Friday, December 17, 2010

Budget Breaker Busted

In a rare moment of clarity, the United States Congress has rejected the one trillion, two hundred billion dollar omnibus spending bill that has now been withdrawn by Harry Reid, who had previously seemingly never met a spending bill that he did not like. Reid likely still enjoys free spending with our money but saw the writing on the wall that the public simply would not now accept such insanely enormous numbers. If the bill had held under the magic trillion dollar mark, the bill would almost certainly have passed, then the additional three hundred billion more dollars could still have been stealthily squandered by attaching that spending to subsequent bills, but the incoming GOP majority in the US House would hopefully have rejected that tack. When the new Congress is finally sworn in, perhaps there will be an end to some of the spending shenanigans that have drowned America in a sea of red ink.

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