Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Congressional Overkill

The United States House of Representative and Senate are aptly demonstrating why so many members lost their reelection bids and are soon to be departing. The Congress has taken a common sense extension of the Bush era tax cuts and turned into a pork-laden monstrosity, bloated with earmarks and committing America to more spending beyond the nation's means. A concept that stands on its own merit- not raising taxes in the teeth of a recession has been manipulated to fund pet projects and grow government beyond all sane proportion. I initially favored advancing a compromise with Obama, but that was before the bill was stuffed with extraneous and expensive (in fact cost prohibitive) nonsense. The bill may yet pass, but if it does Republicans who go along with it will have done a great disservice to the American people and will have betrayed their most loyal voters.

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