Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christians Under Siege

Christians have recently been murdered by the score in Iraq, Nigeria, and Egypt by some practitioners of the so-called religion of peace (and as an aside, I think hostilities will resume against Christians in Sudan very quickly). This is a trend bound to continue and worsen in this new year as aggressive jihad is openly preached with no great backlash and no solidarity marches with Muslims in these countries rallying to support and defend their Christian neighbors. Quite the contrary, reports have emerged in Iraq of Muslims who have lived alongside their infidel countrymen for generations waiting to pick off their property like vultures when the Christians are forced to flee for their lives to Iraqi Kurdistan or Jordan. And what is world Christendom doing to defend their brethren? Absolutely nothing besides a few speeches emanating largely from the Vatican. There are still US forces in Iraq who could if ordered do a great deal to protect concentrated Christian enclaves in Baghdad but so long as Obama is President that order will never come. Pity the poor Christians across the Dar es Salaam (realm of peace) who must hide in fear and try to survive as dhimmi.

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