Thursday, June 30, 2011

Living Like Limbaugh

"A swimming pool, a spa, billiard room", sounds like pretty lavish living. A lot of millionaires who earned every cent do not enjoy all these amenities, but nothing is too good for the dole dwellers in Obamaville. That is exactly what they are getting (but of course- they are not paying for this lifestyle- you are though you do not have the chance to enjoy it). If this article by Mark Weaver on does not make your blood boil, then you have given up the fight already. To renew your nerve to thwart Obamaism, read this and weep.

An Honest Broker?

If members of the viewing public still expect the dinosaur media to be an objective arbiter of fact, they are going to be disappointed. The main stream media (MSM) have become nothing more than baldfaced partisans and advocates for the Left. NBC, ABC, and See B S are attack dogs against any emerging Republican contenders for the Presidency while actively cover up Obama's faults. The reason FOX has a growing audience while other networks viewership shrinks is because the propaganda on the other networks has become so overt, you need not be all that discerning to see it. The rooting for the Left is in your face, so blatant that the MSM has lost credibility. Patriotic Americans recognize the smoke screen that these flacks are providing for the administration and the radicals that now comprise the national Democratic Party, and not only are they killing off their own ratings, they can not lie enough to redeem Obama in the eyes of most voters. Have no doubt though, the media dinosaurs will continue to try to keep BO in power.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Destined for Defeat

Judging from his pitiful performance at today's news conference, I do not think it is possible that Barack Hussein Obama has a chance to be reelected in any kind of square election. That does not of course mean that Obama will not win reelection because with voter fraud rampant and ACORN-type manipulation (illegal aliens and dead folks casting ballots), there will not be a fair election.

One Trick Phony

I had the onerous duty of watching Barack Hussein Obama's news conference today and came away with my belief reinforced that America is suffering under her first crypto-Marxist President. Obama trots out the same hackneyed class envy canards and offers only false choice such as private jets for corporate bigwigs or medical care for grannies. If the GOP does not dance to his tune, kowtow, do things the Democrat way and raise taxes, children will starve and US troops will not be paid. Obama presents himself as the most principled politician ever when in fact, he is the least honest, most unprincipled man to ever occupy the White House. I see no room for compromise with a guttersnipe who does not have America's best interests at heart.

The Rationing Begins?

Does the possible exclusion of Avastin for the treatment of breast cancer by the Food and Drug Administration signal that the "death panel" health care rationing aspect of Obama Care is set to launch? Is this a trial balloon or test case to see how the public reacts? If so, you are seeing justifiable fury from cancer patients and their families who see Avastin as their last best hope, their only hope, and see that chance at life being foreclosed by Federal bureaucrats. I find it incredibly distressing that President Barack Hussein Obama who sold his campaign on hope is now eager to strip hope from so many.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Woes a Million

Devastating news emerges all over the world, and what is the American dinosaur media obsessing over? That Michele Bachmann incorrectly identified John Wayne's hometown. Greece is on the verge of default or civil insurrection. Even the supposed safe area in Kabul has come under attack. The West has failed to depose a comic opera tinhorn dictator in Libya and the topic that consumes main stream airtime is how supposedly stupid all the true conservative Presidential candidates are. Barack Obama is not exactly Einstein either but the MSM press seems to overlook all his foibles, but they can not spend enough broadcast minutes lambasting even non-candidates like Sarah Palin. The propagandists who pretend to be journalists have one factor that did not exist in the last Presidential race, one they can not hide or gloss over and that is Obama's abysmal record.

Campaign of Confiscation

The next US Presidential election in 2012 is for our liberty the most decisive in our nation's history. One of the issues of moment is of course the preservation of our right to keep and bear arms. This natural freedom is hanging by a thread, and if Obama wins reelection, he is likely to turn the Supreme Court. Obama and the cadre around him are viscerally against the private ownership of guns, and only the razor thin majority in the nation's highest court checks the Obama administration's aspiration for universal registration leading to eventual confiscation. If American gun rights are stolen, our safety and that of our families is forfeit. Urban youth will rampage even more aggressively than they are already doing (as has been recently highly publicized) and meth-head marauders will terrorize the countryside. There is little doubt a conservative US Supreme Court justice will depart by 2016 and should Obama still be in the Oval Office that would give the Left their dream of stripping our sacred right to self-defense. Do not allow their soiled dream to become our new reality. Once firearm rights are lost, they may never be recovered.

Into the Sea

The Gaza flotilla is set to embark as an overt provocation aimed at Israel. Even before the inception of the Jewish state in current incarnation in 1948, Arab leaders were determined to push the Jews into the sea and crowing about it. These leaders and not Israel were largely responsible for the exit of Muslim refugees who departed to clear the field at the behest of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini and other Muslim potentates so that the Jews could be massacred- the call was literally made to push the Jews into the sea and this was not rhetoric but a call to action. A slightly larger number of Jews were dispossessed from Arab states than Arabs departing Israel but these Jewish victims of ethnic cleansing were rapidly resettled as citizens of the Jewish state unlike those Arabs who fled Israel becoming so-called "Palestinian refugees" who have been and still are kept as stateless pawns by their Arab masters to use as an excuse for the Arab leaders own many failures and as a club to use against the Jews. The ultimate aim of Muslims surrounding Israel has never changed. It has always been and remains the destruction of the Jewish state. The Gaza flotilla is a part of this plan. It is not being launched to ease humanitarian conditions in Gaza. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel has permitted thousands of tons of relief supplies into Gaza, and since the fall of Mubarak, the border crossing at the Philadelphi Route has been opened to allow into Gaza more supplies from Egypt. The ships heading to Israel are not needed to bring food or medical supplies as they are ample already. The only reason they are sailing is to attack Israel's international legitimacy, and although some of the participants on the boats may not be aware of this, they are serving as the "useful idiot" dupes of those who want to wipe Jews from the earth.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Act of Contrition

Chris Wallace insulted Michele Bachmann and her supporters, American patriots, conservative Americans, and the typical FOX viewer by asking her if she was a "flake". Would a genuine "flake" ever admit or even recognize that characterization? The question was purely gratuitous. If Chris Wallace was remorseful over the ad hominem jibe, why did he not simply call Bachmann or have his producers call her media liaison to arrange a private conversation where he could apologize and ask her if he could share that with the public by means of the Internet? Instead, Wallace issued his so-called public apology directly to the web. This was not directed to Representative Bachmann (Republican, Minnesota) but a pitiful attempt to redeem his own image with the right of center FOX viewing public. Michele Bachmann is reported to have refused to accept the Wallace apology. I do not blame her- I would not either- until the sad excuse for a Sunday host called me himself or said he was sorry face to face.

Bounce Back Jack

I heard some distressing local news over the weekend here in the Music City. Longtime performer, producer, creative genius "Cowboy" Jack Clement had his home and studio burn down and precious, irreplaceable music memorabilia was no doubt lost. He is no young man either and such a loss at this time can not help. As a point of information, I should say I know Jack, but whether he remembers me with all the folks he has met is doubtful. The last time I interacted with Jack was thirty years back when he bought me lunch at a Mexican place called El Chico's on Murfreesboro Road in Nashville a year after his daughter Alison Clement sung at my Bar Mitzvah. I thought Jack was quite a man back then and I only wish him the best now after sustaining such a loss in the fire. I know some areas now require sprinkler systems in their building codes though the only people I ever knew who actually installed this fire protection were the Service Merchandise Zimmermans who had an art collection (along of course with the family) to safeguard. After the Clement fire and the Trace Adkins' inferno, I can only surmise that if you have the resources to retrofit your home with sprinklers or if you are doing new construction, you ought to do it. Beyond your property, the safety of your family may depend on it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Civilizing Impulse

There exists today a licentious society, vulgar and obsessed with instant gratification. Our interaction is coarsened. Constraint is sorely lacking. The youth and those in the public spotlight are not demonstrating even a modicum of self-control. We have not been freed by Friedrich Nietzche and his "Man and Superman" or liberated by Aleister Crowley's evil "do as thou wilt" philosophy. We are not better for grabbing enough rope to hang ourselves with our pregnancy termination on demand, abortion pill, human fetus-grinding culture. The state may impose but never bless the perversion that is homosexual "marriage". Americans used to be a God-fearing people. We were churched. We are increasingly unchurched, and instead of fighting for decency, in many instances where the church should be advancing to defend Biblical morality, the church is instead retreating. The fight for America must be waged from the breakfast table to the church pew as those with the Lord in their hearts shout "enough!"

Law and Logic

Law and logic are all too often in no way related.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Control- Alternatives Deleted

The degree of choice the nanny state provides is null. There is no benevolent dictator. We in America are not there yet but the logical end point of where Obama is taking us is not freedom. The jump from the soft tyranny of the welfare state to the hard despotism of the gulag is a short one.

Washing Away Morality

Through the centuries, civilization has fought decay as church and state combined to preserve order and morality. The state of New York has no interest in this. They would prefer to revel in the destruction of what marriage is and always has been. They pervert the institution and attack the basis of civilization itself- the family. A decent society aims to wash away sin, not place the imprimatur of the state on it. Decadence, wickedness, an assault on tradition, the family, and God is what New York pridefully accomplished with the imposition of homosexual marriage. May God forgive them the error of their ways, change their hearts, and redeem our nation.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ginning Up Jihad

Nothing could hearten the jihadists of the world more than Barack Hussein Obama's change of course in Afghanistan along with his essential abandonment of Israel as a Jewish state. What better rewards for wanton murder, terror directed against civilians, and attacks by Muslim radicals against the West in general could there be beyond the direction Obama is taking? Putting a foreign ally in an indefensible position is one thing (and bad enough), but leaving the fight unfinished against the Taliban is unforgivable. The United States is negotiating with the group of religious fanatics without which the September 11, 2001 outrage would not have been possible. Who shot John talk of sitting down with the "moderate" Taliban is a joke, like trying to reach accord with "moderate" Nazis during World War II. If an American leader was looking to embolden those who would kill our families, he could not find a formula to match what Obama is concocting now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Further Destabilizing Pakistan

One more aspect of American withdrawal from Afghanistan not yet to be reckoned with is the precarious state of Pakistan's government. America fleeing the fight next door only makes it that much more likely that the Pakistani Taliban will win. If the Pakistani Taliban do take over, it is quite likely that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, "the Islamic bomb" will fall into the hands of terrorists. The West has nothing to gain and everything to lose by leaving before the final victory over the Taliban has been secured. Soon after the last US Presidential election, Vice President Joe Biden said that as President Obama would be "tested" by opponents of America abroad. Last night, Obama failed that test.

To Die For

No warrior wants to be the last to fall in a victorious campaign, and our troops will not be eager to lay down their lives in a holding action before certain defeat. I have always embraced the notion of service in the American military and supported the troops, but can only pity those who are now in Afghanistan or who will be sent there at any point in the future after Barack Hussein Obama committed the United States to defeat there in his speech last night. Perhaps after the next US Presidential election, a real leader will reverse course and sanctify the sacrifice America has already given to liberate Afghanistan from her Taliban masters.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sapping Troop Morale

How must our forward deployed forces on the ground in Afghanistan feel knowing that we are a.)talking to the very Taliban who are trying to kill them (and who have killed their comrades), and b.)that any gains made by their effort and sacrifice will be abandoned as Obama has now pledged that American combat forces will be out by 2014? If we are leaving then anyway, why not spare the lives that will be lost in the interim by bringing our personnel home now along with any Afghans who have helped us. I prefer to win, but I particularly despise blood spilled in vain.

More on Retreat

As the Afghan situation deteriorates as it must as American troops start to withdraw, no American ally is about to step up and fill the breach. Our NATO allies had to be virtually dragged into kicking in small contingents often reserved for training or policing and held out of major combat and only given grudgingly as America provided massive troop numbers and firepower. As the US is pulling out, do not delude yourself into thinking any allied nation will step in and do not expect much more cooperation from those Afghans themselves who have in the past bravely made common cause with the Western forces there. How can natives working with us now continue knowing that we will likely be evacuating in the near future, which will leave those who are seen as collaborating with infidels to the not so tender mercies of the Taliban? Barack Hussein Obama is now cutting the heart out of a concerted effort to actually win against the forces of darkness, deciding instead to leave the Afghans who have stood with us in a rapidly fading light.

Obama Snatching Defeat

Barack Hussein Obama spoke this evening of foreclosing any possibility of victory over the Jihadist atavists of Afghanistan. Without considering the strategic implications which include emboldening neighboring Iran and rekindling the fire of al-Qaeda, Obama assures US gains can not be sustained, ground can not be held, and that Taliban terrorists will eventually retake Kabul. It is a sad day for the United States, for the sons and daughters already lost, for the region, for the peace and safety of the world, and for anyone who loves freedom, but this day like so many other recent days belongs solely and squarely to Obama.

Water on Mercury

Scientists now believe that they have discovered ice on the planet Mercury. This revelation may mean that Mercury will be much more habitable to human life than America should Barack Hussein Obama win reelection to the Presidency.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greek Seeks "Yob"

Greece, as we know, is gripped by a horrific economic crisis. Many young Greeks have been on air complaining of an utter lack of jobs for graduates, not only in their field of study, but any gainful employment at all with young people not even being able to find work as janitors. I have great sympathy for these youth who obviously had no hand in starting the problem under which they are suffering. I imagine some highly talented, highly motivated recent graduate from Athens may appear in London where a business is hiring and plead for a "yob". Let us just hope that his or her prospective employer offers a position.

Rehab for Rehab

Decades back, I had a close friend whose father was the administrator of one of the early treatment centers that today we would call a "rehabilitation facility" or more commonly just "rehab". A nationally-known music star was there drying out, but in the course of "embracing sobriety" had a Christmas show to perform which he said he could not give unless high, so the staff dutifully facilitated the administration of sufficient narcotics so that the singer/musician could make his show. Hence, this early rehab could be seen at the least as an enabler or even as a drug dealer of a sort. Back then in the mid-1980s, that and Betty Ford and a literal handful of others were the only facilities that existed to offer help for drug and drinking programs outside of the "anon" groups and clearly there was a need for them. Today, though there is still a shortage of in-patient beds, there is an odd proliferation of "rehabs" for problems that we have never before recent times called and treated as addictions or disorders in human history. Some are no doubt legitimate as the issues being treated are no doubt real and destructive, others not so much. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia must be battled because they have the capacity to kill, but a "rehab" center to fight "food addiction"- you can not be serious- all who are alive are food addicts, just try going cold turkey on that one and see how long you live. And have you ever noticed those with "gambling addiction" never complain about it when they are winning. What about "sex addiction"- with the possible exception of a virgin birth more than two thousand years ago, none of us would be here without the dread procreative act. And then there was disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner who was going to rehab for whatever his problem happens to be, but when his wife Huma returned from her travels with Hillary and Representative Weiner resigned, suddenly no more talk of rehab. This just goes to show they have not constructed a treatment facility for being a scoundrel yet. At some point, they may even develop a rehabilitation center to treat "rehab addiction".

Monday, June 20, 2011

Violating Our Values

NBC included most of America's Pledge of Allegiance in yesterday's coverage of golf's U.S. Open but conspicuously omitted "under God" not once but twice. This sort of mischief is par for the course not only for the dinosaur media in general but for the family of NBC networks with the exception of CNBC in particular. MSNBC is a Leftist cesspool and even in some of their sports coverage, NBC has tried to foist the Green (environmental) agenda down the throats of their viewers. The latest insult of an atheist pledge is particularly galling in a country where more than ninety percent of Americans are self-identifying believers. We are not doubters, agnostic about the existence of a higher power, or unbelievers in any significant numbers and altering the pledge only insults the vast majority of those watching. Of course, local stations mimic their national networks and many times, slap us in the face with equal vigor. One of the public affairs shows on my local CBS affiliate is a thirty minute program for homosexual advocacy in the city of Nashville that has aptly been called the "buckle of the Bible belt". In such cases, I think the offended viewer may best take umbrage by voting with their dollars and spending not with their advertisers but with those who comport with our own values.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Chattering Classless

I watched NBC's Sunday wonk program (my what I am willing to endure for the gentle reader) and am pleased to report that the dinosaur press becomes more moribund every day. I was somewhat amazed by the lackluster performance of the mayor of America's second largest metropolis, Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles proved himself to be a walking talking point and a boring cliche offering neither solutions nor even constructive criticism but as is de rigueur when Democrats speak today, Bush-bashing, blame throwing, responsibility shifting, and finger pointing are all that are offered and par for the course. As for more media criticism, partisan hack Richard Engel mocked his better GOP Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney for calling the Afghans who we should be subduing not sitting down to chat with "Afghanis"- what a consequential error- with the world and America disintegrating around us, the former Massachusetts Governor had a tiny malapropism and that little misspeak opens the door for Engel to play gotcha. I am no particular Romney fan but at least he would be more fiscally responsible than the media's selected and protected one Barack Hussein Obama.

Tea With Taliban

There is nothing nicer and more reassuring than sitting down to exchange wartime pleasantries with the misogynistic barbarians who gave sanctuary to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden as the September 11, 2001 treachery was plotted and then sheltered the world's arch-terrorist and his murderous minions after the catastrophe was perpetrated. Not to mention the Dark Age aspects of the Taliban that include but in no way are limited to destroying the sacred patrimony of faiths other than Sunni Wahhab Islam, that involve Sharia-endorsed administration of "justice" involving the severing of hands and feet and stoning, and was highlighted at its woman-hating best by blowing a woman's brains out in a soccer stadium filled with the faithful proudly videoed for all the world to see. I do not really understand what common ground may be found in negotiation with the atavistic Taliban.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Festering Wound

I have no idea how the Presidential golf match went today beyond seeing a snippet showing Barack Hussein Obama and Speaker Boehner with a considerable amount of amity. This congenial get-together means next to nothing as the dissonance between Obama and the Founding vision never was personal but predicated entirely on policy. I know one golf match will not cause Barack Hussein Obama to give an inch, renounce his socialist inclination, or deviate from the Leftward tilt that he has taken throughout his public life. Sadly, I think it is much more likely that the D.C. Republicans will blink and sweeten their compromise on raising the debt ceiling to include some of the tax increases that Democrats have long pushed for because in the Beltway the GOP is weak with many of the officeholders hating the TEA Party every bit as much as the Democrats.

The Golf Summit

President Barack Hussein Obama plays golf today with the Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner. They will supposedly be discussing ways to work together to save the economy while challenging a few holes. Why sink a few putts when you can sink your own nation? After that, the "Das Kapital" President Obama and the "Cry Me a River" Speaker Boehner can discuss war policy over a thrilling game of paintball and cap off the evening with a stimulating exchange on education over dinner and arcade games at Chuck E. Cheese. It is long passed time that we start electing responsible adults to find real solutions to America's very real problems and those answers will probably not be found by preening narcissists over their Callaways.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Celebrity Adolescents

Of late, certain international and American luminaries have comported themselves rather shabbily. Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar, aged seventy-four, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, aged sixty-two, spring to mind with allegations of sexually assaulting hotel maids. Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, no spring chicken himself, has recently been tripped up by his own feet of clay. Al Gore did not dignify himself or his Nobel Prize with improper advances alleged by masseuses. Anthony Weiner and Charlie Sheen should be old enough to know better. Age, I have often heard is "a state of mind", but these middle aged to early elderly men prove- for too many, years only produce- "a mindless state".

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Gaddafi Compound

Why is NATO continuing to bomb Muammar Gaddafi's compound? Is it even remotely conceivable that he is still taking tea there or as is more likely, that the West has a very limited target list to go along with the very limited will to actually defeat the Libyan mad man?

The Good Doctor

Ayman Zawahri has evidently assumed the reins of control of al-Qaeda. For some reason, the dinosaur media keep referring to him as a "doctor". Zawahri is no more than a murderer who may hold a credential from some backwater. The new al-Qaeda "number one" is a physician cut from the mold of Mengele. I doubt he could treat a bunion and I know I would not let him treat mine. Let us all hope his tenure is short and meets the same end as his predecessor.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Enduring Victory

I would rather stand with One clothed in truth than the whole of the rest of mankind cloaked in deceit.

An Arkansas Toothpick

Federal spending is grossly out of control. The government does not need carefully managed cuts at the margins with a few tweaks to the tax code to further soak the rich as the Democrat elite suggest but massive and deep spending reductions across the board. Raising the debt ceiling fixes essentially nothing. A true accounting of the severity of the problem is well over the fourteen and a half trillion dollars that now comprise the ceiling on Federal debt, but according to Pimco's tremendously perceptive Bill Gross, the unfunded Federal obligations already amount to more than one hundred trillion dollars when Social Security and the future cost of medical care at the Federal level are added in- a chasm that is already quite likely unrecoverable. There is a tool that needs to be figuratively employed to reverse the decline and it is not a scalpel, but the much less subtle hacking instrument of Jim Bowie. To save the nation and even the entitlement programs themselves, there must be serious cutting, means tests, and change in eligibility requirements to programs now. America can not delay until a new President gains the office- tomorrow is already too late.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vile and Reviled

The nation's elite, the political Left, and the dinosaur media continue their attempt to destroy Sarah Palin. They demanded release of thousands of emails surrounding Palin's governorship only to find Sarah was a dedicated pubic servant, a conscientious steward of public funds, a wife and mother devoted to her family, and above all else, a patriot. The New York Times and The Washington Post even requested the help of the public to scrutinize the twenty-four thousand messages for anything incriminating. This bloodhound blood lust against Palin proves incontrovertibly that large swathes of the press are no more than baldfaced political partisans masquerading as journalists. In spite of the exculpatory emails, Sarah Palin is hated like no other American in public life since Ronald Wilson Reagan. This might be expected from the radicals but for some reason, many Republicans seem to resent the former Alaska governor with equal revulsion.

Monday, June 13, 2011

More Muslim Mayhem

Two events illustrate the danger posed by Islamist radicals and as usual, in both instances, the victims were innocent Muslims. In Pakistan, thirty-four were murdered by a suicide bomber, a horribly all too regular occurrence in the failing state. Alarmingly, the second event- an attack against King Abdullah II- could signal that in his well-intentioned meddling in the Middle East, Barack Hussein Obama has now destabilized another American ally, the Kingdom of Jordan, and potentially unleashed the hell of a civil war there between the Palestinian majority, who comprise more than seventy percent of Jordan's population, and the Hashemite minority who hold power and rule over the Palestinians mostly benevolently. It is safe to assume those who assaulted King Abdullah were religious hardliners, Palestinians, or both. With all the chaos already ongoing from Syria to Egypt, from Yemen to Bahrain, what the world could ill-afford now, is to have another bedrock of peace and stability, the Hashemite regime of Jordan, overturned.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not Exactly Jordan

I rarely delve into sports and when I do they tend to be rather esoteric (at least to most Americans), but I must submit my favorite sport basketball concluded its season earlier this evening, and contrary to comparisons, to this point in his career LeBron James is no Michael Jordan. Perhaps if LeBron had enjoyed a couple of years tutelage under Dean Smith or had any college experience at all, he would have fared better in the crunch. Perhaps Scottie Pippen was trying to place undue pressure on James with a glowing statement that LeBron could be "better than Jordan". Who knows, maybe Pippen was a tad jealous of all of MJ's limelight, but to this point at least, Lebron James, though a great player in his own right, is clearly no Michael Jordan. In any event, the Dallas Mavericks seem to be deserving and classy NBA champions, winning with the kind of teamwork Red Auerbach's Boston Celtics displayed and were rightly proud of- sealing victory not with a roster of superstars- but with role players making commendable effort. Just as MJ elevated virtual unknowns (except to the basketball cognoscenti) like Craig Hodges, John Paxson, and Ed Nealy by drawing double or even triple teams to provide open looks, Dirk Nowitski sacrificed personal statistics to better his teammates. Miami's defense at times appeared confused and enfeebled as Dallas coach Rick Carlisle conducted a symphony against a roster of befuddled superstars. At least for a while, something is big in Texas other than football.

In the Running

The GOP contestants to replace the President all have the advantage of not being Barack Hussein Obama, a not so closeted Marxist, but the so-called dinosaur media anointed front-runner Mitt Romney is only differentiated from Obama policy-wise by a thin thread. The "leading Republican contender" was overtly liberal in his successful campaign for the governorship of Massachusetts, never embraced the Second Amendment warmly and can not be counted on to protect gun rights. Romney did not vigorously defend marriage but permitted the creeping intrusion of civil union and has not fought the perversion of the institution by homosexual activists. Romney has not even consistently opposed abortion on demand and can certainly not be called "staunchly pro-life". Worst of all from the freedom perspective, Mitt Romney oversaw the first government-mandated health care plan- the prototype for Obama Care- when he was serving as Massachusetts' governor. I pray a true conservative achieves the GOP Presidential nomination as I am tired of having to hold my nose and pull the lever for Olympia Snowe-type RINOs.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bail Out America

As was mentioned in yesterday's Despot post, the United States is going to send assistance to Greece, but with over sixty trillion dollars in unfunded obligations, who is going to rescue America? The United States owes more now than America's economy is able to produce as a whole in a year. The rich can not be taxed just a bit more to make up the difference, complete confiscation of all the assets of America's millionaires and billionaires still could not overcome the massive Federal debt. There is no foreign benefactor who can save America now as collectively the world economy can not throw in for sixty one and one half trillion dollars. Politicians like Texas Republican Representative Ron Paul have long called for the US Federal Reserve to be audited. This will likely never happen as there would be a revolution in the streets if the American people were generally informed of just how bad the economic situation truly is. At this point, in the direction Barack Hussein Obama has us headed, I am not at all certain that America can recover from the fiscal abyss the Democrats have thrown us down.

Here Truth Lies

Here lies truth battered and desiccated/ Torn asunder by the chosen one/ Ripped apart by the Kenyan's son/ A legion willingly duped then bound in chain/ Till only a handful of patriots willing to give all remain/ Are you among the many who have already been subdued/ Or are you one of those still truly free- the sadly few?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Such Fantastic Magnanimity

Did you hear Barack Hussein Obama is going to provide Greece US resources to bail her out of her financial crisis? So far as I am aware, the American taxpayer was not consulted about this generosity with our money. Nor can I figure how the US will fund such assistance as we are in such dire financial straits ourselves. I imagine average Americans will not understand how easing austerity conditions in Athens improves lives in Albany, Albuquerque, or Austin, particularly since it makes it that much more likely that austerity conditions will have to be imposed here in the good ole USA. Once again, American citizens find themselves funding what we do not want with money we do not have, helping people we do not know, who will only resent us for it somewhere down the line.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just Cut Spending

The political class in general but the Democrat Party in particular has a rapacious appetite for your money. Spending has outpaced revenue growth since the administration of George W. Bush but really metastasized like a wildfire cancer only after Democrats gained control of the US House of Representatives in the 2006 elections. Now the United States finds herself in a "raising the debt limit" crisis and the only solutions the Democrat Party can muster all involve "raising revenue" (read as tax increases). The Democrats' claim that revenue increase now can solve the abyss of debt make about as much sense as a drowning man asking for a glass of water. The exponential growth of the dole dweller state can only be stopped by real substantive cuts to spending because the desire of politicians to take your money is even more powerful than the quest of an alcoholic for his next drink- it can never be sated.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pure Unadulterated Scum

Ever wonder how Anthony Weiner's constituents feel being represented by such a paragon of virtue?

Guns Be Gone

The Obama administration still seeks a back door path to crush the our Second Amendment, the one part of our Bill of Rights that actually has the capacity to protect the other sacred God-given rights of Americans. Those who think a favorable US Supreme Court decision made gun rights safe should read Larry Bell's signal warning on the Forbes blog here: Team Obama is apparently scheming with the United Nations to find a way around that meddlesome thing . . . you know the U.S. Constitution. An internationalist President with a truly foreign world view really does want the blue helmet crowd having authority over American freedom, first principles, and natural rights. Remember the US Senate which would have final say over such an international treaty is still controlled by Democrats. Patriots, indeed those who still value Constitution, sovereignty, or liberty in the least, must resist this assault on the one freedom that vouchsafes the rest.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wolf in Costume

Ollanta Humala, a budding tyrant cut from the Hugo Chavez mold- like Chavez, a former army officer, has with help from the Venezuelan despot- managed to gain the presidency of Peru. A clever part of his campaign at the end was pretending to moderate and not be in any way a confederate of or philosophic kindred spirit to Chavez, though Chavez and his agents backed Humala every step of the way. Media disseminated in Peru supporting Humala was often coordinated with or orchestrated by Venezuelan cadres, voters in Peru were undeniably influenced by Venezuela, and the allegation exists that votes may have even been actively cast by Venezuelans or other non-Peruvians acting on Venezuela's behalf in the election in Peru where the reported margin of victory was three percent. Such wolves in sheep's clothing not only repress their own citizenry, they threaten their neighbors, and ultimately even threaten the United States of America.

Chavez Strikes Again

Hugo Chavez, the murdering Marxist, has helped elect a "fellow traveler" Ollanta Humala to lead Peru. Chavez has recently made waves after reports emerged that his Venezuela will host Iranian missiles with the range to strike the United States and has sold Red China exclusive concessions for some oil and other mineral rights all while hosting visitors who may well be members of Hezbollah or similar Iranian proxies and an inordinate number of guests from the People's Republic. Of course, the United States is no longer led by someone who would take such petty concerns as self-interest or national security into consideration so there is no prospect that no matter how much Chavez threatens America or interferes in the affairs of nearby or neighboring nations that Barack Hussein Obama will pull a Grenada or indeed take any substantive action to contain Chavez as the Venezuelan tyrant destabilizes Latin America in ways Fidel Castro could only dream about.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Boys of Bedford

They tossed around the diamond and sledded in the snow/ These youngsters of Virginia- how like trees they did grow/ They went to Boy Scout camp in Shenandoah gathered as a multitude with lads from across the Commonwealth 'round their age/ The Shenandoah River was their test that day/ Fighting the currents as they later fought that bloody tide/ They had their exciting boyhood river ride/ But they could not in childhood stay/ Remaining in carefree play/ They had to meet their fateful day/ For family, comrade, and country/ Just as a couple generations before/ Their kin met wearing gray/ This was their star turn, their show, their leading role upon the stage/ Besting Rommel's guns and Hitler's rage/ To ne'er return to loved one's hearth and home/ But to have their courage forever etched on history's page.

June 6, 1944

Young men who never had the chance to grow old/ On Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno, and Gold/ Young men who did as they were told/ On Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno, and Gold/ Young men, brave and bold, who died that day to liberate the world/ On Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno, and Gold

"Pest" Is Prologue

We have seen gadfly backbiters mocking those who would rise to the call of the nation. Ronald Reagan was mercilessly and relentlessly pilloried by members of the Third Estate, before, during, and after his Presidency. Now every Republican candidate that the dinosaur media sees as a threat to their man "deconstructing" America is cut off at the knees. And this is the same main stream media that consistently ignores Obama misspeaks like America's "fifty-seven" states, but if Sarah Palin seems to twist the Paul Revere narrative a tad, she is henceforth and forever disqualified from office. The real world is turned upside down around us, the Middle East destabilized, and any economic recovery disintegrating as home values plummet and employment figures remain anemic. So I do not see how Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann stumbling over their tongues from time to time damages the United States anywhere near as much as the radical currently in the White House.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soul of America

The stakes in the political battle are breathtaking and have little to do with moral or ethical laxity of Republican reprobates or Democrat degenerates, although one has to wonder what goes through the mind of Anthony Weiner or Chris Lee (although it seems a pity for their wives and provided some guffaws for the rest of us). What really matters is what type of nation the United States will become. Will we remain the freest, most innovative country that there has ever been, where God-given natural rights are enshrined in our Constitution and protected by it, or will we devolve into a deplorable dependency of dole dwelling derelicts waiting for their government checks? America can not exist as the founders envisioned with a socialist ethos or immoral impulse. We were conceived as a Godly nation for a Godly people, prospering under free enterprise, and sadly, we move farther away from that every single day.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

America's Thriving Business

The business that delivered prosperity to the United States (you know in the era "before Obama" or "BO") was business. Now that we have "transcended" the profit motive, private enterprise, and commerce, the only business that is doing really well is the "business" of government in all its various permutations including of course, cronies, consultants, and contractors. For the rest of us, unless we are members of some protected caste, like those Democrat-favored union members, we have never left the grip of recession. In fact, for everyday Americans who do not belong to these privileged groups, we could rightly contend that our economic prospects under Obamaism are as bad as at any time in our lives (unless we are old enough to remember FDR and the Great Depression). And under the Democrats in Congress, Obama, Geithner, Bernanke prescription, no improvement is possible. All the class-envy Congressional Democrats propose is raising revenue by means of soaking the rich who if not taxed to death still have the prospect of creating jobs if Obama will just remove some of the uncertainty, but that will never happen as long as classic redistributionists cling to power. Any real sustained recovery will emerge after these socialists are replaced in office.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Waste of Humanity

Jack Kevorkian, who basked in death, who reveled in death, who promoted and practiced murder disguised as medicine, is dead and I for one do not mourn him. Kevorkian was of a piece with abortionists and evil theoreticians like Peter Singer who constantly assail the sanctity and value of human life. I hope a special spot in hell is reserved for those who cheapen and destroy the gift of life God has given us.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Truth Sellers

They don the cloak of righteousness that they easily strip away/ But you are expected to believe every word they say/ There conveyance is connivance/ And they gain more power every single day/ Who will stop them? Who will thwart them? So few question even now/ Their Goebbels our Williams, our Sawyer their Mao

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rich in America

Does anyone really believe that government in the United States can spend money better than the people who earned it? Do people really think the wealthy are like Scrooge McDuck simply playing in their pile of ill-gotten treasure? Private capital has always to this point in history been the engine to actually "spread the wealth" and enhance the overall prosperity of the nation. Barack Hussein Obama's redistributionist ethos only damages the prospect of any real sustained US economic recovery.

"Under the Radar"

Somewhere "under the radar", Obama schemes to take your gun/ Somewhere "under the radar", Obama, our transparent President, has our rights on the run/ Somewhere "under the radar", on the Constitution, Cass Sunstein preys/ When you wake in the morning, you have to wonder/ What freedoms Team Obama will strip away

Of Low Character

Democrat New York Representative Anthony Weiner is an embarrassment to the United States Congress and should mortify the voters in his district. If the indecent photo circulating is not of Weiner, he should forthrightly say so. If he sent the picture to a young coed across the country in Seattle, Weiner should apologize to his wife and resign.