Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Demagogue Versus Democrats

President Barack Hussein Obama, a constant practitioner of divide and conquer domestically, now faces resistance from his own hard Left base in attempting to extend many of the last President Bush's tax cuts and modify the reborn inheritance tax from 55% on the first dollar after $1,000,000 inherited to 35% after the first $5,000,000 per spouse. There is no death tax this year prompting many affluent elders to try to shuffle off this mortal coil before the end of December. What is amazing to witness is the ire of House and Senate Democrats against successful Americans. These Democrat power elite did not reserve their wrath for the mad ayatollahs of Iran- they hardly mention them or for the Stalinist aggressors of North Korea, Congressional Dems show no particular concern for them, but let a job creator keep some of what he has earned, and the Democrats in Washington explode. Let the wealthy keep what they have sweat blood to acquire, permit their children to maintain family businesses that they have operated for generations- no way, the Democrats want a death tax to kick in that will force the family to liquidate to pay the tax burden, putting that many more Americans out of work as Mom and Pop shops sell out and family farms shut down to pay the tax man. The Democrats in D.C. are not alarmed by real existential enemies of America, but see the backbone of American job creation as the one true enemy. Our socialist overlords are opponents today of everything that gave the USA her greatness.  

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