Wednesday, December 29, 2010

King Solomon's Mines

Even after discovering enormous resources, King Solomon reputed to be wise, managed with ambitious building projects to spend beyond his nation's means, and Barack Hussein Obama is no King Solomon. Our 111th Congress has earned a dubious distinction, spending more than any previous Congress, in fact more than the first one hundred Congresses combined. It is surprising that smoke from the Treasury Department's overheated presses can not be seen wafting over the Potomac. This sort of squandering of tax revenue that citizens have sweat blood to earn before the government comes to confiscate it, invites inflation and not simply the ordinary kind but perhaps hyperinflation as was seen in the Wiemar Republic and more recently in Zimbabwe. At the least, this uncontrolled zest for growing government is summoning a collapse similar to the one we are currently witnessing in Greece, but unlike Greece, the whole rest of the world is not big enough to bail the United States out. The globe does not possess sufficient resources to keep up with what Obama and the lunatic Democratic Congress have been spending and it is highly doubtful while on his Hawaii vacation at our expense that the President will stumble on a vast trove of platinum or gold- in this day and age, there are no more undiscovered Solomon's Mines.

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