Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Billy Brainless

Little Billy Brainless is a recent graduate of an American public school. He is well versed in all the latest rap songs and wears his pants below his hips and his Fubu cap backwards. Little Billy can not name the current US Vice President or any President beyond Obama and the last President Bush who he has been taught to despise. Billy has an inkling that the US had a Civil War but doesn't have the vaguest idea what century it was in. I query Billy and he responds, "It was in the sixties- man", giving me brief hope, "the nineteen sixties" as my optimism instantly vanishes. "Hey, man didn't we fight that civil war you know in Vietnam over Martin Luther King or something...You know man one of my computer games is about that." While more and more of our most successful delay having children to focus on career until it is too late, Billy has no such constraint. Billy will father ten different kids with eight different women and give us the privilege of paying to raise them- an enterprise that after conception, Billy will have no truck with- which is just as well- as his parental involvement might inhibit the wonderful public education system from turning out equally vapid Sally, Sandy, Cindy, Candy, Carla, Queenie, Bennie, Barney, Bernie, and Barack Brainless.

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