Tuesday, March 31, 2015

America's New Buddy

Barack Hussein Obama is standing shoulder to shoulder with the mad mullahs who hold Iran hostage in the fight against the Islamic State. These are the same mullahs who orchestrated the barracks bombing of US Marines at the Beirut airport. These are the same Shiite fanatics who have blessed and/or led more terror attacks against Americans and Jews than anyone else. Yet, Obama is grooming the tyrannical theocrats to be a new US ally at the same time America is distancing herself from Israel. This turn of events will not advance peace, but ease Iran's path to possess nuclear weapons and to dominate the Middle East. Israel is being backed into a corner wherein the Jewish State must act unilaterally to preempt nuclear destruction by Iran.

Monday, March 30, 2015

No Matter What

Barack Hussein Obama is determined to complete an agreement with Iran. Iran is demanding concessions and the US President is prepared to grant them. Obama has so much vested in the deal that he cares more about securing it than the details that will actually facilitate Iran arming up with nukes. Iran has the upper hand in the talks because Obama believes he can not afford to walk away from the table. The mad mullahs have a win and those who love freedom or who actually want a peace that can be kept are about to suffer an awful loss. Obama is actually making regional and world war much more likely and rewarding the theocrat oppressors who are the leading exporters of terror for their intransigence and brutality.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bow to Iran

Barack Hussein Obama is empowering the Shiite theocracy that enslaves the people of Iran to dominate the Middle East. The Green Revolution was an attempt by the majority of Iranians to throw off the leadership of the mad mullahs. This fight for freedom preceded the so-called "Arab Spring". Barack Hussein Obama, who supported the Arab Spring, failed to back the freedom-loving Iranians who took to the streets risking and too often losing their lives in that Green Revolution. Obama is about to be party to a deal to permit the mullahs to produce their nuclear arsenal in a little more than a decade with America's blessing, or rather Obama's blessing in America's name, as Americans with any sense and/or any memory of the hostage crisis are opposed to Obama's appeasement of the world's worst sponsor of terror. The Sunni states of the Arab world and Israel are terrified by this turn of events that will allow End Time religious fanatics to possess the most dangerous weapons known to mankind. Obama is unconcerned though and believes that this bargain with Iran will cement his legacy as a "peacemaker".

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Sad End

One hundred and forty-nine innocent souls perished. They are going to be quickly forgotten by everyone in the world except for their relatives and close acquaintances. One devil in human form is being mentioned on every newscast. Andreas Lubitz will forever live in ignominy. Lubitz has consigned himself to fire. His legacy will not quickly fade. Lubitz will linger like Charles Manson, in our collective memory for a self-destructive act of barbarity.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Not Mourning Departure

Light-brain Nevada Democrat Harry Reid will not seek reelection to the United States Senate. Reid has been a crucial ally of Barack Hussein Obama in Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America. I am not sorry to see Reid go. The damage Reid, Obama, and Obama's other henchmen have done to this country is immeasurable. It will take generations to reverse, if it ever can be reversed. Reid should go down as the worst ever leader of the US Senate. Good riddance Harry!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Deliberate Act

The Germanwings passenger jet was apparently deliberately brought down by the copilot. Andreas Lubitz evidently locked the pilot out of the cockpit. Lubitz then allegedly steered the plane right into the mountains. This tragedy was no accident at all. It was a barbaric act of mass murder and a suicide. Commercial aircraft are only as safe as the people piloting them.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In Absolute Safety

There has been some blowback about yesterday's column about the German airliner that crashed. I know commercial aircraft have safety technology and built in redundancy that make them safer. Yet, jets still crash. I heard in the last twelve months, more than one thousand travelers have died or disappeared in commercial airline crashes and a vanishing. Someone said if I never leave the house, chances are I will be fairly secure. I guess that is true until the food runs out and I starve to death. I know no human endeavor is free of risk and am aware that there are things beyond these four walls worth seeing.