Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gay Versus Civil

This morning I was catching the headlines on CBS before rapidly switching to substantive content on FOX News Sunday, when I heard Charles Osgood talk of "civil rights" leaders applauding the overturn of the "don't ask- don't tell" law by the US Senate. Traditional civil rights leaders have done exactly the opposite- they have in fact opposed the "gay rights" agenda as homosexual activists have deliberately conflated the two. Race is an immutable, God-given characteristic while homosexuality is the perversion you choose to perform on your partner. In Washington, DC, black pastors have stood just as forthrightly against homosexual marriage as they have for legitimate civil rights. It is the supreme insult to try and tie a sexual preference which is a desire for a physical act that need not be acted on with the color of one's skin. Will rapists be extended the "human right" of sexual imposition on those weaker than themselves? Will child molesters be given legal protections as NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association) has long advocated? To see someone as sanctimonious as US Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) wax moral about a sexual immorality should be absolutely appalling. Our leftist politicians are trying to supplant our Biblical morality with their libertine permissiveness and grab a "thank you" for it. The chaplains of the United States military will now have to censor the Lord's holy ordinance for the sake of political correctness. I would also hate to have to take the risk of a foxhole transfusion with an individual much more likely from his own behavior to carry hepatitis or HIV. Leave it to our leftist overlords to take a disgusting, disease-ridden lifestyle and call it a moral good that deserves special protection under law. The morally bankrupt are now cashing our checks.

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