Thursday, July 31, 2014

Save the Gazans

The best way to protect the innocents in Gaza is to remove the genocidal Hamas terrorists in their midst. That way no more rockets or mortar rounds will fall short of Israel and kill innocent Gazans. That way, there no longer be terrorist "work accidents" where innocent Gazans will no longer be blown up as terrorists have mishaps while preparing their bombs or explosive suicide vests. That way PLO members will not be thrown to their deaths from tall buildings because they are not radical enough for Hamas. That way Christian Gazans will not be murdered or chased from Gaza. That way so-called collaborators who are actually decent Arabs trying to protect innocent life will not be publicly executed in barbaric ways by Hamas. Unfortunately, the IDF must kill some Arab women and children because Hamas murderers are using them as human shields as they try to kill Jews, but once the world is rid of Hamas, both Jews and Muslims will be safer.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Muslim Forefathers

Robert Wilde of graces us with the story of Barack Hussein Obama's Eid message to Muslims. Obama declared Muslims built "the very fabric of our nation". I had never heard this fact and would like to hear some substantiation. Can the President tell us what Muslims built in America? Can Obama tell us how Muslims strengthen democracy? Can Obama show us where in the Arab world that democracy flourishes now or ever has? Can Obama tell us where in the Islamic world there is tolerance for homosexuals? Would Obama tell us how Islam enhanced America's Judeo-Christian underpinnings? Have you ever heard such balderdash as Muslims building the fabric of America?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

America's Best Diplomacy

I do not know if the United States has the worst leadership we have ever had in terms of foreign relations, but if we do not, it is certainly a close run thing. Carter allowed the Shah of Iran to be deposed and replaced with Shia madmen who continue to threaten the world to this day. Johnson made sure America was ever more involved in Vietnam but tied the hands of the war fighters, blocking any avenue they had to win. Truman sat by and allowed Stalin to enslave half of Europe and develop the capacity to drop atomic bombs to menace and blackmail America and the West and permitted China to go Red. I believe the buffoon in Foggy Bottom and his unbelievably dangerous master in the White House have done more damage to freedom in the world than any previous foreign policy team. They dropped the ball with the "red line" with no consequence for the Assad regime in Syria and have not been able to recover yet. Kerry and Obama never will right the ship of State; they only have the capacity to make the situation far worse.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Both Sides' Crimes

Ban Ki-moon today spoke of "accountability and justice for crimes on both sides" in regard to the conflict in Israel and Gaza. The only crime by Israelis of which I am aware was the abduction and murder of a Palestinian Arab teen. Israel has arrested the alleged perpetrators and will subject them to the full force of law. The UN and Ban need not interfere with Israel's administration of justice on this entirely internal matter. Every action by Hamas on the other hand has been conducted against international law. Hamas has targeted civilians almost exclusively, firing rockets at the Jewish State using Palestinian civilians as human shields, so that Israeli return fire inevitably produced dead Palestinian women and children. The IDF even took the extra step of warning Palestinians where Israeli forces would be operating in advance, so that they could leave safely. Hamas committed yet another crime by demanding their civilians remain in place. I do not for a second think Ban or international courts will hold Hamas accountable for their action, but I am sure that these Jew-hating bodies already hold Israel guilty for crimes that the government of Israel did not commit.

Real Moral Courage

Two missionary medical providers from America have just been diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus. These humanitarians were safe back in the United States. Medical need certainly remains in the US, but the situation is far more desperate in Africa. These Americans uprooted their careers to go and risk their lives to serve thousands of miles from home. In Africa, they contracted a disease for which there is no curative treatment while performing one of the most selfless acts known to mankind. In a world where cruelty is all too common, may these missionaries be blessed for their charity and kindness.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Present Tense

Israel has agreed to yet another ceasefire brokered and in reality, demanded by John Kerry. Hamas has mostly complied with this recent break in the action, not because they actually want peace, but because they needed a strategic pause after being dealt so much of a setback by the IDF. The terrorist group is using this tense truce to rearm and retrench, making Israel's job that much harder when the fighting resumes, which Hamas will assure, on their terms. There is no way for Hamas on their own to defeat Israel militarily, but Hamas is delighted with an increasing body count among civilians, with dead babies in Gaza being used as macabre props to claim a public relations victory over the Jews, who much of the world automatically blame for carnage that is actually solely the fault of Hamas. Those dedicated jihadists are content to see Gaza reduced in service of their ultimate aim, which is to eliminate the Jewish State. Kerry's effort to advance the cause of peace by pulling Israel up well short of victory saves Hamas to fight another day. Hamas will never be adherents of peace because jihad is more sacred to them than their own lives and those of their wives and children. Kerry and Obama could end the fighting if they openly declare that the US will back Netanyahu completely in every action until the terror tunnels are captured and destroyed and the rocket fire from Gaza ceases, which they will never do, because Obama believes Israel to be an illegitimate colonial enterprise that needs to be confined within the 1967 suicide borders with Jerusalem internationalized and East Jerusalem given over to the Palestinians, who would still not be satisfied with all of those Israeli concessions and who would still make war on the Jewish remnant.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Commemorating Dear Redi

She very easily could have believed that life was perpetual disappointment, punctuated by incomprehensible tragedy. Her first husband died in a B-24 when she was twenty. Her second and last husband was killed when his private plane crashed. Her four year old son was run over and killed two weeks after her husband's demise. She had almost been killed in a car wreck and was scarred badly, not monstrously disfigured, but she had been beautiful and after being ejected through the windshield, was no longer attractive, She was eaten away by cancer and taken very young. Through it all, to her dying breath, her faith only increased, and I marvel at that.