Friday, September 30, 2011

More Dangerous America?

One thing that Democrats claim to be good at (and incidentally always claim Republican budget cuts will harm) is food safety. Sadly, recent events seem to have put the lie to that with a listeria outbreak killing more Americans than any food-borne illness since an outbreak caused by cheese more than a decade ago. As of now, at least sixteen deaths are attributed to tainted cantaloupe. In the wake of this tragedy, there is even more cause for concern with yet another product being recalled for possible listeria contamination, this time True Leaf Romaine lettuce. With trillions of dollars in the Federal budget, the least the government could do would be to assure what we eat will not kill us.

A Safer America?

The United States has succeeded in eliminating one of al-Qaeda's chief motivators of lone wolf terror attacks against the United States. Anwar al-Awlaki was the inspiration for several acts of jihad, most notably the Fort Hood Massacre. Several failed attempts to inflict damage on America were attributed to the American-born jihadist, who had survived other attempts against his life. There will certainly be other terror-masters attempting to take his place, but for the moment at least, those in the Homeland may be a little more secure.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spare Yousef Nadarkhani

For the second time on this forum, I am compelled to implore a Muslim country to not put a Christian to death for following his conscience. This time it is the Islamic Republic of Iran that threatens the life of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani not for any crime beyond refusing to repudiate his Christian belief. Once before, I had to beg for an endangered believer, on February Seventh of this year when I pleaded on behalf of Said Musa who thankfully was not murdered under the color of Islamic religious authority but allowed to leave Afghanistan. Iran has just garnered some degree of good will by allowing two American hikers who had lost their way and been detained for more than two years by the Islamic Republic to bond out and leave the country. Iran could earn even more respect from the family of nations by showing mercy one more time and allowing the Reverend Nadarkhani to live, even if he is exiled- with he and his family banished from Iran. The one act that is sure to heighten tension and further isolate Iran would be the execution (which would be no more than state-sanctioned murder of this husband and father, this guiltless man). Dying For Religious Freedom: Yousef Nadarkhani

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Lousy Decisions

Is the Obama administration marked by theory over practice or is the constant stumbling not a case of simple bumbling at all but a plan to take a nation deemed guilty and overfed down a peg? Is Barack Hussein Obama a "refugee professor" lost outside his ivory tower, or the most calculating strategist the hard Left has ever had? The great social leveler Obama could be inflicting deliberate damage to what he was taught was imperialist America during his early association with his Marxist mentor Frank Marshall Davis in his adolescence in Hawaii and helping to complete the mission of his radical Chicago friend Bill Ayers who was active as a Weatherman terrorist. Obama may in fact be quite competent in achieving precisely what he wishes to do, which is bad news for America's patriots but would hearten leftists the world over.

Incisive Campaign Analysis

It seems that New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie is sticking to his guns and will not enter the race (this cycle at least) for the US Presidency. That is a shame as Christie would no doubt have been a large presence in the debates (and anywhere else for that matter). With epic rates of overweight Americans and clinical obesity so pervasive throughout the country, Christie was a candidate who would really look like America. Governor Christie could even have had a really unique Vice Presidential selection in his corner, Jenny Craig.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Federal Black Hole

The dinosaur media, whose remaining function seems to be to serve as spin masters for Barack Hussein Obama, are trying to pull straws out to burnish the sagging reelection prospects for the flailing Presidency. The latest attempt to bolster Obama was to shill increasing traffic congestion as sign of an improving economy. Evidently, gridlock is about the only "good" news that the main stream media can now use to hype Obama's non-achievements as some sort of pretend progress. Anyone care to guess where traffic delays supposedly signifying better economic times have spiraled the most? The Washington, D.C., area where the Federal government has metastasized like a cancer that is killing its host, in this case the rest of the nation. Washington is the great, all-consuming void where your hard earned dollars go to be frittered away.

Monday, September 26, 2011

You Hungry Yet?

Is it just me or does it look like potential GOP Presidential aspirant Chris Christie look like he has consumed some of the other candidates? He reminds me of an "Austin Powers" character with an unmentionable name that now also emblazons a wine label who kept saying "Get in my belly". If the sitting (far too much sitting by the looks of him) New Jersey Governor actually declares and secures the Republican nomination, it is a good thing that there will be no actual "race" because the Christie probably could not run a block.

When Greece Defaults

Greek default will certainly cause the rest of the world to fall into recession and may push the globe into outright economic depression. It would almost count as miracle if Greece somehow staves off bankruptcy as a nation. The consequence of that one relatively small nation defaulting may be the end of the unified economic and currency system for Europe, but Main Street USA will not be able to escape the consequences either. The economy of the United States is on anything but a strong footing but America is a rock relative to basket case Europe. If Greece can not sustain her government debt, what will happen if the other so-called PIIGS (those being Portugal, Italy, Ireland, the aforementioned Greece, and Spain) with their fragile economies start to fall? If one or more of the PIIGS stagger, there may be no saving the rest and Italy alone is simply too large to bail out.

The Petri Dish

Much of the world is trying to grow a new state, and we are left to speculate on the nature of that polity Palestine. Those agitating for the new Palestine are planning to carve the state out of Israel, a nation with a history and track record that stems from an ideal called Zionism, in which an egalitarian state would be formed, seeking to bring prosperity to all her citizens by making the desert bloom. Those fomenting the loudest for one more Arab Muslim state greeted Mahmoud Abbas on his return from the United Nations with cheers of "with our blood and our souls" we will liberate "from the river to the sea", leaving no room for Jewish neighbors. The intentions of the Palestinians for their coming state remain unconcealed and are clear. A state conceived in hate wants to implement ethnic cleansing and genocide and most of the nations of the world will vote to carry out these aims, in a tacit endorsement of religiously-motivated murder.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Bough Breaks

Palestinians have once again demonstrated that no peace is possible with the bloody-handed slaughter of a young father and his utterly defenseless and innocent infant son. More on the atrocity is available on here from Glenn Beck's excellent The Blaze website but almost nowhere else in the American or European press. The dinosaur media would not want to harm their latest cause celebre, the creation of a Palestinian state.

Perry's Lackluster Locution?

Did stumbling for or over a few words cost Texas Governor Rick Perry the Florida Republican Presidential straw poll? I would contend that it was not how Perry spoke but what he said that alienated straw poll participants. John McCain had to backpedal from his overt pandering to illegal aliens to secure the GOP nomination that eventually led to his defeat by Barack Hussein Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. Republican conservatives really do not want alien amnesty or even tuition breaks for sneak-ins. They will not vote for a Mitt Romney with a Southern accent.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Closet Marxist?

A closet Marxist whispers to his confederates, "we must take that from the rich." An overt Marxist shouts it. Has Barack Hussein Obama come out of the Marxist closet?

All or None

Former US President Bill Clinton declared that one man was to blame for the failure to achieve peace in the Middle East:"Benyamin Netanyahu". The interests of truth and fairness seldom seem to cloud the disgraced Clinton's judgement. (Is "disgraced" too harsh a word for the man who sought to redefine the meaning of "is", who made the blue dress the subject of titters, and who unintentionally made "Lewinsky" a household name?) If fact still matters, the actual reason peace has not been sealed has nothing to do with who leads Israel, but the nature of Islam. Islam is marked by maximilism and triumphalism in the religion itself? Name one nation where Muslims have the upper hand where tolerance prevails? The source of the conflict is no mystery. It can easily be seen even in the comments of Mahmoud Abbas in his historic comments to the United Nations. Far from hiding intentions, Abbas declared to the world at the UN that he would not recognize Israel "as a Jewish state". Abbas whose doctorate is (literally) in Holocaust denial and who arranged the financing of the Munich Olympic Massacre remains determined that no Jews will be permitted in the new Palestine when that state forms. The reason Mr. Clinton for the absence of peace has nothing to do with Mr. Netanyahu and everything to do with the nature of the ultimate aim of the vast majority of Muslims, who will never accept the existence of Israel as the Jewish State.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bit More Slime

With plenty of real problems from terrorist threat to ongoing war to economic collapse, the media this week has been hyping a satellite falling in the most dire terms. The tumbling missile was reported to weigh as much as a school bus and said to stand a one in thirty-two hundred chance of "hitting you". This threat was described as greater than being struck by lightning, which was described as one in one hundred thousand, or winning the Powerball lottery, which was said to be around one in a few billion. After trying to find a neighbor with a bomb shelter from the old fear of Soviet nuclear fallout era after all the media exaggeration, I was greatly relieved this morning when ABC let the cat out of the bag that the odds were actually one in twenty-one trillion of pieces of the falling spacecraft actually hitting any particular individual. That is a bit different than the hyped number of one in thirty-two hundred that the media had repeated over and over- is it not?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Palestine's Eager Supporters

The old adage says, "a man is known by the company he keeps." That could also, I suppose, be said of nations. The nascent Palestine has some interesting friends. North Korea, the last Stalinist state on earth, built on slavery and murder, is all for creating the world's newest polity. This is of course the same North Korea that the UN waged war on a couple of generations back after their unprovoked aggression against South Korea. Syria, whose forces are busying themselves with slaughtering their own people in the streets, is a hundred percent for the new Palestine. Iran, which is readying a nuclear attack on Israel, is one of the staunches backers of a new Palestine. That is not to say every country that is pushing for Palestine to be carved out of Israel is a wholly evil entity, but chances are that at some point in their history, all the nations driving the formation of what is destined to be a terrorist state, have ignored human rights, trampled over their own people, or really put it to the Jews, just like Palestine will when it unfurls the flag of the world's newest nation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tightening the Screw

The most august world body, that palace of peace, the United Nations is set to turn on a tiny beleaguered member state that has been under constant siege and existential threat since 1948. That state is Israel and the Jewish people who have first claim there fell under attack even before the creation of Israel. Anti-Jewish pogroms were common in Mandatory times and the British authorities then did more to prevent the Jews from protecting themselves than they ever did to thwart violence against the Jews. The historical hatred felt by others for the Jewish people sadly now seems as pronounced as it has ever been. The so-called Palestinians should not feel heartened that they are nearly universally loved or that their is a superior claim to justice in their cause. The fact remains that the Jewish State is despised and delegitimized because the non-Jewish world holds the small remnant of people who introduced monotheistic morality in bitter contempt.

Brand New Passenger

A blessed event occurred on a commercial flight originating in the Philippines. A pregnant passenger went into labor and delivered her baby before the flight landed. It is not known if the airline billed the mother's credit card for a second seat or how quickly the TSA examined the surprise flier.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Compared to Whom?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the sitting Chair of the Democrat National Committee, which must be an unenviable position at the moment. Representative Schultz alternates between praising Barack Hussein Obama and blaming the last President Bush and Republicans for all the nation's deficiencies. Obama has done such wonderful work where exactly? Are most Americans in a better economic condition now as opposed to nearly three years through the George W. Bush first term? Schultz is either a very poor magician, a good conjurer trying to pull off an impossible trick (fooling an aware and awake majority), or delusional. The inmates of Bedlam could not have done more harm to America if they were controlling our direction from the Oval Office than Obama has.

Monday, September 19, 2011

An American Abstention

Is it possible that the United States will simply abstain from both or either General Assembly or Security Council votes regarding the creation of a new nation of Palestine? I contend that it is indeed possible that Barack Hussein Obama will either wash his hands of an action he innately favors but does not want his finger prints on, that being the creation of a Palestine overtly intent on supplanting the Jewish State or even worse, that Obama believes he has lost Jewish support already anyway and like James Baker allegedly once said those people "don't vote for us anyway" and Obama is not concerned with further alienating a group he sees no way to win back. Either way, an American failure to veto a Palestine conceived in hate and bent on genocide will not only harm Israel but the Palestinians themselves, the region as a whole, and ultimately the world.

And Hilarity Ensued

The Federal Reserve of the United States plans a quantitative easing, not QE3 but QE2a. If anyone is smart enough to explain the mechanism of how this will rescue the US economy, please share in the comment section. The plan such as it is may be seen here on CNBC in an article by Patti Domm: The plan reeks of smoke and mirrors and continued deceit in an attempt to prop up public confidence.

Stating the Obvious

Barack Hussein Obama is so consumed with class envy that he is willing to have the US economy languish to fulfill redistributionist ends. No matter how much socialists wish otherwise, only wealthy individuals have the wherewithal to actually hire people. The million dollar income crowd that Obama is determined to bring down a peg incorporates the vast majority of small business owners who operate as Subchapter S corporations under the Federal tax code. Taking more of their earnings in taxes only cripples their ability to create much needed private sector jobs. Attacking employers with a higher tax burden does not foster a healthier economy and only makes it more difficult for unemployed Americans to find work.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Home Front Concern

Of late, my focus has been on war and foreign affairs, but now, once more, domestic issues merit consideration. Barack Hussein Obama will introduce his "Buffet Tax" for Americans still fortunate enough to have earned a million dollars in a tax year as part of his class envy game plan. Banks are very reluctant to lend (in fact, not lending now in most instances) so job creators are forced to self-fund their expansion and any additional hiring. If taxes are raised, there will by necessity be even less job creation as potential employers in the small businesses that traditionally create new hiring will be forced to pay more taxes and consequently, will have that much less with which to fund new jobs. To spark recovery, now is the time for less taxation not more but that would not comport with those whose aim is to wage jihad on success.

The Propitious Outcome

The most salubrious turn of events for the United States and Israel vis-a-vis the coming United Nations deliberations on "Palestine" would be for the United States not only to veto the creation of the new "terror state" (which if created, will come into being with the objective of liquidating the Jewish State) but to firmly assert that any attack on Israel, which as the only polity in the region that shares Western values, will be regarded as an attack on America. This bold action would have three benefits: 1.)The United States would reassert her role as the lone superpower on the globe by demonstrating the strength to do the right thing. 2.)The United States would ward off the creation of the first state to come into being with the expressed desire to eliminate another member state at the United Nations (that being the new Palestine's determination to end the very existence of Israel as a Jewish State). 3.)Such a courageous US position as a pledge of protection for Israel now might actually deter the coming attack by Iran and her proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon and the now subsidiary terror group Hamas from Gaza and might prevent a larger regional Muslim trying to extinguish Jew regional war and even stave off the world's first nuclear exchange since World War II. Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama has no interest in maintaining America as the sole superpower, has no particular affinity for Israel, and only conceptual concern about World War III without the slightest inkling about the nature of the unprecedented carnage that would bring.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pursuit of Peace?

In the creation of the "State of Palestine", are the member states of the United Nations interested in advancing the cause of peace? I would contend, not in the slightest and any argument to the contrary is cynical manipulation. Members of the world body are well aware that the Palestinian Authority has enjoyed a rapprochement with the Hamas terror organization that controls Gaza. Hamas was created with the express intention in its charter to destroy the Jewish State and remains irredentist having never renounced that aim. World leaders have seen what Israeli territorial concessions have brought and that is not peace but escalating violence first from South Lebanon and then from the Gaza Strip after Israel uprooted her forces (and thousands of her citizens from communities) there. Even in areas Israel allowed the Palestinian Authority to assert more control over post-Oslo Accords, peace did not ensue, but ever more deadly Intifada. With this violent track record, the world is not so naive as to believe the new Palestine blessed by the United Nations will be any different. The newest nation so created will offer the Kalashnikov, not the olive branch and the Katyusha, not the dove of peace. The sad fact is that every country that votes for the creation of Palestine is well aware of past violence where Israel gave Palestinians freer rein and know that their action at the United Nations will bring a bloody outcome.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Bull Session

The United Nations is about to meet in an historic session which will almost certainly herald the creation of the new Jew-free Arab state of Palestine. This development should come as no surprise when the composition of the UN General Assembly is considered. Muslim nations are so numerous that with their so-called non-aligned, non-Muslim fellow traveler nations that they dominate the GA proceedings. Add to that tyrannies like China and states that traditionally hated Jews like Russia, the nation that under the Czars brought the world Jew-slaughtering pogroms, and the die was cast before this latest session was called. If all Israel seeks is just outcomes for peace, the Jewish State will never receive a fair shake at any body representing the Jew-baiting United Nations.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Myth of Invincibility

After Barack Hussein Obama's victory in the 2008 election, his opponents worried there would be no stopping of the young, charismatic, telegenic rolling blitzkrieg of American politics. Obama would be the Democrat Reagan destined for a second term almost by acclimation. In the event, Obama's mismanagement of the nation, particularly the economy, have tarnished his electability, indeed his seeming inevitability. After seeing the results of Turner-Weprin in New York-9, where a Republican has won that US House seat for the first time since 1923, Democrats now fear that Obama will like Jimmy Carter be a one term President. In other news, ACLU lawyer turned ACLU US Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg does not, contrary to what some were speculating, travel by broom, but after her forced evacuation from a malfunctioning commercial flight proved conclusively, by jet just like the rest of us.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Deception Complete

The stunning victory of the Republican candidate in what heretofore had been a seemingly secure Democrat US House seat in New York City along with a more than twenty point defeat of another Democrat candidate across the country in the West signal that enough Americans have awakened to Barack Hussein Obama's leftist machinations in time to thwart them. Obama had fooled some of the people to gain election to the lone superpower's highest office but now a critical mass has arisen with knowledge of Obama's radical intentions to just say "no" and hopefully to have said it in time to preserve our nation. The results of the two special elections yesterday were heartening for those who love America as she was founded. Democrats can make noise that the personal conduct of Anthony Weiner had so disgusted a certain number of district voters that they punished his party this one cycle but will return to the fold to support their President Obama. Dream on Democrats- in the context of how the majority of Americans will vote in the 2012 elections, some ducks are deader than others.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Team Player

I watched the portion of Brian Williams' interview with Barack Hussein Obama that was broadcast on the NBC Nightly News. Williams was not adversarial in any aspect, but congenial, sympathetic, and supportive toward his President. When talking of the recent debt limit controversy, Williams sounded like a talk show ring master saying that he did not believe the Republicans "would go there but they went there" and not like a journalist making serious inquiries of a politician. Williams was not speaking truth to power but being Obama's sycophant- a good little partisan pet. The dinosaur media has taken sides from the time when the only alternative voice that was really heard was Rush Limbaugh to the point that another network anchor Dan Rather participated in a manufactured document scam meant to destroy the political fortunes of George W. Bush and the whole main stream media was antagonistic toward Bush to varying degrees. Now the legacy media is spinning to save Obamaism as hard as it is able with Brian Williams proving himself to be a dedicated foot soldier in the Obama reelection effort, but is this any surprise from a reporter who once said conservatives see "black and white" with very little "grey matter" in between? If you want honest reporting, stick to the new media who are not beholden to old liberalism and chained by tired and failed ideas.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Newest Americans

Barack Hussein Obama yesterday, on the anniversary of the September 11 mass murder, heralded hopes for peace. Hope for an end to hostilities in the foreseeable future is sadly unrealistic. America did not start this war and simply can not quit the fight. How profoundly sad that infants born today in the United States and babies not yet conceived will never be free from the threat of Islamist aggression. This of course is only reinforced by the scurrilous mocking emanating from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the fanatic leader of Iran, questioning the nature of the 2001 terror as he plots to develop and deploy nuclear weapons. Because our foreign enemies do not fear Obama, the prospects are that war will only grow worse and that the bloodiest aspects of the global conflict are yet to come.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Came With Guarantee

The clash of civilization versus atavistic nihilism that the United States embarked on September 11, 2001 was not of our own choosing. The war we entered that unforgettable day was not of our making. Sadly, America was at war with radical Islam before that infamous September morning but did not recognize that we were engaged or the even greater threat. After the grim wake-up call on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania where Americans started to fight back as concerted physical resistance to those who would destroy us began in earnest, the United States and her allies set off on the process of subduing or eliminated those who actually planned the attacks. Thousands of our troops, those of our allies, and civilian contractors (who are almost never mentioned) in service of our mission have died, joining the three thousand callously murdered that day and the thousands more who have succumbed to injury or illness that would have never happened had the September 11, 2001 attack not occurred. The tragic guarantee is that the casualties will continue, the carnage will only grow, because jihad and a peaceful West can not coexist. Commemorate our loss, remember the fallen, memorialize our heroes and consecrate their sacrifice by standing together, on guard for freedom.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First to Fight

In the American lexicon, the United States Marine Corps has been termed the "first to fight". That has held true generally in America's wars, but in the war that began on September 11, 2001, the individual who literally was the first to understand the nature of the threat and the first to resist it has received scant attention. His name was Daniel Lewin. He was the co-founder of Akamai Technologies, and a dual US-Israeli citizen who had been an Israeli Special Forces member in their elite Sayeret Matkal. Before the first plane hit the first tower, Lewin rose to fight back, but not knowing the number of hijackers and not having any help from the passengers who had already been cowed into submission by their soon-to-be murderers, Lewin was overwhelmed and had his throat cut with the sketchy reports available from the plane about to be turned into a missile that his head was nearly severed. There was no way that the other passengers could have predicted the monstrous fate that had been planned for them, so it is no slight on them that they did not rise as one to stave off the coming carnage, but do we not all wish that they had?

Friday, September 9, 2011

An Accomplished Liar

Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech last night that promises more of the same and that is dreadful news for the nation. Obama was talking jobs last night, but like so much else of what Obama offers, it was mostly just talk with no prospect of turning the economy around even if it were quickly passed in its entirety which in any event, with a Republican controlled US House of Representatives, it will not be. If the stakes were not so high, the GOP could gain tactical advantage by permitting passage of what Obama will offer, which would prove conclusively that Obamaism will not end our recession and that what America needs is not more stimulus but less government.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Chaos Theory

This column will deviate somewhat from my typical bill of fare because I am trying to reconcile certain events in my mind. First, let me state definitively that I believe in the Uncaused First Cause because nothing ever sprang forth from nothing, hence my faith in the Creator. So much of what transpires on this realm, the earth, and beyond it is well beyond the scope of human comprehension, and until we meet our Maker we have not the slightest ability to discern His Will. I only know as I grow older (now within weeks of turning forty-five) that aspects of this life are more enigmatic than ever. I have a neighbor, former classmate, and friend who had one child, the only one she will ever have, who was as close to perfect as a parent could want, and I found today that at the tender age of twenty, in a rollover accident where he was a backseat passenger, his life was taken from him. I grieve with his Mom and Dad and mourn his passing because no doubt, a straight arrow like him would have accomplished more great things had he only had the opportunity. I have another classmate and friend, one of the genuine nice guys and a great intellect, going through a miserable battle with cancer of the tongue, a productive person who was always there with a hand and someone who should have his best years ahead of him. I do not dwell on my own mortality, but I continually wonder why the good are stricken or taken away from us so fast. Still, I have not fallen into the arms of Abraxas or the trap of Deism. In a world where individual life means so little, it is still of monumental importance to that individual. I am far too insignificant to grasp His Will.

The Anniversary Approaches

The nation will commemorate the America's worst ever terrorist attacks in a few short days. Some will do acts of service that day, which is wonderful, but the most important aspect of the national effort must continue to be preventing the next jihadist outrage. The best way to deter whatever operation is being planned is not to concentrate on whatever the terrorists did last but to out think them and thwart whatever novel tactic they will try next. Does anyone think that a handful of men with box cutters could seize a crowded passenger plane ever again? Knowing now what happened then, the passengers and crew would never permit it. There remains an elephant in the room that few are talking about and that is what the future nature of Islam will be. If just one percent of the world's one and one half billion Muslims sympathize with jihad or are jihadist themselves, that would comprise more people than there are Jews in the world. The radical Muslims have committed themselves so much to their evil mission that they have murdered people from countries on every continent on earth and they are glad to die to fulfill world conquest. Those perpetrating these acts are in no way limited to al-Qaeda or the Sunni version of Islam practiced by the September 11, 2001 hijackers. The Shia Islam we see in Iran was before the 2001 attack the greater threat as Americans were killed in the hundreds by the Shia members of Hezbollah most notably in the Beirut airport attack which prior to the September 11, 2001 assault was the worst single terror attack against Americans. The Mahdi Army and the Iraqi Party of God (Hezbollah in Iraq) killed many Americans as we liberated Iraq and continues to pose a threat. Hezbollah operatives have spread their tentacles into Latin America and even into Mexico, reportedly now cooperating with Mexican drug traffickers. While Sunni terror still threatens, it is Shia radicalism that now poses the greater threat. A religion that presents itself as a great faith should police itself and eliminate the terror threat from its own ranks but all too often, in the case of Islam, those who should shout the loudest against the murder of innocents are silent, and to decent people, the silence is deafening.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Potential New Threat

Just as every possible connection Jared Loughner had was examined after the tragic Giffords' assassination attempt led to six murders, the Eduardo Sencion murder spree in Carson City, Nevada must be investigated from every possible angle. The shooter's family suggested he was mentally ill which is almost a given in a circumstance where someone attacks total strangers and then kills himself but political motives must be explored considering his primary target appeared to be uniformed Air National Guard personnel. Could the gunman have been involved in radical Islam or merely fascinated by it and exploring jihad online? Could the murderer have belonged to some extreme Left or even Right organization? Could he have been motivated by some of the fringe statements issuing out of the most radical members of La Raza who believe vast swathes of the United States must be returned to Mexico? All these questions are speculative but need to be answered along with more prosaic inquiry into whether Sencion had any organic disease of the brain or documented history of mental illness including involuntary committal that should have precluded his possession of a firearm. Investigators simply can not take his family's assertion at face value that he was a mental case because even if that is true that does not mean that Sencion was also not engaged in an Internet conversation with Anwar al-Awlaki, the Americam-born inspiration for so much terror hiding somewhere in Yemen.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poor Old James

James Hoffa is a bloviating cyst, an oozing carbuncle on humanity's posterior. He can call patriots whatever he wants under the aegis of our First Amendment, but threatening to take people "out" might be another matter. If you said you were going to take certain politicians "out", that would be construed as a threat and you could find yourself in a great deal of trouble including criminal jeopardy for it. Hoffa is entitled to his opinion and he can shout his fellow Americans are "son of b...hes" (again redacted by this author) all he wants but he can not threaten violence. To Mr. Hoffa, we take you absolutely seriously and recognize you for just what you are. . . a real joke.

No New Tone

During the 2008 US Presidential campaign, a conservative Cincinnati talk show host, Bill Cunningham, used Barack Obama's middle name "Hussein". The Republican nominee John McCain immediately denounced the man introducing him to the crowd and ordered his supporters not to invoke his opponent's middle name. John McCain kept the tone elevated throughout his campaign (which as we know in hindsight was not successful). After Arizona Democrat US Representative Gabrielle Giffords and others were wounded and six people were murdered, Democrats were quick to blame the TEA Party, conservative talk show hosts, and particularly Sarah Palin, who had made Giffords' district a target marked on a map with a cross hair sight indicating it could be swung Republican, for the attack by a deranged gunman. National Democrat Party figures including President Obama himself demanded that the rhetoric be elevated to cool the passions and insure that another Giffords' assassination-type effort would never be mounted. Less than a year later, all that high tone high mindedness seems out the window with Barack Obama saying he was "proud" of Teamster leader James Hoffa who had just called for taking the TEA Party "son of b...hes" (expletive expurgated by despot editor) "out". This is no gentler tone. This is know contest over issues. This is typical guttersnipe language coming from a typical union organizer. We, your millions of patriotic opponents across America, are listening and we believe you mean exactly what you say.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dooming the Nation

For the sake of argument, let us presume that Barack Hussein Obama had all his proposals since he came into the Oval Office passed through both the US House and Senate. What would America look like under this premise? So much would have been spent that the country's fiscal house would be irrevocably broken. The proof of this is that when President Obama's own Democrat Party controlled both houses of Congress, they did not pass all that Obama sent to the Hill. Even his own party members were aware that if they rubber stamped Obamaism, it would mean the end of the United States not simply as founded but as a fiscally-viable entity. Fortunately, this is mostly in the realm of a thought exercise as Republicans who now control the US House will never give Obama carte blanche and Obama can only do so much through executive orders and bureaucratic regulation under our Constitutional constraints which prevent the rising of a dictator.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Elevator Home

When you have a pie in the sky Presidency with Barack Hussein Obama floating on a cloud, reality eventually intrudes. A job speech coming Thursday will not solve unemployment or fix the economy because it will continue the policies that Obama has already implemented and double down on them following the failed and frankly foolish economic model of John Maynard Keynes. Barack Obama's economic advisers, the team he has formulating plans for our collective future are not private sector dynamos, proven successes in the business sector, or entrepreneurs with track records of creating thousands of jobs, but ivory tower thinkers from the ranks of academe who have never had to make their way through free market competition. America does not need and can not afford Quantitative Easing Three and more stimulus which is what Obama offers. What will save the US economy is just the opposite but that will not come unless and until Obama is replaced in the 2012 election.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Iran Prepares Holocaust

After minimizing or dismissing Israel's concerns for years, lo and behold, the international community is finally starting to take into account that Iran's nuclear program is a genuine threat. Yesterday, the International Atomic Energy Agency admitted what has been glaringly obvious to most for some time, that Iran's intentions for her atomic drive may not be peaceful. The IAEA and the UN Security Council are coming late to the party, so late in fact that the time may already have passed where the Mullah State may be stopped. The Islamic Republic is not interested in nuclear weapons as a deterrent as a sane nation would be, but is bent on stirring world chaos to summon the Twelve Imam, the Mahdi, from the well where he has hidden for the last thousand or so years. Iran, under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the current theocracy, is not a rational player but is possessed of the same mentality and mindset as the September 11, 2001 kamikaze squad looking for seventy-two virgins. Considerations as mundane as physical survival are set aside for those so fanatically devoted to their faith and they are fully prepared and have so stated to "wipe Israel off the map".

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rewarding the Invader

Our tax dollars are paying the sneak-in, the border-breaker, in ways that were heretofore unreported. In The Washington Post, Lisa Rein documents one more way those who have breached our sovereignty are enriching themselves at our expense. Read her powerful reportage here: We are being bled dry by a Federal spending death of a thousand cuts when what is needed most is serious scrutiny of such uncalled for spending as Rein reports along with real budget cuts including the sacred cow of so-called entitlements.

Stirring the Tempest

America's leftist provocateurs led by Stephen Lerner plan a "US Day of Rage" against Wall Street on September 17. This attack on our capitalist underpinnings will come just as government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sue the nation's largest banks as they try to mount a recovery, including Bank of America which has just been bolstered by Warren Buffett's recent acquisition thought by some to have been at least partially at the behest of Barack Obama with whom Buffett met shortly before his purchase of a major position in Bank of America. The American Left certainly has our financial sector in the crosshairs, and it seems that the Obama administration itself is working at cross-purposes with parts trying to preserve banks and insurers and other parts suing or regulating them into oblivion. The foot soldiers though that are Obama's strongest backers clearly have no reservations about taking down Wall Street without any consideration about what their street action will mean for the rest of the country. While I recognize and have here chronicled the shortcomings of our fiscal house, I am concerned about the political machinations and the coming protests and fear the United States could soon find herself in the same sinking boat as Greece.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Jobless Presidency

Barack Hussein Obama will announce the definitive solution to America's unemployment crisis in his coming speech. Even before Obama rises to the podium I know what he should say to restore confidence in the US economy- "I resign"- ought to do the trick. The best way to shorten job lines in our nation will be to add our current President Obama to the unemployment rolls.