Thursday, November 27, 2014

Worth Giving Thanks

Whatever flaws the United States has (and there are many), at least there is no wholesale slaughter in the name of religion on our streets. Religious minorities need not concern themselves that someone might decapitate them because they approach faith differently. You can criticize a politician, even the President, in America without fear of being dragged away for sedition or simply disappeared. I am thankful that earlier this month we experienced a mostly free and fair election. I am especially grateful that for the first time in a long time my side won. While the United States is not a perfect nation, while we might not be as free economically and in other aspects of our lives as we once were, we are still freer than most. In a world governed by fear, Americans need not be afraid to speak ill of our political class. Americans may still abstain from worship or pray in the manner we chose to the dictates of our conscience. I am thankful that as a country we are still relatively prosperous and relatively free. I thank the Lord for the Providential blessing of liberty.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Destruction of Nation

In The Washington Times, Stephen Dinan reports that employers will receive a three thousand dollar incentive to hire illegal aliens over US-born workers. According to the liberal Washington Post in a story by Karen Tumulty, our "welcomed guests" could receive Medicare and Social Security. Last night I witnessed a pair of non-English speaking Latins in Walmart with four anchor babies and an EBT card buying more groceries than my wife and I with our and your tax-confiscated dollars. A country is not sovereign when national boundaries are not enforced. No country on earth can give welfare to all the destitute of the earth. Only a foolish nation invites in foreigners who can not make a success of themselves in their own countries. If you want to tear a country apart bring in a bunch of people from abroad who do not speak the native tongue to leech off native-born taxpayers, and stoke racial discontent to boot (see Ferguson). This planned Balkanization is exactly what Obama is doing to the United States of America.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Learning from Ferguson

What have we learned from the Micheal Brown tragedy? Apparently, a certain segment of society has little to no regard for the rule of law. They despise law enforcement officers. They do not respect the property rights of others. They are large and physically-strong with hair-trigger tempers and less self-restraint than most other Americans. They really like to take merchandise without paying for it. They do not know the difference between demonstrating peaceably and rioting. They try to elevate their looting to a struggle for civil rights. They need saturation policing because they refuse to discipline those who are clearly out of line in their own community. Lastly, we have learned that the National Guard must be brought in to restore calm.

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Defense Secretary

Chuck Hagel, a former Republican US Senator, who has served the nation since he was a combat soldier in Vietnam, is apparently being forced out of his current position of Secretary of Defense. I would contend that Hagel has served as Sec Def adequately if not admirably. Anyone Barack Hussein Obama picks to replace him may be worse. If Obama is serious about protecting the nation, he will make an appointment above politics. It is more likely that the appointment will be political. The next Secretary of Defense may be selected to be "historic". It is suggested that appointment will be the first woman to serve as Secretary of Defense, which might be more of a legacy-building step for Obama than an appointment aimed at protecting the nation.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another Fallen Icon

Not too many years ago, Bill Cosby was "America's Dad". We laughed with him and his TV family's antics. When Cosby's real life son was murdered, we cried with him. Joe Paterno was in a way America's coach, seemingly straight-laced and proper, abiding by the rules of football and placing a priority that "student" be kept in Penn State football's "student-athletes". As it turns out, Paterno did not prevent a cover-up of a scandal far bigger than class attendance or laundry money. He turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of children. Cosby is alleged to have engaged in the serial rape of drugged women over decades. The legacy of Paterno is forever tarnished as he lies in his grave. Whether he is charged criminally or not, Cosby's career is buried. Carefully crafted images are often destroyed by acts that reveal a cultural icon is not what he seems.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Lawless Nation

Sovereign nations have a boundary that is defined and secured. That boundary is called a "border". America's borders, while guarded, are as porous as a sieve. We started the administration of Barack Hussein Obama with tobacco that intoxicates no one legal and marijuana that intoxicates its users so much that it diminishes their ability to function illegal. We approach the end of Obama's reign with tobacco more prohibited in many US cities and states than pot. We have homosexuals legally marrying in most states while Christians whose consciences do not permit them to participate in "gay marriage" are sued in civil court by government human rights bodies and may even face criminal prosecution. In spite of some conservative states successfully implementing some hurdles to abortion on demand, more than two million babies will be slaughtered before than can be born in the increasingly lawless and godless America.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Lawless President

Barack Hussein Obama has taken a lawless action in granting amnesty to illegal aliens. In so doing, Obama has encouraged even more lawlessness. Obama has wittingly invited even more unaccompanied minors to risk their lives to break into America through our border with Mexico. He has invited people to lie (perjure themselves) about familial relationships, time of their entry into the country, and duration of their presence here on official forms. Are we going to DNA test five million Latins to verify that they really are father and son or mother and daughter to allow them to stay or let them enter the country as part of family reunification? Of course, we are not. It is just like the summons to appear in court that catch and release illegals receive now. Over ninety percent fail to appear at their court date and those who do show up are idiots because as part of Obama's lawbreaking, no effort is made to track down the no-shows now. Considering how hard and expensive it is to legally immigrate into America, those attempting to enter would be fools to try to use legal means of coming here. Obama has just told foreigners to come on in and take advantage of hard-working Americans who will be forced to pick up the tab for all the benefits that amnestied illegals are about to receive.