Friday, October 31, 2014

The Wicked Prevail

Often in life, it seems that evil triumphs over good. Why would the Good Lord permit the rise of the Islamic State? How can G-D countenance cruelty? Why do unscrupulous people seem to get rich while honest people live in want? Why do pornographers fly in private jets while God-fearing folk ride buses? Why do we elect power-mad liars to govern us? Where are honesty, hard work, and thrift ever rewarded? In due time though, the wicked will still have to answer for their evil ways.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Asking for Prayer

Please pray for the return to good health of my cousin Andrew Feldman. He seems too young, too big, and too strong to have the heart issues he is facing. Please also pray for our "Cassie", who is one of the sweetest animals you could hope to meet, and is critically ill. She is a ten-year old Keeshond or Chow mix who has brightened our lives since November 2011 when I rescued her from death row in a sordid kill pound. Finally, please also pray for the recovery of Yehuda Glick, one of the foremost advocates of the Jewish right to our eternal capital Jerusalem. Yehuda was shot three times in the torso last night by an Arab in an assassination attempt. Yehuda is critically hurt and needs our prayers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When Reality Intrudes

For the life of me, I can not understand why people tune into reality television. I also do not know why Hollywood can find so few capable of writing a script. Reality TV presents a distorted reality at best because most of those being filmed alter their behavior in the presence of cameras. Now several "performers" are in legal jeopardy or even headed to jail on different reality series. Is your reality so mundane that you vicariously embrace the "reality" of others? Do you think what you are watching is completely authentic? If you do, you probably think professional wrestling is not scripted and rehearsed. The most real aspect of reality programs is the advertising revenue they rake in, which comes down to a huge audience of lonely people trying to escape the ennui of their everyday existence. Now, I have to quit this writing to go watch me some "raslin".

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bastions of Idiocy

The University of California, Berkeley is facing protests for inviting Bill Maher to speak because the protesters deem the comedian to be "anti-Islam". Ivy League students have called "American aggression" a greater threat than the Islamic State terror faction in video now widely seen on the Internet. Being anti-Israel is all the rage at many US colleges with boycotts, sanctions, and divestment from the Jewish State being considered at colleges and by academic unions across America. A number of students at Wellesley can not quite figure out what sex or sexual orientation they are and are being lauded for their confusion with worldwide media attention. If this kind of brilliance is emanating from our colleges and universities, just imagine how great our high schools must be. Only a handful of colleges like Hillsdale resist becoming hotbeds of progressive indoctrination by maintaining academic rigor, teaching the US Constitution, and upholding traditional values. The corruption of American education bodes ill for our future.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Series of Blunders

Barack Hussein Obama encouraged every uprising in the Muslim world except the one that would have mattered. Obama supported the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya. Obama bolstered the usurpation of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Obama tried to help push Assad out in Syria. In the nation that caused and continues to cause the most regional destabilization, Obama sat silent while the mad mullahs crushed the Green Revolution in Iran. In the one country where democratization would have helped the US the most, where replacing the Islamic Republic with more enlightened rule would have quieted the Middle East, the Obama administration did next to nothing to advance the cause of human freedom. America, the Middle East, the world, and of course, the oppressed Iranian people continue to pay for Obama's inaction to this very day.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

America, the Salvageable

With an election looming, the United States has an opportunity to reverse the Obama-induced terminal decline of our once great nation. Americans can vote Democrat to finish ourselves off in a hurry. We can vote Republican to slow the death spiral. We can even occasionally find authentic conservative candidates who if their prescriptions for the future were followed could actually save the country. With Republican establishment candidates like Mitch McConnell and Lamar Alexander running in Kentucky and Tennessee the best the patriotic voter in those states can hope for is stasis. The most the electorate can hope for in the coming plebiscite is that the nation does not plummet further in the hands of our progressive overlords, no matter which party they shill for, because Republican socialist-lite is little better than Democrat outright socialist. There is no Reagan on the horizon to save us, and only a few Ted Cruz- Rand Paul types around fighting the rear guard action as America retreats.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Needing a Host

The Ebola virus will not fly across the ocean and down your chimney to infect your family. If heaven forbid you ever catch Ebola, it will have been transmitted to you by an individual who already had the disease. If you are ever injured by a jihadist, that harm was caused by a notion that does indeed seem to travel through the air (or the airwaves). There are poisonous ideas being disseminated on the World Wide Web. People are being taught religious hatred online. They are being instructed to do violence in the name of faith as an article of faith. This is a perversion of man's relationship with the Lord. This is an assault on decency and conscience. Across the ages, many faiths have been spurred to violence, but over time, those faiths have reformed to denounce brutality carried out as Divine Will. To this point, Islam has experienced no such reformation. It is time for the hundreds of millions of Muslims who are sickened by the Islamic State, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda and similar aggressive jihadists to rally to denounce their evil acts to save their own faith. If the good Muslims do not rise up to counter the evil actors within Islam, it demonstrates that Islam itself and not a few terrorists hiding behind misinterpreted doctrine is the real problem. The world will shortly know whether a few million deluded believers corrupt one of the world's great religions or whether peaceful Muslims will stand as one to redeem their own faith.