Monday, January 10, 2011

"The Saddest Place"

NBC's Brian Williams introduced tonight's evening news by declaring rather floridly that he was reporting from "the saddest place". I think it is highly inappropriate and not possible to so quantify grief. Is that ground in Arizona any more hallowed than the Arlington National Cemetery where those whose lives are stolen in their youth before the flower of life has a chance to bloom are buried when they fall in service of our country? Would you characterize Ground Zero from September 11, 2001- where a hole remains where once the towers stood and where a wound is being rubbed raw by the proposed construction of a mosque (not exactly a happy place by any means particularly for the families who lost loved ones there and especially for those whose relatives were so vaporized that the location remains their forever grave as there was not enough left to recover to identify to repatriate any physical remains)- as just as sad? Are these open wounds to our national psyche any less because one more tragedy befell the nation in Tucson? Williams is no doubt correct that the massacre sight is a grim place but no sadder than Fort Hood where the Muslim US Army Major went off or the University of Texas clock tower. Arizona is the freshest injury but no more tragic or inexplicable than any of the others.

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