Friday, December 3, 2010

Congressional Truth Teller

An honest US Representative may be seen as a rarity. A frank Congressman may be as scarce as a unicorn. John Boehner no doubt yesterday told it like it is as regards the cheap political games and public relations machinations of the Democrats in regard to allowing taxes to rise across the board. Boehner summed it up succinctly, marvelously- "chicken crap"- he called it and after writing several million words and with determined consideration, I could not have said it any better myself, particularly in light of the disappointing unemployment figures which showed only thirty-nine thousand new jobs, far less than the number necessary to draw us out of our seemingly endless job crisis or signal an end to the morass of recession. Economic uncertainty feeds instability and prevents private sector business from taking its traditional role to guide the nation back onto the path to prosperity. Since when did raising any one's taxes in the teeth of a recession sound like a good idea?

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