Friday, October 31, 2008

Discomfit and Demonization

Republicans for years have been subjected to charges that they wish to starve children and kill old people, that they despise the environment (Republicans breathe the same air and drink the same water), and are inherently racist. George Bush has appointed more minorities to high positions than any previous administration. Black Republicans have been vilified with Secretary of State Rice being pilloried in a disgusting cartoon. Black Republicans are called Uncle Tom and Oreo. Governor Palin is hanged in effigy in West Hollywood. Virtually all criticism of substantive policy differences directed at Obama has been called racism by Obamites. I would not vote for a socialist of any race but would gladly vote for Alan Keyes, Ward Connorly, Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice, J.C. Watts, or any other number of conservatives who happen to be black. Obama said he would be a post-racial candidate but has used claims of racism as a panoply muting his opponents. Never has a candidate been asked so little seeking an office that means so much.

Iran's Suicide Bombers

Iran has of late threatened to attack the US. The author does not dismiss this as an empty threat from what Obama has characterized as a "tiny" country. I well remember the humiliation of America at the hands of the Islamic Republic. Remarks by Khamanai and Larijani must be regarded with the utmost seriousness. Senator McCain will not be cowed by the threats of fanatic theocrats and unapologetic terror sponsors. He will stop them. Obama has promised he will negotiate with them without precondition. Which candidate do you trust with the safety of your family?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Media Polemics

Last night, Obama aired his infomercial filled with sob stories and vacuity. This 30 minute cliche was greeted as holy writ by the paleolithic media. ABC's Terry Moran had a candy-eating grin as he waxed delight about Obama but turned dour when discussing McCain. Elizabeth Vargas behaved as a if a skunk had entered her tent with an expression of contempt on her face as she interviewed personable, approachable, earnest, and capable Sarah Palin. Network media flacks must sit in front of mirrors to practise the countenance of antipathy for Republicans and the smiling visage for Dems. President Bush is greeted with dripping sarcasm and overt hate by entertainers such as Letterman and his audience. For those who follow Judaism, the name Haman from the Purim holiday evokes hisses and the use of a rattle noisemaker to show him as the embodiment of evil. So, it is with Bush. There is a conditioned response that Bush is evil incarnate. The media has so poisoned public perception that the leader who has kept us safe since September 11 is regarded as a dunce. Obama who is hailed by Terry Moron-not a typo, Stephanopolous, and the rest is no genius. He said there were fifty-seven(57) states. He clearly does not understand that his tax increases will stifle any chance at economic recovery. He said in his ad last night that to improve education he will spend more and pay teachers better. What needs to be done to fix education is to restore discipline to the classroom and accountability to teachers. Allowing competition to government schools with vouchers will also help. Republicans are not perfect, but Obama is no Messiah.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Venom and Vendetta

Obama claims he will unify the country, but his surrogates have viciously attacked journalists or even citizens who have asked him (Joe the plumber) or Biden (Florida reporter Barbara West) questions that are not as servile as most of those the Democratic ticket has faced. If Obamites are this vindictive before they monopolize power, think how dangerous they will be once they have. The government records of an everyman Ohio plumber have been accessed in an attempt to discredit him. This tactic is not rare for Democrats. In my home state of Tennessee, a politically connected highway patrol officer was caught using similar shenanigans. Somehow Barbara West's familial relations become grist but this was never the case when Ted Koppel's daughter worked for a Democrat campaign or for the many other mainstream media lackeys with deep and longstanding Democrat connections. Can you say Stephanopoulos? In New York and Hollywood, entertainers praise Obama on high, but should they deviate and enunciate conservative opinions, they had best do it quietly or look for work in another field. It is reminiscent of the USSR where you did not have to be a member of the party, but you did not have to eat, hold a job, or not be sent to a gulag either. Can you trust a fox to guard a chicken coop?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marked by Deceit

Obama is elusive about his past and conceals what he will do to America in the future. He is a closed book. Obama relishes the power of the Presidency. McCain recognizes the awesome responsibility of the office. Our liberty was forged in fire and paid for with blood but once lost, may never be regained. To his supporters, Obama is a blank slate on which they project their ideals. To his skeptics, Obama is the rookie that they fear. Do we want a crypto-Marxist neophyte who craves authority and prerogatives or a tested patriot?

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Lemming Nation

Obama supporters are a strange and sometimes thoughtless lot. African Americans were said in one poll to be backing Obama at a rate of 98%. Some commentators have suggested this is natural but would it be deemed natural or wholly racist if whites followed McCain in equal numbers. Some Obamites back the junior Senator because they work for government and realize his huge expansion of government will feather their own nests. For similar reasons, those on welfare back Barry. White liberals filled with guilt for slavery and discrimination that ended decades or a century before they were born will cast their votes with Obama. A Vanderbilt student knocked on my door recently, canvassing the neighborhood for Obama. He was white, well-dressed, and evidently upper middle class. After engaging him briefly, I asked him why he was working for the Obama ticket. Giving me a wounded look suggesting how could anyone not back Barack, the young scholar declared, "Because he's cool, man!" These are the ignoramuses that will put Obama in the White House.

Merchants of Menace

Democrats were reported this weekend to be attempting to block bonuses to executives of firms involved in the Wall Street bailout. This makes sense as they were culpable for the risky practices that led to the bailout in the first place, but Democrats also wanted the rescued companies to cancel dividends which often punishes investors who had no say in whether the companies delved in to exotic vehicles on the sub-prime market. Democrats have called investors "speculators" diminishing what they were doing and even President Bush has parroted them. Many of these so-called speculators were buying and holding their shares for decades relying on the dividends for large portions of their incomes. They were not casino-type gamblers in a get rich quick scheme. They too were misled by executives who suggested these companies were financially sound and not at risk. Weep not for corrupt executives but wail for your 401K.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nefarious African Connection

Obama has assisted Raila Odinga in his election attempt in Kenya. When Odinga lost, his response was to try to seize power by force. His tribesman began to murder members of other tribes who largely supported his opponent. Power-sharing was enacted to stop the bloodshed. Odinga is evidently a cousin of Obama and a friend of his late father. Odinga reached an accommodation with Muslims to force Sharia law on Kenya. Can Obama with relations like this be trusted with the reins of US power?

Welcome Police State

Certain civil libertarians criticized the Bush administration for eaves-dropping although these efforts seemed focused on stopping genuine terrorist threat. There are already extensive camera networks monitoring movement in major metropolitan areas. Even in small towns, red light cameras have become an ubiquitous generator of traffic tickets and the funds they generate. Most Americans have not squawked about these intrusions because in spite of some Bush hatred, the heart of the nation has realized Bush was actually trying to protect the country. Obama is an unknown quantity having been in the US Senate only 143 days before launching his Presidential bid. His allies like Tom Harkin have tried in the past to remove Rush Limbaugh from armed forces radio, and just last week, Senator Jeff Bingaman demanded the return of the Fairness Doctrine. Silencing the opposition is the hallmark of dictatorship. Technology from CCTV to the RFID chip have made universal surveillance possible. National ID cards are coming perhaps as something as benign as a card with all one's health records to facilitate efficiencies in Obama's national health program. National conscription may further erode liberty-a draft to ensure that middle and upper class America sacrifice as much as the lower classes who Democrats misperceive serve disproportionally now. National service of some kind will be required of America's youth. Obama threatens liberty-there are no benevolent dictators.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

An American Stalin

There is a tyrant in the weeds/ Claiming he will care for all your needs/ Beware of his plans and deeds/ For he was raised on Marxist seeds

Enforced Austerity Measures

Alarmingly, Obama praised Red China during this summer's Olympic games. He said we should emulate aspects of their country. Which parts, the author wonders? The suppression of the press, censorship down to even the level of what people browse on their computers, the seizure of Tibet and its violent occupation, the denial of basic religious freedoms, the forced abortions and sterilizations, the execution of more prisoners than the rest of the world put together, often arbitrary and after torture forced confessions, and for the purpose of harvesting their organs for sale to foreigners. Or does Obama merely want to copy their smog reduction methods of permitting motorists to drive their vehicles every other day based on odd or even license plate numbers. I would say Obama would seize on this under the rationale of fighting global warming. Obama has many other opportunities to deprive our most basic freedoms. He is an ardent proponent of abortion on demand going so far as to vote to prevent care of newborns who have survived abortion attempts. After September 11, 2001, Democrats and media members (often one in the same) asked what sacrifices we could make to advance the war effort. President Bush was mocked for saying we should spend. Obamites seek to punish us for what they see as our lives of excess. They will employ any canard to increase their own power and use it to lessen our freedom. Ever more invasive emission regulation will cripple our industry. We will lose the right to do as we chose with trees on our own property; indeed, we may lose the authority to own land at all. America is not a developing nation asking the World Bank or IMF for a handout, but under Obama, we will find, to paraphrase Fritz Hollings, "there was too much consuming going on."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Silenced by Sedition

Previously, the author has discussed the use of the Orwellian Fairness Doctrine and hate crime laws to dampen public resistance to the coronated Obama. Now, the spectre of the use of sedition charges to gag opposition has reared its head. Sean Hannity said he is ready for his yearly retaliatory audit if Obama wins. Perhaps, he should be more worried about an ad hoc firing squad. Some Obama supporters are quick to violence. A Democrat poll worker at a nursing home in Ohio has already allegedly attacked her Republican counterpart, and two days ago a rock was thrown through the window of a Republican campaign office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Black Moriahes filled with Obama opponents headed for re-education or execution could roam the streets. Already, Senator Boxer has threatened war crimes charges against Bush when her cabal takes power. A Code Pink freak tried to arrest Karl Rove for treason. The far left wants to treat the Bush insiders like Nicolae Caeusecu. These people are dangerous now; give them real power they will be terrifying. So, speak now or forever hold your piece.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boutique Blend Gasoline

The author witnessed the evaporation of Nashville's (his hometown) fuel supply in the wake of hurricane Ike. I saw a gas line a mile long stretching from Kaya's Belle Meade station, evidently the last one in the city with gas. When investigating how this calamity could befall, the author discovered that the refinery that produces Nashville's EPA-mandated blend had been damaged by the storm. Yes, three grades of unleaded are not enough for the air-testing bureaucrats. They insist communities customize like a cup of Starbucks driving up the price and narrowing the availability of an already scarce and expensive commodity. Many of the cars in Nashville are tourists or commuters who bought a different blend of gas somewhere else. The air-quality effort is a failure with smog alerts throughout the year and warnings for those with respiratory problems virtually all summer long. Instead of mandating dozens of different fuel blends, the government should create a standard and then approve the rapid production of new refineries to produce it. It's gasoline-not gourmet coffee.

Voter Suppression Efforts

Democrats allege systematic attempts by Republicans to thwart the turnout of black voters. Blacks have indeed been blocked from voting by Orval Faubus, George Wallace, Bull Connors-all Democrats. In the last two elections, the Democratic party has gone out of its way to contest military ballots cast abroad figuring correctly that those serving the country in uniform would largely vote against them. Ohio's Secretary of State has thrown roadblocks up to Republican absentee balloting while going all the way to the US Supreme Court to open the voting booths to 200,000 of the 600,000 new registrants whose names, addresses, and social security numbers did not match assuring that many fraudulent votes will count. Would that there were real literacy tests in the lingua franca of the nation for voters and a requirement for the ownership of real property. That way only engaged stakeholders rather than semi-or illiterate parasites who know enough to vote for the party that will expand their cut of the dole would be able to determine our futures. This, of course, will never happen.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The New Camelot

Obama and family have been compared to JFK and his clan. The "Obama Girl" song became a media sensation. But are the Obamas really good-looking? Every time I see the Senator, I can't help but note that he has the green hue of Gaddafi or a movie Martian. Michelle looks like a male cross-dresser. They are no Jack and Jackie. I can just see the Obama daughters tossing pangas on the White House lawn.

The Palin Wardrobe

This morning, ABC's crawl declared the Republican party had spent $150,000 at Saks and Neiman Marcus on Governor Palin's campaign wardrobe. This revelation is curious as the author recalls no such scrutiny directed at any of the male candidates. Nor does the author remember the cost of any of Hillary's dykes-r-us pantsuits being exposed during her failed effort for her party's nomination. The author vividly recalls how CBS reported that Cindy McCain's outfit and jewelry worn at the Republican convention had cost over $300,000. CBS later had to retract the figure as McCain's clothes were off the shelf and her pearls fake. Where is the media examination of the Obama campaign extravagances? As far as the broadcast networks and CNN are concerned, as the Democrats splurge at the Waldorf with campaign funds-"let them eat cake."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Capitalism, Socialism, Priapism

All America is having a hard time.

Seats of Erudition

Pundits are dissecting the financial crisis and the responses likely to mitigate it. Many of the ideas they propound are useless. In the run-up to the Iraq war, many military experts were advancing the notion of a bloodbath in Baghdad. There would be a siege comparable to Stalingrad and thousands of US casualities. Thankfully, in the event, losses were light. In fact, less American troops have died in the occupation of two countries than the beacons of brilliance thought would fall taking Baghdad. Economists are no more capable of predicting the future than anyone else. Government over-reach, criminality in the mortgage industry, and a profound lack of personal responsibility by many borrowers have exacerbated the downturn. Not everyone needs to own a house. There is no shame in renting, and contrary to the Obama campaign, those foreclosed upon are not in most cases immediately homeless, with taxpayers already providing Title 8 and Section 22 housing subsidies. Even in hard times, the path to wealth remains working hard, delaying gratification, and hoping the government does not get in the way.

The Bestiality Boys

Obama has derived tremendous support from the homosexual community. David Geffen is a backer. Quark founder Tim Gill and Geffen are attempting to subvert the traditional morality of the nation. It is not that America is not already tolerant of alternative lifestyles. Americans of all political stripes are inundated with pornography on their televisions and through their internet connections. We are force-fed a diet of programs which would have produced obscenity convictions fifty years ago. Most people care not a wit what consenting adults do in privacy but to place the imprimatur of the state on homosexual marriage and adoption, to place gay-friendly curricula as early as preschool, and to force religious organizations to hire people who openly flaunt their profligate relations is demented. Ultimately, like Hebrew National, America will have to answer to a higher power.

Immune from Reason

Many Obamites are voting without knowing who or what they are voting for-nor will any argument have any suasion. There is a herd mentality among some Obama voters. According to surveys, ninety-five percent of blacks will cast their lot with Barry. Nothing McCain can offer will ever change their minds. Inconceivably, a poll from NYU was released today saying two-thirds of Jews will affirm the junior Senator. Sadly, hope and change for Obama adherents mean envy and resentment. Obama's economic plan will not foster prosperity but his tax surge will punish thrift and industry. African American voters have consistently supported Democratic candidates even when those politicians have embarassed them in office-Marion Barry for example, but blacks will march in lockstep with the poseur like never before. The Jewish loyalty to this particular aspirant is puzzling as questions persist about Obama's position on the Jewish state. Alfonse D'Amato and Rick Santorum were the best friends Israel ever had in the Senate, but Jewish voters helped cast them out. Let us hope that in the coming contest, most voters are not impervious to logic.

Ivory Tower Idiocy

In the last dispatch, the author mentions the leftist ethos permeating most campuses. David Horowitz has documented and battled the abuse and intimidation by faculty, administration, and school-sanctioned organizations. Speakers including Ann Coulter, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Horowitz himself have been physically assaulted when attempting to speak at universities. Genocide promoter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who this columnist affectionately calls Mad Man in love with Jihad or Lunatic besmirched by God) was welcomed with open arms and standing ovations at Columbia University. Ward Connerly who bravely fought to end racial preference set-asides (affirmative action) is a campus pariah while euthanasia (read murder advocate) Peter Singer is a hero to the radicals running education. The problem is not merely a handful of luminaries not being allowed to speak or bloody-handed psychopaths being given a forum, but a systematic slant to the left of elementary, secondary, and university education. Every third grader is well-versed in global-warming green-speak in the public schools. High school students are taught blame America as history. Every black studies major knows of massacres in Oklahoma and Florida but has no idea that as many whites were enslaved by North African pirates as ever were brought to the North American continent as the surpassingly brilliant Thomas Sowell has so aptly chronicled. If Obama wins, the indoctrination will only get worse.

Scofflaws and Sophistry

Obama proclaimed last night in an interview with Cynthia McFadden that "we are all patriots-we all love this country". Can the junior Senator from Illinois really be this naive? Do university professors who instruct their charges that America was stolen from first peoples (native Americans or Indians to the uninitiated), built on the backs and blood of Africans (slaves), and maintained by the machinations of colonialist and imperialist white capitalists love this nation? Do streetgang members, Crips and Bloods, MS-13 members, adore the USA? Do Klansmen and white separatists hum "God Bless America" while sorting their laundry? Did the Lackawanna plotters get a warm feeling every time they passed the Stars and Stripes at the post office? Can the American electorate be gulled into putting into the highest office a man who shares the views of Marxist college instructors, who confessed cocaine use in one of his two autobiographies, and who couldn't pass an FBI background check required for any job with a security clearance? Tragically, si se puede.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Scorpions and Snakes

Yesterday's missive discussed factors damaging the GOP. Another instrument in the party's decline has been the neo-con movement. These interlopers do not share the cultural values of the mainstream but are marked mainly by their allegiance to furthering the interests of Israel. They are in the main fiscally conservative as well, but they can not be counted on. The neo-cons were at the forefront of the push to war with Iraq, but when our efforts did not go smoothly, they were the first to gainsay the enterprise. A handful of liberal Republicans such as the female Senators Collins and Snow from Maine have sapped the party. More moderate Senators such as Graham of South Carolina and our Presidential nominee have diminished the coherence of the party's conservative message. Many Republicans also feel revulsion when the Log Cabin Republicans (a homosexual interest group) enter the big tent. Not that the GOP can afford to be picky now with dead people, double voters, felons, foreigners, and the non-existent all casting ballots for Obama. Governor Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live. Why do Republicans grovel at the feet of people who hate them?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Campaign Jingle

"Steady Hands at the Helm" : The ship's not sink'in and we ain't bail'in/ 'Cause we can count on McCain and Palin/ They will bring us smoother sail'in/ That maverick pair McCain and Palin!

Crashing the Party

Turkey was called the "sick man of Europe" as it straddled two continents-Europe and Asia and suffered cultural and economic dislocation as a result of this terminal division. The GOP is the "sick man" of American politics. Too many Republicans have made common cause with Democrats. Republicans accrue no credit for these cross the aisle overtures. They are battered by the opposition party, the Shadwell dinosaur media, and much of the public in spite of the Bush/Kennedy education plan, the largest expansion of entitlement programs with the prescription drug benefit, McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform, and the Bush/McCain amnesty push plotted with Democrats which fortunately was staved off (for a time). Republicans should have learned the lesson of Bush 1 who succumbed to the Democrats on no new taxes and then was slaughtered by Bill Clinton on the Hustings. What cooperation is possible with a party that accuses you of starving children and killing the elderly? Yet Republicans persist with collegial outreach. Even in their current campaign, Republicans are asserting with pride that they are not partisan. Senator Lamar Alexander starts his commercial with a narrator intoning that he listens to both Democrats and Republicans. If a politician does not possess an ideological affinity with a party, run as an independent. The last time the author of this column checked the middle of the road, he found a rotting skunk.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Acolytes of Obama

The press corps travelling with Obama are his acolytes as are the retinue of journalists shadowing McCain. They are Obama's true believers who have protected him from scrutiny and criticism. When Nancy Reagan purchased the White House new china (with private contributions if memory serves), national networks and local editorial boards castigated the callous Republicans who could have fed a thousand homeless, housed dispossessed families, or sent poor scholars through university with the lucre wasted on the extravagant porcelain. When Obama's wife spends a fortune on an afternoon snack of lobster, caviar, and Champagne at the Waldorf using campaign funds, there is hardly a peep. More investigation is devoted to a plumber who Obama visited canvassing on a p.r. plunge than has been done on the Democratic ticket with Obama's questionable associations and Biden's evident nepotism. The media practitioners of malpractice include the major networks with entertainers joining the one-sided sport. These execrable flacks can not hide their bias. Offal Olbermann even injects invective into sportscasts. Bill Maher praised the courage of the September 11 mass murderers with a backhanded slap to our own military. Charlie Gibson said a 14 year old girl who aspired to be a suicide bomber was "brave" instead of warped, deluded, and brainwashed. Even the network morning shows have been proclaiming tough economic times and recession helping create self-fulfilling prophecy for years to try to do fatal damage to the Republican brand. These people mock normal values, religious traditions, and they think they are better than you. Prove them wrong on November 4.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Power to Destroy

Obama has promised to spread the wealth by raising taxes (but only on those earning $250,000 per annum-a fiction). This measure will only spread the misery by punishing productivity and thwarting job creation. Even in the Soviet Union, there was a privileged class, politboro members, high ranking military and KGB officers, and their cronies who had ready access to luxuries unknown to other Soviet citizens. In an Obama administration, the poor will not be lifted up, but pain will be spread to everyone but his graft partners (like Tony Rezko who Obama will surely pardon) as added revenue flowing into the Treasury and massive New Deal-like projects enable the Obama cadre to dip into the til in the Daley machine tradition. These enormous new expenditures by government and Obama's voracious tax policy will not raise the economy out of recession but could cause a worldwide depression. So who will benefit from Obama? His immediate circle-those corrupt Illinois Democratic politicians, questionable money men like Rezko, and Obama allies like the terrorist Ayres who aided Obama's rise. Democratic politicians such as Tennessee's notorious John Ford will almost surely receive pardons. In pre-Obama America, anyone could rise-not because of our diversity or abundance of natural resources but because of our freedom.In Obama's America, that "City on a Hill" will be lost.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Calumny and Catastrophe

After last night's debate, Obama was characterized by much of the media as "cool". He was in fact arrogant, unaffected, and without empathy. Here is a millionaire who allows his own half-brother to suffer on a twelve dollar a year income in a mud hut in Kenya. If this is how he treats his flesh and blood, what concern will he show for everyday Americans? America is not a flaw posing as a nation but the country that has liberated more people than every polity on earth (including fifty million Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan). More foreigners wish to enter America than anywhere else. At election time, elitists threaten to leave for France if Republicans are victorious. Few do, but Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans, and Chinese risk their lives every day to try to share our prosperity and freedom. Millions have come here, tens have fled. Even those Americans who are poor today know that they can fufill their aspirations to be rich with the opportunity that capitalist freedom offers. Obama claims our healthcare system is broken, but Jordan's King Hussein, who could have gone anywhere, sought treatment at America's Cleveland Clinics. Democrats claimed Christopher Reeve would walk again if they were elected. Just yesterday a study in Washington state said paralysis might be cured someday. The study was conduted under our fee for service medical system, not under the Obama plan which will result in rationed care as it has in Britain and Canada. After the Tsar was deposed, Mencheviks and Bolsheviks attempted power sharing. Mencheviks brought pens and paper to civic meetings, Bolsheviks brought pistols. America can not countenance Obama having a monopoly on force.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fair Weather Friend

Obama spoke to a Jewish advocacy group declaring his unwavering support for the Jewish state with Jerusalem undivivded as its capitol. Almost immediately Obama's minions backtracked, and he soon revealed his true position of not wanting to prejudice the negotiations between the parties (which can only be read as a sellout of Israel). Obama's campaign characterized William Ayres as a friend of the Obamas earlier in the race but now says he was merely someone in the neighborhood who sat on boards with Obama. Ayres is an unrepentant terrorist. Tony Rezko is a friend of Obama-he is a Syrian-born Chicago slumlord who is under criminal indictment and who expedited a sweetheart deal on the purchase of a lot sold to the Obamas under cost adjacent to Obama's home. America's allies need to know we have the resolve to continue the fight against Jihadism to the finish. Our European friends did not even clean up the mess in their own backyard but counted on American power to stop the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo. If Obama turns tail in Iraq, it is only a matter of time before our friends around the world conclude America has lost the will to win and abandon the fight against the Taliban leaving America alone in the struggle to contain world Jihad. Obama friends like Rezko and prominent Democrat lawbreakers will have no worries when he is elected as he will surely issue Presidential pardons. His friend Charlie Rangel, head of the House Ways and Means committee will write the most punitive tax bill in U.S history to facilitate Obama's socialist enterprise. Rangel has evaded taxes himself and abused New York City rent control to his own advantage. Obama is pandering to groups now that he will abandon once he has power. He is distancing himself now from his radical associations who will be his kitchen cabinet. America will never be the same again under the thumb of Obama and his friends.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mendacity and Wickedness

Obama pledged early in the campaign to accept Federal matching funds (and the restrictions that accompany them), but when his contribution avalance began to cascade in, Obama quickly broke his promise. This duplicitousness of convenience is troubling enough, but let us study where some of those contributions originate. Obama and the Democratic party have long accepted money from pornographers, abortion providers, advocates of euthanasia, illegal foreign contributions, and Obama has even been assisted by a Hamas phonebank in the Gaza strip. Obama panders to every interest goup he speaks before, even when their interests are mutually exclusive. He promises not to raise taxes except on those earning above a quarter million dollars a year yet voted twice last year to raise taxes on those earning $42,000. Most disturbing of all was Obama's twenty year membership in the black liberation theology church of J. Wright which spewed anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-capitalist venom which until he became a contender for the Presidency, Obama had no trouble with. Obama in one of his two autobiographies which may be heard on the audio book in his own baritone intoned, "White man's greed runs a world in need." Obama said he would be our first post racial candidate but now any criticism of him evokes shouts of "racism" from Obama's campaign or its surrogates. Can a beseiged America afford to elect Janus?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Losing the Wars

America is waging two wars-one for her life, one for her soul. In the shooting war against Islamic terror, Obama has announced that upon his ascendency, American troops will be withdrawn from Iraq post haste. This retreat would ignite massive violence, the return in numbers of Al Qaeda in Iraq, the rapid fall of the democratic framework our forces have carved out with their blood, toil, and our treasure. Iraq would descend into failed state status with dispatch and an ethnic bloodletting of epic proportion would take place. This chaos will hearten Jihadis everywhere and cause a surge in world terror. This would in no way improve the situation in Afghanistan/Pakistan. In fact, enough fanatics might be drawn into the Jihadi camp as to overwhelm the democratic institutions in Pakistan, enabling our adversaries quick access to Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Israel would be even more compromised by an Obama policy requiring Israel to withdraw to suicide borders as the U.S. demands the Jewish state make accommodation with genocidal racists. Iran would certainly achieve nuclear status enabling them to extort the other oil states, threaten Europe, and annihilate Israel. The culture war is just as troubling. Obama is promoting homosexual union which would surely lead to gay marriage in all 50 (not 57 as Obama said) states. Abortion would be sacrosanct and unregulated. Tort reform will die as trial lawyers craft the law to generate huge incomes for themselves and commensurate expense for business. Reparations for slavery would be confiscated from Americans not of African origin. As mentioned in a previous post, the Bible and the nation will be censored so as to be inoffensive to alternative life-stylers and Muslims. McCain is a moderate, not some rightest firebrand as the media portrays him, but only his victory will prevent the loss of both our wars.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The American Nightmare

The American dream has been perverted. Corrupt realtors, loan officers, mortgage bankers have encouraged people filling out mortgage applications to commit fraud. They produced fiction, exaggerating incomes to make deals work. Banks were a party to this but were also pressured by politicians and groups like ACORN to make loans that could never be paid back. Redlining was criminalized even in areas with near universal default rates. Government sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cooked their books to ensure that their executives received huge bonuses. The GSEs gave large contributions to Democrat politicians-in three years Obama was the second largest recipient of their largesse (behind only Senator Dodd who had been at the trough much longer). Senator McCain did warn of the coming train wreck more than two years ago as Sean Hannity has chronicled. Half measures were passed to try to prevent the catastrophe. The minumim wage was raised supposedly to a living wage but really only devaluing the dollar and making entry level positions harder to find. Relatively tiny stimulus checks were sent out, putting a bandaid on a brain tumor. If President Bush's tax cuts had been made permanent, capital gains tax lowered, and some marginal income tax rates lowered, the crisis may have been forestalled. Fair tax, flat tax, or a national sales tax replacing the income tax (encouraging thrift and punishing excess) may have helped. Socialism has never worked. Great Britain did not recover from World War II until Thatcherism drove the stake through socialism's heart. Mistakes have been made at every turn. Schizophrenia took hold allowing Lehman to fail but not other institutions. Even the energy policy has been disasterous with some corn state Republicans culpable as they helped raise the price of all comestible commodities further devaluing the dollar. Now we will erode our lifestyle by imposing fixes to the chimera of manmade global warming. Let the markets work, let nature work, and let common sense seize the day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Freedom in Peril

What would America become under President Obama with a rubberstamp Democratic Congress? In short order, the Fairness Doctrine will be reimposed to silence talk radio-the voice of the people and the balance against the mainstream media (both television and print which are demonstrably in the thrall of the left). Soon thereafter, America will be made to resemble a college campus with national hate speech codes to ensure civility and by the way, abrogate the First Amendment. Even the pulpit will be subject to censorship with gospels deemed offensive to homosexuals or Muslims banned (this is not far-fetched-pastors in Australia, Canada, and Sweden have already been charged according to The Seven Hundred Club). Home school will soon be a distant memory with students forced to attend government instruments of indoctrination. If parochial education survives, the circulum will have to comport to that of the government schools. Right to work will end with open balloting subject to intimidation. Unions will assert this new found power to end free trade. The Second Amendment will go the way of the First with such onorous regulation as to make protecting one's self, family, and property impossible. Even the possession of ammunition will be curtailed. Private property rights already diminished with Kelo v. New London will erode so much further as to be meaningless. Sentencing reform and generous parole, pardon, and amnesty will release thousands of thugs to the streets (Obama and his ilk have long militated to reduce the terms of those incarcerated for crack arguing that they face harsher sentences than those primarily white detained for possession of powder cocaine). Criminal aliens will be welcomed as part of the amnesty that will accompany open borders. Inevitably some of those entering will be Jihadi terrorists. Felons and foreigners will gain sufferage rights overwhelming the franchise of today's legitamate voters ensuring that Obama's supporters will monopolize power. Four more years could become President for life as Obama will be able to pack the courts and manipulate the Constitution to his will. Rule by caprice and decree will be enforced against a servile disarmed public with felons and Latin Americans assuming the roles of police and an army and looting anywhere any prosperity remains under Obama's socialist economy. Central planning will decide where you will work, where you can travel, and even what days you are permitted to drive. Rationing will be the norm. God help America.