Friday, December 7, 2012

Glimpse the Future

I never tune in to NBC news programming on my own volition, but last night my Mom told me to rush in to see a story about the culture of death being advanced by our government through Obama Care and being sold by Obama's flacks in the dinosaur media. The report was about a Wisconsin hospital where 96% of patient's sign their lives away with care limiting advance directives. We heard how much less the care of these patients cost during the last six months of their lives, but I would contend if more aggressive treatment was administered then for many of these sufferers, it would not have been the last six months of life as their survival could have been extended. A fellow with a doctorate of philosophy from Notre Dame is orchestrating the program where ill people and their families are given grim statistics and worst case scenarios of what can happen and how much they will be disabled if they opt to receive potentially life-extending treatment, so they opt out where they supposedly die with dignity. I lost a cousin December 6. He had been told by doctors in the West that he was a goner but was given eleven more years to enjoy with his family because he went across the country to Duke and had a risky surgery. Under Obama and this ration medical resources mentality, I do not think cousin Jerry would have had that extra more than decade and that is a shame.

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