Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gospel of Diplomacy

A type of worship exists at the United States Department of State. This is exaltation to negotiation which justifies the existence of and funding for America's diplomatic corps. I will now commit a heresy against this church by declaring that this mania for talk and obsession with compromise is what birthed the coming START regime which will manifestly compromise our defense against missiles which will now be subject to Russia's veto. Russia plays realpolitik and has Russia's, not US interests at heart. I am sickened, absolutely disgusted that both my US Senators embodying the Tennessee delegation Lamar Alexander and perhaps more shockingly, the more discernibly conservative Bob Corker went along. This agreement is beyond useless- with over 1200 ICBMs (inter-continental ballistic missiles) each, either Russia or America can destroy the human population of the earth several times over. We are no safer on that account. Russia has a tremendous advantage in battlefield (tactical) nuclear weapons that Barack Hussein Obama did not seek to include in this agreement and has not the slightest intention to counter, and most dangerous of all from the US perspective, is relinquishing our absolute right (and moral obligation) to deploy missile defense (such as anti-missile missiles) to protect our Western European allies should they be subjected to Iranian nuclear blackmail or even a loose nuke acquired by a terrorist topping a stolen Scud. I do not care that every living US Secretary of State endorsed this foolhardy enterprise- they are members of a church that must continue to justify budgets to perpetuate themselves as the fail over and over again to protect Americans as can be seen in all the custodial interference cases where an American child is taken by one parent to some hellhole abroad and the Department of State can do absolutely nothing about it. Ambassadors and State Department personnel forget who they represent and when they return to Foggy Bottom, they are not telling how they championed American interests or advanced initiatives favorable to the US but rather come back lobbying for whatever country to which they had been dispatched. In British foreign service, this is termed "going native" while at the Department of State it has become standard practice. Always remember that the Cold War was continually perpetuated by the sad sisters at State and was won (thankfully) by the right side (the US and our free allies) not by any diplomatic foray but by the Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative (often belittled as star wars) that threatened to spend the bad old Soviets beyond their means and render their aggressive missile arsenal useless. Our Department of State is a temple to the false god von Mitternich, deliberately forgetting that every velvet glove must be filled with an iron fist.

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