Monday, December 3, 2012

Uttering an Obscenity

Last night, the little liberal twit Bob Costas read an editorial by someone just as stupid as he is at the halftime of the Sunday night football game on NBC. The lesson Costas and the author (whose name I did not catch) drew from the Kansas City murder-suicide was that both parties would still be alive were it not for our easy access to handguns. In point of fact, the professional football-playing thug could have killed the average person with his bare hands. If someone did not want to abolish our Second Amendment which enshrines our God-given right to self-defense, they never would have blamed a pistol in this circumstance. Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were not shot but butchered with a knife. A long gun (rifle or shotgun) would have made the victim equally as dead. Last week, a college professor and a woman in Wyoming were killed by arrows from a compound bow and knife wounds before the assailant killed himself with the same knife. Do not blame the gun or any other weapon but the person using it in the act of violence.

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