Monday, September 1, 2014

Lack of Leadership

The ISIS crisis has not arisen because the Islamists are so strong but because the leaders of the West are so weak. Only a lack of will on the part of advanced nations prevents them from eliminating a bunch of thugs with a seventh century mindset. How can nations that have atomic bombs be pushed around by men who have never even seen a flush toilet? How can a country that put a man on the moon be driven back by atavists who have never turned on an electric light? We have Wahhab primitives dominating the most technologically advanced nations that have ever existed. The only reason this absurdity prevails is that the West has elected eunuchs to govern us. Never has the West been led by such a bunch of spineless liars who do not even have the sense to fight to preserve our liberty and our lives.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Plug Pullers

The "death panels" are real and you or someone you love will be their victim. An article on the promotion of "end-of-life talks" appears in The New York Times written by Pam Belluck on August 30. A talk on how the chronically-ill and/or elderly people will be killed is in order. Make no mistake- these vulnerable people will be killed and it will seldom be by pulling the plug on a ventilator. It will be by the deliberate withholding of food and water as the world saw with Terri Schiavo and my mother and I witnessed with the brutal death Vanderbilt University Medical Center inflicted on my father. Death by dehydration is slow and agonizing and would be deemed cruel and unusual punishment if the state inflicted it on a convicted murderer, but will be just fine if that is how the hospital finishes off granny. A slow, agonizing death induced by dehydration is the ultimate outcome of many of the coming "end-of-life" discussions. I want a doctor fighting to save my life and return me to as robust a life as I am capable of living. I do not want my doctor conspiring with bean counting government bureaucrats to save future medical costs (and incidentally, Social Security payments) by truncating my life.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Bottom Feeders

Journalism is not journalism anymore when it comes to mainstream media. For the most part, the mainstream media are no more than political partisans in disguise. They generally pretend objectivity but only a fool would say that the Right is not held to a greater degree of press scrutiny than the political Left. It is long passed the time for American conservatives to stop asking the dinosaur press to play fair. The old line media never will. The answer is not to expect better of ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN because the are simply the media arm of the Democrat Party, and more generally liberalism and the progressives. It is time to refuse to participate in the charade where you are interrogated by Leftist hacks and only appear on the network that truly is down the middle. If you are on the right and want your case heard fairly, take to the airwaves on talk radio and FOX.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The "Top Stories"

Was the public manipulated by Facebook? I always had my news feed set to "most recent". The feed would mystically keep going back to "top stories". The "top stories" appearing constantly disputed my world view. Facebook must have known with "likes" of Rush Limbaugh and Allen West and favorite book being Atlas Shrugged that I am a conservative, but stories with a Leftist bent dominated the news feed and I was frequently asked to "like" a progressive cause or liberal politician. I would switch my feed back to "most recent" trying to avoid the propaganda but lo and behold, within hours, the news feed was switched back to "top stories" which were almost all liberal claptrap. Also, people I hardly know but who support the Leftist agenda and post accordingly seemed to monopolize posts from "friends". My fellow right wingers apparently seldom or never posted or what they posted mysteriously never was "shared" on Facebook feeds. Could it be that the powers that be at Facebook might have had an agenda at variance from America's conservatives?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What You Earn

Do you want the fruit of your labor going to strangers? Do you want what you have sweat blood to earn being used to fund benefits for criminal aliens? Do you think it is fair that a family that has tilled the soil of a farm for generations has to sell it because of the death tax? Do you want to work harder so those with less of a work ethic can thrive off the dole? Do you like buying cigarettes, narcotics, and alcohol for other people who are actually able to work but find it easier to dwell on the dole? I do not want my dime or dollar to subsidize addiction, to pay for illegal aliens, or to pay for "Obama phones"? Our hard earned cash is buying clunkers in more ways than one. It is time we vote out the politicians who want to reach in our pockets to continue buying votes from others with our money.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Israel Beaten Back

The only way a ceasefire in Gaza could last would have been if Hamas was thrashed. If Hamas had been damaged so much that they could not claim victory, there might be a lasting cessation of hostilities. If Hamas terrorists were waving white flags at the IDF juggernaut in hopes of surviving, there might be peace. The situation that prevails instead is that Hamas is still standing with fighting ability intact. Hamas has not lost its capability to go on the offensive. In fact, in the last hours before fire ceased (to whatever extent and however long Hamas deems fit), a mortar barrage killed two Israeli civilians in as bad a single event for Jewish civilians as any in the fifty day war. Hamas has the initiative with Israel almost universally vilified for Palestinian civilian "carnage" while Hamas which in fact caused that suffering, was able to survive and paint Israel as guilty of war crimes. As sad as it is to say, Israel lost the Gaza conflict and the Netanyahu government should be brought down by a vote of "no confidence".

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Friends with Hamas

There is little difference between Hamas and ISIS. There objectives largely coincide. Either terror group should be considered as a logical inheritor of the legacy of Nazism. ISIS to this point has killed less Jews, but only because Jews are almost, if not completely, absent from areas where ISIS is operating. They have deliberately killed more Christians though as there continues to be a ready availability of religious minorities to slaughter in Iraq and Syria. Hamas has made life hard on Christians in Gaza, forcing most to flee, but has not attempted outright genocide on the followers of Christ yet. Either Hamas or ISIS would gladly wipe religious minorities from their midst, and neither has any compunction about using civilians as human shields or murdering noncombatants to advance the cause of jihad. Hamas and ISIS are both triumphalist terror groups who will never compromise for peace and insist on victory or death while seeing martyrdom as the highest virtue. The world would be a safer place if both Hamas and ISIS ceased to exist.