Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sorry for Obamas?

Do you feel sorry for the first couple? Barack Hussein Obama claims he has been mistaken for a valet in his lifetime or as someone at service at a party where he was a guest. Barack says taxis have passed him by in what he wants the viewer to believe was an act of racism. Michelle Obama claims she was asked to reach something at Target by another patron who mistook the First Lady for a Target employee. I have been asked by a short Asian lady to reach coconut oil on a high shelf at Harris Teeter. She knew I did not work there but was a fellow shopper who happened to be nearby when she was not tall enough to reach an item. I gladly obliged. I did not think she had anything against white people for asking me to assist her. I did not feel demeaned in the slightest- just grateful that I could help. I think the first couple is too easily offended. If they want to take umbrage at something, it should not be merely at what only they would perceive at insults, but at something really significant like jihadists trying to kill them and us.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Day Cuba

The United States has just welcomed Cuba back into the family of nations. Did the Castros relinquish power? Did Raoul and Fidel suddenly liberalize? Did those despot brothers stage free and fair elections? No, no, and no, the Castro brothers and their gang of armed thugs still have their boots on the throats of Cubans who want to breathe free. America demanded a free Cuba for over fifty years, and maintained sanctions to overturn a violent and hostile regime that exported Communist revolution across Latin America and even into Africa. The dictators in Havana did not loosen the manacles they hold on the Cuban people whatsoever; yet, Barack Hussein Obama has abdicated any pretense of a duty to liberty and human dignity to normalize relations between the United States and one of the world's most evil and oppressive regimes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Outrage in Pakistan

A school for children has been massacred by the Pakistani Taliban. No religion could endorse or tolerate the deliberate murder of more than one hundred children. The vast majority of Muslims must find the perpetrators of such an act to be monsters in human form. Maybe, this horror will be the spark to ignite the good and decent majority of Muslims to root out those that abuse their faith to initiate evil acts. Cold-blooded murder like this school slaughter can never be tolerated. If Pakistan requests, the US and the West should offer all investigative assistance to locate the masterminds of this spree of carnage. The government of Pakistan will know what to do with them when they are caught.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sydney Hostage Crisis

A gunman in the heart of central Sydney, Australia, who held more than a dozen people captive in a chocolate shop, is now dead after police stormed the building. Some of the captives are apparently casualties as well. It was not a radical Christian who set off the tragic series of events. It was not an angry Jew making demands. It was not a follower of Wicca, a druid, pagan, or even a deranged atheist putting lives at risk. It was (of course) a Muslim acting in the name of jihad that caused the bloodshed. In this instance, Muslim clerics in Australia denounced the crime, but one wonders if the terrorist had received different religious conditioning in his native Iran, if the hostage-taking ever would have been attempted.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pro Football Rules

Watching National Football League pregame shows talk as much about domestic violence as the games themselves is disheartening. I realize that only a tiny minority of players have been involved in scandalous behavior. Their actions however have sullied the whole league. Equally disturbing was the display by members of the St. Louis Rams of the "hands up" motion in support of Michael Brown, who was gunned down by a policeman whose gun he had tried to take. Black athletes being paid millions to play a children's game are so persecuted by this terrible country. Try comparing the players' plight to white working men who pay half a month's wages to take their family to a pro game, pay to park, and buy concessions. I can afford to go to an NFL game, but you could not pay me to go. I do not want to subsidize Michael Vick, the dog murderer, Adrian Peterson, the child abuser, Ray Rice, who knocked out a woman, or a bunch of overpaid angry African-Americans who by their actions show that they hold the paying fans in contempt.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Over the Barrel

In spite of seemingly good news about lower oil prices, US stock markets are tanking. Who would have thought that price stability for OPEC might be a good thing? Evidently, the few more dollars we millions of motorists have in our pockets after a fill-up count less than the billions big oil fails to rake into their coffers because gas prices are down. Apparently and against all logic, plummeting fuel prices may end up harming America's economy. I had hoped that with less spent on gasoline, consumers would spend more for the holidays and retailers would prosper. In the event, oil prices are going down but that does not seem to be a boon to the overall economy. I am still hard pressed to see how cartels that restrain the free market help the world prosper.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The California Weather

I know Californians usually bask in sunshine, but of late, the Golden State has experienced real climate horror. First, there has been a prolonged drought that devastated farming. Now, America's most populous state is suffering through seemingly unending rains. These torrents are causing localized flooding and potentially deadly mudslides. High straight line winds have blown down trees and damaged roofs. It seems Californians face one weather extreme or the other, drought or flood, with no safe middle like much of the rest of the Lower Forty-eight.