diet soda. This initiative is purported to promote health in an era of rising obesity. Drudge highlighted a study today conducted in Japan that "chubby" people actually survive longer than their svelte peers. Just like global warming, the science behind the push for a "fat" tax may be flawed. All people who drink soda are not morbidly obese, and people who drink diet soda are often overweight. The soda tax is not a plan to advance good health but a scheme to separate you from more of your money. It is long past time that the government showed more concern for shrinking budgets than growing waistlines. There are more than enough revenue streams for government, in fact many Americans are already drowning in them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Endorphin Rush

I was heartened this morning to think the God of the Bible is still at work today-not that I ever had any doubt. When I read on Drudge that our Secretary of State had just broken her elbow on the way to meet Obama to report on her efforts to strong arm Israel in a meeting with their foreign minister, I was reminded of the Biblical admonition that those who bless Israel shall be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. A plague of flies would be harder to swat, and the next time Clinton goes to shove the Jews from God-given land, I guess she'll have to push with the other arm.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chicken Little Syndrome

Apologists for the Obama administration and busybodies who want to control your life are creating artificial crisis after crisis to mobilize the gullible and create momentum for more government overreach. The environmental wackos just brought forth more information to galvanize opinion against industry, automobiles (powered vehicles generally), power generation and consumption. This Al Gore sky is falling madness now says global warming is accelerating, moving so fast that only drastic, immediate measures will save our coastal cities such as Boston. The premise is beans-how can we forecast the weather a generation from now, when using the state of the art meteorological technology that exists today, experts can not predict next week's weather correctly? An accurate assessment of climate in a generation is now no more than a politically-tinged guess. Our rights will be restricted based on a formula of lies generated by cap and trade profiteers and professors whose grants are contingent on agreeing with a global warming consensus that science is increasingly showing to be flawed, that the world is actually entering a cooling period, hence the manipulation of language by some to alter "global warming" furor into "global climate change" which advances the same regime of regulation but under a different theory than debunked warming. That a Chinese under a relatively repressive Communist government will have more freedom and ability to select a vehicle, even a large, emission spouting SUV, than formerly free Americans defies logic. We used to be a free country.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bias On Display

ABC Evening News promoted the Obama plan to finish the nation off by means of national health care last night. They suggested a false symmetry by interviewing one doctor who opposes the care rationing scheme, and another thirty-six year old female physician who is for Obama's great leap forward. They did not preface the two interviews by declaring the caveat that the young woman is among a small minority in the medical profession who would support this government intrusion into patient care, taking decisions away from caregivers and recipients and supplanting them with bureaucrats-bean counters deciding what surgery you are eligible for, what medicine you receive, and even whether you live or die. This Obama/Kennedy scheme is a grave danger to the least among us, those frail, incapacitated, or wholly dependent like Terri Schiavo will not pass the cost/benefit analysis of the newly created health system and their end-of-life will be hastened as a money saving measure. Unlike what the young female doctor said on ABC, the scheme is not going to be opposed because it will cost doctors a "small percentage" of their incomes, but because it will limit choice, deny treatment, and shorten lives. On another front in the propaganda war, PBS had Margaret Warner advance the big lie of Jews "ousting" Palestinians at the creation of Israel in 1948. It wasn't enough for her to let Arab Hisham Melhem talk and interrupt Israeli David Makovsky, Warner had to introduce the debate with this falsehood that leaves out that the Grand Mufti and the Arab leadership told the Arab population to leave, to get out of the way to facilitate the slaughter of the Jews so after their wholesale liquidation the displaced Arabs could simply come back to loot and claim the dead Jews' property. The rest of the segment was irrelevant after Warner revealed herself as an Israel basher with the lie in the introduction. The Arabs who did not heed the calls to leave and clear the field of battle for the massacre to eliminate the Jewish presence are Israeli citizens who enjoy full rights today. The rampant advocacy in the dinosaur media discredits it in the eyes of anyone with any historical knowledge or common sense.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The California Conundrum

California, which is itself running at a tremendous budget deficit, has announced plans to keep foreclosed homeowners in their houses. The Governator, a nominal Republican, revealed his true political orientation sometimes back when he said government must provide everything for everybody. This school of thought now largely permeates Washington as well and is a prescription for the end of the nation. When broke states bail out broke homeowners, the country is irrevocably broken. When someone on state aid buys a lottery ticket, you pay for it. When someone in subsidized housing has cable or a satellite dish, you pay for it. When someone enters the country illegally and accesses our medical system, you pay for it. When aliens send their children to our public schools, you pay for it. Under ordinary circumstances, no nation could afford to purchase everything for everyone as Schwarzenegger insisted the state is ultimately responsible for, but with Obama and the Fed and Treasury willing to print devalued money at a breathtaking pace, we can pay for it all, and when the hyperinflation sets in, we will all pay for it later.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Take Your Medicine

Many American liberals have a dour, Puritanical mindset. They fervently believe that if there is suffering anywhere, they should share the misery. They want to enshrine enough regulation to wipe "the pursuit of happiness" from the collective national consciousness. While Obama certainly excludes himself, his circle of confidants, and his entertainer and athlete backers from this enforced privation, he wants to impose it on the rest of us and turn us into worker bees. While Barry and Michelle lavish themselves with Paris adventures flying two separate 747s, they want you in a small, underpowered breadbox of a car (which is vastly more dangerous than a large vehicle because engineers simply can not repeal the laws of physics). While Barry may discreetly light up, you will have to spend your last dollar and find one of the few smoking-tolerated places to have your postprandial puff. Our Southern founding fathers were virtually all tobacco growers, but if a cigarette is suddenly a nicotine delivery device worthy of government micro-regulation, just do the right thing for a product so dangerous and ban smoking completely, but no, then government loses the revenue stream from the smokers (addicts). On the national health care agenda, Obama and his elites will enjoy a standard of care unavailable to us mere proles in his new system. They will have an opt out unavailable to the common folk forced into rationed care. The system will not be the gold standard for the people but a costly limitation of the choices we were formerly able to make. The national salary czar will be employed by Obama to limit executives who employ thousands while his Oprah entertainer and sports figure cronies who employ magnitudes less workers will still be able to command whatever the market will bear. So you will make less, pay more taxes, be subject to greater regulation (you will not be able to make your own dining, drinking, or smoking choices as your actions will affect the burden the system has to bear), and your life and death decisions will be stripped from you and yours and left with a cost-benefit analysis of a bureaucrat. Welcome to a Utopian nightmare of the damned.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

No Rapprochement Possible

The mullahs who run Iran could not even tolerate the first ray of the sunshine of freedom, and they no doubt manipulated the outcome to facilitate the election victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over "reformist" candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi. From a public relations and world opinion standpoint, Mousavi's election would have been preferable as nuclear enrichment could have continued apace with the theocrats still controlling the populace, but a more modernist, moderate face cloaking the evil intentions of the real powers. The amazing aspect of the Iranian plebiscite did not take place in Iran at all, what happened there was utterly predictable, but in Washington, where Barack Hussein Obama rushed out to herald his own triumph at altering the course of history with a single speech, his outreach to the Muslim world in Cairo. The President of the US is so taken with himself that he believes his own magnetism, that no doubt had some suasion with some gullible American voters, can change the world. Obama displayed terminal naivete about the way power works. Obama showed himself, particularly in light of the outcome of a huge victory for the end time fanatic Ahmadinejad, to be the most idiocentric egoist to ever occupy the White House. Being able to read a speech seamlessly may dazzle a voter in Sheboygan but will have no effect on the realpolitik bad actors in Tehran or Pyongyang. Obama sparks danger with his unmerited self-opinion that permits release of Gitmo terrorists, blithe and facile suppositions that if you just talk to the globe's evildoers, your great gifts that elevate you over all previous Presidents will pacify the violent, and by force of personal charisma, you, Obama will have saved the planet. Ahmadinejad's blunt answer has belied all efforts by Obama to sweet talk the Iranians who have one great national goal-the liquidation of the Zionist enterprise.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wide Net Cast

After a disturbed individual attacked the US Holocaust Museum, ABC, a leftist propaganda organ, attacked conservatives in a broad brush broadside against the right, echoing the report leaked from Homeland Security early in this administration. The network's assault conflated gun rights advocates with Nazis, pro-life supporters of limits on abortion on demand with the Tiller killer, and talk radio hosts and listeners with the labyrinth of rats suggesting white supremacy race violence, mostly on the Web. On the Second Amendment, the Shoah Museum shooter had already forfeited his legal claim to guns when he was convicted as a felon after trying to abduct the Federal Reserve Board in the 1980s. He was a felon in possession of a firearm in a city where gun possession is still virtually forbidden, even to the law-abiding. He was breaking numerous gun laws just by having the .22 caliber rifle in DC. He was once again demonstrating the absolute futility of gun control laws. Criminals are not concerned with statutes. The late-term abortionist's murder certainly did not represent the pro-life mainstream anymore than John Hinckley reflected the American left. The First Amendment's speech protection is threatened by ABC attempting to link exhortation to murder by a bizarre fringe, with dissent against Obama's agenda. Soon to come, a national hate speech code, so we will be just like our free speech free college campus. Perhaps, they will reserve a speaker's corner somewhere where patriots who wish to protest Obama overturning our way of life, can go to be mocked and face hurled tomatoes. ABC even brought up a violent misanthrope who had raped a minority woman and killed two other people in an effort to suggest a creeping right wing putsch. The report was ridiculous, inflammatory crap meant to turn the nation against anyone who dares speak out against Obama.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Concerted Effort

Two transcendent issues confront the Republican party. First the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US. This is a position demanding objectivity-the law must be interpreted free of bias and judges can not be permitted to legislate from the bench. Judge Sotomayor fails on both counts. Trent Lott, from Mississippi, was disqualified from leadership in the US Senate because he made a remark flattering colleague Strom Thurmond on his hundredth birthday. Lott said he wished Thurmond, who had run as a segregationist for President a couple of generations before, had won. That intemperate boosting of a very old friend was enough to have Lott banished from an inherently partisan, innately subjective position of leadership. A judge is supposed to be non-partisan and is called on to leave subjective considerations at the door. Judge Sotomayor has said on the appellate court that her job was to make policy, to use her position not to interpret law but to make it. This is abuse by judicial fiat. Then her statements about a "wise Hispanic woman making decisions better than a white man" are an absolute abomination. The Drudge Report has chronicled multiple uses of this same racist phrase by Sotomayor going back until at least 1994. This was no slip of the tongue and along with her membership in La Raza, a brown separatist group that demands the return of the US southwest to Mexico, should disqualify Sotomayor from any promotion on the bench. Just imagine a white jurist inverting the remark and see if he would ever be nominated to a higher court. It is not enough for the Republicans in the Senate during the advice and consent hearings to ask a few questions or give Sotomayor a quizzical glance, they must muster real opposition and try to peal off the few Democrats it would take to thwart her lifetime appointment to our highest court. But they are, by in large, worthless political cowards who chase microphones and cameras and they won't. They would rather make Rush Limbaugh, who helped put many of them in office, a bugbear, than stop an activist racist from perverting our Constitution. The second issue of great moment is the national health care regime the Democrats are about to impose. If the Republicans can not thwart this ultimate socialist overreach, they deserve to be finished as a national party. This measure will ration care and shorten lives. Your most personal family decisions will be taken from you and your doctor and placed in the hands of bureaucrats. There is a scandal now in the Veterans' Affairs medical system including in the VA in my home state of Tennessee where colonoscopy equipment was not sterilized between patients and this not properly cleaned device spread hepatitis and HIV with at least five(5) AIDS cases attributed to this horrible negligence. This is Federal medical care, cold, impersonal, at times, dangerous, and intrusive when on a magnified scope into the general populace where your obesity, your decision to smoke, your end of life care decisions with elderly or chronically ill family members will be taken away from you and your family physician and placed in the hands of a bean counter who cares not a wit for you or your family. They will not know you and your kin, and you will be nothing more than a number, a statistic. Do you remember Terri Schiavo? If you become inconvenient, expensive, unable to speak in your own defense, without an advocate, do you want a Federal cost-benefit analysis to determine whether your life support is turned off and you are forced to starve and dehydrate to death? National health care, socialized medicine is not a buttress to the welfare of a family but a chain around your necks. Go ask a Brit or a Canadian-those with resources often come here to escape the prison of their government heath plan and use their own money to travel here and pay for fee for service medical care. If we impose a similar system, where will the rich go to find care, particularly if there are civil or criminal sanctions against people who attempt to opt out of their government health plan? This is a national nightmare about to happen and I don't believe the Republicans will squawk too much in an effort to stop it. The GOP, if it allows farcical judicial appointments and tolerates if not actually advances socialism, especially with medical care supplanting family decision making with bureaucratic interference, has outlived its usefulness. If Republicans can not block Obamaism, it is time for a third party, one that brings conservatism back into the American political mainstream, as the right and center right comprise most of the voters in the country, and they deserve a party that advances their values.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The World Implodes

The Supreme Court of the US approved Fiat's rescue of Chrysler, ignoring secured creditors' petition and bringing the value of all US corporate bonds into question. If holding secured debt in a company is meaningless, bond holders no longer have a valuable asset, nor a junk bond, regardless of the supposed yield, American corporate bond holders now own only toilet paper. Pension funds, such as Indiana's which took the court action to forestall the Federal machinations which could hasten our collapse, are left in the lurch with one company rescued but so many nest eggs devalued. Obama's administration is going to inject more stimulus immediately to revive the moribund economy, what's a few trillion between friends? The administration is pushing the national health care agenda, projecting a one and a half trillion dollar cost to the taxpayer, which is of course, a low ball estimate. The socialized medicine bill will be named to honor liberal icon and failed amphibious driver Ted Kennedy. The Federal government is printing money like Wiemar or Zimbabwe, and this will generate inflation the likes of which America has never seen. A Slim Jim plant blows up in North Carolina after receiving a threat, recruits just out of basic training were gunned down in Arkansas on a visit to the recruiting office, urban governments try to keep the law abiding from guns while murders continue apace, government workers are surly as they no longer feel like employees but are our masters, and the police use capricious aggression that our founding fathers would never have tolerated to rapidly gain control of situations in accordance with their training which turns the citizen into an enemy and forces people into sheep-like compliance. Two commercial airliners made forced landings due to mechanical problems, and the cause of the Air France plane crash near Brazil remains a mystery (though there is speculation a faulty pitot tube may be implicated). People seem willing to endure an anal probe to fly when necessary but may be reluctant to board a death lottery. So as your grandmother is taken behind a partition for her invasive search, while Abdul who is a Pakistani "student" (wait, doesn't Taliban mean religious student?) is waived through security with his wild beard and traditional East Asian garb that could hide all manner of explosives because we can't profile anyone, is your life insurance paid up? Do you have a wheelbarrow ready for your trip to the grocery to carry your soon to be virtually worthless dollars in, when you are asked to put full faith and credit in government that at all levels, merits neither.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Nukes Arrive

North Korea, the world's last Stalinist regime, predicated on murder, proliferation, counterfeiting, threat, and theft, has today threatened nuclear reprisal. This is not mere bluster, a nation that gladly starves and kills her own innocent citizens is apt to do anything. This is a country that brought down a commercial airline with an on board bomb, that kidnapped Japanese from their homeland to advance espionage, that routinely starves or shoots her hapless people. Two American reporters have fallen into North Korea's evil clutches. They face twelve years at hard labor after a sham trial. They are actually extremely lucky that the mad regime thinks it can use them as bargaining chips, if they were not of some value alive, the North Koreans would have no compunction about killing them. When a tyrannical, unscrupulous dictator threatens, the world would be wise to listen and prevent the action which is likely to follow whether it is the dwarf madman in Pyongyang or the one in Tehran doing the threatening.

The Iranian Elections

Much of the world is breathlessly awaiting the outcome of the Iranian elections. There is hope in the West that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be unseated and Iran will move back from the brink in the nuclear confrontation. First, no matter who wins the election, the mullahs who actually control Iran will not abandon the nascent atomic project as it has become a matter of pride for the Iranian nation (and many of the clerics share Ahmadinejad's belief in ushering in the Mehdi by creating the chaos of the end times). Second, Ahmadinejad will almost surely win as educated, cosmopolitan Iranians who oppose him are widely outnumbered by Ahmadinejad's ill-educated, fanatic supporters. War between Israel, which can not afford to risk their survival on the wishy-washy West and now on America's leader who has suddenly pulled the carpet out from under the Jewish state, which has been left to Iran's devices by her erstwhile allies and whose very existence is at risk, is all but inevitable.

Monday, June 8, 2009

So Much Damage

The speed with which Barack Hussein Obama is overturning the old order is breathtaking. Obama promised change in his campaign and is delivering almost without opposition from the Republican party who seem content to watch their nation crumble and party disintegrate, preferring to criticize radio titan Rush Limbaugh and former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, an effective and combative Republican rightist, rather than thwart Obama. Today's crop of Republican and Michael Steele would rather engage in thrust and parry with the best and brightest conservative opinion shapers than stand against the "great leveler" or offer alternative proposals. The only Obama initiative that has been blocked so far is his effort to close the Guantanamo detention facility where some of the world's most dangerous men are being held. Democrats fearing some of these terrorists might end up in their districts, voted to withhold funds to shut the prison as a not in my backyard issue and weak as water Republicans who either do not know how to peel off any Democrats or are too lazy to make the effort on any other overreach to socialism, simply went along for the ride. If Republicans are so politically neutered as to usher in the racist, leftist Sotomayor without too much carping, if they sit quietly while Obama socializes medicine, if they allow industry after industry to be nationalized, what good are they as a political party? Perhaps, it is time for the few true conservatives in Republican ranks, tired of being slapped down by their numerous Republican in name only mates, to venture out and form a true down the line conservative party.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Battered Wife

Hillary Clinton was sent out to spout the party line that Obama has concocted as US foreign policy on ABC's Sunday morning laughathon. How much of Hillary's positioning is heart-felt remains an open question. Everyone is aware of our Secretary of State's marital problems with Bill where she gave as good as she got, a thrown lamp for an infidelity, allegedly. But the suffering Ms. Clinton endured goes much deeper. She may not be President today due to another adulterer, not her serial philanderer of a husband, but former North Carolina Senator John Edwards. Had Edwards not split some of HRC's vote away, she would have secured the nomination and been in the Oval Office today. Obama and Edwards made a Kennedy-Dodd sandwich out of her. Whether Hillary would be as strident against Israel is in doubt if she were not acting as the apostate Muslim Obama's subordinate. She would certainly have been driving down a similar road as Obama as was demonstrated years ago with her sweet embrace of Suha Arafat after the arch-terrorist's "wife" had just accused Jews of deliberate genocide of Palestinian children with poison gas, but perhaps she would have been traveling more slowly, rather than careening off a cliff and forcing Israel either out of existence or if Israel manages to stave off liquidation at the hands of Iran and/or the horde of Muslim Jihadists encompassing Hizballah, Hamas, al Qaeda, and their state terror backers, into an even worse and unjustified international pariah status. Obama and his proxy have crafted a strategy to comfort US enemies such as Iran and confront our ally Israel. Cynthia Tucker appeared on the panel on the same ABC program to damn Jews with the faint praise of the Jewish dual loyalty canard. She said that Jewish Senators and Congressmen had lined up in support of the President's policy to pressure Israel. What would be expected of any politician of the same party but to back his leader? Only Eric Cantor, the sole Jew left on the Republican side should Franken's manipulation unseat Coleman, be expected to oppose any policy set by our radical leftist leader. Any commentator who articulates a position as Tucker did, could be deemed an anti-Semite. For Jews in political office, as for other faiths, nation always comes first, except in America's Democratic party, of course, where all too often, party is the highest loyalty.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Greater Love

My father is not a man taken with sentiment. He has survived his four siblings. One of those, his only brother Martin was in the field artillery of the Virginia National Guard before it was activated into the Army of the US. Martin was lucky as it happened because he rotated out of the Guard and joined the US Navy as a corpsman where he was stationed at Bethesda Naval Hospital throughout World War II. If Martin had stayed in the National Guard, there is a high probability that he would have died on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, D-Day. The activated Virginia National Guard was the first to hit the beach at Normandy and sustained massive casualties, serving almost as cannon fodder for the Nazis to exhaust themselves on, before the US First Infantry Division, the Big Red One of the regular US Army cleared the beach. There were, of course, the Rangers, Reagan's eternal "boys of Pointe du Hoc" missioned with an impossible task. There were other landings, Americans gaining Utah without rivers of blood, Gold, Sword, and Juno with allied forces from blitz-battered Britain, Free French, occupied Poland (later so cruelly betrayed), and the Canadians avenging Dieppe, the rehearsal commando raid for D-Day two years before that left so many Canucks dead or captured, with the deepest first day penetration. There were also French resistance fighters risking all to assist with the liberation, and there were the pathfinders, paratroopers, and glider borne troops and their pilots. My father had volunteered as a glider pilot, been one of only four (4) out of hundreds to pass the glider corps academic test, only to find himself declared 4-F for a health concern. It is Lord's grace that I was ever born, as the glider pilots died in droves. Instead, my father served in the Civil Air Patrol, witnessing U-boat attacks off the Atlantic coast. Once in an antique mall, my father found a book, the honor roll of Virginia's World War II dead-not all of them from D-Day including his next door neighbor, a dentist's son with matinee idol looks who became a Navy pilot only to fall in the Pacific Campaign, Buddy Waddell. He read the ranks from Allegheny County, the little town of Covington, the home of his youth, and there among the musty tomes, I saw a tough man weep.

Friday, June 5, 2009

To the Wolves

Obama is an appeaser of the first magnitude and is ready to sacrifice Israel in spite of his tremendous level of Jewish support. Obama sees the Palestinians as beleaguered and oppressed kindred spirits in the struggle against an imperial, expansionist, colonial outpost without regard to the larger context of Israel's precarious survival, not merely against constant Palestinian terror, initiated not in 1967 when Israel acquired the so-called territories but even before the creation of the Jewish state in 1948. In 1929, the Jewish community of Hebron was massacred by their Arab neighbors. Pograms against Jews in the Holy Land originated well before this outrage. The Palestinian Liberation Organization, with its charter calling for Israel's destruction, which raised terror against innocents to a high art and was the precursor organization to groups like al Qaeda, was founded in 1964, three (3) years before Israel even came into possession of Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem. In any event, the Palestinian issue is not the heart of the matter. The basis of the conflict is Pan-Arab and Muslim rejectionism of the concept of a Jewish state. These nations, which dwarf Israel and which could easily have absorbed Palestinian refugees in 1948 as Israel did with the roughly equivalent number of Jews expelled from Arab and Muslim countries but have instead kept the Palestinians as stateless pawns to inflame hostility toward Jews, have been in a state of war with Israel since her creation. Only Egypt and Jordan have given up overt hostilities, but the peace that exists today between Israel and these neighbors is anything but warm with both Jordan and Egypt routinely denouncing Israel and Egypt largely turning a blind eye to massive weapons smuggling into Gaza. The Palestinians are cynically used by other Muslim leaders to divert attention from their own corruption and mismanagement, but do you really think leaders in places like Iran and Syria with little concern for the welfare of their own citizens, care so much for the alleged plight of the Palestinians (whose own suicide bombers caused Israel to impose the restrictions which complicate Palestinian day to day life)? Does Israel's claimed repression fuel the fire of Jihad in Kashmir? Does the tiny Jewish state cause starvation in Darfur? Obama's speech simply played into the hands of radicals who agree that if the Holocaust occurred at all that it is comparable to what Israel forces the Palestinians to endure and that Israel's very existence is artificial in the region rather than an organic and Biblically proven feature of the area with a continuous Jewish presence since the days of David even if it was made smaller by exile and forced diaspora. The Jews were granted that land by the Lord and no just American leader would ever try to separate the Jews from their one minuscule piece of land in a sea of Arab and now Persian Muslims who feel Koranically-commanded to kill them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Is Palestine

Palestinians were already granted control of their destiny in an area evacuated by Israel-that is the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians used that freedom to wage a civil war between the irredentist Palestinian Authority which is led by Mahmoud Abbas (who has the nom de guerre abu Mazen-every peace loving constituency should be governed by a leader with a "name for war") and the genocidal Hamas terrorist group which by far enjoyed the popular support of the Palestinian man on the street. In the event, Hamas won resoundingly first in the polls and then in the battle on the streets, murdering Palestinian Authority representatives and sending the survivors fleeing to the relative safety of Israel. What emerged in Gaza after the Hamas victory was a rocket-lobbing, hostage-taking nightmare for Israel. Abbas, the alternative to Hamas is himself a Holocaust denier, who spent years helping Arafat orchestrate his campaign of terror, aimed at eradicating the Jewish state. His intention is not peace, but the gradual elimination of the Jewish state, the primary difference between him and Hamas being, he is willing to present the pretense of a peaceful face to the West while destroying Israel while Hamas does not want to wait through any preliminaries. Neither Hamas nor the Abbas government is willing to accept even the existence of a Jewish state much less reach any lasting accommodation with Israel. Israel is being turned by Obama into the scapegoat for the hostility between Muslims and the rest of the world. The Israelis certainly sparked the Muslim problem in the Philippines, in Chechnya, in China, didn't they? The violence between Muslims and infidels couldn't possibly be because of something intrinsically bellicose and belligerent in the Koran, such as an admonition not to take as a friend a Christian or Jew or an exhortation to convert with the sword? The Muslim world will not make peace with the US until it is doing their dirty work by dismantling Israel piece by piece or destroying the Jewish state outright on their behalf, but that won't be enough for die hard Jihadists who will not rest until America turns her churches into mosques. No peace will ensue between the US and Islam until moderate Muslims, like those who in the recent past ruled Turkey, sweep the fanatics from the mosques, no matter what befalls Israel and the West. Israel prays for peace: unfortunately, there is no Muslim arbiter with real popular power among the Palestinians for the Jews to make peace with as even the West's peacemaker of the day, Abbas, wishes the eventual liquidation of the Jewish state.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Visits Masters

Obama is paying a call on the "overlords of OPEC" to receive further instructions on the sellout of Israel and if he is a Manchurian Candidate as I suspect, the betrayal of America as well. Perhaps we should rechristen him (how inappropriate for an apostate Muslim), as "the man from Mecca" since Obama seems to be representing the interests of the Wahhab instead of the protecting the precepts of our Constitution. We have a leader in the US who revels in apologizing for our own nation, the country that has liberated more people than all other nations combined, the country that protected the Muslims of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from Saddam's aggression and reversed his expansionism, the nation that rushed to stop Serbs shedding Muslim blood in Bosnia and Kosovo. Obama was weaned on "blame America first" as Jeane Kirkpatrick so aptly put the leftist madness of ignoring all our goodness and magnifying our flaws and Faulkner's "original sin" that we like almost every other nation held slaves until the national bloodletting of the Civil War expiated that sin in the eyes of many, but not in Obama's view which still casts us through the jaundiced prism of race-baiting, gender difference, and race hatred even generations after the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of 1964. America never was and will never be a Utopia, a workers' paradise as Obama is trying to reshape us, or any other kind of flawless entity. Every polity by the flawed nature of the men who form it, will have its cracks but the Republic we established is by far the greatest ever conceived by the minds of men. The Muslims who have displayed empathy for our so-called victims amongst their coreligionists should be apologizing to Obama that it took thousands of US dead to free Afghanistan from the misogynistic madness of the Taliban and liberate Iraq from Saddam-one of the world's epic autocrats with Stalin, Hitler, and Pal Pot. We have absolutely nothing to apologize to Muslims for, some of whom including many in the Palestinian territories handed out candy and danced in celebration after the September 11, 2001 treachery visited on my country. Mr. Obama, since you seem to love Islam so much, please renounce your claimed Christian faith, your office, your US citizenship, and just stay over there. That would prove your commitment to the faith of of your father(s) and save us from the destruction you are wreaking on a country you rule but evidently despise in the incarnation in which you rose to power and seem mortified to have to represent with our history of nothing but warts (to borrow from Cromwell). Allah Akbar and God bless America, Generalissimo Obama.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where's the Improvement

The last President Bush was mocked for considering his a divinely inspired mission, and for the certainty in his actions and the rightness of his cause that his faith brought him. Obama has just overseen the bankruptcy of two of the no longer Big Three, with only Ford remaining an independent entity. Unemployment continues to rise and if a Republican held the office, the media would say joblessness was skyrocketing. Foreclosures continue apace and home values plummet. Yet, the dinosaur media root for the President. The liberal elite rally around Obama and broach no Obama criticism. In normal circumstances, Obama would rightly be called a insouciant and dangerous leader (whether he is a domestic danger suspending rights or simply allowing foreign menace to go unchallenged). Obama is lauded for any positive, most of which happened in spite of Obamaism, not because of it. The stock market reverses some of its losses, and Obama is a genius and savior-many stocks were oversold and good values, the President did not revive the markets. Obama is a shameless opportunist who is capitalizing on a pliant media that bends to his whim, and the stupidity and arrogant ignorance of many of his supporters.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Riddance Tiller

An abortionist, who made a fortune preying on the most innocent, was killed as his presence soiled a church (no congregation that would tolerate an active, open mass murderer in its ranks should be called a church) on Sunday. He had terminated hundreds if not thousands of pregnancies. He is now facing the righteous wrath of the Lord with an eternity of damnation. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The media remarked on the baby killer's large family, ironic considering how many births never happened and how many children were never able to raise families of their own because of Tiller's actions. Some may suggest that perhaps, if the families of the murder mill owners felt as imperiled as the murderers themselves, there would be less abortion, but a civilized approach of changing hearts and minds is the course that the moral compass dictates.