Monday, December 10, 2012

Party Giving Up

If the GOP elite give up on both fiscal and social issues, then what is left for which the national Republican Party will fight? The leadership of the Republican Party as currently constituted is not going to contest the Democrats on increasing taxes. The national GOP is throwing in the towel on the immigration front as well with a "Dream Act" amnesty on the way (supported incidentally by Florida junior Senator Marco Rubio, a supposed favorite of conservatives). The powers that be in the GOP are abandoning the fight against the perversion of the institution of marriage by homosexuals and lesbians. There is even talk among the high echelons of the Republican Party that fighting against the horror that is abortion on demand is "costing too many votes". If the GOP no longer represents the founding principles of our nation, no longer stands as the party of Reagan, and lacks the backbone to resist Barack Hussein Obama on either economic or moral matters, then why should they not be supplanted by a real conservative third party?

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