Friday, September 19, 2014

The Reluctant Virgin

Scotland said "no" last night to independence. Britain is still "Great". Millions in Scotland voted and a clear majority want to maintain the bond. Many Scots favored severing the tie. More Scots supported maintaining the link. The process was sometimes rowdy but was never violent. Both sides had their say and I feel both Scotland and the United Kingdom are stronger together than apart.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inherently Violent Sport

Should anyone be surprised that men paid to knock each other down on the athletic field might knock people around off the field? Is there some mystic boundary at the sideline that turns thugs on the pitch into saints off it? The O.J. Simpson case springs to mind when thinking about domestic violence involving football stars. There can be little doubt those with aggressive personalities are drawn to a sport involving so much contact. The same could be said of boxing where former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson was jailed for rape and allegedly knocked his then wife Robin Givens across a room. Jon Koppenhaver, a mixed martial arts competitor known as "War Machine", recently was arrested for assaulting his former girlfriend. If you date or marry someone paid to be a brute, there is a possibility that man will be brutal toward your children or you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just Forgive Biden

Joe Biden did not mean to offend Jews by using the term "Shylocks". He meant to say "Fagin".

Government's Controlling Hand

Americans live in a time where our most intimate personal communication is eavesdropped. Interception of our emails and telephone calls is ubiquitous. Each missive we mail is photographed. All this, it is claimed, is for our own protection. With Obamacare, the Federal government has unprecedented control of our medical destiny. In a period of growing government, liberty is shrinking. Individual rights are being encroached like never before while groups that shout for freedom when the Right is in power are largely silent. An era of dependency on government benefits has been fostered which along with crushing taxation and regulation is intended to sap the work ethic that built America. Government is at its worst when it punishes people striving to better themselves. Obama has throttled those who seek to remain self-sufficient while expanding the dole to levels never before seen in the United States. The redistributionist scheme that is the Obama agenda penalizes the desire that most people have to better themselves and attacks the natural yearning to leave your children better off. Government gives great largess to the elderly indigent but impoverishes you to make you indigent by forcing you to forfeit almost all that you have earned in your working life before you can access those benefits. The death tax strips families of farms and businesses while the windfall government receives collecting it goes to the shiftless and the foreign horde of illegal aliens. When the government feeds you, houses you, and even gives you a cell phone, you almost have to be a sucker to work. When the government pays you ninety-nine weeks of unemployment compensation near the wage you were earning, where is the urgency to look for a new job? If you do not see evil in a state that spies on citizens, strips away medical autonomy, rewards sloth and punishes effort, you fit right in with the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Bosses' Bosses

America's political class by in large no longer leads, but is dictated to by large contributors. George Soros wields huge influence on the Left. The Koch brothers shape policy on the right. Democrats in elected office are largely beholden to labor unions, particularly teachers' unions and the SEIU. GOP US Representatives and Senators dance to the tune of the Chamber of Commerce (hence the momentum for amnesty). K Street lobbyists have a voice that drowns out others attempting to get either party to listen. Those who back abortion-on-demand have a megaphone to the Democrat Party while the NRA whispers constantly in most Republican ears. Very few politicians buck their "paymasters". The last people most elected office holders listen to or really care to hear from is their constituents back home.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Straddling the Tracks

Europe might be more representative with independent Basque and Flemish states and an independent Scotland. These are not new notions. If you are a student of Scottish history or have even seen the movie "Braveheart", you know England and the Scots have not always enjoyed a comfortable union. If you remember the Madrid train bombings back in 2004, you know even if Basques were not blamed directly for exploding the bombs, ETA separatists may well have provided the explosives that were ultimately used, even if they had no knowledge of what and who was to be targeted. While the Flemish have been almost always peaceful in their demands, they feel they have been deprived of fair representation. Over the centuries, the borders of European states have changed repeatedly and almost never peacefully. Maybe, an era of nonviolent change for the better will begin with Scotland severing her tie with Great Britain.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Europe Emerging

If Scotland votes for independence, not only the United Kingdom but the European Union will change overnight. In and of itself, Scotland may not seem that crucial, however, Scotland looms larger than the size of the Scottish economy and the population. How could Sots gain independence and Basques still be held back? The irony might well be that Scotland gains independence and remains in the EU, while UKIP wins in Great Britain and withdraws the UK from the European Union. Many fear Scotland's departure will weaken England. Time will tell but Scotland's independence may in the end be good for England, Europe, and the world.