Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obama Praises Vick

President Barack Hussein Obama lavished praise on Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving dog-murdering quarterback Michael Vick "a second chance". Supposedly the Presidential telephone call to the football club magnate was prompted not so much by any of Vick's accomplishments on the gridiron but more out of Obama's concern that young black men who have been incarcerated are sufficiently rehabilitated when they leave prison or jail that they deserve access to the job market. This is such a noble notion, so commendable that I believe the President should replace his retinue of highly vetted Secret Service agents in his protective detail with ex-convicts to demonstrate to the public just how trustworthy these reformed criminals are and how it is safe for all of us to trust our lives to them. I hear Obama talking the talk, but somehow, when it comes time to walk the walk, I would wager that President Obama would not want thugs like Vick anywhere near himself or his family. So like so many of the President's pronouncements, I hear this Obama commendation of employer Lurie as hollow words that Obama himself would never follow in matters with real world consequences such as the safety of his daughters or Michelle.

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