Friday, December 10, 2010

"Just One Puff"

I will preface these thoughts by saying I do not smoke; I can not stand exposure to cigarette smoking, and that close relations have suffered and even died from the prolonged use of tobacco. The Surgeon General of the United States now contends that smoking even one cigarette increases one's chance of dying. Balderdash, bovine scatology, and utter nonsense- these substances are no doubt hazardous but exaggerating their danger beyond all proportion just makes the anti-smoking crusader that much less credible. If they were indeed such deadly instruments, ban them outright immediately. Do not pussyfoot with restrictions on where they can be smoked and high taxes; a complete prohibition is the only tack logically in order if they are such poison- except of course that tobacco could not conceivably be as toxic as it is now portrayed or just about all of us would already be dead. 

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