Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Team Player

I watched the portion of Brian Williams' interview with Barack Hussein Obama that was broadcast on the NBC Nightly News. Williams was not adversarial in any aspect, but congenial, sympathetic, and supportive toward his President. When talking of the recent debt limit controversy, Williams sounded like a talk show ring master saying that he did not believe the Republicans "would go there but they went there" and not like a journalist making serious inquiries of a politician. Williams was not speaking truth to power but being Obama's sycophant- a good little partisan pet. The dinosaur media has taken sides from the time when the only alternative voice that was really heard was Rush Limbaugh to the point that another network anchor Dan Rather participated in a manufactured document scam meant to destroy the political fortunes of George W. Bush and the whole main stream media was antagonistic toward Bush to varying degrees. Now the legacy media is spinning to save Obamaism as hard as it is able with Brian Williams proving himself to be a dedicated foot soldier in the Obama reelection effort, but is this any surprise from a reporter who once said conservatives see "black and white" with very little "grey matter" in between? If you want honest reporting, stick to the new media who are not beholden to old liberalism and chained by tired and failed ideas.

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