Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Interesting Times

There is a Chinese curse "may you live in interesting times". Previous US administrations for generations sought to stop the spread of Communism in Latin America, fought Castro's influence, and turned back expansion of the Soviet sphere, even going so far as a shooting war in Grenada. Democrat presidents stood stalwart against the Reds with JFK and LBJ countering attempted insurgencies throughout their time in office. Only when Carter descended on the office, did the chimera of human rights begin to trump our commitment to anti-Communist allies. The United States has just shepherded back into office in Honduras Manuel Zelaya, a Chavista, a Marxist, and a wannabe president for life, against the wishes not of a military junta or power-grab coup, but over the objections of both the courts and legislature in Honduras who saw Zelaya stealing freedom and destroying the institutions of liberty to create his one-man rule. Zelaya was not some champion of the people as he has been portrayed in international old-line media, deposed in a coup of those trying to preserve their own entrenched power, but a dictator in the making- widely despised by Honduras' productive and educated class and manipulating the poor and illiterate to use as a lever to insert himself into Castro-type tyrannical rule. What Obama and the US State Department have facilitated is ultimately against the interests of democracy and the vast majority of the people of Honduras. As America foists an autocrat down Honduras' throat, our Secretary of State Hillary "Rotten" Clinton, explains to Pakistanis who have died in droves in suicide bombings and terror outrages, that Pakistan is not doing enough to fight terror (particularly al Qaeda) and that the Pakistanis must accept random death from the air from US unmanned Predator drone missile strikes which supposedly only surgically remove known terrorists. This lecture to beleaguered Pakistan comes at a time when our President Obama can not even make a decision on strategy, tactics, disposition of forces, and even if we will stay in the fight in what Obama himself called a "war of necessity" in neighboring Afghanistan. What Hillary is doing is telling people who live in the slums how to lead their lives, before she returns to her well-guarded mansion. Hillary does not have to live in that neighborhood, she sleeps in relative peace, comfort, and prosperity, while the Pakistanis she was lecturing do not know if on their next trip to market, they will face a Jihadi with a suicide bomb pack. How dare Clinton talk down to the people who have everything to lose because they took our side in the war on terror while her boss dithers on Afghanistan. Indecision is in and of itself a decision not to commit the forces necessary to win and at best, invites a stalemated war of attrition. Until Truman pulled the rug from MacArthur in the Korean Conflict, America won her wars. Our leaders had up to that point listened to their field commanders (with the notable exception of Lincoln, who juggled generals until he found U. S. Grant). In Vietnam, LBJ and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara micromanaged our tactics from Washington, imposed relatively restrictive rules of engagement, particularly on our air forces, and tried to dictate outcomes with limited information from thousands of miles away. Americans may finesse the end of our war in Southeast Asia by saying the North Vietnamese did not live up to their treaty obligations and that we did not lose the war- the South Vietnamese lost. Ultimately, we did not win that war and much of Southeast Asia fell to the carnage of Communism. Obama is unnecessarily repeating our mistakes from 1960s today in our war of necessity. We are living an old Chinese curse.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Out of Sync

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was interviewed on ABC by Jim Sciutto while on her contentious Pakistan trip. The voice track was out of sync to the video, like some poorly-dubbed 1960s spaghetti western. What a perfect metaphor for the administration's ill-conceived Near East policy, which threatens to abandon Pakistan and Afghanistan to the tender mercies of the Taliban, in fact the audio/video dissonance could reflect everything Obama is attempting. 

The Synagogue Attack

Until a suspect is apprehended, only speculation can be offered into the shooting at a Los Angeles' area synagogue that left two men wounded. There was talk that the evidently unprovoked assault could be a hate crime- to me an odious notion in and of itself- could there be such a thing as a "love crime"? I am well aware of the existence of crimes of passion, crimes of greed, and even random crime and believe the perpetrators should be punished for what they did, not whatever idea was floating around in their heads at the time of the offense. In any event, if nothing was stolen, no attempt was made to pilfer, and no demands were made to hand over valuables, it is probably safe to assume that the shooting was indeed based on the religion of the victims. The felon should be prosecuted for what he did though, not for the hate that motivated the action.

To Your Health

The details emerged of the future nightmare Nancy Pelosi conjured up for us with her Democrat coven in the US House of Representatives, as she hopped of her broom to present the public option break the budget and ration health care scheme. It is ironic that old stone-face Pelosi, an evident victim of Botox, let the cat out of the bag so close to Halloween as her appearance almost as much as the plan itself will scare the children. The death panels are there as some with insight and wisdom have termed them (starting with Sarah Palin) as even the AP mentions end of life counseling has been returned to the Pelosi offering. Reports now confirm health care businesses and medical device providers will suffer under new taxes to help pay for the plan. Abortion has not been removed as a benefit for which people of faith and conscience will be forced to foot the bill. "Hell care" is the most terrifying thing to come down the pike so near to Halloween since man's memory runneth not to the contrary.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Last Dinosaurs

The crawl on today's Good "Mourning" America on ABC stated that new jobless claims fell less than expected to 530,000, according to the Labor Department. So, the economy hemorrhaged another half million plus jobs, but Obama's media lackeys happily report first-time unemployment claims fell. No, according to simple logic and common sense, they did not fall an iota, a jot, or a piffle, they "rose" and to butcher a little Shakespeare "a rise by any other name 1s still a rise". We are in the Orwellian era of New Speak as George Orwell warned, entering an Obama-driven nightmare like Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. The wordsmiths who gladly shill for this administration are torturing and twisting language beyond all recognition, and believe me words matter, since the time of unintelligible grunts and pictographs on caves, they have been how we convey ideas, present information, and exchange facts. The New York Times has the surpassing insult to language with the use this week of "opposite-sex marriage" on the old-gray lady's pages which before the decline unto death represented the paper of record in this country. There is heterosexual marriage and then there is perversion of that institution with mocking and perverse acts. This insult to faith and tradition would be like the New York Times comparing a Satanic Black Mass to mass at the Vatican, but what would you expect from a paper employing so many out male homosexuals and probably so many suffering from AIDS-related dementia that they could have their own corporate med-room. The three old-line TV networks are little more than purveyors of agitprop for the most leftist governance this nation has ever suffered under, and with their newspaper fellow traveler compatriots, they have offended vast swathes of the American body politic that no longer watch or read their propaganda but turn to FOX, talk radio, and Drudge. You can offend most of the people most of the time, but soon you will no longer be a viable commercial entity. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Idiots' Soiree

Reporters on the dinosaur networks are genuinely aghast as they describe the mounting casualties in Afghanistan. This growing carnage was to be expected when Obama ramped up mission tempo and objectives, while tightening the rules of engagement to a level under which US forces have never been previously constrained. War is no international friendly or cricket test match but the second most cataclysmic effort man can initiate, with loss in war being the first. We and the Pakistanis are combating a ruthless, relentless, fanatical enemy, ready to sacrifice themselves with the joy of expectation of seventy-two virgins, and we have not encountered this level of dedication in an enemy since it took two atomic bombs to subdue Japan with her ethic of hari kari, seppuku, and kamikaze in 1945. War against Islamism and jihad is winnable, but victory will only be attained by serious leadership that places absolute value on American blood and no value on the blood of our enemies- the ethos that took us to victory over the Empire of Japan. You can never successfully seek common cause with "moderate Taliban" which is itself an active oxymoron or buy off their loyalty. What will they do when the money runs out? The only way to end the carnage is to show the enemy that further violence is futile as it will only lead to total destruction, not merely for the terrorists themselves, but that their family names and existence will be purged from the earth.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Blanket Indictment

Leadership is not foisting an unpalatable measure down the throat of an opponent, but providing the logical reasoning to demonstrate the advantages of your plan. The Obama administration was to be both post-partisan and post-racial. In the event, Obama has proven to be viciously partisan, excluding Republicans, except when a handful of Republicans in name only are brought along for political cover. Obama does not hear the voice of dissent against his agenda, instead preferring to dismiss and diminish "teabaggers" (a deliberate reference to a sexual act meant to demean the most) and "racists". No, opposition to Obama could never be reasoned. Obama gratuitously inserted himself into the Henry Louis Gates' case in Cambridge, without knowing the details or seeking out the facts- yet those who demur from Obama worship are the racists. Obama refuses to seek victory in Afghanistan, allows chaos to re-emerge in Iraq (one hundred and fifty plus killed in a twin Baghdad suicide bombing), threatens the mainland by importing Gitmo detainees that pose no threat to the heartland while caged in Cuba, stifles job creation and economic growth while creating an all-encompassing government, and lies through his teeth all the while ("health reform will not add one dime to the deficit"- I guess it is all how you parse the words- a trillion dollars is after all not a dime, "unemployment will not be permitted to rise above eight percent" while it now hovers at least at the artificially low figure of ten percent). Obama would unite us and the world would again love America- has not quite worked that way, with a leadership that reflects the brilliance of  Jimmy Carter and the honesty of  Bill Clinton. The US is being led down the primrose path by an angry hyper-partisan racist.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Debt Ceiling

The Obama administration, rapturous with celebration that would hold its own with Nero, is giving "raise the roof" a whole new meaning. While unemployment hovers near ten percent, some economists, factoring in discouraged job-seekers and those whose benefits have already run out, contend the true rate of unemployment is six percentage points higher. With the foreclosure crisis continuing to defy Obama's stimulus fix and many millions upside down on their mortgages (they owe more than the current value of the home), the fiscal catastrophe is being further exacerbated by the Obama administration's spending spree which is accompanied by a mad grab for power that will enable Obama, his bureaucrats and minions to intrude into, influence, and even control aspects of your lives where hitherto, decisions were your own, from the energy you consume (that cap and trade could alter) to your medical choices (that health care reform could take out of your hands). Obama is letting us eat cake (that we and our future generations will be paying for) and raising the national debt limit by three trillion dollars. The Obamaites attempt a built-in excuse, citing the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush administration which raised the national debt limit to ten trillion dollars. So what is a mere three trillion dollars more mean between friends? The Obama crew is deliberately dismantling the nation as we have known her. Obama's social engineers are busy assailing marriage as the cultural norm that has bound society together with the family as the basic unit with pickaxes carving out homosexual union. The Congress has just attached a special protection measure for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered to an unrelated defense appropriation bill that perversion-advancer Obama will gladly sign into law. Abortion on demand is law of the land with Obama carving out easier access to family-planning services (read foeticide) and forcing those who oppose it on religious or even humanist moral grounds to pay for it in the new "hell care" plan. The few members of the fourth estate that dare question face concerted attack with FOX News being brought under the Obama administration microscope, Rush Limbaugh excluded under Obamaite pressure from normal commerce (purchasing part of an NFL franchise), and with Mike Savage, an independent conservative firebrand talk show host, forbidden from entering Great Britain on a list with murderers and terrorists because he had the temerity to question establishment politics. No one in the US government has spoken on behalf of Savage who even if you disagree with him, should enjoy the rights and protection of every other US citizen. The patrimony of America and more broadly, the West, is under assault, with the ivory tower elite in academia dumbing down the curriculum by supplanting the traditional canon of Western Civilization, with Third World nonsense. Today's didacs largely believe nothing of validity or value has ever been created by dead, white men. Our roots as a Christian nation (and I say this as a believing Jew) are being undermined by Obama's leftist handmaidens and the ACLU with their cadre of Marxist professors behind them, falsely claiming deists had a significant role in the founding of our republic. All but a couple of the Founding Fathers were deeply believing Christians and those who were not as faithful still followed Judeo-Christian moral constructs with both the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution being framed with great consideration being given to Biblical precepts. Obama tears at traditional morality (even seeking to end don't ask, don't tell to damage the good order and discipline of our overstretched military), insults Christian believers (those gun and Bible clingers), and finds American exceptionalism that has liberated much of the world and fed the rest, to be something worthy only of deep mortification and constant apology, particularly made while the President is abroad. Our forefathers hewed out a divinely-inspired, exceptional enterprise that has so far lasted as our United States of America. Obama is determined to change us after his own image and he is delivering the transformation he promised with astounding alacrity, from erasing our patrimony, to squelching our liberty, to devaluing our currency, which raising the debt limit advances, Obama denies noble heritage and contribution unmatched by any other nation. I am in no way sanguine that legitimate election will be allowed to reverse this course of decline, noting the Franken "victory" in Minnesota's US Senate race, the dubious election of Washington state's Democratic governor, the non-intervention of Federal authorities in Philadelphia, where members of the New Black Panther Party intimidated whites in the last Presidential election to keep them from the polls, and the reach, scope, and evident corruption of ACORN and other similar vote-manufacturing organizations that the left will facilitate even if ACORN is curbed. Obamaism is self-perpetuating and accomplishing the left's demented goals. "As strong as the dollar" used to be uttered with pride. Soon our children and grandchildren will know the dollar which in our time was the world's reserve currency as toilet paper. Our nation which was the beacon of freedom will become the toilet.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

George Will's Transition

George Will had been a reliable conservative, not shaping modern doctrine like William F. Buckley, but reflecting the reasoned positions of the right as one of the all-too few voices from my side on network television. My how George has recently changed. While he is not yet leading the leftists that populate ABC's news division in a rousing chorus of "The Internationale", he now joins the leftist rag, The Nation, in advocating withdrawal of our forces from Afghanistan. The consequences of such a retreat would be devastating, completely eroding our friends' faith in the US, as we have asked our allies to sacrifice their own blood and treasure to assist us there, to then simply abandon the effort ourselves. A nation must be credible in her commitments to allies and must inspire fear in enemies. The US lost the quality of fear in the Blackhawk Down incident in Mogadishu that led us to leave Somalia with our tail dragging and allowed Osama bin Laden to dream he could perpetrate a 9/11 and get away with it. George Will used to be a hawk. With age and the ravages of time, like one of the fathers of American conservatism, Barry Goldwater who in his dotage, favored gays serving openly in the military, saying "I don't care if they are straight, so long as they shoot straight", George Will has morphed into a shadow of his former self. Whether Will is posturing for a new contract with ABC, trying to regain relevance as the FOX news crowd passes him by, feeling his last drop of testosterone drip away, or simply a victim of poor reasoning, we can only speculate, but it is sad to see a bird who once soared with the eagles, scratching around the barnyard with chickens.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chavez Bans Baths

The unctuous BBC presenter, with his feminized little mannerism, reported on Venezuela's tyrannical Hugo Chavez banning baths as "counter-revolutionary". Chavez has taken a nation which enjoyed relative if uneven prosperity and turned it into a socialist nightmare of shortages and blackouts, in spite of having Latin America's largest proven oil reserves. Unlike Castro's Cuba, Venezuela has no US boycott to attempt to blame her economic downfall on, only the implementation of a central planning, collectivist economy can be the cause. Chavez has had no trouble punishing Venezuela's job creators, the formerly rich who in many cases, have picked up roots and physically fled the country to escape the growing repression. A rising Marxist has no trouble knocking the wealthy off their perch, but this in no way raises the level of prosperity for the rest of the people. Sinking a yacht, never raised an ocean. Every nation on earth has strata of classes and up to this point, rising in America has been easier than anywhere else. Even North Korea has a privileged class, even if it only embodies the Dear Leader and his immediate courtiers.  A couple of years back, after President Bush spoke at the UN in New York, Chavez rose to the podium and notoriously said he "smelled sulfur". Chavez claimed the US leader had left the trail of the devil behind him. Now, we know it was merely the three minute shower Venezuela strongman imbibing his own emanations. Venezuela's decline should be instructive to Americans, Obama can certainly tax the rich into misery here but that will only diminish prosperity and bring us closer to the standard of living of a Cuba, Venezuela, or God-forbid- Zimbabwe. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Prescription for Disaster

The US Senate is moving ever closer to joining the House of Representatives to pass a health reform plan with a public option. The public option will crowd out any other option as the government will have three advantages. First, government will set the rules, which will obviously be geared to the government's benefit. Second, the government will be the arbiter of compliance with said rules. This is like having a sporting event where your referee is actually a member of the opposing team. Third, the government does not need to show a profit or even have the government option be revenue neutral. Unlike any business, the government, with its monopoly of force, may simply raise taxes to pay for their competing option or print more money from the Treasury's overheating presses that are already working overtime to feed the inflationary demands of Obama's ever-growing government. Along with failures on the foreign policy front, the domestic destruction continues to tear at struggling households and public option will only exacerbate the average family's plight. So too will cap and trade legislation, meant to fight global warming, now being termed man-caused climate change as growing skepticism was beginning to torpedo warming claims. Cap and tax will add to the burden of the beleaguered family budget with no measurable effect on the environment which answers not to man's intervention but God's intention. The effort is simply one more way to separate you from your money and limit your freedoms, being pushed by vested interest promoters who stand to make billions if cap and trade passes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Government's Promises

 In the wake of the H1N1 "crisis", the US government said it would deliver 120 million doses of vaccine to staunch the coming "pandemic". In the event, they have delivered 13 million doses, just over ten percent of what was promised. With Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius looking like a female Dr. Strangelove or a character out of Mel Brooks or ready for Halloween testifying before Congress on the vaccine lag and unanticipated shortage, it looked as though the former Kansas Governor and late-term partial birth abortion facilitator had run into one of Obama's unnecessary appendix-removing quack physicians who did an eye-job on the Secretary when they could not find any limbs they could yank off of diabetics to grab that big government reimbursement check. The government has proven it can not successfully administer a program as simple as vaccine distribution. What hope do we have that they can run our health care better than the existing fee for service system, where eighty percent of the people already have medical insurance and the majority of them are generally satisfied with the plans they have? Obama's flacks have blamed an "antiquated" system for producing and delivering vaccine. This claim is pure nonsense. Obama and his propagandists know what has thrown a wrench in the works of vaccine production and subverted plentiful supply for years has been trial lawyers sway over the Democrats that permitted lawsuit after lawsuit that made vaccine production not worth the manufacturers' troubles. Vaccine was never a long-profit item and many producers quit, rather than having to litigate or settle after any adverse outcome. Congress long ago could have provided immunity to the drug companies but was in thrall of attorneys at the expense of the health of the rest of the nation. Lawsuits killed the supply chain that had made ample vaccine, readily available in a timely manner. Obama's minions' promises mean very little except for those that ultimately threaten our freedoms and our very lives.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Infatuation with Evil

I well recall how Daniel Ortega was feted by Democrat politicians and stars when Reagan was President and was attempting to reverse some of the Soviet gains in Latin America (and Afghanistan and sending our proxies to fight Cuban "advisers" in Angola). In Vietnam, Jane Fonda became the most notorious celebrity to embrace the enemies of her own country and hearten the onslaught of evil by the Communists in Southeast Asia who would go on to murder millions. American entertainers would have never cleaved onto Hitler during World War II but since the sixties, our celebrities and luminaries of stage and screen have praised leftist thug leaders and revolutionaries the world over. Democrats in elected office have made or attempted common cause with implacable enemies as Teddy Kennedy made outreach to the Soviet Union to resist Ronald Reagan. Our universities are rife with open Marxist professors and administrators while conservatives on campus often have to hide their beliefs. It is little wonder that the Oliver Stones, Michael Moores, and Sean Penns of the world have pushed for Obama and Obamaism. They and their fellow travelers only think Obama has not taken us far enough to the left with sufficient haste. 

Faith, Hope, Carnage

Daniel Ortega, the one-time Sandinista leader ran for Nicaragua's presidency on a rehabilitated image that he had put radicalism and violence behind him. With much help from Hugo Chavez and international leftists, the new and improved Ortega won, with promises to maintain the institutions of democracy in the once war-torn Nicaragua. The kinder, gentler Marxist revolutionary showed his true colors by recently altering the law to allow him to hold on to power by removing term limits. Nicaragua, like Venezuela, find themselves with presidents for life. When freedom is stripped away, lovers of liberty naturally resist. So contras or some new incarnation of rebellion may well arise. No dictator that ever rose through a more or less democratic process ever revealed the true nature of his plans. Hitler did not say he would wage aggressive war, attempt genocide, and ultimately ruin his own country when he offered himself as a candidate to lead. All the excesses may have been in his mind but only became apparent later. In America, we are facing a leader who craves power and is rapidly consolidating it. Who knows where Obama may take us? I only know there are no benevolent dictators. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

War of Necessity

Barack Hussein Obama campaigned on the premise that Iraq was a war of choice, where under his leadership, the US would quickly withdraw our forces, while Afghanistan was a war of necessity- the good war where at all costs, we must maintain the fight. As President, Obama reformulated strategy and put in place his own commander, General Stanley McChrystal- a master of counter-insurgency techniques from a special forces background. Obama and the general concluded that our footprint in country had been too haphazard with the Afghan people damaged over and over again by our forces who were there after all to liberate and protect them from the al Qaeda-shielding Taliban. A troop surge was initiated and tighter rules of engagement were imposed on our forces whose mission tempo and objectives increased. Obama would pacify and protect larger swathes of the country where the Taliban held sway. Our casualties by necessity, skyrocketed and Obama lost his nerve, his faith in his hand-selected commander, and started to equivocate. He has dallied on sending the additional forces that his field commander and military advisers say can stop the slide. Afghanistan has been transformed into a chaotic debacle. The ultimate irony will be if Obama abandons Afghanistan to her own fate and that country becomes a jihad Wahhabist state, particularly when the US imposed a fight against the same  reactionary forces of Islam in neighboring nuclear-armed Pakistan that neither the former military government nor the civilian/secular government that replaced it wanted to fight. Obama will pull up stakes and preserve our forces while keeping those who live in the neighborhood in relentless danger with women losing all human rights and subjecting us ultimately to much graver danger as he shows the US to once again be a casualty adverse paper tiger as was demonstrated years before in Somalia. We will fuel jihad the world over and hearten those we are trying to defeat by projecting weakness when what we most needed to show was strength. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Stay Medusa's Hand

Alternate title: The Triumph of All-encroaching Government Over Good Sense-  Even some of George W. Bush's most steadfast supporters, who also reverenced civil liberty, were concerned about the Patriot Act and certain intrusive aspects of intelligence gathering that involved domestic spying. Basically, these skeptical citizens trusted Bush but feared what those in the field might do and what a successor of Bush might do with these powers, especially if he (or she) was less scrupulous than Bush was perceived to be. Barack Hussein Obama has already arrogated considerable, unprecedented power to himself (he fired the head of GM) and is proposing even more massive consolidation of authority with health care reform and behavior modifying legislation in the guise of climate legislation. If one concedes Obama's intentions are innocent (which I am not prepared to do), think of the damage a less noble successor could do with all that new found ability to alter the way your family consumes energy and if you and yours have ready access to medical treatment or if you will have to worry that some statement you make or made in the past or some political position someone in your family may have taken might be enough for some unknown bureaucrat to deny care. We are already in jeopardy of our medical privacy being violated with medical workers ignoring HIPAA to sell the records of celebrities. Law enforcement and IRS personnel have been known to snoop where they have no legal right to be and what assurance do we have that when government is more expansive, that forays into our business will be either innocent, legal, or limited. Relinquishing the last vestiges of economic freedom to the global climate change hoax about to be perpetrated in Copenhagen will put paid to the prospect of robust recovery as cheap abundant energy has always been key to a growing economy. Untold damage may befall us when the government centralizes control that much more. Time is running short, call your Congressman and two Senators today and tell them man-caused global climate change is a hubris-driven myth and a money and freedom grabbing racket. Tell those who supposedly represent you in Washington that they must oppose all five versions of health care reform floating in Congress and any permutation of these plans that will lead to the rise of public option "hell" care. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is Afghanistan Salvageable

As inconceivable as it sounds,Afghanistan could be allowed to fall back into the grasp of the Taliban. President Barack Hussein Obama contributed to our problems in that nation by saying that he was "uncomfortable with the idea of victory" there. Once a Commander in Chief announces that, for the sake of the troops and their families, orderly withdrawal of forces must begin. If you are not there to win, you are squandering blood and treasure- you are wasting lives. In the Afghan conflict, multilateralism has failed again with our allies in NATO refusing to bear the burden of cost and sacrifice that we sustained for fifty years saving them from Soviet domination. When the US day of need came, our allies were found lacking. France, according to Sarkosy will not send "one more troop". Britain will send a mere five hundred, so long as their role is limited to serving as trainers of the Afghan government forces. Afghanistan herself has descended further into political chaos with an election just as disputed as the one in neighboring Iran. It is hard to say our forces are there defending democracy when there is none. Obama is even equivocating about sending the number of troops requested by his handpicked military commander there, General McChrystal. I can not endorse the humiliation of my own country and just wish we had a leader who was determined to triumph- regardless of the cost/benefit analysis. Afghanistan can not fall back into a failed state sanctuary for terror. Even as fighting escalates as the Pakistani military offensive pushes more jihadists across their border into Afghanistan, putting even more pressure on overstretched American forces there, we must resolve to pay any price for victory.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dollar's Death Spiral

Is a rise in America's stock markets a harbinger of good times ahead? While the surge in stocks beats having their nominal value go down, it does not mean recovery is here. The dollar is losing ground against foreign currencies and commodity prices are rising with gold at an all-time high and oil nearing eighty dollars a barrel. Our stocks may be up but our purchasing power is losing ground every day. Dollar-denominated assets are a curse with inflation inevitably creeping in and a real danger of Weimar or Zimbabwe level hyper-inflation facing America as Obama turns our currency into toilet paper with his spending spree that has our Treasury printing presses overheating. If our economy is improving, where are the jobs? Why are there levels of unemployment hovering around ten percent, which would typically be the measure of a grim recession? What Obama is doing with his socialist overreach is not the recipe for prosperity but for disaster. 

Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Different Realities

When the last President Bush was in office, senior citizen members of activist groups complained that they were getting "chicken feed" in their cost of living allowance increases that were tied to the rate of inflation. The larger checks were called an insult to seniors by the dinosaur media. Now, under Obama, Social Security recipients will not even receive this- there will be no c.o.l.a. at all this year, only a pittance of a single $250 check, but because a Democrat is in office, the senior activist groups and the old-line media will only remark on Obama's generosity and beneficence, singing his praises, while if Bush were still President, they would say he was starving our most vulnerable citizens and demand Bush provide those who had paid in to the system their entire lives and sacrificed so much for the country be given the dignity of their golden years and given meaningful subsidies from our government. In the hands of our liberal propagandist dinosaur media and leftist so-called non-partisan activist groups, Democrats are praised when in the very same circumstances, Republicans would be damned. 

Burst the Balloon

I have delved into popular culture more than is typical on this forum recently and more than I would like, but I can not resist commenting on the balloon incident in Colorado yesterday. Either the parents are self-indulgent, face-time seeking, desperately negligent fools, or the fiasco was deliberately staged to get them fifteen more minutes of fame after the reality show cameras had departed as they had already appeared on the Wife Swap program on network TV. Either way, criminal charges could eventuate as lives were jeopardized and at least thousands of dollars of public money were squandered on an unnecessary rescue attempt. 

Transcend the Individual

The travail visited on Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage has broad societal implications for our own freedoms, from the liberty of the law-abiding to travel, to commercial freedom to buy and sell legal goods and services as one pleases, to that most essential freedom of all- speech. In each case, no violent act has ever been deliberately inspired by the right-wing orator, yet each is set upon and treated extraordinarily as a criminal. If a leftist were so mistreated for merely speaking his mind, he would become a cause celebre of the rest of the media and of so-called rights activist groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, but because these men champion conservative causes, these advocates of open discourse for everyone but the right are silent. Limbaugh and Savage are the canaries in the mineshaft of our eroding liberty, our right to speak and even think freely dying- being killed- before our eyes. The left is imposing censorship without the US government having to actively silence anyone, yet speech is chilled as those fearing the same outcomes begin to edit even their own thought process and political correctness emerges the victor over our liberal traditions (in the best sense of Jeffersonian liberality) and our Constitutional guarantee of free speech. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stand With Savage

Rush Limbaugh has been dropped from the syndicate attempting to purchase the St. Louis Rams, so, unless he is willing to put up more money to lead a competing group in attempting to buy the team, there is little conservatives can do to assist him as he fights the travesty of smears against him (beyond continue to listen and learn from the hard truth his radio show delivers). Michael Savage though, is just beginning his fight over being placed on a list with actual killers, who are banned from visiting England by inclusion on a "least wanted" list. Savage was apparently placed on the list largely as a Jew to balance the large number of Muslims on the list, which is comprised of terror supporters and Russian skinheads. The least those who venerate freedom can do, is visit Savage's website and sign his petition against the injustice to which he was exposed. 

Barbarians Torch Teen

I was aghast moments ago when I heard the story of a blond Jack Armstrong-type All-American boy being doused with alcohol and set alight by a gang  of at least five, led by an Hispanic and having at least two black members, gleefully and unrepentantly,  avenging the victim's report to the police of a stolen bicycle by an act of attempted murder.  The victim was critically burned over more than sixty percent of his body. This heinous cruelty could have come straight out of South African "necklacing" but occurred in Florida. The perpetrators must be tried as adults and the full weight of justice must be brought to bear upon them. If not, similar acts that repel, that shock our very humanity, are sure to follow.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shut Up Now

Rush Limbaugh has been driven from his attempt to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams and owning part of an NFL franchise. Michael Savage has been forbidden to enter Great Britain and even excluded from a Cambridge debate to which he had initially been invited to participate in by tele-link after his entry ban. The left has sought to deprive conservatives of prestige, power, position, and even their voice. Limbaugh was forced to defend every remark he had ever made, and more insidiously, remarks others made that were falsely attributed to him. Savage was placed on a list with actual terrorists and convicted murderers for the crime of speaking his mind on borders, language, and culture. Neither radio host threatened any violence, attempted in any way to inspire or instigate crimes, or harmed anyone. The left lauds anti-American speech and the most outrageous claims about Republicans, particularly the last President Bush. The Dixie Chicks and Charlie Sheen were feted precisely because of their inflammatory anti-Bush remarks. When you bash America from the left, it actually elevates your career and opportunities. On the right, you had best bide your words and bite your tongue or find yourself a victim of this new inverted McCarthyism where people are blacklisted for their rightist convictions and involvements. Liberals believe in free speech only for people they agree with and of course, the vile pornographers on whose filth they subsist in their not so private lives.

Our Very Lives

On today's Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos assessed the five health care reform plans circulating in Congress, including the one that passed the Senate Finance Committee yesterday, and concluded that they all had three common aspects. The one that should be the most troubling is cuts of "hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare" to pay for the rest of the plan. This will no doubt result in diminished service for senior citizens, who will also face restricted access with care delayed or denied, either through outright rationing as a cost-saving measure or because the forty million newly insured will lengthen lines for the finite (and shrinking as many doctors will quit rather than work under the new government strictures) number of American doctors that much more. These reform bills will devastate seniors, yet they are endorsed by the young professional lobbyists running the AARP against the interests of the members that they supposedly represent. As regards union membership whose leaders have widely backed reform, they too will face the doctor shortage and despite assurances  from Democrats and union bosses that they will keep their generous plans under any reform, the insurance that they have won as a negotiated benefit is generally operated and administered through a private insurance or mutual  company and when all these companies have to meet government standards where government is setting the rules while aspiring to become a competitor through public option triggers, you can bet the private entities will a be put in a position where by necessity, they fail, leaving only one all-encompassing government administered national health scheme that union members whose support will have been vital in passing it, are thrown on the same sinking boat with the rest of us. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Blood Purge

The Republican Party needs to define itself. The GOP may be liberals and moderates like Olympia Snowe  (who again sided with Democrats today- this time to give us Obama's "hell" care) dooming it to electoral oblivion, where voters so-inclined can cast their lot with these watered-down socialists and shadow radicals or vote for the full-on socialists and radicals of the Democrat Party. This weak-kneed brand of GOP politicians thwarted Reagan in his attempt to institutionalize conservatism and have made common cause with Democrats ever since, claiming to never let the perfect be the enemy of the good while destroying both their own party and our nation.  The Maine delegation in the US Senate, Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, my own Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, and our presidential candidate of late,  Arizona's John McCain, all embody this compromiser wing which will end the party and  are helping Obama corrupt the nation. Republicans following this map to self-destruction will spawn a conservative third party if they win the day and hold the party, or conservatives in the party in the mold of Reagan need to emerge, revolt against the traitors in their midst, and reclaim the party for the small businessmen, the self-employed, the professionals, the middle class aspiring to go higher and banish these usurpers from their ranks. This cleansing could yet come and save the country.

Like a Duck

Contrary to popular belief, George W. Bush was not culprit in chief (as the hysterical left sadly succeeded in characterizing him in the minds of far too many) and Barack Hussein Obama is no saint despite more media manipulation in Obama's favor than I have ever seen. In spite of the dinosaur press rooting section, enough skepticism remains that many citizens reject Obama's evident Marxist impulse that goes against our morality, our history, our traditions, and the ideals of our founding. Those who resist the leftward slide believe that if Obama uses the jargon of "inequality" and "social justice" like a Communist, if Obama's schemes fly in the face of logic and our patrimony like the plans of an acolyte of Marx, if Obama's government essentially assumes control of our largest banks, insurance companies, automobile corporations, and angles to control the twenty or so percent of the economy that encompasses health care, he is a Marxist. With so many socialist tendencies, with scary anti-freedom fascist leanings, and still spouting the rhetoric of class envy, resentment, and warfare, Obama is far beyond the relatively benign middle European socialist that at best I feared he could have become. I had hoped the cooler heads in his party would prevail- moderates, Southern fiscally conservative Democrats known as Blue Dogs, and those who saw the great damage outright radicalism was bound to lead to, that they would see the need to talk sense to Obama and restrain him, but they have all climbed aboard Obama's burn all the bridges behind us bandwagon of subverting America as we have loved her. As I feared, the Marxist in Obama has won the day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Warning Bells

The US President thinks the universe revolves around him and this type of thinking permeates, creating a situation a nation can not long survive. I read in a Reform Jewish periodical an essay about "what God can learn from us"- what a level of asinine arrogance. Some believe they are such powerful individuals that their decision not to switch on a light can prevent climate change. PBS aired a program about craft in America that showed an institution meant to give destitute immigrants in Boston a marketable trade in the crafts a couple of centuries back still thrives today; however today's students seemed to be largely super self-absorbed denizens of the upper middle class- a sort of mid-life career change yuppie. One of these precious people was crafting fiddles which he claimed were only one millimeter off Stradivarius' tolerance. Comparing his work to the greatest violin maker ever is like saying my Edsel is just like your Bugatti- they both have wheels. When a country is beset with such pride, a fall is inevitable. From our Nobel President, whose award never fed a hungry child downward, many Americans need to get over themselves.

Merchants of Venom

Rush Limbaugh needs me to defend him like a grizzly bear needs a lobster bib. Rush has turned the smear merchants sent to destroy him into gnats on a pachyderm. The buffoons are an inconsequential nuisance. NBC snooze wanted some attention and ratings so they sent Jamie Gangel to try and trap Rush which was way beyond her ken. She asked Rush if he was a "racist". I have never seen a network reporter ask overt racist Al Sharpton if he is a racist and his stoking the fire of race killed in Crown Heights and at Freddie's Fashion Mart. Racial incendiary Louis Farrakhan has never faced the race question from a network reporter. Rush Limbaugh has always praised like-thinking black conservatives often quoting Thomas Sowell on his program, having Walter E. Williams frequently fill in as a guest host, and praising J. C. Watts. What Rush opposes is obvious to even the most casual listeners- it is not based on race or religion- Rush loves the US and is trying to save America from leftists, black, white, or green.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

That's Global Warming

America is seeing record cold and snow at the start of fall that puts light to the lie of global warming. The flimflam men pushing the con have had to alter the name to "man-caused global climate change" since warming could be disproven, but they would not let this tiny fact stand in the way of them gaining power and more control over others' lives and never forget, enriching themselves beyond belief. I had termed their agenda "hoax" and "myth" and cracked it up to hubris until I saw the vast amounts of money promoters like Gore are making from the scam. There is nothing noble in the effort. It is base, selfish, and mercenary. The "green" is all about the dollar with corporations like GE and opinion-shapers like Al Gore conspiring to bilk the public and deprive them of freedoms. This environmental power and money grab leads to simple honest folk being exploited by the sharp, the slick, and the angle players. Fight the schemers.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Criminal Courts

Ideally, courts dispense justice. Repressive regimes have long used their courts as a mechanism of control over their people. In America, our highest court is currently deliberating whether a small cross erected in 1934 as a memorial to World War I dead may remain in place in 1.6 million Federal acres of the Mojave Desert. The case in a Godly country founded Providentially by believers to be that New Jerusalem, a sanctuary from persecution that sheltered all different faiths by never adopting an official state religion, is now mimicking the godless Soviets and subsequent murderous Red religion-free nightmares that followed and filled the void left by trying to banish God with unrepentant slaughter. The American courts are largely populated with political judges who follow the caprice of the international elite. Even when the issues before the courts are decidedly local, judges are producing a parody of justice. Two cases near my home illustrate this point. In the first case at a pizzeria near my home, two workers were murdered in a robbery where a former employee schemed with his friend and their two girlfriends to gain some quick cash. The disgruntled former worker was convicted of pulling the trigger, but his buddy who provided the gun and drove the getaway car was acquitted and in America's system can not be tried again because of the concept of double jeopardy. In this case, both victims were white and the two who have so far stood trial were black. If the races were reversed, and blacks were victims and whites perpetrators, Federal authorities would rapidly swoop in with hate crimes and violation of civil rights charges. In the other case, a father in the nearby community of Franklin, Tennessee was one of the rare males to win sole custody in his divorce over his Japan-born wife, who was granted unsupervised visitation despite the father's multiple warnings to the court that the mother at an early opportunity would take the children and flee to Japan, which in the event, is precisely what she did. Now, the father languishes in a jail in Japan after journeying across the world and making it to the gates of the US consulate before being detained by Japanese authorities for kidnapping his own stolen children. Now, he will see if justice exists in Japan, as it seems so sorely lacking here with crosses covered, crushing good and rewarding evil in our ACLU and free OJ courts which in family law almost always favor women, where social workers can break apart families and seize children themselves based on suspicion that is often not borne out by the facts and where state care is almost always worse than whatever neglect or abuse the children faced in their parents' care. Now the Obama administration punishes thrift, rewards sloth and government and courts mock our most basic civilizing values and seek to undermine our most deeply held beliefs with our Congress set to send Obama a special measure of protection for homosexuals that he will sign into law. When law does not protect or meet just demands, it is only a matter a time before some beleaguered citizens arise to take matters into their own hands.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Left's Parallel Universe

Admiring Barack Obama as he soared above we mortals, up with his peers to the heights of Olympus (though he failed to land the Olympics), I just had to reflect on the composition of the modern liberal. First no one is ever willfully poor, or even in poverty due to condition or circumstance. They are impoverished because of the selfish and evil enterprise known as capitalism. Sloth does not exist and differences in performance are not due to differences in genes or work ethic but an oppressive white male Christian patriarchy that has deliberately kept the other down. Our external enemies are only against us because of our excesses and Israel is the cause of all violence and friction in the world. The Nobel Committee's actions are perfectly rational- a bunch of leftists rewarding a radical (Obama) who is bent on destroying the last superpower (America). The irony is Obama has largely continued many of the previous President Bush's policies, but when Barack does this he is beloved, while Bush was despised. Obama has many international friends who want to see the US weakened and realize Obama is mangling the economy in ways not seen since FDR. Obama may believe he is President of the world, but the reactionary forces like Islamism know Obama is a joke and are preparing to deliver a tragic punchline.

Obama Uber Alles

Barack Hussein Obama has transcended mere personhood, and is beyond the status of JFK as hero and icon. To those impressed with the young President, he has taken on the status of avatar, beyond flesh and blood, Obama is a symbol. Just imagine how much acclaim he would receive if he actually accomplished something positive for the world or though he feels he represents so much more than the country that elected him, actually did something substantive to improve conditions in America, but actually doing something to better the people's plight or the soldier's struggle are not even on Obama's agenda. Obama has risen above such petty concerns as the economic well-being or safety of his countrymen. He is focused on gathering more garlands while enhancing personal power and perks for his elite backers and cadre of Washington friends. After all, what good is a little medal from Scandinavia without consolidating rule for he and his forever.

A Shiny Bauble

The Nobel committee further diminished itself today by rewarding Barack Hussein Obama, the embodiment of internationalist, arrogant elitism, with the Nobel Peace Prize, for his sophomoric, dangerous, Utopian idea of nuclear disarmament, which incidentally would leave his own country at the mercy of bad actors such as combined might of Muslim state armies and most notably Communist China. Obama will now join such distinguished company as unrepentant father of modern terror Yasser Arafat as a Peace Prize recipient. Obama fits perfectly with these one-worlders who seek to abandon national borders and enforce their will over we mere peons with the bureaucrats they employ who support their agenda of doing our thinking for us. We here in flyover country still wonder at the lack of achievement of Obama who was in the US Senate for one hundred and fifty days before he declared his campaign for President. Obama and the cabal behind him had managed to remove all substantive opposition in his previous successful campaigns by legal trick, smear, and rumor and those orchestrating McCain's counter-campaign were liberals themselves who did not want to be seen as being too hard on young Barry. So into the highest office he is thrust unprepared and in way over his head, but look at the pretty smiley and little gold stars teacher put on his paper.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ms. Abortion USA

Kathleen Sebelius loves us so much she has to illustrate for us the proper way to sneeze. She is putting her weight behind the health care reform out of  her innate charity and decency, not withstanding the fact that she was a huge recipient of pro-abortion funds and her state housed under her favor and protection one of the few providers of partial birth abortion, the late but not lamented Dr. Tiller. Yes, she loves adults so long as they do not over-utilize care. She just does not like the unborn so much. 

Split the Baby

In trying to nuance the situation in Afghanistan, Barack Hussein Obama is not being solomonic, just cowardly. Instead of confronting Islamism in all its dreadful forms, Obama is seeking an accommodation with at least some elements of the Taliban to avoid having to deploy more troops to that theater. Obama is separating the Taliban Afghan nationalists from the al Qaeda terrorists who staged 9/11 and are purportedly trans-national and representing many nations. This is hogwash. The Taliban are Wahhab misogynist murdering madmen, largely indistinct in their hatreds and intentions from al Qaeda. The Taliban were willing hosts to Osama bin Laden because they are kindred spirits whose objective is the annihilation of infidels. While their aim is more local, the Taliban did not quibble today in a suicide car bomb attempt to blow up the Indian embassy in Kabul. And there is a broader jihadist ethos beyond these Sunni Wahhab that is still part of the same struggle as the distinct but deadly Shia extremists must be combatted whether in Iraq or Iran as that nation seeks to initiate nuclear domination. The Obama administration seeks to show us all the gray area to hide their cowardice, lack of commitment to the mission, and sell out of the troops on the ground who are being deprived the ability to win and sadly increasingly to even survive. The war was never merely against bin Laden but against aggressive Islamic expansionism that seeks to turn the world back to the seventh century. Obama's cleverness will result in perpetual war with Americans living under the constant threat of terror until an American leader who actually wants to win is installed. There is no half-measure substitute for victory.

A Glaring Omission

Last night PBS NewsHour correspondent Paul Solman continued the dinosaur media's sales pitch and snow job for the Obama universal "hell" care scheme. Solman enjoyed a free trip to the Netherlands where he chronicled the wonders of the Dutch medical system, but failed to mention the widespread practice of euthanasia, where in some instances, doctors make the decision to end life unilaterally, without approval of patient or family. The Dutch have no doubt enjoyed great cost savings by terminating so many lives prematurely and have even coined the euphemism "termination of the patient without explicit request" to describe patient murder by way of involuntary euthanasia. Should anyone be surprised that Solman and the rest of the old-line propagandists for Obama have made no effort to ferret out and report this startling fact about another allegedly superior health care system? America beware, if Obama passes his public option care scheme, this could be where we are headed. Footnote: Source-"Euthanasia in the Netherlands" by Hermina Dykxhoorn originally in Christian Renewal and accessed through

Fallacy and Failure

ABC kicked off last night's evening news broadcast with a story about notorious youth violence rocking Chicago and Obama's response of sending in his Attorney General and education secretary. The first words uttered about the city's tragedy by an emergency room doctor were a denunciation of guns. It is a lack of values, not the presence of firearms that have caused the violence. Chicago has already imposed about as tight a set of restrictions on legal gun ownership as exist anywhere. Nationally, the possession of firearms by minors is illegal. In Chicago, the possession of firearms is virtually restricted to everyone but law enforcement. With this gun prohibition, the law-abiding have had to relinquish their ability to protect themselves while armed felons, who after all are criminals who by their nature ignore and defy law, run rampant, able to do as they will on a whim, knowing the limited resources of law enforcement, literally allow them to commit, if not get away with, murder. Chicago's struggles should conclusively prove the futility of stripping good and honest citizens of their ability to defend their rights, life, and property. Scofflaws run riot over well-meaning Chicagoans who have followed the law. The next story on the ABC telecast demonstrated the failure of the welfare state in Detroit. A Federal program lured those most suffering from the economic crisis to that city's convention center to endure their own mini-Hurricane Katrina hell in hopes of gaining additional government support. People fought in line for their handouts and fainted in droves. Police and ambulances were summoned and arrests were made. Will Obama be subjected to the Bush treatment and accused of gross negligence in Detroit as the last President was in New Orleans and surely would have been in this incident were he still president? The dependency state, that Obama is bent on advancing, forced the black father from the family and has been catastrophic for our country and ultimately fed the crime that we have seen in Chicago by removing the discipline and structure of the two parent household. If the family stayed together and the father was gainfully employed, they were not eligible for generous government benefits, but if the father was chased from the home, the door was opened to AFDC and welfare checks, thus creating perverse incentive for single motherhood and contributing to the dissolution of the black family unit which prior to the early 1960s had been the bedrock of the black community and had helped create a black middle and professional class, even under the adversity of Jim Crow and segregation. Liberals, trying to help, with only the best intentions, destroyed those they were attempting to assist. Now, liberals want to help us all with health care. Do you think we can really afford much more help?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Deep Chasm

As the Democrats rally around tax cheat New York Democrat Representative Charles Rangle and Republicans in South Carolina are mortified by their adulterer in chief Governor Mark Sanford, there is a great temptation to tell the two major national political parties "a pox on both your houses", but the stakes are simply too high for the disgusted voter to disengage. The lapses in ethics and personal moral conduct certainly insult the dignity of office but are a pale side issue when contrasted with the great gap that exists between the rhetoric of the political class, their campaign promises versus the action they take once in office. Even a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch lampooned Obama's failure to keep his campaign commitments made largely to placate his leftist base. Even when promises are kept, they are often to the detriment to the people that they were intended to help. Take the War on Poverty that America's citizenry lost. The fight really took hold with LBJ's Guns and Butter and was only reformed slightly for the better with Reagan and his welfare to work and the Bill Clinton's welfare reform to which he was dragged kicking and screaming by the 1994 gained Republican majority in the House and additional GOP gains in the Senate. Obama though wants to roll the clock back to the Johnson era, albeit with vastly more inflation adjusted dollars being directed to form an ever growing dependency class. Already states are breaking under the weight of their welfare roles and the burden of providing services, including expensive medical care to illegal aliens (to whom the Obama administration has thrown in the towel in hopes of having them be permanent members of an underclass of no-I.D. check Democrat voters). Instead of fostering keeping families together and a strong work ethic, Democrats with some liberal Republican backing are swelling the ranks of the dole whose parasites will soon outnumber the producers in society. This is a disaster and will spell the end of America as we have known her.

New Blue Line

The "thin blue line" has always had a double meaning. The benign definition was the police as the force for good, standing between the law-abiding and the chaos and destruction of criminality. The second sinister meaning suggests the "us" against "them" mentality and "we" always stick together to advance and protect our own, and this second insidious definition also could characterize today's political class. That is why so much bad law is being passed, (as we have seen in the protect incumbency McCain-Feingold speech stifling travesty) as those in power seek to perpetuate themselves in office, vouchsafe their privilege, and advance themselves, their families, their colleagues, and those who offer them the most inducements by way of lobbying or in the Chicago fashion of plain, old graft. Too many in D.C. and even local politicians regard the voter as a sucker, nothing more than a revenue source, a spoiled whiner making demands, and an enemy, who does not deserve to be represented but does merit being taking advantage of- such is the contempt of the politician for the public. Neither party is immune with those in power sticking together to shaft the taxpayer and trick the voter. Sadly, there appear to be no statesmen to rise above politics and self-interest and "honest politician" seems in far too many instances an active oxymoron.

A Parochial Presidency

A fable: Father Damian railed against the drunkenness, fornication, gambling, and general carousing in Father Kelly's parish after Father Kelly had been called away to Rome. Father Damian even complained that the publican in Kelly's parish even had jazz music on the Victrola, although no member of the flock had ever told Father Damian that. Father Damian was soon too called away to Rome. President Obama has dispatched his Attorney General Eric Holder and his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan urgently to his hometown of Chicago (incidentally a disarmed city where legal possession of a firearm by non-law enforcement is virtually impossible) to combat that city's growing murder crisis. Chicago is no more bloody than Philadelphia but that city is not Obama's home and Pennsylvania's Democrat Governor Ed Rendell even had the temerity to initially support Obama's rival, Hillary Clinton during the primary. Perhaps, Killadelphia, the city of brotherly butchery has a better class of criminal, mostly smart enough not to post their barbarous handiwork on You Tube, but it seems that the Obama administration regards urban slaughter in Illinois as more worthy of their consideration and attention than bloodletting in the Keystone State. The Obama administration does not even bother to tell Pennsylvanians who voted for Obama in equally large numbers as Illinois to take cover- they can just drop dead.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Angry Right

In the 1960s, with inner-cities ablaze and the American college campus afire with anti-Vietnam fervor, "the angry left" became a buzz word. Today, a tide is rising in America that brings home that sixties sentiment but this time from the right. With the left firmly entrenched in elective office, the right feels the corridors of power are closed to them. With Republicans and Democrats both seemingly only interested in protecting their perks, not representing their constituents, certainly not advancing our power or sovereignty, and certainly not abiding by the US Constitution, a multitude in the land feels they have no voice at all and no redress for grievances. We feel disenfranchised and the political class proves it is only interested in protecting itself. In the health care debate, the Democrats sink to a new low by specifically excluding Congress from the plan that they are going to impose on the rest of us. Both parties have steadfast adherents to the hoax of man-caused global climate change with almost all Democrats and far too many Republicans willing to trade freedom and the potential of a return to cheap energy prosperity, legislated and regulated out of existence to grease the palms of large corporations (GE comes immediately to mind) and cronies. There are of course many leftists ready to follow the Obama party line, and still some of the ignorant, afflicted with apathy, but many Americans are waking up and they are growing in their ire as they see our foundational freedoms, our economic self-determination, our borders all torn asunder. 

Limits of Power

Appeasement never buys peace. Appeasement only buys time for a gathering threat to become fully fledged. Today's looming threats, Iran and North Korea have the will, are ruthless, and are developing the means to menace neighbors. Like Hitler, these mad regimes have the potential to be unbelievably destructive. Had Hitler's foes confronted him with the threat of serious military force when he militarized the Rhineland, conducted the Anschluss, or entered Sudetenland, World War II and its accompanying carnage likely could have been averted, but the lesson is lost on Obama. The "grand democracies" (the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea) still have vast military resources capable of extinguishing the threats, but lack the will to use them. Even in our somewhat weakened economic position and with Obama's cuts in defense budgets, the US still spends more on her military than the combined gross national products of Iran and North Korea. With a pacifist fantasist in charge who truly believes in nuclear disarmament, it is doubtful we will ever get our money's worth from massive American defense appropriations and instead of thwarting burgeoning fanatics and crazed neighborhood bullies, we will allow them to form their evil schemes to dominate the world, deferring our own security interests to worthless and useless multilateral bodies such as the UN and the IAEA. By craven inaction, America and her allies are going to cause, not prevent, a third world war.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Labor of Love

More US troops have given the last full measure of devotion in the war in Afghanistan that Obama is mismanaging. The leftist polemicists on some of the Sunday shows even questioned whether we face a "day of the generals" and that those opposing Obama's tactical and strategic failures and dereliction need to be quickly batted down. McChrystal, according to radical shrew Katrina Vanden Heuvel, needs to be reminded that the military is under civilian leadership and suggests Obama even faces the semblance of a coup d'etat. Our forces, even before Obama tightened rules of engagement, were not in Afghanistan to conquer or subjugate or kill indiscriminately. There were and are no resources in Afghanistan we want or ever wanted. We went there under Bush not for vengeance or against the Afghan people, but to free the Afghan people from the tyrannical grip of the Taliban who ran a misogynist Wahhab murder mill, repressing women and destroying the patrimony of other faiths. Of course, the primary casus belli was the fact that the Taliban sheltered Osama bin Laden, facilitated the September 11, 2001 unprovoked carnage against America, and then refused to eject or hand over bin Laden and al Qaeda, even after bin Laden proudly took credit for the attack. Americans on the ground in the fighting are there because of our inherent goodness as liberators, for the love of humanity, and primarily not because of chauvinism, nationalism, or jingo, but because our beloved homeland came under monstrous sneak attack.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Keith Olbermann Boob

I enjoy watching the occasional football game much more than risking life and limb playing in one. I happened upon the pregame to Sunday night's football game to hear avid Bush-basher and anti-conservative commentator Keith Olbermann, who ruins sport for many of us, introducing the NFL's "breast awareness campaign". He quickly corrected himself to say "breast cancer" but the Freudian slip may have revealed yet another big media pervert to join Letterman and Polanski in a small way in the ignominy of the last few days.

Paranoid Conspiratorial Ramblings

While I am gratified to occasionally find my subject lines near the top of GOOGLE or GOOGLE blog rankings and almost invariably in the first few pages of GOOGLE rankings, I find it curious that my profile views state that only 250 people (approximately) have visited that page. Just as the search function mysteriously fails to help me find material that I know I have written in my own somewhat copious blog, and I know I was kicked out of the GOOGLE Ad Sense revenue sharing program through no fault of my own, I do not feel the least bit delusional in believing certain forces at GOOGLE are manipulating conservative blogs to deliberately diminish them. If any other voices of the right feel that they have been subjected to this uneven hand, please comment here and/or correspond with me through the email link on this page ( Perhaps, we can combine effort to combat whatever liberal injustice is being dished out against us.

Shown the Way

Europe is rejecting her socialist overlords, with Gordon Brown's Labour Party about to be chased from power and Angela Merkel leading resurgent capitalist tax cutters in saving Germany. The International Olympic Committee demonstrated that you can say no to Obama without going blind or being swarmed with avenging angels. All blocking the incipient socialist rise in America will take is a little political courage by so-called moderate Blue Dog Democrats and wavering Republicans, not the kind of elan our troops our manifesting facing bullets and bombs, but a simple no vote on public option socialized medicine can preserve what so much blood was shed to gain. Let capitalist free enterprise and the market work- return our prosperity and save our fundamental liberties and foundational freedoms.

Home Under Siege

While the assault on the Constitution and the takeover of the economy by the central planners remain grave dangers, subverting parental authority poses the greatest risk. When Bush was President, expanding Head Start and mandating pre-K instruction seemed benign enough. Though studies have shown that any academic gains from these programs quickly evaporate and that the students who participate are performing at or below the level of non-participating peers by the middle elementary years, few would fault Bush for his good intentions, but the secular humanists, who have assailed God in the classroom and who have so much sway in the courts with such fellow travelers as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Obama appointee Sonia "Soviet" Sotamayor as Associate Justices on the US Supreme Court, and homosexual advocates now in control at the highest level, the apparently innocent actions Bush took to advance early instruction, taking toddlers out of the home, seem far less innocuous. Obama's Safe Schools czar Kevin Jennings is an open homosexual who advocated a fifteen year old high school student continue a statutory rape relationship with an adult male he had met in a bus station bathroom, and only suggested the use of condoms as a measure of prevention of disease, neither reporting the crime to law enforcement as was his duty in loco parentis or urging the victimized boy to stop. Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education, and Obama himself both want to extend the school year by eliminating summer vacation and ending long blocks of time off from instruction under the pretext of making American education more competitive, which will further erode the weakened hospitality and travel industries, but more important, remove that much more parental control. In a conference in Latin America. Obama's friend and political mentor Bill Ayers, one of the founders of the Weather Underground terrorists and the man in whose home Obama launched his political career, praised the Marxist education system in Cuba and Venezuela. By all appearances, with parental influence being curbed and even legislated against as abuse, even worthy of litigation by children against their own parents, a similar system of state control by way of indoctrination of the young, is where we are headed if the crowd in charge are not ushered out of office starting with the 2010 elections.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sons and Daughters

I foresee a time when children in the state schools, which will be the only schools, meet with lawyers and social workers to plot and orchestrate lawsuits against their own parents for "religious indoctrination" at home and "brainwashing" in the home against the state, which is the logical extension of the statist madness that is gripping the left and with which they are trying to poison the country. The time is now for a multitude in this country who have seen the praise Barack Hussein Obama videos and know where this can lead not to say "no", but "hell no". We will never permit you to do this to our children. You will not turn them into automatons with loyalty only to the state.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Touch of Arrogance

The abject failures trying to run our country said famously: "We are the ones we have been waiting for". The world has evidently found them wanting. Elect a Third World leader, get third-rate outcomes. At least they will not be counting the kickbacks and congratulating themselves for the Olympics. Think of all the slums, land, and property options, Obama's old Chicago cronies thought they could profit on but will now have to eat. I would love to pass some salt for their wounds.

World of Damage

Obama failed to secure the 2016 Olympics for Chicago. Unemployment is at its highest rate in the United States since 1983. The war goes well for the Taliban. In matters economic, Obama's socialist agenda has drilled a hole in our ship of state, disabled the pumps for fear of environmental damage the fuel used to operate them would cause, tossed the bailing buckets overboard, and given us a cracked thimble, made in China to flush the water out with- in the interest of fairness and to protect the oceans, Obama would not want us to drown a delta smelt. Whether Obama succeeds or fails, he is doing incalculable harm. Why would the Olympics want to come to a country so sorry that all Obama does is apologize for us anyway?

Iran Plays US

Persians invented chess. Today's Persia, Iran, has strung the world along for years as tremendous national resources are devoted by the mullah regime to develop a nuclear weapons capacity. Ahmadinejad and those in Iran's military leadership have repeatedly said Israel's days are numbered. The US under Obama is not being duped having heard Iran's repeated public declarations against "the Zionist entity's" existence but risks being actively complicit in the destruction of the Jewish state by allowing Iran to use the ploy of negotiation to advance their weapons program which Iran sees as a final solution to Jews in the Middle East. The Iranians recognize that Obama is weak and has no desire to confront them. Israel must realize that Obama is more concerned with the fate of three American hikers (incidentally real leftist twits whose stupidity and naivete put them in their situation of captivity) than the continued viability of the Jewish state. Israel must act decisively against this existential threat because in Obama, Iran does not have an opponent but an accomplice.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shovel Ready Graves

First time unemployment claims soared 551,000 this week, with more Obama prosperity sure to follow. Obama promised shovel-ready jobs as if we were still a grand agrarian economy as we were at the time of the Great Depression. The vast majority of those doing construction and road work in my neck of the woods have been Hispanic illegal aliens for the past decade- not boys fresh off the farm, ready for hard physical labor who instead today sit behind video game screens and have never lifted a hand tool. But there is work being done, Americans are dying at unprecedented levels in Afghanistan as mission objective and tempo increase while rules of engagement remain restrictive. Obama is indecisive as to tactics and strategy there when decision is called for, so Obama dallies and more graves are dug. Add to this the pending rationed public option care scheme, and our cemeteries will be hiring. Sadly, the funeral directors will have plenty of work.