Monday, December 27, 2010

Is Recovery Likely?

Is the prospect of a vibrant economic resurgence in the cards for America in 2011? Is a boom just around the corner? I would contend that despite the GOP capturing the United States House of Representatives, the prevailing ethos of the United States government remains essentially redistribution so long as Barack Hussein Obama is in the Oval Office and particularly with Democrats retaining control of America's upper legislative chamber- the Senate. I do not mean to portend doom for our nation, but the best Constitutional conservatives, liberty lovers, and those who actually respect the God-given natural rights of man can expect is gridlock. As long as an opponent of natural law rules over us and is bent on creating a climate of social justice, the most that can be gained (I fear) is stasis. And will holding the line be enough- will that be sufficient to avert global depression, particularly if more economies of the so-called PIIIGS collapse. Greece has already collapsed, Ireland is flailing; tiny Iceland was the first domino- fortunately being so insignificant that little damage redounded when Bjorkland fell during the last President Bush's tenure, but Portugal, Italy, and Spain are still trapped in "debt threat"- a term I believe I have just coined and a route Barack Hussein Obama inexplicably is leading the US down. The real question in the coming year will be whether the US House will stand firm in thwarting the socialist agenda pushed by President Obama and the Senate Democrats or whether they capitulate to the cloying dinosaur press, union activists, and their own Republican in name only contingent that holds so much sway in the Senate? Only time will tell but loud voices of tea party discontent can only help build Republican backbone.

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