Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Speaks Truth

As his moron of a Vice-President terrifies plane and mass-transit travelers, Obama said he is "remaking America." He has basically nationalized our domestic auto industry sans Ford, he has effectively taken over the larger banks, he drove a stake through Las Vegas's heart by criticizing businesses that have conventions there, and his Veep (who is either this calculating, or is a buffoon suffering not flu, but diarrhea of the mouth) has tried to finish off the hospitality and travel industries, no doubt to save fuel and thereby our environment in the process, and has tried to cause sufficient fear in our populace that people remain huddled at home, paralyzed by worry over contracting the flu. All in all, for one hundred days, Obama has done quite a lot. Barack Hussein Obama is no liar. He has been more destructive in his short term than all the natural disasters this nation has ever had put together. Congratulations, I dub thee Hurricane Barry.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Pandemic Pandemonium

As fear cascades across the oceans, Obama graced us with his wisdom. I am beginning to see the game with utter clarity. If the flu is contained, it will be because of Obama's quick and effective action. If the epidemic spreads, it will be Obama's strong hand of leadership that gets us through it (those who get through it, that is). With the lackey mainstream media, regardless what happens Obama wins. He is absolved of all blame, only credit is possible. "BO" can attack his predecessor for the methods that kept us safe, but God-forbid there is a new attack in the lax security climate Obama is creating, it will have been Bush's fault for inflaming the Muslims with Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, close ties to Israel, etc. No matter what happens Obama will have a free pass and Bush and the Republicans will suffer all the negative commentary. I even heard a White House reporter on the BBC tonight saying any additional economic dislocation will not be Obama's fault but the fault of the flu. The fourth estate has become the fifth column in assisting Obama as he overturns our nation.

The Obama Recovery

The US Department of the Treasury announced that the economy had contracted a larger than expected 6.1% in the last quarter. The President and press will say that the stimulus package just hasn't had the chance to work yet, but the media never would have permitted a Republican to make such claims. They would have hounded a Republican leader out of office because of such a poor performance and never would have let an administration run by the GOP pass the buck on the ridiculous New York flyover. This administration is passing its legislation, the leftist agenda in full throat, and with the departure of Judas Specter, will only be put in place faster. The Philadelphia liar said the Republicans have moved too far right for him to remain in spite of the fact that McCain, the Presidential nominee of the party was a liberal, his chief rival, Mitt Romney was a social moderate and only conservative in defense and fiscal matters, and that in the Senate, out of forty Republicans (counting the sadly soon to be deposed Norm Coleman-another moderate), perhaps ten are consistently conservative in the mold of a Ronald Wilson Reagan. Whither goes the right and is it time for a third, real conservative party? I'd rather be called an obstructionist if I were in Congress than rubber stamp the transformation of the country into Amerika, particularly as even if everything Obama wants, is granted to him, as may well be the case, the economy will only become worse and our freedoms will be stolen. The Obama recovery will be a depression with our corporations nationalized (GM, for instance, as I predicted in this blog November 17-the banks are next, but they asked for it by seeking government "help", and soon the energy sector as threatened in the last Bush year by Maxine "Mushmouth" Waters though they had the good sense not to solicit government assistance), small business crushed under new regulation and the inevitably greater tax burden, a socialized medicine nightmare of care rationing- stealing medical professionals' income and freedom to put the patient's welfare first and causing active physicians to retire and bright students to shun becoming doctors, and our Bill of Rights regarded as a quaint document-gutted for the greater good of Obama's levelling.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen's Two Faces

Arlen Specter proves once again he should be called the King of Duplicity. He has not ever been a conservative and has frequently stabbed his Republican Party in the back. More important, Specter has paved the way for one party rule and the party he has hitched his star to is ushering out the old order and championing socialism at the least. Jim Jeffords was a mere prince of betrayal compared to Specter. Some might consider Joe Lieberman to have been a turncoat as well but at least Leiberman had the nation's security and not selfish political consideration at heart.

On the March

Two forces are thriving at the moment. Jihad, from the Taliban surge in Pakistan to resurgent bombings in Iraq, across other parts of the globe where Islamism rears its violent head, and socialism which dominates Europe and is through Obamism, capturing America. Citi and Bank of America may need more capital despite an already $45 billion bailout. Chrysler is, as was predicted here, going to be taken over largely by the United Auto Workers, and GM may well be on the way to nationalization. The Obama administration imposes the socialism and hardly even pays lip service to blocking aggressive expansionist Islam. With the Islamic bomb of Pakistan potentially falling into the hands of the Taliban and al Qaeda and with Iranian fanatics rushing to produce their own atomic weapon, the world is in as perilous state as in any time since World War II. And with Obama overturning free market capitalism and supplanting it with an admixture of Marx and neo-fascism and using each crisis for tactical advantage, we have no prospect of recovery.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is Mexico Cursed

The swine flu has ravaged Mexico, its evident source, producing many fatalities. The variety afflicting Americans has fortunately proved either to be a less deadly strain or is demonstrating the primacy of US medicine, particularly when contrasted with the medical system of a "developing" nation. Just when things could not get any worse with public events canceled or audiences banned even from the national obsession, futbol (soccer), and even usually crowded bars empty, it does as an earthquake strikes. God help them.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Their Supreme Arrogance

This morning, I switched between ABC and its interview of the Iranian madman and NBC with King Abdullah, the scheming Jordanian. Both are enemies of the Jewish state, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad more overtly, seeking total annihilation of the Jewish state and considering it his divinely commanded mission. The soft-spoken Jordanian though is no friend of the Jews. He slyly blames the entire crisis of the Middle East on them and now has Netanyahu as the bugbear with much of the rest of the Jew-baiting world agreeing that the new Prime Minister is the obstacle preventing just and lasting peace. This is utter sophistry as there is no Palestinian partner to make peace with, as the PA wants to extinguish the Zionist enterprise with a thousand cuts while Hamas, the voice of the vast majority of Palestinians, wants Israel obliterated with Jewish presence in the Holy Land extinguished outright. The Jews have no Palestinian arbiter who can deliver anything but more bloodshed and unending conflict. The gross conceit of Europeans who marshalled the Holocaust, orchestrating the systematic murder of their Jews and permitting the Shoah, and of the brash, insouciant American president to think they still have the power to dictate the fate of the Jewish state and Jewish people must be disabused forthwith-Jews do not live by sufferance anymore and never will again, never again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flee the Flu

I am not a survivalist, per se, but unlike the mainstream media who mock them, I admire those who prepare for the worst. While events such as Y2K fortunately fizzled, those who prepare for every eventuality will at some point, be the one's most likely to survive a cataclysm. With the horrifying speed with which the new swine flu outbreak has ravaged Mexico City, those who prepare in media res by stockpiling canned goods, MREs, long-shelf life non-perishables like soda crackers are the people who won't have to go out to obtain food when and if the flu arrives. Those who bring their loved ones to an isolated, provisioned survival cabin are the least likely to be exposed to any potential pandemic.

Friday, April 24, 2009

On the Brink

As a resurgence of violence breaks out in Iraq, with suicide bombings suddenly prevalent again, a far greater threat looms on the subcontinent. Even this mostly oblivious administration recognizes the danger inherent in the country with the "Islamic bomb" falling into the hands of Sunni fanatics. The Taliban are on the march and even our Secretary of State felt the need to remark on it. Now, will the Obamites do more than talk and send a few surgically placed drone missiles at a handful of Wahhab madmen?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweat the Details

We have become an unserious nation led by an unserious leader. I would say Obama is self-aggrandizing, but he need not be-he has the old-line media and brainwashed masses to shout his praises. Obama, who had said he would not go after Bush administration members and intelligence professionals for their efforts to extract information from al-Qaeda and Jihadi terrorists, turned on a dime and now says the US may prosecute the lawyers who said our tactics (used to protect the homeland) were legal. Our President is serious when it comes to settling scores with the right, but less so about our national security. Obama is haphazardly attacking the economic decline, not to reverse it but to use the recession as a pretext to impose socialism. The startling suicide yesterday of the acting CFO of Freddie Mac is not exactly a ringing endorsement of where Obama is taking the financial sector. Deliberate obfuscation by Geithner about TARP can not be seen as an inspiring vote of confidence about where Obama is leading us. Unfortunately, not enough citizens are waking up that Obama is not really concerned about helping the nation turn the corner and rise back to prosperity, only with entrenching himself and those who will continue to implement his policies in power forever.

Taciturn Talk Radio

Three hours of dead air...Is this a gag? No, a gag is what the Obamites want to impose on right-wing talkers using the unfair "fairness doctrine", minority ownership requirements-there just aren't a slew of African-American radio station owners lining up to broadcast Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, or Savage, or local standards which would permit a handful of activists (Marxist college professor types, leftist church busybodies, race-baiters, labor union thugs, or any other manner of instigator) to determine what everyone else is listening to, thereby abrogating the free market, the open exchange of ideas, and the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The Obamites are about to stifle preaching against the sin of homosexuality with Federal hate crime laws expanded to include sexual orientation, making perverts into a favored class. Our new administration said dissent was the highest virtue during the campaign on issues as weighty as the war. Why, Code Pinkers and their ilk were supremely patriotic. Now, dissent and speech must be suppressed and those who demur from party line, investigated by DHS. Obama wants an America in leftist lockstep.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Strangeness of Society

I generally do not follow beauty contests, and I did not watch the Miss USA pageant where Perez Hilton disgraced the pageant process. How can a virtual nobody and catty homosexual be selected to judge female pulchritude? How can a normal view of marriage be deemed controversial or even scandalous? How can Jamie Foxx impugn an underage girl in a most vile manner and remain on the air? How can 24, with a large conservative audience, hire and retain an overt and obnoxious ultra-leftist as one of the show's stars? Who is going to stand against this decay? 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Equality of Outcomes

In the end, we are all dead. Obama just wants to make sure we are poor first. Barack Hussein Obama will take control of the nation's largest banks-it was always his intention, at minimum, Obama is a socialist at heart, if not an outright fascist or Marxist. Beware a common tactic of repressive regimes. Obama may freeze bank accounts, preventing or limiting withdrawals under the guise of stabilizing the financial system. This has occurred with alarming frequency in Latin American countries. Nations under the sway of leftists such as Argentina and Venezuela have blocked account holders from their own savings as a mechanism of control. When tyranny becomes rampant, accounts are actually seized; separating assets from those who earned/created them. Obama could even go that far. As I said once before in this forum, elect a third world leader, get a third world nation.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Human Rights Hatefest

The Durban II UN conference in Geneva has descended into an Israel-bashing orgy. Just as the original Durban meeting singled out Israel for opprobrium, the ongoing parley is being used by such human rights stalwarts as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to launch diatribes against the "Zionist Entity". Multilateralism is employed once again by evil actors to attack the innocent. These international forums are worse than useless; they advance tyranny under the guise of protecting liberty.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reek of Weakness

The United States was humiliated at the Summit of the Americas by Hugo Chavez and then again by Daniel Ortega. "BO" showed great deference to the Venezuelan and allowed an anti-US rant by the Nicaraguan to go unanswered. Obama is displaying a craven lack of backbone with real enemies, but America is still, for the moment, the most powerful nation that has ever existed on the face of the earth. Sadly, the President only seems to be willing to exert that strength against our greatest ally in the Middle East-Israel. Israel is being coerced by the US to make territorial concessions and across the Israeli political spectrum, acceptance of a two-state solution has taken place by all by the hard right. Two states are suicide for Israel as neither the Palestinian Authority nor Hamas is willing to recognize the existence of Israel as a Jewish state. A strong nation with a weak leader will produce horrible outcomes for allies, embolden enemies, and make war more likely, not less. Obama seeks accommodation with those who mean America harm and forces allies to compromise their own security if not their very existence.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Kindred Spirits

Barack Hussein Obama interacted warmly with Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator, at the Summit of the Americas. This disgraceful love fest should come as no surprise as Obama's freedom-restricting policies comport nicely with those of the Venezuelan strongman. For more than two centuries, the United States enjoyed government, but now, like a tinpot tyranny, we are devolving into a "regime". In the next cycle of elections to Congress and the Senate, patriots-those slandered in the DHS report can institute the beginnings of regime-change. The veterans who were smeared as the next Tim McVeigh, the abortion opponents who were labelled as Eric Robert Rudolphs, the sportsmen who are suddenly deemed the next David Koresh, need to send Democrat Senators and Congressmen packing.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Essentially Preposterous Agenda

The Environmental Protection Agency today announced its intention to regulate six so-called greenhouse gases. If you are reading this, you will be subject to regulation by this new measure. You breathe, you exhale, your exhalation contains carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the most plentiful substance on earth. We are all carbon-based lifeforms. We are all damaging our precious globe simply by being, according to our power-mad administration which will use the new rules to drive up the cost of energy, destroying industry and making travel almost cost-prohibitive. Obama will make the EPA into the "energy pilfering arm" of government. "BO" (as in body odor) is hellbent on destroying our way of life as we have known it and preventing any prospect of recovery or prosperity.

Gun Banner Abroad

Barack Hussein Obama spoke in Mexico about his thwarted desire to reinstate the assault weapons ban. To Obama's chagrin, there are sufficient Democrats along with enough gun rights Republicans to prevent this insidious assault on the Second Amendment and our God-given liberties. Only a handful of Democrats who think their seats would be imperiled by backing the gun banner and the even slimmer pool of Democrats who really believe in freedom to hunt, target-shoot, and of course, protect one's self and one's family are blocking this abrogation of the Constitution. Obama, the duplicitous, campaigned, saying he did not want to take our guns but backed the draconian Washington D. C. gun ban to the hilt. He and his willing minions want your guns; they just don't have the votes to take them...yet.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stealing the Dream

Barack Obama is determined to overturn the old order-that is free market capitalism and Constitutionally-ensured liberty. His vile Department of Homeland Security has made mainstream conservatism the enemy of the state, but Obama is directing them, his hand is behind them, urging them to abandon focus on Islamic extremism and target the new "right wing menace". Janet Napolitano did not initiate this; as Michael Dukakis said, "the fish rots from the head down". The Federal officials charged with enforcing the new fascism will only be acting as Obama's henchmen-the decision-making will come from higher up the food chain. The chain of command will be wrapped around the necks of freedom-loving American people. Those rugged individualists who have had the desire to improve themselves and have picked America up and carried the nation on their backs will now need to "think right" to be accepted in Obama's USA. They will be expected to pay the way for lazy ne'er-do-wells who leech the system and be grateful for the opportunity to do it. The families of the formerly rich under Obama will eat hamburger while the bastard children of the welfare queens will eat steak, but you'd best not rock the boat or complain too loudly about it because DHS may have a camp waiting for you-a concentration camp that is.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Chose Dissent

Barack Hussein Obama's Department of Homeland Security has issued a report that broad brushes normal political disagreement as possible threat and suggests veterans should be feared as potential rightist walking time bombs. This inflammatory if not insane worldview permeates the Obama administration and the American left. One can not demur against abortion on demand and not be a wannabe clinic bomber. One can not go to today's anti-government waste tea party without being a militia member in the making. The Obama/leftist mentality wants to suppress and even criminalize opposition discourse. They are enemies of our foundational principles and our Constitution, particularly the first two amendments which enshrine free speech and give citizens a method to combat tyranny.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Laws of Physics

A report was issued today on the safety of high mileage micro-cars in collisions with mid-size automobiles. The tiny vehicles predictably fared poorly in the tests. If you think you are saving the planet with your mini-car purchase, you are deceiving yourself-you're just not that powerful. The sun, precipitation, volcanoes (the Lord) all have greater effect than your piddly efforts. If you are buying a little putt around to save money on gas, think first-how much is your safety and the safety of your family worth? Pay a little more because your using more gas now-be alive later. Boxing authorities don't permit bantamweights to contest heavyweights. You can't repeal the laws of physics.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Turns Green

Obama has some strange bedfellows. He is not some raving Marxist though his policies coincide in many ways with the old red agenda. It is over-simplistic to say he intends a merely statist program. Obama is more like Franco, Mussolini, or Hitler than he is like Trotsky or Lenin. Barry doesn't want to simply seize all the companies, he wants to co opt the executives and management of many of them, and he is succeeding. What should be natural opponents of Obamaism are often embracing a "partnership" between their corporations and government, welcoming environmental regulations and other measures that in the past would have been termed onerous interference in private enterprise. Energy companies and their advertising agencies and IBM and its public relations crew are falling all over themselves in their ads to show how environmentally-friendly and socially concerned they are. Many so-called public-private efforts are being undertaken often for a anti-global warming objective. Vaclav Klaus, the Czech leader and a survivor of Communist oppression, was amongst the first to issue the signal warning that the Greens were the new Reds, seeking to increase their own power to restrict our rights and freedom under the guise of environmental protection. Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex manipulating US power to its own benefit in much the same way as German companies like Krupp and IG Farben advanced Hitlerism to reap its financial rewards. We now have some of America's larger companies making common cause with Obama to enrich themselves at the expense of our precious liberty.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ship to Shore

The United States Navy should be commended today for freeing the sea captain who was being held by Somali pirates. It is amazing that a nation with a trillion dollar defense budget found herself paralyzed for days by a few thugs from a nation where because of HIV, malaria. starvation, and a lack of government almost no one survives to thirty. How can the world be brought low by a band of illiterate kidnappers who probably have never turned on an electric light? Obama at least, at last, gave the navy the latitude to end the crisis among his desultory pursuits which today even entailed picking a puppy recommended by successful drowner Teddy Kennedy. It's a shame Mary Jo Kopechne didn't have a Portuguese Water Dog with her on her last night on earth-maybe it would have saved her from a watery death. See Kennedy and the pirates have something in common-they have both killed people in the water and both are interested in separating people from what they have earned and what is rightfully theirs.

Dream Act Nightmare

One of the Sunday morning programs chronicled the Dick Durbin proposed "Dream Act" which will give Green Cards and legal status to 67,000 illegal aliens who have already gamed the system to attain college admission and have or will complete degrees. This measure is designed to help de facto criminals (they are sneak-ins) who have often enjoyed in-state tuition costs which a Salvadoran illegal enjoys in California while a New Yorker drawn to the opposite coast to learn must bear the full-burden and pay enormously more costly out-of-state expenses. These illegals are stealing from the taxpayer, but according to this morning's report, the Dream Act enjoys broad bipartisan support. The Republicans backing this are the ones that voters must primary and replace with true conservatives who will not coddle lawbreakers.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Comes the Reckoning

Israel is becoming increasingly certain that Obama's America and the rest of the world will do nothing to thwart Iran's genocidal intentions. Israel is rightly preparing as if she will have to face the Islamic Republic alone. Israelis are worried; Iranians should be. The Israelis are not planning a pinpoint precision strike like the one that took out Saddam's nuclear capacity at Osirak. The Iranian program is too diffuse and well-defended to have a surgical strike work. Israel's strategic planners are going to destroy the atomic plants, the retaliatory capacity, the Revolutionary Guards; the military will be targeted generally as will much of Iran's industrial capacity including her power grid. Israel will initiate a massive first strike with cruise missiles launched from diesel submarines acquired from Germany. Iran will see the end time for herself if she does not relent from her nuclear ambitions.

Friday, April 10, 2009

ABC's Anti-gun Fantasy

ABC news this morning propagated more anti-gun mania with a story that will be completed in a special tonight that completely defies logic. The contention of the report, no doubt manipulated, is that guns make you no safer and endanger your children and teens. While guns are no fail safe, when facing an armed assailant, one would obviously have a better chance of surviving the attack with access to a gun of one's own than without one. Police are not made invulnerable, even with firearms and training, but in America, police have almost invariably been armed to deter crime, protect their communities, and defend themselves. Soldiers are virtually universally armed when on patrol or duty. The Secret Service guards our presidents and other dignitaries with armed uniformed officers and plainclothes agents equipped with state of the art weaponry. This is not an abstract argument in my family-my grandfather who was a shopkeeper (and not trained as a soldier or police officer) saved himself, my grandmother, and their employees from an armed robber who fired at them and would have murdered them all, had my untrained progenitor not had ready access to a loaded revolver to quell the threat. ABC actively attempts to spread gun-banning hysteria along with much of the old-line media. As for children accessing guns-responsible adults must secure their shooting irons away from children too young to handle them (or use gun locks and store ammunition separately and inaccessible to kids) and properly train older children to respect their power and handle guns safely. The pernicious leftist press uses premises that are absolute fallacies. Do soldiers carry bouquets of roses to point at terrorists on the streets of Iraq? Do police unholster Gideon Bibles to deter felons? Guns thwart crimes everyday, but you will almost never hear the dinosaur media report this.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Spoils System

A system of distributing political patronage jobs has long existed with Barack Hussein Obama's adopted hometown of Chicago long notorious for the practice. Never before have positions in this realm been available like they are today. Why now Obama can make a fellow Ivy Leaguer three years out of school whose only CEO experience was a lemonade stand when he was ten years old the new head of AIG. Barry may take a Harlemite, fresh out of Columbia University, who has always been in subways, trains, buses, and taxis but does not even know how to drive, much less design or sell cars or even know what a spoiler is, and make this novice the chair of General Motors. The insouciant Obama has been spoiling for a fight to destroy capitalism and with his cronies is determined to despoil America as we have known her for more than two hundred years.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Legacy of Lies

Tennessee state Representative Brenda Gilmore wants the state of Tennessee to apologize for slavery. This is a reparations ploy. Slavery has existed forever-slaves continue to be held in Saudi Arabia and Sudan. White Europeans were enslaved by the thousands by the Barbary Coast pirates. How do you think so many red-haired people came to be born in North Africa? Ever looked at National Geographic photos of all the red-heads in the Riff tribe. Involuntary servitude was common for whites early in America who arrived as bond servants. Whites fell under indenture and even fiefdom as tenant farmers. Thomas Sowell eloquently chronicles the slave-taking by Africans though his scholarship is largely ignored by black racists who fervently believe slavery was a one way street. Let's just go around with mea culpas and reparation payments all day, every day; eventually someone in government who has already confiscated so much of my money may even cut me my reparation check.

One Cent Tribute

Our nation once proclaimed when facing the Barbary Coast pirate menace: "Billions for defense but not one cent tribute". After a US flag humanitarian aid vessel was seized by Somali pirates, Obama's ilk were looking for someone to send ransom to-this administration is weak on enemies and readily betrays friends. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?

Obamites Bless Castro

Barack Hussein Obama's minions went to Cuba to sing mass murdering dictator Fidel Castro's praises. These members of the Congressional Black Caucus have absolved Castro of his crimes and are talking about reconciliation between our democracy and the totalitarian regime that is so bad that daily, people risk their lives on the sea to try and escape. Since they loved Cuba so much, these Democrat dolts should just have stayed in Havana.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama's Warped View

Barack Hussein Obama has just completed "World Apology Tour 2009". He expressed deep sorrow for all our perceived offenses against the sensibilities of those we liberated and since they refuse to bear their own burdens-have defended ever since. Apologize for carrying NATO on US backs, for defending Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo when their closer European neighbors cowered from the Balkans. Apologize to Muslims for defending them in Europe and liberating fifty million of them in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama typifies the 'blame America first" crowd. He is sorry we are a noble colossus that stretches our resources and spills our blood for the freedom of others.

Monday, April 6, 2009

America Goes Begging

After going to our NATO allies hat in hand, seeking help in Afghanistan and being rebuffed, Obama is now being turned away by the UN as he seeks sanctions against North Korea. To ask a body that cheered End time Islamist messianist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he spoke then announced he felt God speaking to him on the stage and loudly applauded Hugo Chavez when he said Bush had left the odor of sulfur behind, is demeaning the nation yet again. For the last superpower to ask for the tender mercies of Sudan and Libya is ridiculous. The UN long since should have been asked to leave New York and be sent packing to Geneva. A confederacy of willing, like minded democracies should have replaced it during the Cold War when it became a debating society and forum to side with the Soviets and have so-called non-aligned nations which were mostly puppets of the Reds act as if they were equals of the US and serve as a constant nuisance and financial burden to America all the while thwarting collective action that would have advanced justice. Asking a body of tyrannies to help on any international concern is fool hearty and counterproductive. A body dominated by the bad will never do good and only a moron or patsy would ask them.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Multilateralism Fails Again

Obama spoke in Prague today, urging the world to stop nuclear proliferation. The leader of the world's last superpower, the bastion of liberty, the storehouse of freedom, once again demeaned the prestige of his own nation, diminished his own office, and went begging to a world that looks for the US to lead. North Korea launched a missile against the admonishments of most of the world (except Iran which is a close confederate of North Korea in efforts to achieve weapons of mass destruction and the capacity to deliver them). Japan's defense needs, South Korea's security requirements, and overwhelming world public opinion are all well and good, but the United States was the one nation that could obliterate North Korea's military capacity in minutes. A strong leader, which Obama is not, would have destroyed the North Korean missile on the launchpad. If an action is in the strategic interests of the United States, America must act decisively and unilaterally if necessary. She can not wait to sway world sentiment or for a few troops as a token of support from other countries; America must act in her own interests to protect herself and allies either to weak or fearful to defend themselves. We now have a leader in Obama who is going to cut the national budget in only one area, he plans massive cuts to defense and even reduction on the route to hoped for elimination of our own nuclear capacity. With two active wars, Afghanistan and Iraq, the nebulous world-wide war on terror to win, and Iran threatening to go nuclear, Obama plans to shrink defense. Obama has what he considers high ideals regarding a world free of nukes. In this world, China would either rapidly conquer us or be able to dictate to us as we could no longer meet our security commitments and needs against the vastly more numerous conventional forces of the Reds who would take Taiwan and dominate the world. Obama does not recognize strategic balance and his naive policies will advance evil and tyranny across the globe.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Only Natural

I shop at a grocery in a rather tony enclave called Belle Meade. I happened through the baby food aisle as we feed an elder canine baby beef. There, two well-turned out young mothers were discussing the benefits of the ultra-expensive organic food they were buying their children. They were firmly convicted that only the all-natural would do. I wanted to tell them hemlock is perfectly natural, but you certainly would not want to eat it. I noticed natural Mom number one had a color hair treatment in her cart. Mom number two had Froot Loops in her cart-certainly nothing artificial there. One may conclude that organic is a tremendous marketing technique for the vacuous, just like green marketing to those who believe their little purchase can save the environment. Marketing by the mendacious aimed at the stupid sounds perfect to me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Calling Kettle Black

Obama called the US arrogant in Europe today. Were we arrogant when we saved free Europe from the Kaiser and the Huns in World War I? Were we arrogant when we turned back the tide of fascism and saved Europe from Hitler's thousand years of darkness-the Reich wasn't a bit arrogant-was it? When an astounding number of my Dad's classmates from small town Virginia left Higgins Boats to face certain death on Omaha Beach-I guess they were just being arrogant-laying down their lives for complete strangers, many of whose grandchildren hate America and Americans today but have a cozy feeling to their former oppressor, Germany. Many of those Virginia boys never enjoyed the chance at fatherhood, so no grandchildren exist from them today. I guess it was just bravado and braggadocio that closed the Fulda Gap and prevented Stalinist domination of all continental Europe. This President is a dandy peacock who never served and probably would have evaded the draft if he had been called to the defense of liberty in his nation's uniform. How embarrassing to have a young empty-headed leader issuing "wea culpa" to some of the most arrogant bastards to walk the earth. Haughty Parisians, domineering Germans, self-superior Europeans of all stripes who are certain they are better than Americans in every way and have just had their faulty preconceptions confirmed by an idiot President. Every aspect of European liberty was paid for in American blood twice and American treasure constantly for a bunch of Europeans who even shirked the burden of their own defense. The world needs a little more American arrogance to turn the tide of appeasement, American boldness to reverse Islamist fanaticism, and enhanced liberty that Obama is so gladly relinquishing to please a world that never had America's best interests at heart.

The Immoral Imperative

The coarsened culture of the USA gave rise to the "Redeemer", the "Great Redistributor"- a man so taken with himself that He is certain He saved the world at the G-20 Summit. Obama is in reality a narcissistic weakling, but he is hell bent on destroying much of what is moral and good about our country. Barack Hussein Obama is the worst infanticide promoter (abortion) ever to sit in the Oval Office. He is a friend of homosexuals serving openly in the military-a great way to destroy good order and discipline. He is the enemy of marriage as we have known it, advocating its perversion by same-sex couples. Obama is determined to supplant Israel in the Holy Land, Biblically-deeded to the Jews, a religion that reveres life (l'chaim-to life-its toast) with the Palestinians who venerate death (becoming a shaheed, martyr their greatest goal). Incidentally, yesterday a Palestinian murdered a thirteen year old Jewish boy in an axe attack and critically injured a seven year old whose father is incarcerated for trying to protect Jews. By way of narrative reflective of our decline, I composed yesterday's column at a public library after a car driven by a drunk, someone under the influence of drugs, or an illegal alien crashed into a power pole in front of my home and the driver fled. We lost electricity for more than twelve(12) hours. At the library, I encountered high school teens in a loud and bawdy discussion of sexual matters that I had not even heard of when I was their age. Bill and Monica, MTV, and the Internet are due much credit for this filthy ignominy that I would not have heard fifteen(15) years ago in a pool parlor. America and the world need a redeemer but Obama, who by his actions, assails Scripture and erodes the Constitution, is not equipped for the job.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

London-Clowns Abound

The City of London experienced a ruffian rampage with anarchists, environmental activists, and other assorted yobs who could not find a football match (soccer game) to disrupt engaging in dangerous street theater. Those were the more or less innocuous hooligans. The true threats to liberty, harmony, and security seem to be Obama-the boy Marxist and his companion in crime Gordon Brown. If Tony Blair was Bush's lapdog, Gordon Brown will be the batman or valet to the new authority "BO", happy to exercise suasion over the pliant but terrified of real enemies like Iran and even the malignant dwarf nation of North Korea led by a literal malignant dwarf. These leaders of presumptive democracies have the power to revoke the liberty whose seed was the Magna Carta and whose fruition was the brilliant US Constitution which has served so well for more than two centuries but which Obama is certain he and Eric Holder, his gun-banning henchman, can improve upon by limiting seriatum until every essential right is but a distant memory.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Limbaugh Versus Fox

Diane Sawyer slandered Rush Limbaugh this morning. She contended that Rush had claimed Michael J. Fox had faked his symptoms. What Rush had done was report that Fox had said he either does not take his medicine or sometimes takes a larger than usual dose to exaggerate his symptoms to gain sympathy for the Parkinson's community or when before Congress, to gain additional research funding. Rush never declared Fox was faking, only that he might, as he said in his own book, try to accentuate the affects of the disease when it could benefit the many afflicted and their families, caregivers, and research. The media managed to successfully distort Rush's word and even his webcam to advance the victories of Claire McCaskill in Rush's home state of Missouri and Ben Cardin over now RNC chair Michael Steele in Maryland (especially ironic since Steele is an advocate for the Parkinson's cause since his sister is a sufferer). No decent person would ever suggest that a person of such fame as Fox would feign distress for some malevolent reason, and Rush certainly did not. It is a shame Diane Sawyer showed no such scruples in maligning Rush and his twenty million plus listeners.