Thursday, December 30, 2010

America's Unholy Triumvirate

In spite of some fleeting good news with unemployment slightly less grim, common sense conservatives in the United States will continue to face the onslaught of socialism unleashed, emanating from President Barack Hussein Obama, pushed through America's Senate which will still be led by "Light-Brain" Harry Reid and under the thrall of Democrats with the only defense by the GOP there being the filibuster, and with every Democrat overreach by the rule by regulation executive branch and grow the government and Federal intrusiveness initiative pushed through the Senate by Reid bolstered by the third leg of the stool Constitutionalists must overcome- our judiciary with our courts infested by judicial activists who insist our rules as codified in our founding document are but suggestions of a "living, breathing document"- forever transmutable to conform to current norms, a sort of ever-permeable flavor of the day. All three co-equal branches meant to balance in preservation of liberty and respect for individual rights are at war against our foundational notion of freedom. GOP gains in the US House as well as at the state level have sparked some small confidence and forced Obama's hand in extending the Bush era tax cuts renewing economic growth somewhat, but have no doubt that the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our Federal government remain captive to the fiat of radicals. These leftists who will still rule over us in 2011 will continue to enjoy active cover from the dinosaur media and the university elite. None of these adverse facts have been altered in the slightest by Republicans gaining control in a a single chamber of the US Congress. How the GOP newbies address the challenges of all this amassed opposition will soon become apparent and will be telling. Will the new Republican Representatives buckle at the first main stream media onslaught accusing them of starving children or depriving old folks of their cost of living increases from Social Security? Will Congressmen who pretended an affinity for the Tea Party turn out to be less than golden and emerge as Scott Brown did in the United States Senate as nothing more than a Republican in name only (RINO)? These sub rosa liberals are just as dangerous to the Republic as the more openly socialist Democrats and surely there are at least a few in the US House of Representative's ranks (as Louisiana's so-called Republican Joseph Cao showed himself to be in the departing Congress by voting with the Democrats to advance Obamaism). America and the world can not afford to have conservatives capitulate in the coming Congress. The new GOP House majority must resist the Democrat triumvirate to stave off a new tyranny in America.

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