Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama Gives In

Has Barack Hussein Obama seen the light and turned away from wild-eyed radicalism and finally gotten down to the serious business of governance? Did his compromise on extending the Bush-era tax rates signal that Obama is willing to make the concessions necessary to save the country? Or did Obama merely acquiesce because he knew how badly he was going to lose? The Bill Ayers wing of the Democratic Party, the proverbial bomb throwing socialists are up in arms- saying their President "caved" to the Republicans. This is the group so bound in class envy that they allow atmospherics to overwhelm reality. The Leftists comprising the heart of the Democrats in the Congress are so bent on class warfare that they refuse to address the seemingly intractable real world problems and denounce the President of their own party when he makes some small steps that are right for the nation. Did the GOP win in the bargain? Did Barack Hussein Obama's power base suffer a defeat? Who cares so long as what they did will ultimately be of benefit to the US economy? 

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