Thursday, December 2, 2010

Penury of Reason

Our Founding Fathers would look upon the docile sheep of this country today with utter and absolute contempt. They would never believe that Americans would line up to be manhandled by government flunkies  (the TSA) and worse, would allow handicapped with prosthetics, their own wives, and their children to be molested. The generation that wrested this nation from England in blood and fire could never contemplate how a minuscule handful of atheists could succeed in having religious symbols, prayer in school, and public worship banished from the public square particularly around the coming Christmas holiday. The idea of homosexuals flaunting perversion openly and in "pride parades" would having provoked revulsion and outrage back when America had saner generations, and they surely would never have understood how homosexuals would be permitted in the military. What is there to celebrate about a lifestyle that is so filthy and promiscuous that it spreads HIV and hepatitis among those who practice it? Earlier citizens went armed knowing that the unarmed were automatically subjects and would never have accepted gun control measures that hearten criminals and make the law-abiding less safe. Back when sanity prevailed, Americans would never have tolerated zero tolerance in schools where a seven year old sketching a weapon or a high school girl taking a Midol would result in detention, suspension, and even being sent to an alternative school. Nor would Americans in days of past glory have countenanced a public education system so thoroughly dominated by so-called educator unions. Any museum featuring Christ being soaked in urine or covered with ants would have been burned to the ground in days when men were men. The notion of race extortion would never have been accepted and a shakedown like Pigford II would surely have been blocked. Giving restitution of more than a billion dollars to more than eighty thousand alleged black farmers when the actual number of black farmers peaked at below thirty-five thousand defies logic and squanders more money that the Federal government simply does not have. Our late great patriots would never have countenanced being robbed and demeaned by government- that is why they staged their Revolution!

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