Sunday, December 26, 2010

Year Winds Down

We are about to witness the departure of the most intrusive, anti-Constitutional United States Congress ever (and from a liberty loving prospective- none too soon). Our medical autonomy has now been captured by Barack Hussein Obama and the cadre of nameless and faceless bureaucrats that he will install as Obama also expands and broadens the powers of the Internal Revenue Service to enforce Obama care. A December 25 Robert Pear article in The New York Times chronicles the existence of "end of life" counseling that suggests the the Sarah Palin christened "death panels" will indeed be part of the Obama health scheme. Reform of the financial system did little to bolster confidence in the markets but much to give the executive branch of the Federal government more arbitrary power. The Federal Communication Commission just arrogated authority unto itself over the Internet that seemed to be working just fine without interference from the Obama regime. On the domestic front, government at all levels has never held more sway over the common citizen who without access to redress because of our activist courts has never enjoyed less recourse (and because of complicity of traditional civil rights organizations and the docility of America's dinosaur media standing with team Obama, the individual has no vocal advocate in his defense). 2010 should be marked with the grim acknowledgement that freedom is fading and in the nation that has enshrined individual rights and been the guardian of liberty for the rest of the globe, an essentially un-American tyranny is on the rise.

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