Friday, January 14, 2011

Palin Constantly Demonized

If Sarah Palin is so vapid, dumb as a box of rocks as the dinosaur media portrays, then why is so much airtime being devoted to destroying her. Palin was directly accused of prompting the Arizona massacre with a months old map with districts where TEA Party candidates could win being visually highlighted as targets. Representative Giffords was not pictured on the map- merely her hotly contested district. Yet, this was said to have motivated the attacker until massive facts to the contrary emerged about the deranged assailant. When Palin spoke up to defend herself, she used the somewhat inartful phrase "blood libel" to describe the media campaign to pillory her. I think as a Jew who lost relatives in the Holocaust and had family members who were Rabbis, I can safely say that Palin is correct- she is being targeted for destruction just as Jews have been over the centuries- not because she is dumb but because Palin is a true conservative (and incidentally an avid supporter of Israel) and would offer a real alternative to the leftist agenda of Obama in the next US Presidential election.

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