Monday, December 31, 2012

The Tax Authority

It has long been said that "the power to tax is the power to destroy". This will never be more clear than 2013 when Obama's new tax scheme goes into effect. Not only will the so-called "Bush tax rate" cease to be,which was after all the prevailing tax rate for over a decade and should simply have been termed the "tax rate", but more than a trillion dollars in additional new taxes will be imposed through Obama Care. There has been no recovery to speak of beyond manipulated statistics and the new tax burden will surely stifle whatever meager growth the US economy has been able to muster. Recession or worse faces America in Barack Hussein Obama's second term.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Folly of Prediction

I actually thought Mitt Romney would defeat Barack Hussein Obama, so my track record is far from stellar. I suppose my hope overwhelmed reason in attempting to guess the outcome of the disastrous elections of 2012. Now, fear of what lies ahead has supplanted thought of the better tomorrow that Romney would have delivered to our nation and the world. The ownership of guns by ordinary citizens is clearly imperiled by Obama and his cadre of leftist elites. Israel is in the line of fire of the rest of the world with her former backer the United States now no longer to be counted on to aid the Jewish State or even support her efforts at self-defense. How will 2013 turn out? If I live through it, I will tell you about this time next year.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Small Arms Treaty

The United States has dropped opposition to the United Nations Small Arms Treaty and that further imperils our liberty as Americans. Make no mistake: Barack Hussein Obama reviles freedom for the common man as it is embodied in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and would like to be rid of the right of gun ownership for ordinary citizens. Of course, Obama and his elite backers would keep their armed protection regardless of the restrictions they will foist on we mere subjects. The only thing I trust less than America's political elite are the international kleptocrats of the United Nations.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Gun Banner Paradise

It has been pointed out aptly by John R. Lott that most of the mass shooting attacks have occurred in schools since the 1995 Gun-Free School Zone Act was passed. This law created the ultimate captive audience, defenseless, easy targets for mad men who now knew that no law-abiding citizen would be there armed and ready to resist them. San Francisco US Senator Dianne Feinstein is introducing America's newest gun control folly with a ban on assault weapons and a demand for universal registration by existing gun owners of weapons that will legally be grandfathered in with additional prohibitions against magazines that have a capacity of more than ten rounds. Registration may soon become taxation of each firearm every law-abiding citizen has and could lead to confiscation at any moment when government knows which civilians have which guns. The insane nature of the gun control fanatics is glaring in that criminals will simply ignore the new law and that the now disarmed decent Americans will now be left at the mercy of thugs, armed or unarmed. The gun banners are creating a real paradise for gangsters.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Politicians Being Craven

Why will only a handful of Washington politicians speak truthfully of the dire fiscal mess that our nation is in and the simple "spend less" prescription to solve these woes? Why does it take Base Closing Commissions to force the hand of our representatives who are in this regard cowards in areas where a US military installation has clearly outlived its usefulness? Where are the leaders with the courage to say stop feeding the pigs at the public trough with fiat money?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Enough Laws Already

Would more laws have made the felon in possession of firearms in Webster, New York less threatening? Would someone who beat his grandmother's brains out with a hammer suddenly balk at buying a gun illegally? The real problem is not access to a particular firearm but the existence of evil, and it has been thus since Cain slew Abel.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Roll Tide Yuletide

I see no sign of peace on earth and little evidence of good will to men, but in the South, with the certain exception of fervent Auburn fans, many football lovers' one Christmas desire is for yet another national collegiate championship for the University of Alabama. Even in this stodgy household, we will likely be shouting "SEC" and not because the Securities and Exchange Commission is about to pay us a visit, but because we too partake of Bread and Circus to distract for awhile from the grim proceedings of our daily lives. Yes, many televisions in Dixie will be the focal point when the title game is played, and even those who abhor violence will hope a great deal of it is visited on those Golden Domers by the angry elephant carrying the old pigskin.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wishes for Peace

At this time of year, many naturally pray for a more peaceful world. Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after his election but before he began to serve his Presidential term. Obama had pledged to close the Gitmo detention center in his initial campaign for the nation's highest office. To this day, the Guantanamo Bay prison remains open. Obama assured us he would not continue losing our sons and daughters in George W. Bush's foreign adventures. In fact, Obama has lost more US troops in Afghanistan than Bush did, and Americans continue to die there to this very day (an Afghan policewoman murdered a US adviser today). Peace is a grand goal, but as a nation, we must engage in continuing fighting toward victory.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Coming Fall

So what happens if America slides off the edge of the fiscal cliff? Taxes rise for virtually everyone, defense appropriations are greatly reduced, and the Republican Party will be brushed with the blame for it. Our credit rating as a nation will also be downgraded. In any event, I can discern no positive in case our political class can not manufacture a compromise. I do not lay the responsibility on the GOP though but on the Democrat and Harry Reid-led US Senate that has failed to produce a budget in the first four years of the Obama Presidency, abdicating their Constitutional obligation to do so and leaving our nation running under continuing resolutions, and on the President Barack Hussein Obama who wants to use the push across the fiscal precipice to once again smear Republicans as inflexible and obstructionist.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Dissolute Enterprise

The media including the makers of violent video games are corrupting our society. Youth are exposed to a constant stream of wickedness right through video screens that no previous generation had to witness. Open advocacy for marijuana use now prevails. There is little in the way of parental control on Internet access that a savvy teenager can not defeat, so short of watching their charges every waking minute where the children could be exposed on even so-called "smart phones", there is no foolproof way to shield the young from pornography, amazingly realistic, bloody, and vivid violence, and even solicitation by pedophiles. The best suggestions that I can offer is to limit screen time in the home and only permit use in a room where a parent is there to supervise, but this all goes by the wayside, if your child visits with another whose parents are more lax than you.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Relentless Propaganda Continues

The effort to curb our liberty is ceaseless. ABC's late evening news program focused on urban carnage and showed some folks out in the country who do not use their guns to slaughter each other but to the media (weirdly) enjoy firing guns as a family activity in an effort to present the chimera of balance. There is no denying that the main stream media which I had called "the dinosaur press" in the hope that they would soon be a thing of the past unfortunately still wields great influence and has it in for legal gun owners and wants to restrict Second Amendment rights. The legacy media should be leery though because a government eager to diminish the Bill of Rights might not stop at just one Amendment.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Personal Perspective

From 1968 until retirement, my maternal grandparents' family retail business was attacked several times by armed assailants. There were bullet holes in the family cars. My grandfather was virtually fearless, but later told me the most helpless feeling in the world is being shot at with no means to shoot back. That leads me to assert my position of Second Amendment reverence and my determination to be able if the exigency arises, to return fire.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On Restricting Guns

I know my neighbors. They are responsible, honest people. If they owned machine guns and bazookas, it would not trouble me because I know they would never use them for an evil purpose. I do not want someone possessed of a criminal mentality to have access to a firearm or to even be able to threaten my family with a butter knife. It is not a weapon that poses a threat but an individual. The National Rifle Association just like the Republican Party seems to be folding like a tent in a windstorm, and is not the organization it was when the late Charlton Heston so eloquently spoke to guard our rights. Gun Owners of America is the true voice of liberty and are the logical inheritors of Charlton Heston's legacy of protecting our freedoms. I am an absolutist when it comes to preserving the Second Amendment because when you compromise on these rights, you are inviting tyranny.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

By a Thread

The Second Amendment may not survive Sandy Hook. The President of the United States abhors your gun rights. All but a handful of D.C. Democrats want to restrict this sacred liberty. The Supreme Court was one vote away from overturning the plain meaning of the Second Amendment in the Heller decision of June 26, 2008 and only affirmed ownership of firearms within narrow constraints. If Obama is able to replace just one Justice or should one experience a change of heart on gun rights, then Obama will move with breathtaking speed and force to grab our guns.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Big Push

The political elite and the main stream media are making the strongest effort I have seen in my forty years and six to take away our natural, God-given right of self-defense. Our Founding Fathers revered this right so much that they crafted the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights in our US Constitution. They saw our ability to own firearms as not only a means of self protection but as a hedge against tyranny. They believed armed men were citizens while those disarmed were subjects. They wanted free men to be able to protect themselves and their families not only from the threat of highwaymen and Indians but from an American King George should one ever arise to threaten liberty. America's Founders were right then and still are. I will only acknowledge the time has come to restrict the gun rights of average citizens when the elites give up their own guns and armed guards. Bear in mind that Barack Hussein Obama is always accompanied by dozens of agents armed with state of the art weapons for "his protection". I will not give up my sacred natural rights because just as Congress hypocritically excluded themselves from the Obama Care they imposed on the rest of us, the so-called "powers" who run this country will never relinquish their access to armed protection. Do not permit the actions of a deeply disturbed individual to deny you the right to protect yourself and more important, those you love.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Protecting Political Viability

Our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton evidently will not have to answer uncomfortable questions about the four US deaths in Libya. Her "health" is supposedly too fragile for her to testify after a purported stomach virus caused her dehydration that led her to faint, fall, and sustain a concussion. I would say the timing of the illness is a blessing for Ms. Clinton. Presuming she enjoys a full recovery, Hillary Clinton will remain the odds on favorite to become President of the United States in 2016 without ever being called before Congress on Benghazi.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Emotion Over Logic

The same main stream media propagandists who manipulated so much to install America's current leader are working quickly to strike our gun rights. They are pulling at our heartstrings in an effort to make us abandon our rational minds. Action taken hastily can have irrevocable consequences.

Theater Near You

In some countries, emergency declarations forbid more than four people from gathering. Such a declaration would likely prevent a Connecticut-type massacre because a large group of people would never be able to legally assemble. Under the same premise,no movie theater slaughter would be possible because cinema and stage show attendance would be out. Motorized vehicles kill more than thirty-five thousand Americans every year, so I guess under the premise of ensuring ultimate safety, driving must be banned as well. These liberty-limiting propositions are just as absurd as proposing gun control legislation that will inevitably create a situation where law-abiding citizens are disarmed while criminals retain their deadly arsenals. Too often in history, people have learned too late that once a freedom is stripped away, it is gone forever.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Massacre of Innocents

The massacre that took place in Connecticut shakes the nation, but those who seek to limit speech or ban guns because of this are shameless opportunists. Violent computer games did not cause this outrage. Guns did not cause this chaos. The very warped mentality of Lanza produced this bloodshed, just as the bizarre mind of Anders Behring Breivik was the sole cause of last year's Norway atrocity.

World of Hurt

We ran into a medical professional who treated my Father and is capable and conscientious in the profession. That individual apprised us of another patient in similar straits as Dad was. The doctor is denying diabetic testing and treatment to a patient with an evidently terminal cancer and has imposed a "do not resuscitate/do not intubate" on the patient without informing the family, so obviously the family had not consented to withdraw care. In fact, according to our "friend", the family did not even know of the DNR/DNI status the doctor ordered- sounds like Dad's death all over again.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not One World

There really is a clash between civilization as exemplified by Judeo-Christian values including tolerance, pluralism, equality of rights for women and the Islamic world. I read today of Muslim insurgents committing yet another massacre, this time in Pattani, Thailand. One of the victims was an eleven month old girl who surely did not know whether she was Muslim, Buddhist, or Christian and her death and the wounding of another ten month old boy in the same attack reflect the benighted depravity of nihilism afflicting those Muslims committed to Jihad. The Associated Press story of the incomprehensible violence may be seen here from The Vancouver Sun: Until the sanctity of human life becomes enshrined as a religion's first principle then it will never be compatible with either Western or Eastern values that properly cherish beings as obviously innocent as these babies.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just One Word

One of America's Navy heroes Captain James Lawrence became legendary with his last words "Don't give up the ship!" The cowardly and mendacious leadership class of the Republican Party is betraying their conservative voter base by caving in on both social and economic issues. These Republican "elites" have forgotten the most important admonition of James Lawrence's deathless dying command:"Don't". Our ship of state is far too important to give up and we need authentically conservative leaders ready to join the fight.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make the Case

Prior to his reelection, did anyone notice that Barack Hussein Obama maintained the George W. Bush tax rates because even he recognized that government should not tax more in the teeth of a recession? Some manipulated metrics (like improved jobs' numbers) point to a better economy now than then, but America's economy is still no doubt fragile. Taxing and subsequent redistribution by the Federal government is an inefficient way to allocate resources. If the Federal government was efficient, then the US Postal Service would be thriving and FedEx and UPS would have no reason to exist. Instead, the USPS is perpetually run at a deficit while private shippers thrive. Then there is the game-playing by Washington politicians who use baseline budgeting to pretend there are cuts. This means there are generally only cuts to the projected growth of programs and no real slashing of budgets. The other utterly corrupt concept sold by our DC political class is that the economy must be measured as a zero sum game, that because a wealthy person has more, that is necessarily why you have less. The economy is in fact dynamic, meaning what the rich have has absolutely no bearing on the status of those who are less well off. These are all facts and really simple concepts that for some reason the GOP no longer tries to convey to the voting public.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Party Giving Up

If the GOP elite give up on both fiscal and social issues, then what is left for which the national Republican Party will fight? The leadership of the Republican Party as currently constituted is not going to contest the Democrats on increasing taxes. The national GOP is throwing in the towel on the immigration front as well with a "Dream Act" amnesty on the way (supported incidentally by Florida junior Senator Marco Rubio, a supposed favorite of conservatives). The powers that be in the GOP are abandoning the fight against the perversion of the institution of marriage by homosexuals and lesbians. There is even talk among the high echelons of the Republican Party that fighting against the horror that is abortion on demand is "costing too many votes". If the GOP no longer represents the founding principles of our nation, no longer stands as the party of Reagan, and lacks the backbone to resist Barack Hussein Obama on either economic or moral matters, then why should they not be supplanted by a real conservative third party?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Union Versus Workers

When an iconic baker goes under because the portion of employees who belong to the union refuse any degree of flexibility, how the union no longer serves the worker is aptly demonstrated. More than eighteen thousand people now find themselves jobless. When the unions stand with the open border crowd, tell me how a continuing flow of illegal aliens willing to work for a lower wage does anything but suppress the earnings of native workers. There can be no doubt that certain portions of organized labor are less interested in the welfare of their own members than making sure union leaders are able to maintain their own lifestyles which are just as cushy as those of corporate executives.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Little Dog

I know this is not earthshaking geopolitical news, but a neighbor's mixed breed dog was killed by a car in front of my house last night. The neighbor and I tried to administer first aid to "Honey" to no avail. If you drive anywhere, please be careful, particularly in neighborhoods where a pet or worse yet, a child could dart out. To dog owners, please obey the leash laws. They are there for the protection of your animal. I have my own beloved dogs and was heartbroken that "Honey" was hit and could not be saved.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Envy and Resentment

The politics of envy have done wonders for Barack Hussein Obama. I picked up a carryout pizza last evening and engaged in a little economic banter with a fellow customer who told me he was a professor in that field at a local community college. He was evidently an Obamabot of the first magnitude and he spouted the usual "top two percent can afford the tax increase" rhetoric. This is not true for many people who file their business taxes through Subchapter S of Chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code. Many of these business owners will see their taxes soar and will pay in even more in instances where they must also endure the newly engendered expenses of Obama Care. Farmers may also feel the pinch of new higher tax rates. It will not be the "millionaires and billionaires" alone that this college instructor said he was not worried about who will face the onus of having Washington separate them from more of the money they earn. It will be businessmen who will no longer be able to afford additional hiring. Beyond that, folks making $250,000 a year are a long way from millionaires (and certainly billionaires)and they will be caught in Obama's tax raising net as well. What motivates the professor I spoke with seems to be that he does not make that much money, and in seeing no way he can now grow his income, instead of aspiring to do better, he just resents those who make more money than he does.

Glimpse the Future

I never tune in to NBC news programming on my own volition, but last night my Mom told me to rush in to see a story about the culture of death being advanced by our government through Obama Care and being sold by Obama's flacks in the dinosaur media. The report was about a Wisconsin hospital where 96% of patient's sign their lives away with care limiting advance directives. We heard how much less the care of these patients cost during the last six months of their lives, but I would contend if more aggressive treatment was administered then for many of these sufferers, it would not have been the last six months of life as their survival could have been extended. A fellow with a doctorate of philosophy from Notre Dame is orchestrating the program where ill people and their families are given grim statistics and worst case scenarios of what can happen and how much they will be disabled if they opt to receive potentially life-extending treatment, so they opt out where they supposedly die with dignity. I lost a cousin December 6. He had been told by doctors in the West that he was a goner but was given eleven more years to enjoy with his family because he went across the country to Duke and had a risky surgery. Under Obama and this ration medical resources mentality, I do not think cousin Jerry would have had that extra more than decade and that is a shame.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seeking Syrian Solution

In some conflicts, there are no good alternatives. The ongoing civil war in Syria may be one such instance. Assad is a brutal dictator who can not remain in power. His opponents though include bloodthirsty Islamists who would only replace one tyranny with another and once in control would stay in power until a violent revolution once again rocks Damascus. The Obama regime has a lousy track record of picking winners friendly to the West and the ideal of democracy as seen in Libya and Egypt but also can not tolerate crimes against humanity including the possible use of nerve gas by Assad forces. Obama supported the so-called Arab Spring without knowing the chaos it would unleash.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fight for Life

When sorrow beyond words transforms into words beyond sorrow, then action to resist the involuntary imposition of medical futility policy may extend the lives of the aged and infirm and those afflicted with chronic illness. Politicians now may demonstrate they respect life's sanctity and act to preserve innocent life.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Real Joke

Bicycle lanes and the municipal bus service in the area I live of Nashville are an absolute waste of money. As part of Agenda 21 (whether the local politicians who approved it are aware of the nefarious aspects of said Agenda is debatable), the bicycle lanes are under utilized to say the least. No more than a few dozen riders use the costly "improvement" near my home in any given week and less tax dollars could have been spent to provide these riders with a state of the art velodrome. As for the buses, as low as the ridership is near my home, the city could send each passenger out a limousine and it would still be cheaper than running a fleet of almost empty buses in a morning to evening schedule in the West Nashville area.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Uttering an Obscenity

Last night, the little liberal twit Bob Costas read an editorial by someone just as stupid as he is at the halftime of the Sunday night football game on NBC. The lesson Costas and the author (whose name I did not catch) drew from the Kansas City murder-suicide was that both parties would still be alive were it not for our easy access to handguns. In point of fact, the professional football-playing thug could have killed the average person with his bare hands. If someone did not want to abolish our Second Amendment which enshrines our God-given right to self-defense, they never would have blamed a pistol in this circumstance. Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were not shot but butchered with a knife. A long gun (rifle or shotgun) would have made the victim equally as dead. Last week, a college professor and a woman in Wyoming were killed by arrows from a compound bow and knife wounds before the assailant killed himself with the same knife. Do not blame the gun or any other weapon but the person using it in the act of violence.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Broader Societal Implications

The dinosaur media breathlessly told the world yesterday that a player paid more per year to knock people down than most folks are able to accumulate in a lifetime gunned down his baby's mama. He was then seized by pangs of conscience and did the right thing by ending himself. The same gutter press was talking up some actress involved in a 4 am punch up at a "nightclub" earlier in the week. In each instance, the MSM attempted to tout something bigger than the true voyeurism that their sensational reports were. In the football story, the spotlight is focused on concussion syndrome. In the former child star case, the glare is on substance abuse. In both instances though there is no moral redemption, just sad, empty, unchurched individuals, committing the acts or getting a vicarious thrill through watching them.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Egypt or Israel

Egypt has just adopted a new Constitution that subjugates her citizens to Sharia. Israel has just approved construction of housing for her citizens in Jerusalem, the ancient and eternal capital of the Jewish people. Guess which action Barack Hussein Obama's US State Department condemns? Construction in the Holy Land of course, while the Obama administration does not balk at Egypt's new governing document that strips rights from Egypt's Christian minority and Egypt's women and contains no impediment to slavery.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Not the Babies

Dear God, what has society descended to with babies now being deliberately killed in Britain? A most sickening practice has now been exposed by Sue Reid and Simon Caldwell of the UK Daily Mail wherein infants are starved and dehydrated to death. This is not eugenics or euthanasia but downright callous murder in the manner of the Nazis of the Third Reich. The most vulnerable and utterly dependent members of our human race are being willfully eradicated. So these are babies flawed from birth- help them survive with the best quality of life possible for them- do not punish their innocence with a miserable and lingering death. Those committing this evil are not doctors and nurses but monsters. Who are they to judge the worth of a child based only on the defects? The happiest person I have encountered was my high school chum's Down Syndrome sister. Read of this outrage here:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Republicans Not Fooled

Any Republican Representative or US Senator who gives in to Barack Hussein Obama and votes for tax rates to be raised on anyone now is not a "fool" as Charles Krauthammer contends, but merely socialist-lite while their enthusiastically tax raising Democrat colleagues are full-on socialists. If GOP members side with those spending the US into oblivion, no one had to trick them to betray their campaign promises and the people who voted them into office and that will be the clearest proof yet that they do not share the values of Ronald Reagan.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Peace Process

No matter the outcome of the Palestinian Authority demarche at the United Nations, the cause of peace in the Middle East is fleeting. The growing instability in Egypt with her new above the law leader Morsi, the chaos in Syria, and Iran nearing completion of nuclear weapon production bode ill for the world. Those who are saying raising the status of "Palestine" will advance the peace process are either deluding themselves or they really hate the concept of Zionism. Hostilities will always be directed against the Jewish State of Israel until Muslims recognize that Jews have a right to live as more than dhimmi.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspiration Not Intoxication

Times are bad for many Americans. The Left and even Libertarians on the right are calling for the legalization of marijuana. What the nation needs is not easier access to intoxicants but a greater call to divine inspiration. Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol and from God, our best hope now is to turn to Him.

Monday, November 26, 2012

War on Wealth

Red China is still officially a Communist country, yet her leadership really tries to foster economic growth by keeping taxes relatively low. Ads have been published in the US for years with tag lines like "secrets the rich don't want you to know". These advertisements were clearly aimed to appeal to idiots. Very few wealthy people hoarded their treasure like the cartoon character Scrooge McDuck. Successful people in general act as wealth creators for others. When a person enjoys greater success, he or she tends to purchase a better vehicle, helping a local automobile dealer, make home improvements, aiding local contractors, purchase more merchandise, boosting local stores, overall spreading the wealth. The leader of the United States believes that rich people amass wealth only for their own benefit and intends to get even with the many successful people who are not his cronies and major contributors. Barack Hussein Obama is not the only world leader who has an ax to grind against his nation's achievers. Francois Hollande, the President of France, is similarly obsessed with punishing French entrepreneurs. It is ironic that those trying to grow businesses in Shanghai pay lower taxes than their counterparts in Paris or Manhattan.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

With Growing Revulsion

I am old enough to remember when Billy Crystal on the ABC entertainment program Soap in the late 1970s helped homosexuals go mainstream. Seemingly insignificant events in popular culture often turn out to have enormous impact. When the BBC is not covering up the long-term grotesque pattern of sexual abuse of one their (now late) stars or falsely accusing a prominent member of the House of Lords of pedophilia, they are trying to chop away at the sanctity of human life with, of all things, a comedy about assisted suicide. Here is the story of how the BBC seeks to advance the culture of death: Beware gentle reader because the right to die all too soon becomes the civic duty and patriotic obligation to save your government dwindling socialized medicine resources if you are aged and have already had your day in the sun or chronically ill and costly.

Menace to Prosperity

The looming tax increase if America tumbles down the fiscal cliff could be enough to trigger an economic depression the likes of which has not been seen since 1929. Raising taxes on those who could create employment at the time job creation is most needed is exactly the wrong course of action, but is precisely what our great class warrior President Barack Hussein Obama wants to do. Sadly but ever so predictably, a growing list of midway moderate Republicans are breaking their "no new taxes" promise to reach across the aisle and seal the fate of our national economy with their gleeful embrace of redistribution of wealth, a concept that has failed to grow prosperity every time it has been implemented in human history.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Community Organized

Where has a control economy ever produced prosperity? Where have central planners helped a citizenry to thrive? The vile purveyors of the myth called "social justice" only guarantee an equality of misery where drones in long ration lines await their tiny portion of the dole. The least efficient way to distribute resources is through our national (Federal) bureaucracy. It deeply saddens me to see many of my countrymen giving up on their own pursuit of success and becoming content to live off their harder working neighbors.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Better than Even

This is the season many retailers big and small have hoped would make their year. Crowds certainly gathered to grab seemingly amazing bargains at Nashville and national stores, but what this augurs for America's economic health can not yet be determined. People are spending now on items they perceive to be good values because (obviously) everyone loves a bargain but seeing long lines of shoppers on Black Friday by no means indicates the US economy is out of the woods. We shall see whose bull is gored in the fiscal cliff negotiations and then know just how much consumer-driven capitalism the Great Leader shall tolerate.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

King of Appeasement

The US is now led by an appeaser in the style of Neville Chamberlain, who has made himself a friend of jihad worldwide by siding first with the supporters of Arab Spring over long-standing American allies like Egypt's Mubarak and by now restraining Israel from dealing decisively with Hamas, all the while permitting Iran to continue their nuclear project and there again staying Israel's hand, and at the same time fleeing the field in Iraq and preparing to do the same by abandoning those who have stood with America in Afghanistan to the Taliban who with his "retreat to defeat" Obama has allowed to become resurgent. Appeasers do not secure "peace in our time" but assure the opposite.

Obama's Shameful Interference

Barack Hussein Obama gave lip service to the idea that Israel had the right to defend herself and then dictated to Israel that they could not launch a "ground" war in Gaza. Obama actually defended Hamas by holding Israel back. Instead of bringing peace to the region, by his interference, Obama has strengthened the hand of the Muslim Brotherhood not only in Egypt but regionally and allowed Hamas to claim victory, thereby guaranteeing wider conflict in the near future.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All the Blame

If Hamas were not operating from mosques, schools, the so-called media center of Gaza and hospitals, do you think Israel would be firing anywhere close to those locations? If Hamas was not hiding behind women and children, do you think the IDF would target these noncombatants? Hamas is deliberately trying to kill as many Israeli civilians as they are able while at the same time, intentionally exposing the civilians of Gaza to unnecessary danger. The full weight of responsibility for all the carnage belongs solely and only to Hamas.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goodbye to Privacy

Would you like the government scrutinizing all the email you send or receive without first having to obtain a warrant? Well the US Senate is considering legislation allowing that right now. Read this hyper-linked article now from CNET's Declan McCullagh: Privacy of communications is an essential component of liberty and the Senate is on the cusp of trying to strip away that freedom.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Walmart Walkout

There are millions of Americans who are out of work today who would love to have a job on Thanksgiving or any other day. With the unemployment crisis that prevails across the United States, I am sure Walmart will have no problem finding replacement workers for any labor activist who participates in a walkout during what will be the busiest period of the year for the corporation.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Susan Rice Disqualified

Susan Rice was not candid about the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi. She can not be trusted to be our Secretary of State because she has already demonstrated how readily she will put politics over truth and worse yet, over the very lives of fellow Americans.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time for Compromise?

GOP Congressional leaders met with Barack Hussein Obama in an attempt to avert having the US fall off the so-called fiscal cliff. The Republicans emerged from the meeting declaring great optimism about "compromise" with the Obama administration. This is not the time for the GOP to abandon smaller government, more personal responsibility principles, but this is precisely what national party leadership, the so-called establishment Republicans are doing. They say elections have consequences, Obama won, and we can not be seen as obstructionists. GOP leadership in Washington do not want to be branded as an obstacle to prosperity and do not want the blame for pushing the nation over the fiscal cliff. Republicans now at the top could not be more wrong. If they cave in and give Obama carte blanche on these budgetary measures as I fear the current Republican leaders will, the time will have come for a real conservative third party to emerge to rescue America.

Friday, November 16, 2012

An Unfortified City

Hamas has forced Israel's hand by firing missiles into the environs of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a densely populated city that lacks the number of shelters and reinforced bombproof rooms that towns closer to Gaza have. The IDF must up its level of aggression to tamp down the fire from Gaza before a mass casualty event befalls the Jewish State, and Israel can not allow normal life in her largest city to be disrupted. Hamas has declared "the gates of hell opened". Hamas has indeed opened this portal on themselves.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gaza Heats Up

After years of unremitting rocket and mortar fire, and after a recent bomb against an IDF patrol, and an anti-tank missile attack against an IDF armored jeep, the IDF finally had to respond with decisive force to protect Israel from terror emanating from the Gaza Strip. Gaza has devolved into a wholly-owned forward bastion of Iran. Israel must pacify Gaza as a million Israelis can no longer live under the threat of incessant bombardment.

UPS Versus Scouts

UPS has decided to punish the Boy Scouts because the Scouts refuse to embrace the homosexual lifestyle. I will no longer do business with UPS because of this. FOX News chronicles the story here: Those who assail morality are bound to lose customers while companies that stand for traditional values will thrive.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not a Chance

Many Obama voters are not aware of the recent fall from grace of Generals David Petraeus and John Allen. Many Obama supporters have no concern about the fate of the four Americans lost in Benghazi. You could ask them about the Libya massacre and from some you would surely hear:"Ben who?"

A Bit Distracted

The Central Intelligence Agency's director David Petraeus recently resigned in the wake of revelations of an extramarital affair with his biographer. Now, the married commander of allied forces in Afghanistan Marine General John Allen has been revealed to be having a long-distance relationship with a physician's wife in Tampa with whom he reportedly exchanged thirty thousand pages of sexually provocative email. Is it any wonder that the war in Afghanistan has not been more successful with senior US leadership apparently preoccupied with chasing skirts (or so receptive to having women chase them)?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dow's Downward Trajectory

What in the Obama plan will stimulate gains in America's stock markets? What will the Secretary of Treasury, be it Tim Geithner or a successor, do to promote economic growth? With interests rates already as low as they can go, what steps will Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve take to keep the United States out of a depression? The only tool left to these "leaders" is additional "quantitative easing" which actually means printing increasingly worthless fiat money. There is only one logical direction for an economy controlled by central planners and it is not up.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Closed Shop Nation

Barack Hussein Obama will reward the support he received from America's labor unions by cracking down on right to work states. Businesses that are already in dire straights from Obama's flood of regulation, the recently engendered expenses of Obama Care, and coming higher taxes will have the added burden of having to contend with collective bargaining, picket lines, and boycotts. No one in his right mind would start a business in this climate and having to contend with thug tactics of unions will push many companies who were already in precarious positions into bankruptcy. In pleasing his union backers, Barack Obama will deliver us a true "closed shop nation".

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Real Journalistic Scum

On this year's Veteran's Day when we should commemorate the service and sacrifice of those who kept us free and pray for those still on the line protecting us, George Stephanopoulos in a story on GMA Sunday about the recently disgraced Petraeus concerning the CIA fight against our Jihadist foe, branded that struggle as being directed against "al-Qaeda officials". Yes, dear little George actually called these bloody-handed murderers "officials". He could not bring himself to utter the word "terrorists" to described nihilistic wanton killers. The election is lost, the dinosaur media is an active Democrat partisan, and George Stephanopoulos is nauseating to have to watch (which is why I never watch a program that he is hosting).

Soul of Indiscretion

How could the head of the Central Intelligence Agency manage to have his extramarital relations ferreted out and paraded before the entire world? Many a bar stool Lothario has successfully concealed an affaire de coeur without having anyone discover the infidelity, but the spy chief of the last superpower exposes his soft underbelly to public derision. If you run an intelligence agency, one would presume avoiding scrutiny would be an absolute requisite.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Useless Lament

All the second guessing surrounding the Romney loss is essentially pointless. The postmortems over the defeat do not somehow kindle victory, nor are they a prescription as to how to reinvigorate the Republican brand. I have been guilty of some Monday morning quarterbacking on this forum but now intend a prospective approach as to what must be done next to preserve what little remains of our founding ethos. We must shore up God-given liberty and our natural rights because we know now we have a leadership in place that plans to encroach and erode the US Constitution.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bit of Hope

In one bright spot after the Presidential election debacle, the GOP now controls more Governorships than ever before. Perhaps these Republicans at the state level can serve as a hedge against Obama's overreach.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Abomination and Crime

By the time the next Presidential term is concluded, more than sixty million babies will have been slaughtered before they have been given the chance to see the light of day. This is the Holocaust ten times over inflicted on those who are absolutely vulnerable and completely innocent. This is a crime that must be fought not just by the Republican Party but by all decent people because abortion on demand is simply evil. The homosexual perversion of the sanctified institution of marriage is an abomination against the revealed word of the Lord (as has been transmitted to all three great monotheistic faiths). A blessed union for the purpose of procreation and raising families is a societal good. Homosexual perversion being given the imprimatur of the state invites the wrath of God against that country that basks in the path of Sodom. No nation can abandon morality and still consider itself consecrated and under the blessings and protection of the God they have chosen to turn away from, and sadly the United States has turned away.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Really Dreadful Prospects

Barack Hussein Obama will not protect Israel. Obama will never take military action to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Barack Obama will try to block Israel in efforts of self-defense including acting to thwart Iran. Barack Obama said in his acceptance speech last night that "a decade of war is over" with more than eighty thousand US troops still engaged on the ground and in danger in Afghanistan. Barack Obama told Russian leadership that he would have more "flexibility" to cut America's missile defense in a moment that he did not realize that his microphone was on back in March of this year, and this reveals that Obama is not serious about maintaining a robust defense for our allies beyond Israel or even the homeland itself. Obama poured fuel on the fire of the Arab Spring by facilitating the fall of America's friend Hosni Mubarak thus unleashing unprecedented instability across the Middle East. Obama does not know how to handle Syria disintegrating or the twin risings of militant Wahhabism which already controlled Saudi Arabia and has now engulfed Egypt with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood now in control of that country and the growing menace of End Time Twelfth Imam Shia lunacy in Iran but now seeping through Shia portions of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon with the Hezbollah terror army growing there and threatening terror at Iran's behest worldwide. Obama has not made the world a safer place and now will place the globe in greater peril for four more years.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Enjoy Systematic Fraud

How do you like illegal aliens, rightfully disenfranchised felons, dead and non-existent people voting? Do you feel good about military voters abroad being denied their voting rights? Do you like the proxy of the mentally-disabled in state facilities and government-funded group homes being votes cast for Barack Hussein Obama? Do you enjoy dole dwellers being legally permitted to steal the sweat of your labor and now being given carte blanche to take even more and ever more from your earnings and from the mouths of your family for voting the "right way" which in this case is voting Democrat Left?

A Sickening Display

The moderate loser Mitt Romney has just given his concession speech and called for Republicans to reach across the aisle. If he had been sincere and strident in defending conservatism instead of mealy-mouthed and weak in his criticism of Obama in the last two debates, maybe we would be calling him "President Romney" after tonight. Instead of fighting for our Founding Ideals and going hard after the worst President America has ever had, after the first debate, Romney took it easy on his opponent, and not wanting to make it look like he was piling on poor put-upon President Obama after Barry's lackluster first debate performance, Romney instead handed victory back to the arrogant Marxist neophyte.

Fear the Future

I had always been an optimist by nature but watching a hospital deliberately kill my Father and hearing that "he was on the cutting edge of Obama Care and he was cut" and then seeing Obama reelected has finished that optimism off. With Obama having no love of Israel and deep antipathy for Netanyahu, I fear for the future of Israel as the Jewish State. I pray for my fading nation America and the rest of the world that Barack Hussein Obama has destabilized.

A Strategic Blunder

I like Paul Ryan. I would rather have voted for him with his unquestionable conservative credentials as President than for moderate Mitt Romney, but if I were Romney I would have wanted Marco Rubio as my Vice Presidential nominee. Rubio, who had won statewide office in Florida as US Senator, would have almost certainly secured Florida (which has more electoral votes after all than Ryan's Wisconsin, which Romney lost in any event with the Wisconsin GOP Congressman as his VP nominee) and would have garnered more Hispanic votes for Romney nationally even though a cynic would say that would have been playing to base elements of identity politics. Ryan's presence on the ticket did not ignite popular enthusiasm like Sarah Palin did four years back and did not even carry Ryan's home state. I do not know if any Vice Presidential pick could have turned the tide after "Super Storm Sandy" boosted Obama's perception as a "caring problem solver", but if truth be known, most of the damage done by the storm is still there and Obama's visit to New Jersey was a photo op that turned out to be the most valuable campaign tool in human history.

Thanks Chris Christie

Barack Hussein Obama appears to have secured reelection in no small part thanks to the warm post-Sandy embrace of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie. Christie delivered the keynote speech ostensibly in support of Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention, I say ostensibly because the speech at the time seemed more a glowing endorsement of Christie by Christie than praise for the Presidential nominee Romney. This Jabba the Hut-like New Jersey Governor did much to return a perception of bipartisanship to a President who has governed as the most hyper-partisan leader under which America has ever suffered. Christie made Obama palatable to undecided moderates and independents just before they entered the voting booth. For Christie's last second boost to a flagging Obama that was just enough to put him over the top, thank you for sealing the fate of what had been the greatest country the earth had ever known.

Turn Out Tuesday

This is the day of decision. If you have not already voted, go out and cast that ballot for Mitt Romney. If it is cold outside, put your jacket on and go vote. If it is raining where you are, grab your umbrella and go vote. If you are in one hundred degree temperatures in the desert, put on those spiffy Bermudas and go vote. If you have to cross a lake of fire to reach the polls, find a NASCAR driver, borrow his fire suit and by all means, go out and vote.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Saving Grace

Tomorrow, America has the opportunity to achieve a bit of redemption as a nation. Tomorrow, the United States can repudiate the national path of socialism. Tomorrow, our country can tell the world that we reject the progressive agenda. Tomorrow, vote straight Republican ticket with Mitt Romney at the top of the victory list.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not An Accident

I see no way that voting machines in six so-called "battleground states" all happen to be switching votes for Mitt Romney to Barack Obama could be a coincidence. If a comparable number of votes for the President were somehow being shifted to the former Massachusetts Governor, then there could be no conspiracy in the works, but when all the change in votes redounds to the advantage of a single candidate, then there has to be something fishy going on, and in this election cycle, all the suspicious dealings happen to hurt the challenger and help the incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Choice to Make

Do you want a leader who stifles business or promotes growth? Do you want a President who demands a robust Defense Department for the United States as Romney will or Obama's continuing path of cuts in our Federal budget coming almost exclusively from the Pentagon? Do you want traditional values embraced or chipped away? If you love America as our Founding Fathers envisioned her- then the choice is clear- vote for Mitt Romney.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Left Us Hanging

Middle Tennessee still waits for our visit of rescue by Barack Hussein Obama after our millennial flood of May 2010. I guess since Tennessee did not and will never vote for Obama, we probably should not hold our breath. If we were a solidly Democrat bastion, I am sure there would have been nothing Obama would not have done for us in our time of need but because we tend to vote conservative down here, we had to do for ourselves.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Murder as Medicine

When an incentive is provided to hospitals for hastening their patients' demise, the medical facility has transformed into an execution chamber. This horror is becoming ever more pervasive in the United Kingdom (though from my own experience with my father being killed in the same manner, I am sadly aware this policy is in no way limited to Great Britain). This excellent John Bingham article from The Telegraph illuminates this grotesque mockery of the proper function of medicine: Read it and weep for the victims of palliative care who else wise would have survived longer and perhaps could have fully recovered if they had not been deliberately starved and dehydrated to death.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Acts of God

Hurricanes are not "man-caused disasters". Katrina was not the fault of George W. Bush and Sandy was not brought on by Barack Hussein Obama. Our sports utility vehicles and industrial emissions do not make storms any worse. It is a folly of hubris to think we are so powerful. As individuals and collectively as the human race, people are not powerful enough to control the weather. If we were that able to affect earth's atmosphere, then why is there no perfect climate Camelot? Why has there never been a place free from extremes of heat and cold, drought or flood, hurricanes, or other destructive weather? We would like to think we are in control but if we turn on every electric light and run every appliance in all our houses simultaneously, we still can not make a cold day outside one degree warmer.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

East Coast Tsunami

Though certainly not "technically" a tsunami (no earthquake triggered a tidal surge), I fear the damage from Sandy will prove to be the costliest storm in US history. The scope of the destruction can not yet be evaluated. The repercussions of Sandy are not yet knowable because the storm is ongoing- with disruptions just now reaching the Great Lakes. When finally tallied, the deaths will sadly but surely exceed fifty and the cost in lost commerce and repairs will be more than one hundred billion dollars.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Plenty of Worry

The nation awaits a massive East Coast storm with great trepidation and (hopefully) sufficient preparation. Then there is the deep concern about an event with a more long-term consequence- America's national election. Neither Hurricane Sandy nor the coming vote are entirely predictable. There could be devastation from wind and water but that can be repaired. The wrong result in the election may prove irreparable for the United States as she was founded.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rise for America

Mitt Romney is not a natural inheritor of the legacy of Ronald Reagan but Romney has the opportunity to grow into that role. Romney is certainly more fiscally responsible than Barack Hussein Obama (but so was Bill Clinton). Where Romney will shine should he win election is rebuilding our national defense as Reagan did after Jimmy Carter gutted it (as Obama also has already done and will only worsen when he permits the coming sequester), to restore our might and our prestige as a nation. Romney is no Goldwater happy warrior for conservative causes but he is certainly not going to try to reverse America's founding ethos. Consider this my endorsement: I exercised my privilege to early vote last week and cast my vote for Mitt Romney.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Most Overvalued Company

With Steve Jobs' passing, I fear Apple suffered the death of innovation. What made Apple so special and worthy of such a high stock price was not merely innovative technology but revolutionary thinking. A spate of Apple products have just been released and the reviews have been somewhat underwhelming. Will Apple be reinvigorated any time soon and if so by whom and with what breathtaking product?

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Border War

Over the past few days, more than eighty(80) rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza into Israel. The Jewish State responded with surgical airstrikes against those firing by the IAF and an IDF officer was critically injured in a bombing by the Gaza border fence. These attacks on America's closest Mideast ally are not isolated incidents but part of larger campaigns by 1.)jihadists bent on creating a universal caliphate and in so doing, ridding the world of the Zionist entity and 2.)forces acting on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This harassment of Israel is a harbinger of coming attacks not limited to Gaza but launched by Hezbollah in Lebanon as part of the broader war Iran is determined to initiate to "wipe the Zionist entity off the map". What starts as a skirmish now may soon envelop all of us in a global conflict, a real Third World War between the West and her ideals of enlightenment and individual liberty and those who revile freedom and seek to impose submission.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Administration Toppling Scandals

If "Fast and Furious" had occurred during a Republican's Presidency, it would have engulfed the GOP President and a relentless main stream media would have brought that Republican President down. This "gun-walking" program was meant to cause such a carnage in Mexico that Americans would abandon our own Second Amendment to stop the slaughter in our Southern neighbor. This was one scandalous assault on our God-given freedom. Another assault, this time on the freedom of speech enshrined in our First Amendment, has just been perpetrated. The September 11 massacre of American government personnel in Libya was from the beginning known as a terrorist attack by those in high government circles with a public claim of responsibility by an al-Qaeda linked group two hours into the attack while the massacre continued for another five hours. Not only did the Obama administration not intervene to try to save the endangered Americans, they asked the Libyan host government that had already abdicated their duty to protect our diplomats for "permission" for overflights. Then to compound their negligence, Obama representatives from our UN Ambassador Susan Rice to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney used the deaths of four Americans as a justification to chop at our right to speak- lying by declaring that an obscure anti-Mohammad movie had sparked the Benghazi outrage- which the Obama administration knew from the start had been a planned terrorist atrocity. Those who would allow blood to be shed in an effort not to protect but to diminish our sacred liberty do not deserve to remain in office.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Real Uniter

For good or ill, Mitt Romney is no partisan ideologue. In fact, I would argue he is somewhere between a Rockefeller Republican and a meddlesome progressive, who did after all give us Obama Care before Obama did with Romney Care in Massachusetts. Speaking of Massachusetts, Romney repeatedly reached across the aisle to work with Democrats there in what is after all a state with a clear Democrat majority. Be that as it may, the Obama campaign and their dinosaur media surrogates would have you believe that Romney is more stridently to the right than Reagan was. To wit- I say "hokum".

Very Familiar Territory

Commentators have long remarked the similarity between the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter and the failing Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. There are of course some major differences between the zeitgeist of 1980 and that of 2012 (i.e. no Soviet Union, no twenty percent interest rates- thank God on both counts), but a decrepit economy under each mis-leader and now the remarkable similarity between the fall of the US Tehran embassy and the tragedy of the slaughter of four US government personnel, including of course, of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens (incidentally, the first American Ambassador to be murdered since Adolph Dubs was killed during the Carter administration in 1979 in Afghanistan). Weakness in the US Presidency invites attack and unfortunately Carter and Obama manifest a lack of strength to those who would hurt Americans at home and abroad.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lost Their Trust

Most voters are highly skeptical of the dinosaur media. Those on the left disdain FOX News while those more clearheaded voters see through liberal bent of the three old-line network news divisions along with CNN and complete Obama mouthpiece MSNBC. Few think the main stream press is objective in regards to the Mitt Romney-Barack Hussein Obama race, but rather are acting as partisans of Obama's campaign, so it is no surprise to the discerning that the dinosaur networks and cable outlets called last night's debate "a victory for Obama". Of course, as a conservative who never pretends objectivity, I found Obama last night glib, obnoxious, and untruthful.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Counter Puncher

Barack Hussein Obama has once again demonstrated in tonight's just concluded debate that he is a "counter puncher". What Obama said tonight is counter to the truth, counter to logic, and ultimately counter to what it takes to protect the United States, our allies, and freedom in this world. Some see the world as it is, and ask why. Some see the world as they want it to be and one of those is the absurd fantasist Barack Hussein Obama. Remember though that the dinosaur press are going to continue to do everything that they are able to convince voters that Barack Obama is a Second Coming-style savior so above your mundane concerns as a citizen that you must vote for him even though you lack the capacity to understand just how great he is.

Life After Politics

For either Mitt Romney or Barack Hussein Obama, the coming Presidential election will likely mark the end of political campaigns. If Obama is not reelected, he will likely be compensated more for his speeches than any speaker in history. Obama will be a welcome presence at universities the world over, where his brand of Leftism will be in accord with what universities are already teaching. Obama may be appointed US Supreme Court justice the next time a Democrat is elected President. After the Presidency, Obama will be just fine. In the event of a defeat, Romney will have a much less clear future. Mitt is not currently an office holder, and should he lose, I can not foresee how he could ever run for office again. Romney is financially secure (so money will never be a problem) but the damage that will be done to his "brand" will be immeasurable, should he not emerge victorious. I always thought (hoped) the GOP would have selected a movement conservative like Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum to carry the November election, but instead, the Republican nominee is a midway Massachusetts moderate, who must win to have a future as a Republican leader.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Rubber Match

The final Presidential debate should be no contest because it is on foreign policy. Barack Hussein Obama has so thoroughly bungled US policy in the Middle East that the area is now a tinderbox ready to ignite. Obama has facilitated the replacement of a reliable US ally Mubarak in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has sat by idly while Iran has sharpened her nuclear claw that is aimed at Israel's throat. Obama has allowed Red China to threaten neighbors over uninhabited islands and the sea lanes and natural resources around them. Obama has not curtailed the threats of North Korea. Obama pretends al-Qaeda has been vanquished because he did what any American President would do, that is take out Osama bin Laden, but obviously, in light of the Benghazi massacre of US personnel this year on September 11, al-Qaeda is still a menace to Americans in the region Obama's mishandling has destabilized the most.

Obama Appeasing Iran

Barack Hussein Obama wants to have one on one talks with the mullahocracy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as if they are America's equals. The Iranians position on their nuclear program is set in stone. There is no incentive that will persuade them not to continue their nuke project, which is called an "energy program" by Iranian leaders but clearly has the goal of producing weapons. The talks proposed by the Obama administration are a pre-election ploy that will not convince Iran to abandon their determination to develop atomic bombs to use against Israel.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Spreading Stain

Violence that started with the so-called Arab Spring has now fully engulfed Syria and become sectarian in nature with the Assad clan and their Alawite brethren now aligned with the Shia of Syria and now backed to the hilt by Shia Iran and aided by both Iranian and Hezbollah thugs. The trouble now seems to be seeping into Lebanon, a nation that such a short time ago was riven by her own civil war. A bombing on Friday in Beirut killed eight including a Lebanese general who had been an open critic of Syria's dictator and was probably orchestrated by if not actually perpetrated by confederates of the Syrian despot Assad. The Arab Spring made an already dangerous region even more unstable.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Press That Destroys

The dinosaur media is against energy independence for the United States. Vapid actors go out to fight the hydraulic fracturing used to obtain domestic energy. They would rather be utterly dependent on foreign entities who do not have America's best interests at heart. Now Matt Damon will try to shape our energy policy with an anti-fracking movie. Whether they realize it or not, those Americans who attack offshore drilling, coal mining, and fracking are serving as agents for Saudi billionaires who pay America back by sponsoring jihad against the West.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Dangerous City

I am saddened to hear of another murder in Nashville- this one on the street right across from a police headquarters in downtown Nashville. This city's progressive mayor devotes ample resources to making Nashville "green", including spending millions on nominal bicycle lanes in front of and near my home (I say nominal because only the most intrepid cyclists will ride in lanes where automobiles right beside them routinely speed well over fifty miles per hour in our already dangerous for bikers 45 MPH zone). We have ample resources for Mayor Karl Dean's flight of environmental fancy on pedal power but no where near enough to hire a sufficient number of police to protect one of our major tourist hot spots within eye shot of our professional football stadium or even for traffic enforcement to make it safe for Harding Pike dwellers to exit their own driveways without making pulling your vehicle out a take your life in your own hands adventure.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Difficult Proposition

Barack Hussein Obama had a tough chore in last night's debate in spite of the fact that the audience and moderator were a deck stacked against Romney. Sure the seventy-two cents for every dollar men earn woman was "undecided" going in and had a great chance before the candidate forum of voting for Mitt. The walking leftist cliches hurling bad ideas for their man Barry to knock out of the park right in his wheelhouse and meant to show what a rabid right-winger the GOP has running had not the least hint of bias. You see though what Obama was trying is iffy if not impossible. On the one hand, our current President was making noises that extol the virtue of capitalism all while stoking the bitter fire of resentment known as "class envy". One candidate on the stage at Hofstra really embraces what has traditionally been known as the "American Way" and as his rhetoric again proved last night, it is not the President.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Appeasing North Korea

North Korea believes it is an appropriate demarche to make demands of the United States in "secret talks" according to an article by Josh Rogin appearing in Foreign Policy at It is amazing that a nation that can not even feed its own people has been allowed to engage in nuclear blackmail by the Obama administration and treated as an equal by unctuous American negotiators. North Korea remains a starving basket case Stalinist police state that should not be coddled but dictated to by the civilized nations of the world.

Monday, October 15, 2012

An American Obsession

We Americans have focused on political debate since Abe Lincoln vied with Stephen Douglas. Nixon and Kennedy produced an epic with their televised contest. Mitt Romney seems to have moved more voters than any candidate in recent history with his domination of Barack Obama in the last Presidential debate. It is not always sterling oration that wins a Presidency though. Many thought Stevenson a more compelling speaker than Ike, but look who won that election. No matter how much preparation Obama puts in for the coming debate, he has only taking out Osama bin Laden as a feather in his cap, with no way to defend the rest of his record.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Devotion to Mohammad

It is immensely sad that those who consider themselves most pure in their worship of Allah are the most misogynistic people in the world. A girl who only wanted to learn and have other girls have access to school was shot in the head in Pakistan by a nihilistic terrorist who thought he was doing his religious duty. Miraculously, Malala Yousufzai has so far survived her terrible wounding but she is not out of danger, both from her injuries and from the Taliban who say they are still committed to killing her. This attack is no rarity with Muslim women and girls routinely dying in so-called "honor killings". Even the most fundamentalist Christian or Jew does not think it is a religious obligation to kill young females to honor God. If Yousufzai recovers enough to survive, she should be given refuge in the West and treated as the heroine that she is.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

All Kidding Aside

Deep inside the bowels of fortress Obama, Barry surrogates are being sent out to attempt to convince voters the Mitt Romney is possessed of an "extreme right wing agenda". This notion is laughable. Romney won the governorship of Massachusetts, arguably America's most liberal state. Do you think Boston voters would have cast their lot with a hard rightist? Mitt even said in the last few days that he would not support any legislation restricting abortion to the Des Moines Register:"There's no legislation with regards to abortion that I'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda". Yet Obama flacks keep characterizing their opponent as a conservative creature. Obama is a real radical by track record, by association with Bill Ayers, the sixties terrorist, black liberation preacher Jeremiah Wright, the leader of the church that Obama attended for twenty years, and by Obama's relationship with Rashid Khalidi which would explain Obama's hostility toward the leader of America's most reliable Mideast ally's leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Romney has never been a strident conservative and is more Rockefeller than Reagan but Obama is a genuine Leftist.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Other Shoe

Contemptuous and petty, with no way to defend the Obama record and nothing beyond the rhetoric of class envy to offer for the future but an unbridled determination to help Barack Hussein Obama hold power- this sums up the Biden debate performance last night. Substantive ideas, energy, a vision for the future- is what Paul Ryan displayed. Were minds changed by the contest? Possibly, a very few, because as I said yesterday, the vast majority of voters decide based on the top of the ticket and not who will become Vice President. In any event, I see no way having a bright, well-prepared Ryan best a stale, smirking curmudgeon will hurt Mitt Romney's surging momentum.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Number Two Spot

Tonight we will see who looks best representing America at state funerals and little else. Who votes for the second man on the ticket? The same people who pay to attend NBA games to watch the towel managers work. I love Sarah Palin's politics but I did not vote for a Vice President; instead, I voted for John McCain. Who wins a window dressing debate is determinate of nothing.

Biden Stands Up

US Vice President Joe Biden will have the chance tonight to reclaim some momentum for the Barack Hussein Obama reelection campaign. Often the former Delaware Senator has been afflicted with foot in mouth disease to accompany his diagnosis of sparking class envy and big government liberalism. It will be interesting to watch a bumbling statist try to defend Obama administration Leftism. Joe Biden's opponent is no lightweight. Paul Ryan is on the leading edge of the conservative reformers who are trying to save our nation. If I were to handicap the debate, I say the debate moderator, Martha Raddatz, a dinosaur media Democrat flack, will do all she can to keep Biden's head above water, but that will not be the deciding factor, as our current Vice President is trying to sell old stale ideas that have only made America worst since the days of FDR.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Solid South

Who could have ever predicted that a Massachusetts midway moderate would win the Presidential vote of the southern states? It is only a testament to how far left Barack Hussein Obama actually is that Mitt Romney looks conservative in comparison. Even "swing state" Florida seems solidly for Romney after the Obama debate disaster. There is still the Ryan-Biden debate upcoming and another Presidential square off but unless Romney utterly collapses, I see him winning every state from Texas up to and including Virginia.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Iran's Real Intention

To those who say the Islamic Republic of Iran has "peaceful" purposes for her nuclear project, I say listen to Iran's leaders who openly declare "the Zionist entity will be wiped from the map". To those who say Iran may be bargained with as North Korea has been to keep them contained, I remind you North Korea is not led by End Time zealots who believe it is a religious duty to spark world chaos to summon the Twelfth Imam from his hiding place deep in a water well. I also contend that no offer of reduced sanctions or increased aid to Iran will dissuade them from their "sacred duty". Only one option will thwart Iran from a nuclear attack on the Jewish State: Preemption.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pity for Venezuela

Hugo Chavez has "won" yet another election in his quest to be leader for life of Venezuela. This country so rich in natural resources remains burdened with poverty after more than a decade of redistributionist misrule. Venezuela is one of the murder hot spots of the world. Press which has opposed Chavez has been intimidated, prosecuted, often silenced, yet some would contend that though the voice of the opposition has been squelched, this was somehow a "free election". Be that as it may, remember Stalin's admonition that "it is only who counts the votes that counts". It is a shame that Venezuela has been deprived of freedom and prosperity by their clownish despot.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Slam Machine

The Obama campaign has no lengthy record of accomplishment to tout, no substantive vision to improve the lives of average Americans, and no retort to the Romney-Ryan plan to put the United States back on the path to prosperity, so they are left to try to slime Romney with half-truths and outright lies. If the GOP were anywhere near as vicious as the Democrat Party, the US House of Representatives would be called back into special session to investigate the stunning turn-around in the unemployment numbers. Remember after all, Democrats actually thought there was fire behind the fabricated smoke of allegations that the first President George Bush flew an SR-71 to Paris to make sure the Iranians held onto their US hostages until Ronald Reagan was called to this nation's highest office. Republican Congressmen just will not demand hearings into suspicious numbers that help Barack Hussein Obama because the GOP plays nice with people who lambaste them with a constant refrain that amounts to Republicans hate children and old people.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

All Hail Obama

Watching the dinosaur media root for Barack Hussein Obama is really hilarious. On ABC News Saturday morning folly, one of these ring-kissing flacks called people skeptical of the suddenly rosy jobless numbers "job nutters" and "jobbers" surely to conflate them with so-called "birthers". The old line press are falling all over themselves to praise and congratulate our super arrogant Marxist neophyte for fixing our economy. Once again, I ask you gentle reader: Does the nation seem cured of all economic woes to you?

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Numbers Game

Miraculously, Barack Hussein Obama has brought unemployment below the eight percent figure. I say miraculously because I see no way the Obama administration figure adds up. This new 7.8 percent number should be dismissed as a bit of creative electioneering at a time Obama really needs it after his debacle of a debate performance. Do you feel a giant economic rebound in your life? Do you like paying in the neighborhood of $3.70 a gallon for gasoline (or more)? Have your food costs suddenly dropped? Are you planning on big Christmas spending? I see no evidence of recovery in the economy but plenty of signs that we either never left the Obama recession or are well into the dreaded double dip. What America needs is not manipulated jobless numbers but the job creation that a President Mitt Romney will deliver.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Tipping Point

Even the dinosaur press had to concede that Mitt Romney outperformed Barack Hussein Obama in last night's debate. Main stream media flacks who would normally be cheering Obama's mastery were saying that the President was "lackluster". The most telling aspect for me was that Romney showed the human face of conservatism. Mitt proved he was no Simon Legree parody who is thoughtless to the welfare of the poor and disabled as movement conservatives are so often characterized. Romney will return dynamism to the engine of prosperity with more people employed and paying into the system while Obama's proposed tax increases would surely stifle all prospects of recovery. Romney has the vision America needs to turn the corner while Obama would simply dig the US into an ever-greater hole. Let us hope Romney and Ryan keep up the great work.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Really Debatable

Are you better off than you were four years ago? Unless you happen to be a crony of Obama or a member of a protected union, chances are you are not. As an ordinary American, your prosperity is under assault. Your food costs more, your gasoline costs more, and if you are fortunate enough to have kept your job, your income is less. You are less free in America than ever before with the Obama administration ready to take over the Internet in an "emergency" they have empowered themselves to declare and with even the ultra leftist American Civil Liberties Union declaring US citizens are under more surveillance than ever before. Even college students who are receiving the ever greater beneficence of government are actually falling behind still further as tuition costs grow faster than the scholarships and grants do, leaving graduates with higher school debt than ever before. Our medical autonomy is going as Obama Care will dictate what we must weigh, whether we are permitted to consume tobacco, and if we may even drink soda. Soon too care rationing will be the cause of death for many, no matter what their death certificates have written on them. If you happen to be better off than you were four years back, you are "connected" or a very lucky individual indeed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For Border Security

Tragically, another border agent has been murdered while trying to keep us safe along our Southern border. A boundary so porous that even our law enforcement there is in grave danger represents a threat to all of America. I do not know if Romney will secure America's border with Mexico, but it is all too clear that Barack Hussein Obama has not. Sadly, as in Libya, our current President has failed in his duty of national security once again.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Real Hope

A candidate won the US Presidency in 2008 with an offer of ersatz hope and brought real change, almost entirely for the worse. You can not consider a record number of Americans on Food Stamps an achievement. A growing dependency state is a tragedy and unsustainable to boot. Few dole dwellers are fulfilling their highest expectation when they go begging Uncle Sam. The GOP wants to offer them a hand up so they no longer need the handout. Barack Obama is happy to give a man a fish while Mitt Romney wants to teach that man to fish so that he may eat for a lifetime. There is only so much a nation is able to produce and the productive classes will rise up and shout "no more" if they are made to work ever harder so that other able-bodied may mooch.

An Unforgivable Lapse

Just as not taking security seriously enough allowed the Libya slaughter on September 11, the Obama administration did not do what was necessary to secure the computer network of the United States that controls our nuclear arsenal. The stunning story is reported by Bill Gertz in The Washington Free Beacon in a story titled "White House Hack Attack". That our defenses are so lax should be a scandal. Read the Gertz report that should terrify here:

The Expectation Game

In the coming days, the Presidential debates and debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will take place. Much too much weight is being placed on these contests. I do not think based on his performance in the GOP debates in this election cycle and even back to the 2008 campaign where Romney lost the GOP Presidential nomination to John McCain that the former Massachusetts Governor is any great debater. Nor do I believe Obama speaks beautifully off the cuff, but Obama does deliver prepared text with tremendous eloquence and conviction. Both Presidential campaigns are trying to tamp down expectations about their respective candidate's performance in the upcoming forum. I for one will not be swayed in the least by any of what is said because the issue is larger than Obama looking good and Romney appearing stiff or even flustered Wednesday night. Barack Hussein Obama is taking the United States away from her founding ethos. Obama is systematically dismantling the elements of our nation that keep America safe and prosperous. Mitt Romney will not drown the US in debt in transforming us into a dependency state, will never disassemble America's national defense, will not try to take our guns, and will not raise taxes in the teeth of our persistent recession. As for the Vice Presidential gab fest, I think Biden may look stale, lacking Ryan's vitality, but once again, even if Ryan was the one spouting nonsense, the voters would still have the duty come November of saving the country from Obamaism.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Real Tax Nightmare

The Democrat Party and their dinosaur media lapdogs have convinced many that what will be the largest increase in taxes in US history is only an attempt to prevent tax cuts for "millionaires and billionaires". No tax cut is proposed by the GOP, merely retaining the rates that have prevailed since the George W. Bush Presidency which if the main stream press was interested in honest reporting would simply be called "the current tax rate" which Democrats are determined to raise including the death (inheritance) tax and taxes on capital gains (even on selling your house). This record tax increase will punish far more than millionaires and billionaires, with individuals earning more than $200,000 and couples more than $250,000 taking the hit of higher marginal rates. Many families who are far from what would generally be considered rich will pay the more punitive (higher) tax rates with fewer available deductions and the alternative minimum tax creeping in to further punish more middle income earners. The dinosaur propagandists who gladly flack for Obama as they pretend journalism have gone hog wild presenting the inane syllogistic fallacy that millionaires and billionaires are the same when any logical person with a grasp of simple math sees they are vastly different. A rise in Federal taxes in the face of a relentless economic downturn will make joblessness that much worse by throttling small business owners and making it that much less likely that the private sector will be able to resume hiring. The grotesque manipulation of the thoughtless and gullible (including those engrossed in class envy and those who hate the so-called "rich") may win Barack Hussein Obama this election but the consequences for the country of an Obama victory will be devastating.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Winning the Trifecta

I do not for a second believe that either the Romney Presidential campaign or the GOP in general is in disarray. The dinosaur media are nothing more than an arm of the Obama team and are doing all they can to depress Republican turnout. I do not think the American people are charmed by Debbie Wasserman (Test) Schultz when even the liberal flack Anderson Cooper tires of her lies to his face. I think those who are informed realized almost immediately that the Obama administration from UN Ambassador Susan Rice to Jay Carney to Barack Hussein Obama himself have lied through their teeth about the Muhammad film causing the Benghazi murder of four Americans, which in fact, was an unforgivable lapse of security on a date September 11 when precautions should have been at their highest level in a Muslim country as unstable as post-revolution Libya. I feel it is quite possible that the Republican Party will retain control of the US House of Representatives, will turn US Senate control back to the GOP, and that Mitt Romney will capture the Presidency. I pray this will be the outcome of the November election while it is still possible to save the country.

Friday, September 28, 2012

No Global Taxes

It is often the best intentions that produce the worst result. I do not smoke. In light of the death of two relatives at least in part due to their former smoking habits, I abhor tobacco use. I read a Drudge link today on The Washington Free Beacon by CJ Ciaramella that the World Health Organization is considering attempting to impose a "global excise tax of up to 70 percent on cigarettes". It is bad enough to pay Federal taxes, plenty bad to fork money over to local government, but Americans should never for any reason be forced to pony up their hard earned money to extra-national bodies that are absolutely outside the US Constitution's careful restraint on government's power.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Threatens Whom

Some Jew-haters actually are suggesting that Israel is threatening Iran. The Jewish State has not declared that the Islamic Republic will vanish from the face of the earth. Israel has not called Iran "a cancer". Israelis or those acting on their behalf have not murdered absolutely innocent Muslims in Argentina. Israel is not attempting to create a caliphate or world-encompassing Jewish nation. Israel has maintained nuclear ambiguity but intelligence experts believe Israel has had a weaponized nuclear capability since at least the 1970s and Israel has not menaced or extorted any other country with atomic blackmail. To those who want to see Israel obliterated, "never again" means never again. Israel really has nukes and the ability to deliver them anywhere at any time (ICBMs) and will not go quietly into the night.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Very High Price

Those women who continue to support Barack Hussein Obama because they want contraception provided free of charge are actually going to pay in both lost freedom and economic opportunity. Maybe Romney will not pay for your morning after pill but at least you will be able to find a job after Romney wins the election and institutes his economic program.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Integrity in Football

I normally do not wax on over a topic as trivial as sport, but must comment on the travesty that befell the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. The powers that be could have reversed the horrendous call (sequence of bad calls actually) that handed Seattle the game, but instead upheld the officiating crews blatant incompetence. This does not preserve the so-called "integrity" of American professional football, but absolutely undermines it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sons of York

I happened to be in a Nashville, Tennessee location of the world's largest retailer and I heard two associates on the break rooting on a European football match they were following on a smart phone. These gents were what some might call "countrified" and others would say were "rednecks". Yet, there they were with rapt attention on a soccer game. My how my country has changed, with what would seem like NASCAR and NFL fans totally engrossed in a game many Americans had never watched or participated in prior to Kyle Rote, Jr.

The Patient English

In the aftermath of World War II, America fearing a growing Soviet menace, poured billions of dollars into rebuilding former Axis members, Germany and Japan, rapidly and vastly increasing their prosperity, while the people of ally Great Britain still had to endure rationing. While our erstwhile enemies became world economic powerhouses, the United Kingdom languished in a self-imposed socialist haze until Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher revitalized the economy through privatization and loosening the chains of strangling regulation. It is a shame that the United States has chosen the path of postwar Britain, right to the National Health aspect with our labyrinthine Obama Care at a time when more economic liberty could save us.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Marketplace of Ideas

Both Barack Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney have misrepresented who they are and where they really stand. Barack Hussein Obama will not own up to his "Joe the Plumber" take from the rich guiding ethos, even after a 1998 audio tape emerged of him declaring his embrace of "redistribution". Obama really means it but he will never admit this Marxist impulse in the midst of a tight campaign. Mitt Romney is actually pretending to be more to the right than his record proves that he actually is. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney showed no affinity to the Second Amendment and did nothing to advance gun rights, nor did Romney do a thing to curtail abortion on demand, leading me to question his now proclaimed reverence for life. Of course, Obama remains more dangerous to the Republic, with America much more able to endure a moderate posing as a conservative than a radical statist determined to transform the nation in ways the Founding Fathers would despise.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Civilization Versus Chaos

The codification of law came into being with Hammurabi's Code in what today would be called the Middle East. Over the centuries, order emerged and that region became sacred to three major world religions. One of these faiths has yet to undergo a reformation and still clings to practices that were the norm for other folks around 700AD. Muslims still employ stoning, beheading, and crucifixion. Much of the rest of the world has enjoyed democracy for a century or more, but the Islamic World is just now dabbling with concepts of self-determination. Fundamentalist Muslims profess an open disdain for democracy and instead, embrace submission under Sharia. What the so-called Arab Spring unleashed now appears ugly, dangerous, bloody, and destabilizing for the whole world. Nostradamus and Revelations warn of great cataclysm with tribulation in the Mideast. Let us pray that the movement toward global conflagration may be arrested before it is too late.

Friday, September 21, 2012

What a Relief

At last- happy days are here again- or so say the partisan hacks masquerading as objective journalists. The dinosaur media is attempting to provide momentum for their chosen candidate Barack Hussein Obama. Suddenly, some manipulated numbers that the press claim point to a robust recovery in the US economy, have anchor people and reporters chipper and celebratory. The reporters would be singing a different tune if a Republican were President and a Democrat was attempting to oust the incumbent. We would be hearing with absolute validity that we were in the worst economy since the Great Depression if Romney was in office presiding over this disaster.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Debating the Debates

Some Obamabots are already counting their chickens, convinced that manipulated poll numbers favoring their candidate are real. I would say the issue is not settled just yet and the debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama may have a telling effect. The dinosaur media mouthpieces who are no more than an arm of the Obama campaign will tell you how wonderfully Obama performed and how thoroughly he mopped up the floor with Romney, no matter what you think you saw in the actual debate. I do not think either candidate will dominate the proceedings, because if Romney starts to roll, to really seem to be making headway, then the supposedly neutral moderator(s) will interrupt him and try to break his train of thought because they are just as vested in an Obama victory as the rest of the main stream media. I would not guess that Obama will be all that convincing either, although the team prepping him may well have access to the questions in advance as Democrats have successfully manipulated the staging of the Presidential debates going back to JFK versus Nixon. Watch the debates. Do not be swayed by the Obama propagandists masquerading as journalists who will, no matter what, attempt to convince the voting public that Obama won the debates.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Syria's Ceaseless Slaughter

Bashar Assasd is bigger than the nation that he purports to govern. Assad continues to use attacks from aircraft and heavy artillery against Syria's civilian populace with casualties reputedly higher than ever in this conflict seemingly without end. Assad has help now from thugs from Iran and also likely from the Hezbollah terror group. In a sick alliance right out of the Axis of Evil, Alawite Syrians have made common cause with foreign Shi'ites too keep the Assad dictatorship in power.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Long Memory

Red Chinese are absolutely irate at Japan. They are attacking Japanese businesses, interests, and even individuals on Mainland China. Some media reports indicate the hostility has been engendered by the purchase of some uninhabited islands by Japan that had been claimed by both nations. Other reports indicate that the Chinese authorities have ginned up hostility against the Japanese to deflect from their own deficiencies and an economic downturn plaguing China. All these contentions are valid but the main reason Chinese would assail Japan is the collective memory of the atrocities (such as the Rape of Nanking and the medical massacre perpetrated by Unit 731) Japan inflicted on millions of innocent Chinese before and during World War II.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Devaluing Our Dollars

America's money was the reserve currency of the rest of the globe. The strength of US currency could not be questioned. Now, the loose monetary policy of the Federal Reserve has called that into question. Yes, the stock market soared and shareholders were understandably happy about that, but if the gains are marked by fiat dollars, then Ben Bernanke's moves are self-defeating. Inflation is already happening with gasoline prices rising and certain staple foods (like corn) as expensive as they have ever been. I do not want to have to bring a wheelbarrow of Weimar money with me to buy a loaf of bread or be a Zimbabwe billionaire carrying essentially worthless money.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Over a Barrel

Would it not be grand if the West could tell the ruthless potentates of Saudi Arabia who have spent billions spreading poisonous Wahhabism where they could put their oil? If only America collected our domestic reserve with the gusto and technological inspiration of the Manhattan Project while continuing research on petroleum alternatives, we could tell those that fund al-Qaeda to go pound sand.

War on Sanity

A film that may be nothing more than a You Tube trailer has reputedly ignited the Muslims of the world and they are now determined to punish America for the creation of this insult to Muhammad. Of course, Osama bin Laden must have had the gift of foresight to, in an act of preemptive vengeance about a motion picture no one had even conceived of, slaughter three thousand innocent Americans more than a decade before this movie supposedly sparked Islamic wrath. The contention that a film no one has seen caused the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya is absolutely preposterous. Useful idiots are using this outbreak of violence to assail the most basic concepts of Jeffersonian democracy. Anyone so gullible as to believe the video started the trouble or cynical enough to try to use the event to limit free speech really must hate Western freedoms.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Government Silencing You

I have heard the great hue and cry that an obscure movie (if it even exists beyond a short trailer) has caused murder the world over as representatives of the so-called "religion of peace" demonstrate that they are not that tolerant after all. Speech that is inoffensive needs no protection. The First Amendment of the US Constitution was crafted by the framers to protect controversial speech. If I say what nice people the Hindus are, then my words need no protection. If I verbally castigate evil Nazis, the vast majority concur and once again, my statement needs no cover. It is only when someone makes an intemperate declaration that inflames passion that our right to speak comes to the fore. Pleasant conversation needs no support of law or government, but when the government tries to suppress even a fraudster turned filmmaker from distributing his work, no matter the trouble his movie has caused, then liberty itself may be compromised.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Shameless Partisans

The dinosaur media once again reveal their true face as the strike arm of the Obama campaign and as nothing more than an appendage of the Democrat Party. Whether it is George Stephanopoulos pretending objectivity in his interview of GOP nominee Mitt Romney or a pair of so-called journalists including Jan Crawford conspiring on an open mike to elevate Barack Hussein Obama by making Mitt look bad before a Romney presser after Islamists slaughtered American diplomats, the true face of the main stream press looks Left.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Probable Culprits

The murder of US diplomats in Libya may be attributed to al-Qaeda or an al-Qaeda offshoot, particularly after a claim of responsibility, but remember those who commit acts of terror often do not claim them and just as frequently, terror organizations may take credit for the foul acts of others. It is certainly possible that a Wahhabi militant band perpetrated the atrocity, but some Iranian-inspired Shia murderers may have done the killing. Remember that prior to September 11, 2001, more Americans were murdered by Imad Mughniyeh and Hezbollah than any other terror group and that though Mughniyeh no longer draws breath, Iran and the terrorists she supports still itch to kill representatives of the United States (a nation Iranians condemn as the "Great Satan"). The third suspect group would be members or supporters of the government of Muammar Gaddafi who might want a pound of flesh for their loss of control of Libya. In any event, Americans must keep their guard up as they are still targets for world jihad and international terrorist groups.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Arab Street

Barack Hussein Obama came into the Presidency with the promise that the world would like, respect, or even love the United States of America again with Obama being such a cosmopolitan internationalist, the real President of the world in sharp contrast to the provincial cowboy President with his willing to go it alone attitude that was the way George W. Bush was falsely portrayed by his opponents including those in the dinosaur press. Obama made a major foreign policy outreach as the US President on June 4, 2009 with his address to Al-Azhar University in Cairo. This speech was an appeal to the Muslim world and much of Obama's foreign policy since then has been directed at placating and protecting Muslims right to military support for parts of the so-called Arab Spring. The world does not love America. The world (including the rising Red China and resurgent Russia) does not respect Obama or America. Even the jihadists who clamored for our help to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi and gladly accepted US aid despise Obama's America and Americans to the point of murder. A massive failure on the part of United States intelligence agencies permitted our embassy in Egypt to fall from our grasp and allowed the slaughter of innocent Americans at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya on a day that should be sacred September Eleventh but with unprovoked attacks against Americans continuing, remains notorious.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marking the Mountain

Mount Fuji is more than a peak but a symbol emblematic of the nation of Japan. Japan has enjoyed relative prosperity for the last couple of generations but now may find herself on the cusp of economic cataclysm as she faces a mountain of debt. According to Pat Robertson on CBN News, Japan now faces a national debt more than four times larger than her gross domestic product per annum. This level of debt is comparable to the worst basket case countries of Europe whose economies are past the point of no return without massive external help. Unfortunately for Japan, her economy is literally too large for the rest of the world to bail out. There can be no rescue package from outside for the Japanese who will be left to have to sort out the mess of their own creation (or rather that of successive governments that the people there elected) for themselves.

Because Cats Jump

America commemorates an act of treachery today, just as it does on December Seventh, when we mark the sneak attack by the Empire of Japan on Pearl Harbor. One of the most important lessons of September Eleventh, Two Thousand and One and also of that notorious December day in 1941, is that vigilance must never rest and defense and intelligence must always be national priorities. Another lesson is that fanatics despise our liberty and prosperity and are willing to die to attack us. Americans must remain alert to every threat, and Islamism is at the moment, the gravest menace to the security of our nation.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Europe Leveraging Debt

The European Central Bank is going to buy Euro Bonds thereby monetizing what otherwise would (and should) be worthless paper. The United States is engaged in a similar folly, buying our own Treasury instruments, effectively buying debt with more debt. This practice is of course an act of last resort which will only worsen recovery prospects for America and which can not ultimately prevent Greece from being forced out of the Euro and may not save Spain either.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Osprey on Okinawa

Some residents of Okinawa are protesting the US plan to deploy Osprey aircraft on the American base there. The Japanese who live near the base will surely have to contend with more noise and disruption in their lives once the Osprey start training and missions but overall, Japan has gained a huge net benefit from the presence of United States forces there. Japan has been able to shift much of the cost burden of their self-defense to the US Treasury while deterring the Soviet Union from aggression in the bad old days. In more recent times, Japan has had little to worry about from Red China or North Korea because America was still providing a security blanket against any potential threat made against Japan. I am not saying having foreign troops stationed on Japan's soil is not an annoyance and inconvenience to the local population but Japan, after all did lose a war her militarists had started, and the people of Japan have gained far more than than they lost by having America rebuild them after World War II as an industrial powerhouse of a democracy with the US absorbing that cost and saving them billions of yen that would otherwise have to be spent on homeland defense.