Friday, April 24, 2015

Time Not Money

Has a person that paid a fortune to be preserved by cryogenics ever been brought back to life? Some people could only afford to have their heads frozen. If science ever advances enough to reanimate those who have opted for cryogenic preservation, what will become of those who only preserved their heads? I do not imagine many people walking around a couple of centuries from now will offer their bodies to bring back their eighth generation grandpa. How about those millionaires who had just enough wealth to freeze themselves but not enough to freeze their spouse? When I go, I guess the worms will have a feast. I am perfectly OK with that.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Just as Dead

Al-Qaeda captured a pair of Westerners. They were taken hostage but unlike so many other innocents caught by Wahhabi terrorists, they were not paraded to an execution ground. They were not summarily beheaded. They were not brutally tortured in public for the amusement of Sunni fanatics. They were not dowsed with gasoline and burned alive in cages. They were not released by the captors. They were not rescued. American and Western intelligence was so bad that US forces were not aware the hapless American and luckless Italian were even being held at a terror camp America was determined to attack. The US launched a strike that tragically left two innocent "infidels" dead. In the fog of war, some mistakes are inevitable, but that in no way mitigates the pain of families whose loved ones died not at the hands of mad jihadists, but due to friendly fire.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Climate Change Church

There are some folks who believe the human species is causing the earth to warm. They are as firmly convicted in their belief that man has climate crushing powers as worshippers are in any church. What they actually are is sadly deluded. They have such hubris as to think that if they only drive an electric car or ride the city bus, they will have taken a large step in saving the earth. Climate is changing. It has changed constantly through time. The earth has changed from the Ice Age to the Little Ice Age, and no one was driving an SUV back then to cause the changes. I only wish we were powerful enough to tailor the climate but that is well above the pay grade of collective humanity.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another Dying Institution

Sears was one of America's and the world's great retailers. Now, Sears idea of customer service is to transfer customer calls abroad to representatives that are not conversant in English. Even if they were fluent in our language, they are not empowered to actually assist the customer. It is beyond frustrating to call Sears headquarters in Illinois and have the call immediately transferred to Manila. Email is also foreclosed because Sears does not make email addresses of their executives readily available. Sears is unreliable. I can no longer shop with Sears.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Day's Snooze

Would it not be wonderful to watch a news telecast and find no cataclysm had befallen anyone? Would it not be lovely to hear that no one had been slaughtered for practicing the faith their conscience dictated? Would it not be great not to hear reports that driving my car or firing up the backyard grill was not changing the climate to the detriment of all humanity? Would it not be a joy to hear the US government had no debt and was not constantly running up a larger deficit? Would it not be a blessing to hear that Greece was financially strong at that austerity measures were not going to be imposed on anyone? Would it not be spectacular if the only news was good news for once?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lest We Remember

We are fed a steady diet of bread and circus by the mainstream media, not to inform us of what is important but to distract us from it. Many Americans are over-prescribed psychoactive drugs so that they can escape or avoid reality. America's children are labeled as hyperactive and given drugs for a condition that used to be merely thought of as "childhood". Instead of going outside to learn about and explore the world, our children find themselves seated in front of video terminals, playing games that often desensitize them to violence. There are real concerns that are ignored while America focuses on celebrity worship. The media masters not only shield us from the horrors of the world that we should be preparing to face, but from the beauty of creation that we may appreciate by simply going outside, away from the slickly produced profit machine that is poisoning our minds and killing our spirits.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What Is Home?

Is home where the hearth is?// Is home where the heart is?// Is home where you are?// Is home where you yearn to be?// Is a house a home?// Or are restless hearts always bound to roam?