Monday, October 22, 2012

Life After Politics

For either Mitt Romney or Barack Hussein Obama, the coming Presidential election will likely mark the end of political campaigns. If Obama is not reelected, he will likely be compensated more for his speeches than any speaker in history. Obama will be a welcome presence at universities the world over, where his brand of Leftism will be in accord with what universities are already teaching. Obama may be appointed US Supreme Court justice the next time a Democrat is elected President. After the Presidency, Obama will be just fine. In the event of a defeat, Romney will have a much less clear future. Mitt is not currently an office holder, and should he lose, I can not foresee how he could ever run for office again. Romney is financially secure (so money will never be a problem) but the damage that will be done to his "brand" will be immeasurable, should he not emerge victorious. I always thought (hoped) the GOP would have selected a movement conservative like Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum to carry the November election, but instead, the Republican nominee is a midway Massachusetts moderate, who must win to have a future as a Republican leader.

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