Friday, June 21, 2013

The New Rules

The New Black Panther Party can menace whites trying to vote at a Philadelphia polling station without fear of Federal prosecution. A leftist activist can bug Mitch McConnell's office and be granted the status of "journalist" with the Constitutional protections of the First Amendment suddenly conferred (that eavesdropping is not all that much different after all according to the Obama apologists from what CBS News Sixty Minutes does), but real investigative citizen journalist James O'Keefe finds himself prosecuted and FOX News James Rosen has himself and even his parents' communications intercepted, Sharyl Attkinson of the same CBS News is gaslighted, and even the venerable and some would say left-leaning Associated Press, the world's leading news gathering organization, is subject to the Federal government stealthily listening in on communication with sources trying to remain confidential. So, all is fair if you are working on behalf of Team Obama and/or advancing radicalism, and all is off limits if you try to stand up against overreach by political progressives.

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