Thursday, December 23, 2010

Declaration of Dependence

Barack Hussein Obama has attempted to create a culture of dependency, sapping initiative and forcing people who formerly contributed to society to become involuntary dole dwellers. That is what unemployment hovering around a double figure percentage means- forcing those who have been self-supporting through their adult lives to become wards of the state when what they seek is not government beneficence but steady work. Nothing Barack Hussein Obama has put in motion has enhanced the job prospects of millions of unemployed Americans. Maintaining the Bush tax rates helps in some measure but that tax structure was to the last President Bush's credit and in no way should any accolade redound to Obama who spoke for nearly two years about ending the tax breaks for "millionaires and billionaires" (deliberately conflating the two to exacerbate class envy when there is indeed an enormous difference between a family farm owner or small businesswoman and Warren Buffett or Bill Gates). A new year is coming, a new day is dawning as Republicans may exert more sway with their newly gained control of the United States House of Representatives, but I am far less than sanguine as Democrats with their socialist impulse are still in charge of both the US Senate and (obviously) the White House. Any jobs-boosting measure by the House will likely be diluted or added to beyond all recognition with budget busters by the Democrats in the upper chamber and their Republican in name only colleagues who remain, and Barack Hussein Obama will still have the power of veto over any legislation that promotes free markets or a real return to our capitalist ethos. So I look to the next two years to create more acrimony than progress and more tyranny with rule by regulatory regime as we have just seen implemented in the government power grab of the Federal Communications Commission with the very non-neutral and highly partisan push for "net neutrality". All in all, what is emerging should give me plenty to write about (or at least quietly ponder locked behind the fence of my reeducation camp).

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