Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Unworthy Effort

America's leftists, the dinosaur media, and political elite are falling over themselves to make hay from the Arizona tragedy. They are broad brushing the right with blame when it appears the assailant is an unbalanced individual with leftist leanings. The chattering classes and gun control advocates are attempting advance firearms restrictions nationwide through this sad event and a recent school shooting where an assistant principal was murdered. In the latter incident, the boy who opened fire and later killed himself was the son of a police officer who allegedly used his Dad's service weapon. Are we going to ban guns from the homes of the very police charged with public safety? The Arizona gunman released a "goodbye" statement on the Internet, evidently believing that he would die in his effort. Such a dedicated fanatic could easily have soaked fertilizer with gasoline and loaded himself with rusty nails and ball bearings to make himself into a human bomb and created equal or greater carnage than he sadly managed. The gun was not the culprit, the sick perpetrator was.

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