Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Troubling Nation

Venezuela under the misrule of Hugo Chavez finds herself both troubled and increasingly a thorn in the side of the United States. Hugo Chavez who evidently possesses Stalinist aspirations has made himself essentially ruler for life in rigged election after election deemed clean by useless international monitors including former US President Jimmy Carter. Chavez has nationalized many industries, and despite having vast oil reserves among the nationalized resources, most Venezuelans continue to live in poverty. The murder rate is astoundingly high, rivaling Mexico as this hemisphere's murder capital. Good government and honest policing are nonexistent. And now according to recent reports, Venezuela will host Iranian ground to ground missiles capable of hitting the United States. America should not allow this, insisting that the Monroe Doctrine be enforced against Iranian interference in Latin America. The US still has the power to blunt Iran's overtures in the Americas, but Barack Husein Obama will never use it- making it a fait accompli that Chavez will increase his power and that the dangerous influence of Iran will only grow.

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