Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watching America Implode

Gather round and marvel as the United States as she was founded disintergrates. Reward border crashers and ramp up the Balkanization of America as the Republican Party consigns itself to go the way of the Whigs (or perhaps ironically the "Know Nothing Party"- not because they oppose immigration as that accursed party did but because they are opening the Southern border and initiating millions of voters who will always and only vote Democrat). Drive up unemployment and push down wages as the incoming horde depresses what laborers are paid and undercuts already struggling youth hiring as teens are crowded out of formerly entry level positions by Hispanic newcomers. Push the soaring costs of Obama Care (the Affordable Care Act) into the stratosphere and assure interminable waits in every emergency room as millions of foreigners crowd us out of medical treatment we and not they are paying for, and finally abandon any semblance of an education system as every other pupil in public schools will not be there to learn mathematics, science, or history (which will all become incidental) but will be there to tax the system with incredible new demands for English as a second language. If you wanted to crush our nation as a free market Constitutional Republic, nothing will do that better on top of socialized medicine than amnesty for break-ins.

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