Friday, October 24, 2014

Challenge of Ebola

Ebola is such a threat because it has not been researched as extensively as AIDS or malaria. Before the current outbreak, Ebola was so deadly as to be almost self-limiting. Now, several people have traveled from parts of Africa where the disease is endemic to the United States and Europe while carrying the pathogen. They have subsequently infected health workers who were treating them. To this point, there is no indication that Ebola has mutated to where it can be spread in the air as the flu virus is. Because it has not happened yet does not necessarily mean that it can not happen. Health workers returning to America or Europe from Ebola-afflicted areas should self-quarantine until any danger that they have Ebola has passed. The number of days for this has now apparently been extended from twenty-one to forty-two. Commercial air travel should be suspended out of the "Hot Zone" countries. Research should be accelerated into treatments, a vaccine, and a cure for this dread disease.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stand with Israel

While most of the world's attention was focused on the horror in Canada, another Islamist terrorist visited unspeakable barbarism on Israel. Using a car as his weapon, an Arab plowed through Israeli civilians waiting for a train. A three month old baby girl was deliberately murdered. Eight innocent Israelis were injured in this attempt to kill them and as many others as this monster could kill. Israeli security forces stopped the rampage before others were slaughtered. The attack in Israel was every bit as brutal and horrific as the Canada outrage but received virtually no coverage outside of the Israeli press. I guess Jewish blood remains cheap to almost the entire world. There can be no punishment sufficient for a baby killer. The world stands in righteous indignation against the terror that was inflicted on Canada, but outside of the Jewish people, the world is silent over the murder of a Jewish infant.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stand with Canada

Today, terror struck our neighbors and friends to the North. Canada has been attacked. In the wake of two Canadian soldiers being deliberately struck by a car being driven by a convert to Islam yesterday that killed one of the soldiers, in the last couple of hours, a gunman or gunmen attacked Canada's War Memorial and Parliament. On this day, we pray for Canada. On this day, we are all Canadians. Until the menace of terror is eradicated, we must stand together. We must remain vigilant. We must speak the truth and not coat facts in the veneer of lies called political correctness. The nihilists using the mask of religion to murder innocents must and will be stopped. The good and decent people of the world will unite to vanquish the forces of evil that reared their head today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Different Recruiting Pitches

The United States military offers the opportunity to defend freedom and protect the innocent. The Islamic State gives recruits the chance to deny freedom and kill the innocent. The American serviceman risks life to go all over the world to help as we see now in the fight against Ebola. The Islamic State jihadist wants to conquer the world and impose a global caliphate. Our troops have died liberating nations. IS terrorists die trying to impose militant benighted Wahhab fanaticism on anyone who believes differently. Only a nihilist would join IS, where butchery is justified by cloaking it as religious virtue. The US military attracts those who are willing to lay down life to guard liberty.

Monday, October 20, 2014

King Obama's Team

Barack Hussein Obama has surrounded himself with amazingly skilled underlings. He leads a group who can tell you all the liability issues involved in changing a light bulb. Team Obama can recite OSHA regulations chapter and verse about changing a light bulb. Obama and his henchmen (and women) can organize a union to prevent workers from being exploited when they have to change a light bulb. Obama and his cadre can draft a wonderful press release about the urgent need to change a light bulb with the White House press secretary able to harangue his listeners about how important it is to change that light bulb. In the process of all this, the light bulb still is not changed. For being the smartest administration ever, they can not seem to replace a dim bulb.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Voice of Reason

Barack Hussein Obama's administration is still clamoring for drastic measures to defeat man-caused global warming, which does not exist, while downplaying the threat of Ebola, which has killed thousands and is bound to kill even more. Global warming has vastly enriched many of the people promoting it. Compelling evidence that man was not causing the earth to heat up was suppressed by government and media. Grants were given to so-called "scientists" who supported the idea but denied to researchers who discovered evidence that man was not causing global warming. Ebola really kills fifty to seventy percent of those who contract it. Obama is so committed to open borders amnesty that he will not exclude carriers of diseases that can kill from entering the country. Ebola is not the only disease threatening the US as the current outbreak of Enterovirus D68 seems to have its origins in Central America from which the United States has just experienced a surge of unaccompanied minors immigrating illegally. To have the nation devoting vast resources to fighting non-existent threats while giving lip service to fighting real threats to life is par for the course for the Obama administration.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Air Force One

If President Barack Hussein Obama is so confident that Ebola is hard to catch, might I suggest that he eschew Air Force One and take an airplane ride on the Frontier Airlines plane that the infected nurse flew from Cleveland to Dallas. Obama could also instill confidence by having a meet and greet where he kisses and hugs and shakes hands with the medical staff that has been treating Ebola patients. I believe that this disease is not quite as hard to catch as the Obama administration contends. At this point, with no vaccine and no cure for Ebola, the common sense method of keeping America safe from the virus is closing the border to potential carriers. Because this prescription to keep Americans safe might actually work, Obama will never do it. With Team Obama running the country, we have a warped administration that values political correctness over the very survival of the American people.